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Tanjiro Nazar
Tanjiro Nazar
Ryo : 500

Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private  Empty Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private

Tue Mar 19, 2019 1:27 pm
Mission 2:

Mission Name: Raider Alert
Rank: C
Type: Kill
Character Requirements: Genin team/Chuunin+
Mission Location: Borderlands of a Village
Word Count Requirements: 4000
Repeatable? Yes
NPC? Ish - Group of 5 Bandits need Culling, Their civillians so relatively weak. 4 Bandits will have:
Health: 5
Chakra: 0
Stamina: 15
Speed: 8
Strength: 15

While the final bandit, the leader will have stats:
Health: 12
ChakraL 0
Stamina: 25
Speed: 10
Strength: 20
Reward: 2000 Ryo

A smaller town several miles away from the Village have reported bandit activity within ten miles of their home. They have requested that a team of shinobi be sent out to handle the issue. As such the village has decided to truly blood some of their Genin and send them to handle the issue. They will need to report into the town and relieve all the information from the Head of Town and then track down the bandits location and deliver proof to the town head, the proof will be some special item stole/heads of the five bandits. Upon completion the Head of the Town will give the team a scroll and allow them to head back to village. Note: Hidden purpose behind this is to get the shinobi out and about learning the layout of the country and learning to kill.

link to mission 2

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Tanjiro Nazar
Tanjiro Nazar
Ryo : 500

Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private  Empty Re: Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private

Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:14 pm
    Sugimoto was hanging out in the orphanage, he was keeping the kids entertained with some shinobi tricks. As he looked around, Sugimoto took note that there were more new faces around the orphanage. The missing ninja attacks on the surrounding outpost villages were making more orphaned kids and showing the criminal element that we were ripe for the pickings. Sugimoto hated the disgusting state his ancient homeland was in. There were bloated disease ridden bodies used as a defense for the village and other just as horrid things that tainted these lands. Sugimoto watched the new kids mingled with the old and ran around the orphanage with the recently adopted puppy, the village seemed peaceful but he knew it was just the calm before the bloodbath. He knew he did not have the strength to stop the upcoming fight, he has never even gotten into a real fight before.

             Sugimoto’s forehead was producing a deep chasm as concern shadowed his face. Uncertain thoughts washed across Sugimoto’s mind, he sat there perturbed by his thoughts until a knock at the door returned him to reality. He slowly got up and walked to the door and opening it up to reveal a shinobi standing there. “Are you Sugimoto?” asked the masked shinobi, Sugimoto nodded yes to the question. This happens from time to time when the village issued a mission to one of their shinobi. The shinobi would hand Sugimoto a sealed envelope and then disappeared.

           Sugimoto would open up the sealed letter, it said he would be working with the shinobi Jiro. he liked Jiro, he seemed to know what he was doing and was interesting to talk to. Sugimoto kept reading the mission letter, It said there was a raider group attacking some smaller outlying villages.  The mission orders are to find and kill the raiders, Sugimoto’s frown would deeped. He has never killed anyone before and the thought of taking a life weighed on him heavily. He could see himself killing his clans ancient rivals but these were just some schmucks who wanted to take advantage of the situation.

                       Going into his room Sugimoto would put on his shinobi outfit, with his mask on his flack fit and his Kumo armband in place. Then he would pick out his kunai, checking them to make sure they were adequately sharp and then he would  place them in his hidden holsters up his sleeves. Finally he would grab his katana looking down the blade, he would make sure his latest training with it did not cause any chips or cracks. Now assured of quality of his equipment Sugimoto would try to make his way out the door. Mother Abigail with the letter in her hand would stop Sugimoto before he left, placing the letter into his pocket she would move in close and wrap her arms around him and whisper “Good luck and be safe.” This was Sugimoto’s first hug since his parents died and he felt unsure about how to act, so he mimicked and hugged her back before heading out of the orphanage.
Sugimoto with conflicting thoughts about killing his foes and unexpected familial love clouding his mind, Sugimoto would move out to meet with Jiro. He would let Jiro decide how they would proceed with the mission. Once at the meeting point Sugimoto would follow him to the mission area and discuss what their plans would be moving forward.

WC 571
Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
Ryo : 10300

Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private  Empty Re: Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private

Wed Mar 20, 2019 5:52 pm
A knock on the door, something like this had just happened days ago. Jiro could only assume that his settling in period was at an end. He would sigh and go to the door where only an envelope was on the other side. Picking up the item he would take it in his hands look around momentarily for the deliverer and then head back inside to see what Kumo wished of him on such a nice day.

Opening the envelope with a kunai he would go over the mission details. The mission was to take down a group of bandits that had appeared around a neighboring village. If it was just Jiro and Sugimoto going the bandits must have been deemed as a minimal threat. Jiro would fill his backpack and pick up some rations for the next couple of days from the armory. He would also grab Sugimoto’s in case he forgot or was unaware.

The chuunin would then head to the gates of the village and talk to the guard. He had to show the ninja on duty why two of them would be leaving that day. Walking up to the person he could see the man was another chuunin by the jacket. “Hey, there Nick me and a genin Sugimoto have a mission and need to leave the gates.” Jiro would show the ninja his pass to leave which came with the mission. Nick would look at the pass and stamp it allowing Jiro to leave. “I’ll wait here for Sugimoto he should have a pass too.”

When Sugimoto arrived, he would wave to the genin in case he had forgotten what Jiro looked like. “Morning Sugimoto show your gate pass to Nick, I have your rations. We must cross the mountains to get to the village in the valley on the other side.” Pulling out the map he had gotten with the mission he would show Sigimoto a cave in the mountain that they would be taking to get through quicker.

“Any questions on the mission Sugimoto?” He would ask beckoning the ninja to follow him through the gates and into the wild land of lightning. Even though, Jiro had asked about Sugimoto’s questions he wasn’t sure he could completely answer. It was only his second mission in a while. The only mission he received after becoming a chuunin was basic guard duty. He was basically Nick, but only if Nick was only allowed to do guard duty.

Jiro would keep to the roads as they began their journey. At first the land was flat, but soon every stretch of land only moved uphill. The roads at the least were well maintained, likely so that merchants wouldn’t run into any trouble. If the young genin had anything of note to point out Jiro would gladly take the knowledge, the genin walking with him was the native of the land after all. Jiro had merely been given a map he wasn’t an expert on the lands or their people. He had seen a few of the virulent civilians on the way out of the village. They merely grunted at him and Sugimoto as they passed noticing their head bands.

WC: 532
Tanjiro Nazar
Tanjiro Nazar
Ryo : 500

Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private  Empty Re: Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private

Wed Mar 20, 2019 7:32 pm
Sugimoto walked through the colds streets of Kumo on his way to the front gates. As he neared the front gates he would see Jiro waving him down and calling out to him. As he headed over Jiro would inform him that the pass that came along with his mission letter was his way out of the village by legitimate means.  Sugimoto would discuss the mission details with Jiro, showing the route they will take to the village, planning out their food rations for the trip and all the extra little details that goes into plans such as these. Once everything seemed to be in order Sugimoto would go over to shinobi Nick and get is pass stamped. As the two shinobi left the village of Kumo Sugimoto made sure to avoid looking at the poor people impaled and bloated that acted as a line of defence for the village. Sugimoto would think to himself “The land of my ancestors has been reduced to barbarism and savagery.” it made him sick if he thought about it to much and just decided to focus on the mission at hand.      

Now making their way out of the of the immediate shadow of Kumo, Jiro seemed to want to stick to the roads. Sugimoto remembered the time he made his way into Kumo’s territory and did not want to repeat the amount of work it took him to take the less “direct route”. Jiro and Sugimoto passed some civilians as they made there way down the road, the people seemed to take note of their Kumo armands and skurry off just a simple grunt as acknowledgement. It seemed to Sugimoto that the people of Kumo did not see their shinobi as protectors but as something darker.

While walking Sugimoto would keep to himself for most of the trip, thinking about the mission and contemplating about taking someones life. Sugimoto while thinking about this would ask Jiro how he wanted to complete the mission? Did he want Sugimoto to scout out the raiders cave while Jiro did the dirty work? Or did Jiro have another plan in mind?  Whatever Jiro  would decide Sugimoto would follow, even if that meant he had to kill. He would tell Jiro “Something I should tell before we get into the thick of it. I have never taken a life before, so when the time comes I am not sure I can do it.”

Once they got the the mountain Sugimoto would follow Jiro to the cave he showed him earlier that would act as their path through the mountains. Being this high up in the mountains Sugimoto was once again happy he updated his shinobi outfit. The new cloak kept him much warmer than his old blacksmith apron, plus the mask kept the cold winds off his face. Once they made it on the other side of the mountain, Sugimoto knew it was not much longer to the village where the raiders were being active. He would turn to Jiro “Do we want to go to the village incognito so the raiders do not get wind that shinobi are here for them. Or do you have another plan in mind?”        

Wc 532
Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
Ryo : 10300

Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private  Empty Re: Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private

Thu Mar 21, 2019 9:01 am
[ltr]It would seem there would be no talk from Sugimoto to make the trip interesting, as they walked for an hour without noise. All of a sudden though the white-haired boy would speak up and ask some of the mission details and also inform him that he hasn’t killed anyone yet. Jiro hadn’t thought of the killing part yet, as the mission details had said or some other proof the bandits had been dealt with. As a former ninja of Suna he was in a similar situation to Sugimoto and understood from whence this question came. [/ltr]

It was indeed a question Jiro would have to think about. “We have a bit for me to think on it, truthfully I have yet to kill either. It was not Suna’s way of doing things. Alive there are possibilities, death is final. That was one of the biggest lessons the last Kazekage Koroshi taught.” Had Sugimoto any knowledge on Suna’s history he would know last meant final and not previous. “Though we aren’t in Suna anymore...” The final word would trail off like a question. It was almost like Jiro was attempting to persuade himself. 

Before thinking of the gruesome details involved in the mission he would start with the basics. “First we have to talk to the village leader. He has information we need to track down the raiders, he might even just tell us where they are.” Jiro would mention hoping the mission would go as smoothly as possible. “We can both talk to him at once, as long as we get the information, we need it doesn’t matter. Who and where, how many?”  

The next part would be finding the bandits or just getting to their base. After that the question was kill or not kill. Should he follow the ways of Suna and bring these ruffians down alive or the way of Kumo and kill them for proof. He would be making decisions for the both of them. To teach him the way of Suna or his home village that was the only question that remained. “After we track down the bandits, we will have to engage them. I don’t know yet if we will be killing them. We can figure that out on the spot. For now, it's best not to dwell on it. Having said that however, he found the subject sort of impossible to not think about. 

After the duo went through the cave, Jiro would see the village in the valley. It was still miles off, but they would both arrive before midday. Perhaps, they would be done before nightfall and get to keep some of the leftover rations. Jiro would pull two out of his backpack and hand one to Sugimoto. Jiro wouldn’t stop and just keep moving. If, however Sugimoto needed a break, all he would have to do is ask. If the genin had any other questions Jiro would answer they still had a bit of travel to go before they arrived in the village.  

WC: 503
TWC: 1035
Tanjiro Nazar
Tanjiro Nazar
Ryo : 500

Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private  Empty Re: Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private

Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:22 pm
Looking down at the valley Sugimoto could see their destination, the village was still a miles off but they should find themselves there with in a few hours. Jiro seemed to rustle through his bag and pull out some rations, handing one of them over to the masked shinobi Jiro would continue down the mountain path while eating. Sugimoto spent years working the forge and this has endowed him with a great reservoir of stamina. So he would follow Jiro down the mountain path, moving his mask Sugimoto would start to eat his ration.

As they walked to the village Sugimoto would think on statement Jiro had said to him earlier, it was a comfort to find out that he has yet to take someone else's life. It was nice to hear that there were hidden villages that seemed kinder then the horrid nature of old Kumo. Plus Jiro’s statement about how if the raiders were alive there was a potential for something new while the raiders death would lead to only one possible outcome.

Jiro did say the plan was to make their way down to the village in the valley and find its leader. Apparently this leader did have information on the raiders that would help us locate them. So while the sun was still in the sky the two shinobi managed to make their way to the small villages gates. A small group of villagers were acting as guards for the gates and would get into defensive positions as the two shinobis walked up. “Who are you and what is your reason for coming here today?” The guards looked on edge, fear was clearly displayed across the faces and they looked haggard. Sugimoto would respond in a clear and calm voice so he could de escalate the tension. “We are shinobi from Kumo and we have come here on a mission to handle some raiders. Will you let us in? It is quite cold and we have been traveling for quite some time.”  

Once Sugimoto said that they were here to take care of the raiders the tension seemed to leave the guards. They spoke amongst themselves and soon enough opened the gate for them to enter. The guards would welcome the two ninja to their village, looking around Sugimoto could see that this village was clearly having some problems. The homes looked disheveled and the people looked hungry. Sugimoto would look to the guards and say “Would you show us were the village elder is? We have been briefed that he would have some information for us.”   

The guard would nod vigorously and say “Yes follow me over here.” The guard would lead the two ninja to a larger house but like the rest of the village it was in slight amounts of disrepair. Before Sugimoto would head inside he would take another quick look around, was the despair of this village due to the raiders actions? Would this make it easier to do the mission or complicate it? Sugimoto would follow the guard into the village elders home, when dealing with the leader Sugimoto would let Jiro handle it as he was the higher ranking shinobi. He would stand by and if Jiro asked for his perspective he would give it gladly.      

WC 547  
TWC 1,650
Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
Ryo : 10300

Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private  Empty Re: Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private

Sun Mar 24, 2019 3:58 pm
[ltr]Little on edge, they didn’t even look at our foreheads. Jiro would think to himself as the guards asked who they were and why they were there. The Uchiha was about to have them move aside by opening his trench coat a little more, so that they could better see his flak jacket. Sugimoto was already speaking on their behalf and the guards seemed to have taken his word for it and eased up quite a bit. 


[ltr]The guards took them directly to the leader's home. He had managed to get a good look around this place was most definitely cleaner than the main village of Kumo. There was no body parts pit one had to train in during their first few weeks in the village. Which meant there was no odd smell permeating the area. This air was much fresher. The people of the area however weren’t very happy looking. 


[ltr]Inside the village elder’s home things seemed out of place, as if the place had been ransacked and the man had as of yet been unable to return everything to where they belonged. “We are here for the mission you requested sir. It looks like you had more than a run in with the raiders.” He would say his eyes darting around the room to the obvious signs this man had been robbed. Drawers out of desks, books on the floor stacked next to a broken bookshelf. Trash bags full of letters and papers likely important documents, and an empty and open safe. 


[ltr]The village elder would nod, he had not been home at the time of the break in luckily for him. Two families had already been slaughtered by the goons. He quickly told Jiro and Sugimoto their location. They were staying in a tavern just outside the village. The guard was too weak to stop them when they had first arrived and attempts to stop them since have proven fatal. “We will head out now to deal with them.” 


[ltr]Jiro would exit the home and the village along with Sugimoto. “I will paralyze them. Then we strike.” That was all he would say, before taking off in a sprint to the bandit's location. The noise outside the place was incredible you could tell only the group of low life’s had been enjoying themselves laughter from one end and screams from another. Stepping through the door Jiro caught attention with his headband and jacket. The bandits would stand and then stop as Jiro got a look at them. One a knife already in hand after cutting off one man’s finger nails.  


[ltr]What do I do now kill them or tie them up? Looking to Sugimoto he would turn toward the man holding the knife. “Maybe Suna had the wrong idea and that is why we didn’t survive as a village.” Taking the man’s arm holding the blade he would pass it along his throat. A gurgling noise leaving the man’s mouth before his body fell limp to the bar floor. It wasn’t too hard to do, it was... It was easy. He could see that the other two bandits' eyes were trained on him. Taking wire from his pocket he would step in front of another and look him in the eye as the steel looped around his throat and as Jiro pulled cut deep into his skin

[ltr]Looking back to Sugimoto he would smile. “The last one is all yours we can kill him together or you can do it on your own.” The Uchiha would hold the wire tight until the man was dead either from blood loss or suffocation. I can see why Koroshi wouldn’t let us do this how easy it becomes after the first and how exciting! Jiro’s heart was beating faster than it ever had before, he could feel the pulse of his victim through the cord and as his heart beat slower, Jiro’s got faster until only one pulse remained. 

WC: 659
TWC: 1694[/ltr]
Tanjiro Nazar
Tanjiro Nazar
Ryo : 500

Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private  Empty Re: Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private

Sun Mar 24, 2019 11:10 pm
           All he could feel as pity for the villagers as their leader explained the raider situation to the ninja duo. He recanted the tale of how the raiders came about a week ago to their village and after killing all of their guards took what they wanted and left to a tavern they took over the night prior. The tavern was a few miles away from the village and was isolated from road, it was the perfect home base for some quick raids and a getaway but it looks like this bandits forgot the getaway part.

          Jiro would let them know that we would handle the raiders and with nods of thanks from the elder and the other villagers Jiro and I would head out of the village gates of to find our prey. Jiro said his plan was to paralyse them and for me to strike, then they shinobi ran their way to the tavern. It was clear by the noise that the raiders were partying with their spoils inside, Jiro would not hesitate and head inside. Their presence was taken note of immediately upon entering, a quick scan of the room showed three people in clearly raiders by their garb and the barkeep by the looks of him. The two closets of the raiders were torturing the barkeep, evident by one of them holding a bloody knife. Jiro would only hesitate for a single moment before acting, he would rush in grabbing ahold of man's knife hand and then use it to slit the man’s own throat and before the other raider could react he would use a wire garrote and slit the man arteries.

               While the raiders died Jiro would offer the last one up for him to take down, but that did not seem right. If he recalled right the mission was to kill five raiders, one boss and four followers. Sugimoto's realisation came along with a door about two yards away from Jiro’s back opening up, two more raiders came out wielding crude swords rushing at Jiro’s flank. Sugimoto at max speed would use his hidden arms technique to pull out his regular kunai from both of his sleeves and then throw them in one fluid motion one for the chest of each raider. They would wisk through the air and land with a sickening “thunk” as both kunai sunk deep into their targets. It was just like any other action he could of taken but this felt much heavier than he expected. Taking their life was all too easy but why did he feel so hollow?

               He was not given much time to explore his feeling before the final raider got up from the corner of the room. This man seemed like the raiders boss, his garb seemed nicer and smelled cleaner plus he did stand a head taller than the others. A cocky smile was smeared across a big dumb face and through rotting yellow teeth a voice would bellow out “Looks like you killed all of my gang.” he would out the last words like it was all some kind of joke. “To bad for you lot, it would seem people are just lining up to take their shot at Kumo. I think I will bring your heads to that missing ninja that has been terrorising your lands. Maybe he will give me a slice of the Kumo pie once he cuts everyone you love and care for into tiny bits.”

            “Shhhhhhhing, Shhhhhhhhhing” was the sound that broke off the raider bosses treats as he unsheathed his two long swords. He would kick the table into the direction of Jiro and move in to engage Sugimoto. The raider boss would swing both swords in a crushing overhead strike, hoping to use his superior size and assumed strength to overwhelm the shinobi. This was a mistake however, Sugimto would unsheathed his katana and place a high guard just above his head only using his right hand to hold it in place. His left hand would not be wasting any time and would pull out his third and final normal kunai out of its sheath, ready to strike when the moment was right. The raiders full force strikes would land simultaneously on Sugimoto's kanata, this would cause the movement sealing rune to activate and stop both strikes in their place. All force gone and the movement seal placed on both of the raiders arms would make a nice opening right in the belly of the big raider oaf. The kunai in Sugimoto left hand would find a its way into this opening, slicing through shirt, skin, organs and bone as it would go in deep and across the raiders stomach.

               The man would fall to the floor awkwardly as his sealed arms would cause him to be propped up in such a way that let the grotesque results of the young shinobi’s actions spill across the tavern floor. The sight sickened him and he would make the seals unravel, letting the body fall into pile of insides that now pooled below it. The two kills before he kinda felt but this was different, he felt it, he felt it as the blade sunk in, he felt it as its sliced a man's flesh, he felt it as it took a man’s life! He felt like he was going to puke. Bile would fill his mouth but he somehow manages to swallow it all down, just like he would swallow this torrent of emotions . He was justified, isn't he? These people were murders and thieves, all they wanted was to take whatever they desired be that lives or ryo. He did not do something bad by taking their lives did he?

           Sugimoto struggled to bottle up his emotions but manages it by putting all of it aside and focusing on the needs of the barkeep. He would turn his back on mens whose lives he had just taken and look to the man's life he had just saved. The barkeep was holding out his wounded hand, Sugimoto would grab a semi clean cloth from his bag and wrap the man’s hurt fingers. “We are shinobi from Kumo here to help you. Is there anyone else here who needs our help?” Sugimoto would ask as he wrapped the man's injuries. A weak voice would reply “yes they have my son locked away in my office. They have been forcing me to serve them my own food and liquor. They said if I did not give them what they wanted they were going to kill my son.” Sugimoto would place a comforting hand on barkeep’s shoulder and say in a reassuring tone “you and your son are safe now.” Sugimoto would then get up and make his way into the room two bandits he killed came out of, the bar keep had indicated that his son was locked in that room.  

            Sugimoto walked inside while looking the room over, it seemed like the boy was hiding. So he would call out saying “Im a shinobi with Kumo” and “You are safe now the bad men are gone.”  but he got no response. It was made clear why once he got to the back of the room, it seems the raiders made it quick with the kid. The kid lay lifeless on the ground, it looked like they had just made it in time to interrupt the raiders while they were cleaning up house before making their escape.  

           Sugimoto nearly puked again at the sight so he turned away from the horrid sight just to see the pain of father as he looked pass the young ninja to see his fallen son. The man would rush past the ninja to pick up and cradle his sons body, rocking back and forth saying “No, No, No, I did everything they asked! Why did they kill my son!” the broken father would repeat this cycle for a few moments, his movements becoming more sporadic and aggressive with his questions being left unanswered.

         Sugimoto left the man to greve, it was not that long ago he had felt something similar with his parents deaths. But he knew that in this world it did not matter if you were good or evil we all died the bloody same. He passed the two raiders bodies as he headed out, he would pull out his thrown kuni from their chests. These men took the life of some kid like it meant nothing and he did the same to them. Rage filled Sugimoto and he could not help but punch the face of the lifeless raiders, repeating a blow in time with the sobbing fathers wails. After a few hits he would just scream at the dead man’s faces, frustrated by all the pointless violence, it all felt so unsatisfying and now all he felt was hollow. He would get up from his outburst and silently walk out of the tavern.

        The rest of the trip back Sugimoto would would stay quiet, absorbed in his thoughts Sugimoto wanted nothing more then to get away from this place. He let Jiro handle telling the villagers that we succeeded in removing the raiders. Spending the day at the village Sugimoto would lock himself away in his sleeping quarters hoping to avoid any talk to the celebrating villagers. Sugimoto could not pretend that he was happy with what he had done but he also felt upset that he did not kill them quicker and saved that boy. The morning would come and Sugimoto would stay silent as the two shinobi made their way back to Kumo. Once back, he would give Jiro a minimal goodbye with a simple “it was good to work with you again” spoken in a hollow tone. He knew the higher up would handle the missions paperwork so he just headed home to the orphanage.

He would the walk up to the orphanage, he didn't even want to go inside because he felt tainted. Just like his ancient homeland Sugimoto felt like he was tainted by Kumo’s blight, the death and rot that seemed his home lands theme were manifesting itself within Sugimoto’s actions. He did not want to bring that inside his home, so he would find some dark corner in Kumo and lay himself down wrapped in his cloak. As he laid he would look out into the darkness and try to make sence of the world Sugimoto had found himself in.      

WC 1749
TWC 3,399


Telepathy Seal 500 + 3500 = 4000/4000 link 1 link 2 link 3 
Chakra Storage Seal 1500/1500
Mirrored Sudden Attacker 1300/2500
Fuinjustu Breaking C-rank 99 + 922 = 1021 link 1 link 2 link 3 link 4
 5 ap 
2000 ryo

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Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
Ryo : 10300

Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private  Empty Re: Jiro and Sugimoto go kill a raider force private

Tue Mar 26, 2019 3:37 pm
[ltr]More bandits burst through a door behind Jiro, he was so enraptured in his killing he had forgotten. Luckily, he for him Sugimoto was with him and was more than capable of killing the bandits, so Jiro would look at the living one, while jumping onto the table kicked his way. “I think I’ll take my time on you.” As he said that the bandit, he was choking made his last gasp prompting the Uchiha to let him go.  [/ltr]

[ltr]Stepping up to the stunned badit Jiro would take both hands from the ninja using his friends' knife. He couldn’t move, but tears still came from his eyes and he let out a wail without his lips moving once. Jiro would tie the hands and place them around the live bandit's head. “I’ve made you a necklace don’t drop it.” Jiro would then end his jutsu and the man would crumble to the floor crying. “Well you’ll be coming with us. Maybe you will find a doctor in the village nice enough to reattach those... Or you won’t which I wouldn’t mind at all.” [/ltr]

[ltr]Sugimoto was asking the owner of the tavern if anyone else needed assistance. Fresh off a kill and looking for more, nice. The genin left for a few minutes looking for the owner's son. Jiro on the other hand would gather the heads of the dead bandits. Before he could get to the last, Sugimoto returned and started beating the guys skull in. Once, he finished Jiro collected it as well. [/ltr]

[ltr]Both ninja would return to the elder and show him their heads and captive was forced to carry the heads in a bag on his back. His hands slung around his neck. Sugimoto was quiet the entire time which wasn’t unlike him so the chuunin decided not to question it. Perhaps he wasn’t as elated about the killing as Jiro was, perhaps he was. Only time would tell and they would know soon when that Kenshin fellow came to do his thing. [/ltr]

[ltr]When they returned to the village Sugimoto left with only a few short words. “Likewise, you did what I told you to do kid. Don’t blame yourself for following orders it will only cause grief.” With that Jiro would turn in the heads along with his captive and then do the mission report and finally collect his reward. 

WC: 394
TWC: 2088
Claims: 2000 ryo, 5Ap 1000 wc Manipulating Attack Blades, 250 wc Genjutsu Release Mastery, 500 WC Temporary Paralysis Jutsu, 250 WC toward mastery of Temp Paralysis[/ltr]

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