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Tanjiro Nazar
Tanjiro Nazar
Ryo : 500

When a Kumo needs you, do you step up? Empty When a Kumo needs you, do you step up?

Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:53 am
Mission Name: Laughter is healthy
Rank: E
Type: Community service
Character Requirements: Genin
Mission Location: Hospital
Word Count Requirements: 1000
Repeatable? Yes, but not by the same person.
Reward: 500 Ryo, 1 AP

Task: In the children's section of the hospital there is a weekly visit planned from Poof the clown. But unfortunately Poof has a broken leg and cannot be with the children today, perfect job for a Genin to do. link to mission

Mission Name: Round Up
Rank: E
Type: Community service
Character Requirements: Genin
Mission Location: Village
Word Count Requirements: 1000
Repeatable? Yes, but not by the same person.
Reward: 500 Ryo, 1 AP

Task: The village holds many people but also animals. A lot of them are strays without a home. You as Shinobi have been tasked to assist the pound in catching some stray dogs and cats so that they can find new home. link to mission

Mission 1:

Mission Name: Trashman
Rank: E
Type: Collection
Character Requirements: Genin
Mission Location: Inside the Villiage
Word Count Requirements: 1000
Repeatable? Yes
Reward: 500 Ryo

The local trash company is understaffed at the moment, due to this they have requested that either a single Genin or a tea of Genin come and assist them with collecting all the trash in a Sector of the village. The shinobi will need to visit every house and then take all the trash to the collection point on the outskirts of the villi age. There are fifty houses per sector in the village and the trash collection company does note that the shinobi will need to speak with some of the villagers in order to ensure all of the trash has been collected. Note: Hidden purpose behind this is to get the shinobi out and about learning the layout of the village and communicating with the people of the village. 

Mission 2:

Mission Name: Scrapman
Rank: E
Type: Collection
Character Requirements: Genin 
Mission Location: Training Grounds
Word Count Requirements: 1000
Repeatable? Yes
Reward: 500 Ryo

The training grounds need cleaning as not every shinobi is diligent enough to clean up after themselves. Due to this a local blacksmith has decided to hire an aspiring Genin or even a team of Genin to go out and collect all the scrapped kunai, shuriken, ninja wire, or anything left in the training grounds. The shinobi will also have to take out new wooden targets to replace the old, dilapidated ones that currently infested the training grounds. On average there are about 13 training grounds per major village and 9 for minor villages. Note: Hidden purpose behind this is to get the shinobi out and about learning the layout of the village and communicating with the people of the village.  link to both missions

Mission Name:Helping the academy.
Type: Help
Character Requirements:N/A
Mission Location:Kumogakure, Ninja academy.
Word Count Requirements:2000

The teachers at the academy are looking for some small assistance. Your job is to simply show a group of three academy students the basics of being your rank. link to mission

A thick blanket of clouds hung over the skies of Kumo as the young shinobi found himself bored sitting around the orphanage this early in the morning. He felt so tired since he kept having the same nightmare for the last few days. WIth same scene always replayed in his dreams, where he walks through a forest, finds his own home, sees his mother and father killed and he then fails to do anything about it. When thinking about this dream he knew it was about his own inadequacies, but it was his subconscious acting out and he had no idea how he could stop it.

With a lot of internal debate, he finally came to the conclusion to ask Mother Abigail for advice. Walking around the the newly renovated orphanage, he could not help but feel glad that he managed to do some good for someone else in these dark times. Eventually he would find Mother Abigail just outside the orphanage giving one of the younger kids a haircut.

Before he could say something to gain her attention, Mother Abigail  would cut him off with a “Good Mourning Sugimoto, you are up early as per usual. ” she would pause for a moment to focus on the kid seated before her, trying to make him sit still long enough to cut an elusive hair. Then with a quick “snip” she would continue. “If you are hungry, you will only have to wait a few more moments while I finish cutting this squirmy boi here” emphasising her statement with a quick tickle that caused the boy to let out a squeal. Sugimoto would smile due to the light hearted atmosphere her playful nature exuded, but his smile would fade as he brought up the reason why he came to talk to her. “Mother Abigail I actually came to talk to you about something personal.”  Her demeanor would change as she took note of the seriousness in his voice. “Go to the kitchen, I will be done here shortly then I will see what I can do to help”

Following her Instructions Sugimoto would walk to the kitchen, not wanting to sit idly until Mother Abigail came, Sugimoto would put a pot of hot water on the stove for tea. Going to the cupboard he would grab the jar that held the tea leaves, and two cups. As he placed them down on the kitchen table, Mother Abigail would open the door while the young boy would run through and stop before Sugimoto and ask “How does my hair cut look?” Sugimoto with a faked expression of shock and awe and would anwer with a voice that matched his face “Wow, you look like one cool mama jama.” the kid would run off to show off his new cool style to the other orphans. Mother Abigail would look at Sugimoto with a sardonic look while saying “You know that was extremely corny and you should probably refrain from ever saying that again.” Sugimoto could tell she was half kidding half serious with her remark but it did not bother him any, it was intended to be that corny.

Mother Abigail would walk over to the kitchen door that lead to the rest of the orphanage and shut it, this was the universal sign that she was having a “serious talk” and all the kids here knew that meant to stay out until she opened it again. Then she would return to the kitchen table and sit down. The atmosphere took on a more serious tone as the two sat face to face at the kitchen table. “So you wanted to talk to me about something personal?”  The way she emphasized “personal” indicated that she was surprised that he came to her for advice. Taking a deep breath before answering Sugimoto would say. “Ya, I have been having this nightmare for the last few nights,” pausing again to calm himself as the scene would start to replay in his mind before he forced it down. “The nightmare is a replaying of the death of my parents, and when I confront the person killing them, all I see is myself telling me how I failed.” A concerned look would cast a shadow across her face. A few moments of silence would hang in between them while she thought about his problem. The few moments that seemed to stretch on for far too long to Sugimoto’s perspective would be cut abruptly by Mother Abigail's voice “Hmmmm, if I had to place it, I would say you are feeling like you're not strong enough and it is coming out via you unconscious.”  “If I could give you a solution, I would suggest you take up some E and D rank missions and build up some experience. These missions will not be the glamorous fights with foreign shinobi you probably would prefer but they will help build a baseline for you to work from. Plus the distraction should help.”

Sugimoto contemplated Mother Abigails words of advice for awhile, her words were true though. He could use the missions to get a little more experience and slowly rise in the shinobi hierarchy, plus the most important benefit would be the distraction it would provide. Sugimoto would welcome anything that could take his mind off his nightmares. “Ya, I think you right Mother Abigail. I will head over to the mission board and see what they have available. But first I am going to get something to eat and some tea.” Mother Abigail would smile at his response, for some reason she acted like a grandma, always excited to be putting food in some hungry persons belly. It did not take long for Mother Abigail to whip up some breakfast for him and with the tea pot already boiling the breakfast as fast to make as it was for Sugimoto to scarf it down. With food done Sugimoto would thank Mother Abigail for the food and advice with a smile, then he headed out into the village ready to take on some new challenges.

It was an uneventful trip from the orphanage to the mission board, looking over the boards plethora of the missions there seemed to be a few simple ones that peaked his interest. One E-rank mission was asking for a shinobi to take the place of Poof the clown in the children's wing, he was use to entertaining kids due to being the oldest in the orphanage. The next mission he grabbed off the board was one to round of the stray animals from the village. He never had much experience with animals but how hard could it be for him to catch some stray dogs and cats. The next two missions that grabbed his attention where both about picking up broken kunai and shurikens from the training grounds in the area while also replacing some of the broken wooded training pole. The other was a simple trash removal from around the village.  The final mission that Sugimoto grabbed was one to help teach some academy students. If he had time he would do this one as well, now with the all the missions sheets in hand Sugimoto went to the mission information desk. To his surprise it was the same lady at the mission information desk that helped him with out with the last mission he did. Where the crow was stealing from the locals.           

      (mission laughter is healthy)   
She said “well hello again Shinobi Sugimoto, I see you have a few missions today.” Sugimoto would nod and place the missions help wanted posters on the desk and ask for the associated missions. She asked him “which mission are you doing first?” Sugimoto knew which mission he should tackle first, “I think I will go bring some joy to the sick kids.” The lady would provide Sugimoto with a clown suit and a bag of tricks of the trade , “You will be Poof the clown, Have fun.” Sugimoto looked at colorful costum me, It was, by his sensibilities, a ridiculous outfit that came with a face make up and a big red nose. He had no idea how this would help with shinobi training or help in developing shinobi skills, but it was a distraction he was to take on. Getting to the hospital was an easy trek, once there he walked to the nurses desk at the front of the hospital lobby. “Hello I am Poof the Clown for today, where can I go and change into my costume?” The nurse would smile and say “Great the kids are going to be so excited for Poof, you can change in the bathroom down the hall to the left.” The nurse pointed down the hall in the general direction of the bathroom. Sugimoto would give a slight bow of his head to her in thanks and started to make his way down the hall. From behind him he heard the nurse say “good luck, you are going to need it.”

Putting on the clown suit was a much more difficult task then Sugimoto expected. The suit was lose fitting, the clown nose was slipping off constantly and the shoes were by the far the worst, they were so big that he had to tie them extra tight and where extremely  uncomfortable to walk around in. Even tho he felt missurble he put on a big smile and walked in the sick kids room. The kids look sickly and sad, and the atmosphere in the hospital reflected their mood. So making a big entrance was key, he would open the door but hide from the kids. While they look at the door wondering what's going on, Sugimoto would use body flicker to move faster than the sick kids could see. He almost tripped over the stupidly oversized clown shoes almost made him trip using this technique but luckily he magened to stay upright. With the finished body flicker he ended up behind the kids while they looked at the door, using this distraction Sugimoto would start to juggle three colorful balls. He called out to the kids “why so serious kids, it is me, Poof clown here to turn those frowns upside down.”

The kids turned around excited, they oohed and ahhed at the trick. Poof played up the hype for the kids upping the anti of balls to be juggled, adding one ball to the rotation getting all the way to six before they all came crashing down, which Poof used to implement some slapstick humor. The kids laughed and asked for more, so for poofs next trick he would use the three colored balls, two blue one red. Showing the sick kids the blue ball Poof would use his hidden arm techniques to make the ball disappear up his sleeve and reappear behind one of the kids ears. To the kids it seemed like magic, to Poof the clown it was simple sleight of hand. Also making the blue ball disappear and then reappear as a red ball. Poof kept the sick kids occupied for about an hour more, they laughed and he showed them tricks my mixing in some shinobi skills and clever tricks. When it was time for Poof to leave the atmosphere made a complete three sixty and the kids day was livened up, the kids waved goodbye and had big smiles on their face.  While walking out of the hospital the nurse who helped him find the bathroom earlier gave him a smile and and said “good job Poof you really turned the atmosphere around!”  Poof  would smile at the helpful nurse and say “I just happy to make kids smile but I may be gone for awhile so try keep away their woes, while go and slay our foes.”  she giggled at this and waved him goodbye. Poof left the hospital and found a restaurant to grab some food and change back into his original outfit in the bathroom.

(mission round up)
Sugimoto headed back to the mission board information desk to give the lady back Poof’s gear. He walked up to the information desk and plopped the bag with Poofs gear on it saying  “I finished cheering up the sick kids at the hospital, and came to return Poof’s stuff and grab another mission.” The lady at the desk asked him “What mission do you want to do?” she held out the mission sheets he pulled off the board earlier. Sugimoto read them over again and found the one he would like to do next, He grabbed the sheet for the stray animal round up. “I will do this one, you got any information for me? The lady gave him the location where most of the strays where living and also told him of a shelter that helped rehouse them. Sugimoto thanked her for the help and headed to the location where the stray dog.

The location was in the shady part of town, where down on their luck people liked to stay and hide. Sugimoto walked through the streets ever vigilant of his surrounding, it would be an embarrassment to be mugged as a shinobi. Sugimoto could see the animals scurrying about, trying to stay out of sight. Sugimoto counted about six dogs and three cats, some looked sickly and would need medical attention at the shelter but one dog caught his eye. It looked to be a Shiba Inu puppy, this was the one he would try to capture first. So taking out some of the meat he bought at the restaurant where he changed out of the clown outfit from his last mission.  Holding out the meat to the shiba Inu puppy Sugimoto would call out to it in what he thought was a sweet voice “hey there guy, you look hungry do you want some?”  trying to coax the puppy closer. The puppy would sniff at his direction, slowing inching its way closer, the puppy looked hungry with its ribs clearly visible from this distance. Once the puppy built up the courage to get close enough to try the meat Sugimoto would holdout his hand and let the puppy sniff it. After a few seconds the puppy seemed a little more comfortable being this close to Sugimoto and would start to eat the meat. The dog scarfed it down within seconds, pulling out another piece of meat and giving it to the puppy the dog took it and continued to eat. Sugimoto took this chance to pet the puppy, the puppy gave a slight jolt as Sugimoto’s hand touched its back but eased up as it realised Sugimoto was not a treat. The puppy’s tail started to wag as thinking it has made a friend.

The other dogs took notice of the friendly interaction but more importantly they took note of the meat. After the puppy was feed it would climb into Sugimoto’s lap and try to play with him. The other dogs would slowly come out of hiding and head slowly over to Sugimoto. Doing a very similar routine to how the puppy reacted. But soon enough the other dogs were wagging their tails and eating some food. The Information desk gave him some collars and leashes and by slowly befriending the pack of dogs he managed to put one  on each of them. With the dogs in tow Sugimoto lead them to the animal shelter. The woman at the shelter saw him walking in with pack behind him and called out to him, “Ah, you must be the Shinobi that Vanessa called us about.” While herding in the dogs Sugimoto would respond “I assume so, I came to help find these dogs home but most of them seem sick.” The lady would walk over and take the leashes from him and then examine the dogs.  “Most of them seem like they will need to stay at the selter for a while and get some medical treatment, this puppy on the other hand is so cute and looks to be in good health. I should be able to find him a home real quick.” The shelter lady said the later while petting the puppy. Sugimoto would chim in “I think I may know of a potential home for this adorable puppy.” pausing to pet the puppy. “I also saw some cats I could bring but they seem to be more cautious, do you have any advice on capturing them?” The shelter worker would give him a hand gesture that indicated “give me one second.” and proceeded to heard the pack into the canal room, coming back a few moments later the shelter worker  would place two small boxes in front to Sugimoto “these should help you capture the cats. Just leave them open in the area and eventually the cats will sit in them.  Then close the box and bring them back to me.”  Sugimoto picked up both boxes and said “Thank you I will be back shortly.” With the boxes in hand Sugimoto would head back to the strays area once again.

Once Sugimoto got to the stray agrea, he placed one box on either side of himself while he he sat quietly in wait. It only took about thirteen minutes for the cats to take the bait. It was just as the shelter worker the cats slowly made there way to the boxes, checking it for threats the cats would eventually sit themselves into the box. Sugimoto would quickly close the boxes, the cats did not like this and tried whatever they could to get out but Sugimoto held firm until he managed to get them to the shelter. After walking in with two violently shaking boxes Sugimoto would exclaim “The box plan worked out perfectly, I caught both of the cats.” Shelter worker would rush over and take the boxes from him and say “Good job, I will take these to the back and let the mission desk know of your success.” Before the worker could turn away Sugimoto would ask them to bring the puppy to him because “He knew of the perfect home for the puppy.” The worker would come back after a few moments with the puppy and say “here you go hope he loves his new home.” with that Sugimoto headed out to drop off the puppy at its new home.

The kids at the orphanage where ecstatic upon seeing the puppy, some running up to Mother Abigail asking “can we keep it, can we keep it please!” Mother Abigail looked to Sugimoto and motioned for him to follow her into another room. Following her lead we walk into another room, “Why did you bring a dog here?” she looked kinda upset and was tapping her foot as she waited for Sugimoto responded. “Well, my mission was to collect these stray animals and then find them a home, so see this puppy who was in good health and I thought the kids could use the lesson in responsibility.” Sugimoto knew he needed to find a way to convince Mother Abigail to keep the puppy. “Plus if the kids are playing and training the dog it should free up your time.” Mother Abigail seemed to be thinking about his remarks and weighting the pros and cons in her mind, He knew he must hit while the iron was hot and push her opinion onto the side of yes. “I got the money from these missions to pay for the dog all on my own so it  won't be a burden on the orphanages resources.” The gears clicked in her mind and it looked like he may have convinced her. “Fine he can stay but you better keep up with your end of the responsibilities, no go back to kids and you should name that dog.” Sugimoto gave a mental sigh of relief that it managed to work out, thanking Mother Abigail for letting the dog stay Sugimoto headed back to the other room where the kids playing with the dog. The dog was wagging his tail quickly running from one kid to another, “I think we should name the dog anyone have a suggestion?” one of the orphans says “ we should name him Ritz” Sugimoto liked the name and said “Ok I think that is a great name we will RItz.” With the name given to the dog Sugimoto showed them how to take care of the animal. After that Sugimoto left to grab some more mission from information desk.

(mission Trashman)
Sugimoto made his way back to the mission information desk for the third time that day. The lady behind the desk would doon a surprised face as Sugimoto walked up to the desk. “Wow you are just powering through these missions today young shinobi.” she would remmark. Placing his hands on the desk Sugimoto in a tried voice would say “Ya but there is still so much left to do, I think I will help out with the trash next.” The lady behind face would form a furrow, “They started collecting trash about an hour ago. If you want to help, you better head down to the residential area where you found the crow thief.” Sugimoto turning quickly on his heels would nod thanks to her and run off in the direction of sector.

He ran at full speed trying to make it there before they left and force him to search the city. Once in the sector, it did not take long for Sugimoto to find the trash company. Walking up to them he would introduce himself “Hi, I am Sugimoto, the Shinobi who as come to help.” The trash guys look the young shinobi up and down before responding. “This is odd most shinobi think themselves to good for the lowly task of cleaning up trash.” Sugimoto was taken aback by the their disposition but he was just here to get the job done and move on to the next mission. Following the trash men he would pick up the bags of trash the people would leave out for them. Sometimes they were neatly organised and put in can for us to just toss in the truck but others left it is bags with holes in them which made it a slow and tedious task to toss.

While walking though the village sector Sugimoto eventually stubbed upon the old lady he helped get her silver necklace all those days ago. The sweet old lady would call out as Sugimoto and the trashman picked up her trash can and tossed it into the truck. “Hello young shinobi, helping out with more missions. Would you like some tea gentlemen?” The trashman looked at each other and tried to tell her no but she cut them off and said “wait right there gentlemen I will bring you some snacks and tea.” as she turned and headed inside the house Sugimoto would look to the trashmen “Ya she will not take a no for an answer and will we just have to wait and enjoy the food and tea.” The trashman just shrugged and waited around. About three minutes later the lady came out with tea and snacks in hand and placed them down so everyone could grab some. The old lady would turn to Sugimoto and say “dear would you be willing to help me with a favor?” Sugimoto could not respond right away since his face was full of cookies and tea. But once he finished chewing he would answer “sure what do you need mam?” She looked at the chair that the bird pooped on from the last investigation and said “I want to remove that chair but I am unable to throw it out myself, would you be willing to throw it away for me?”  Sugimoto nodded and headed to the chair, picking it up was easy for someone of his strength. He carried it over to the truck but it did not quite fit as a full truck would not allow it. So Sugimoto pulled out a kunai and chopped the chair into more manageable bits and tossed them into the truck. The old lady would thank Sugimoto for his help and take back the tray with the finished snacks and teas.Sugimoto waved goodbye to the old lady and headed out with the rest of the trash crew. The trash men stopped talking under their breath about him and just focus on the work, it did not take long after that to finish the fifty people with this sector. With the job done he would head over to the mission desk for another mission.

(mission scrapman)
    If Sugimoto could see the sun through the blanket of clouds that lay across the entirety of Kumo he would be able to tell the sun was way past its zenith and was well on its way down below the horizon. Night was coming fast but this was the mission he was looking forward to doing all day. He slowly made his way to the mission desk, the lady who has been helping him all day was picking things up and putting them away. It was close to closing time and it looked like she was packing thing away and preparing the head home. Sugimoto would walk up to the desk then trying not to shock the busy lady he would say “sorry to bother you but I am looking to grab one final mission.” The lady would turn around with an exasperated look on her face then with a sigh she said “Do you ever sleep? Well if you are going to keep working here is last mission you can do to day since the academy is closed. This mission is about going to the training grounds gathering scrap and returning it to a blacksmith. But first you will have to go to the carpenter and grab some replacement poles.” Sugimoto smiled at the thought since he had a good idea who will work with. “ Is the carpenter I am going to Riyo Tamagachi?” she would nod and say “ Ya do you know where to go? Sugimoto would head in the direction and wave to her as he left “I have a good idea of where I am going.” and with that he headed back out into the village.  

    Walking through the village of Kumo this late at night was peaceful and once getting to sector that Riyo lived in he would make his way to his house. Sugimoto would take a moment to stand outside and admire Riyo’s house. From one craftsman to another Sugimoto had to respect Riyo’s skill when it came to crafting wood. Walking up to the door Sugimoto would knock on the front door, a beautiful resounding sound would emanate from the door. “Was this door crafted with harmonics?” After a few moments the door would open to Riyo standing there covered in sawdust. “Ah, Sugimoto are you the shinobi that is picking up the new training posts?” Sugimoto would nod and try to respond but before he could open his mouth Riyo would continue. “Come in, come in, let me show you to my workshop.”  Pulling him through the door and then showing him through the house. Sugimoto got to see more of the fine craftsmanship that laid throughout Riyo’s home. The staircase with the dragon railing, a table in his kitchen that seemed to be a foldable and other impressive examples that Sugimoto would need Riyo to explain its function. Walking through the home awestruck Sugimoto was struck by a cold breeze as Riyo opened his back door “come on let me show you my workshop.”

    Riyo led Sugimoto into his backyard, with a wave of his Riyo highlighted his equipment and his warehouse throughout his back yard.  “Here is my workshop, where all my magic happens.” Looking around Sugimoto could see Riyo had all the equipment one would need to be a master carpenter. He had multitude of saws, sand paper, drills and chisels in addition to some power tools that Sugimoto never seen before. With eyes wide with awe, Sugimoto was taken aback at dreamscape that was Riyo’s workshop. While he was distracted by everything around him Riyo would go and grab the new training posts from his workshop. “Here are the training posts for your mission.” Riyo’s voice took his attention from the tools to the training posts. “O ya, the mission. Ya I have to bring them to the training ground.” Riyo would pull out some scrolls and looks to the young shinobi and says. “Sugimoto let me show you how to use Generic Sealing technique so you can transport these training posts without having to go back and forth.” So Riyo would go the the motions showing Sugimoto what it takes to place the sealing on the scroll, then putting the scroll on the ground and then placing the twenty training posts on the scroll. Riyo would then show Sugimoto how to seal the objects into the scroll, and then tell him how to unseal them. With the quick lesson done Sugimoto would ask Riyo for a favor “Thank you for the lesson but could I ask you a personal favor?” Riyo would respond with a simple nod in the affirmative. “Would you be willing to craft me a wooden mask for me, Just a simple mask with no indication of who might be wearing it. I will be using it to conceal my identity and ties.”  Riyo would think for a moment and then look around his workshop before answering. “Ya I believe I can help you out, I will send it to Ken’s smithy, I should be able to finish it before you are done with your mission.”  Sugimoto would thank Riyo for all his help and scoop up the scroll and head to the training grounds.

    Sugimoto would head to the training grounds, he knew where to go since the last few days where he was training he saw people destroy some training posts. Making his way to the training ground, Sugimoto started to think about what skills he wanted learn and develop. Thinking about the skills he currently had access to, he could see his weakness. How could he mitigate this weakness? What skills does he have that he could use? He knew that he might have to use his Secret clan skill Rune Writing. He knew he would have to hide it, but it was time to utilize his clan’s skills. His mind was made as he walked into the training grounds.

    The training grounds was littered with broken shurikens and kunai, there was a katana with a crack running up the blade and splitting it apart at about three fifths of the blade. There was also some wire that looked to be broken in multiple places. It was surprising to Sugimoto that the training grounds was not was dirty as he thought it would be, but all the training posts were nearly destroyed. So Sugimoto would round up the broken training posts and place them in a pile next to the trash metal. Now repeating the skill Riyo showed him and he would unseal the new training posts from the scroll. Moving each new training post in position, and then cleaning the up the grounds of broken gear took him about three hours and thirty minutes. With this aspect of the mission complete he would seal the broken gear and the broken training posts into their own scrolls. Standing back and admiring his work he would laugh to himself as he made the mental note that tomorrow this whole place will probably be destroyed by the end of tomorrow, but that just means that some other shinobi will get the opportunity to do this mission. With his job done, he would pick up the scrolls and head to Ken’s smithy.

    It was cold walking through Kumo as the night took hold, the gray clouds that persisted throughout the day hid the moon so the whole of the village was cast in a deep darkness. Sugimoto made his way through the sector of Kumo eventually finding himself standing before Ken’s house and smithy. The smithy seemed closed with the forges dead, Sugimoto could tell by the lack of smoke coming out of the forge vent stacks. So he walked up to the house and knocked on the door, a few moments later Ken’s wife would open the door. Once her eyes laid on Sugimoto she would turn back into the house and call out “Ken!, that kid is back.” She would proceed to shut the door in his face. After some muffled yelling and a few more moments of waiting Ken would open the door. “Hey kid shinobi, I heard from Riyo you were bringing me the scrap from the training grounds.”  Sugimoto would pull out the scrolls “Ya, here is scrap. Also Riyo said he would have a mask made here for me did he leave it here?” Ken would smile and say “Yes he brought it over about and half and hour ago. It should be in my smithy. Would you mind dropping off those scrolls at the smithy I will get to them tomorrow.” Sugimoto would take this time to ask Ken for a favor “Ken mind if I use your smithy for a while I have something I want to craft?” Ken would wave his hand and say Ya that is perfectly fine. Just make sure you clean up after yourself.”  Sugimoto would give Ken a bow and head to the smithy.

    Once Sugimoto was in the smithy he would lock the door behind him and place the scrolls on Ken’s desk. Then lighting up the forge Sugimoto pulled out his kunai and his rune crafting kit that he took from his home before leaving. Setting up the his craft he would take the  rope thats was wrapped the hilt of the kunai. Then putting the kunai into the forge hilt first he would wait till it became yellow hot so he could begin etching in the rune. Sugimoto only knew one rune his father taught him, the rune of movement sealing. This rune was the Yamato clan’s most common rune and the first rune any clan member will learn. Etching it into the the hilt of the kunai he would channel his chakra into the rune the way his father taught him to. Time dragged on as he continued, etching runes onto two kunai. He then pulled out a katana and flack jacket he bought from the village shop and prepared them to so he could etch runes into them. Doing the same as he did with the kunai he would pull off the wrap from the hilt of the katana etching the rune. The next one was a bit more difficult, pulling out the flack jacket he would invert it and make a precise  incision on the inside of the jacket, then pulling out the metal piece he would heat it up and etch a rune into the metal. Once the metal was cooled he would put the metal back into the jacket and sew it back up. The last would be the wooden mask Riyo made for him, going to the back of the the mask he would carve a rune into the wood channeling his chakra the same as before he would finish up feeling tired from the use of his chakra in addition to the fact morning was only a few hours away. Once he finished etching the runes into his equipment he would shut off the forge clean up after himself. With Ken’s smithy looking like it did before he came in.

Closing the smithy door behind him, he would start to head back to the orphanage since it was to late at night to thank Ken for his help. Enjoying the cool night air as he headed home, Sugimoto knew he had to hold back in using his runes because if his clan enemies saw them they would be able to tell he was a Yamato. Finally making his way to to the orphanage she would sneak in using his usual method of using quiet footsteps jutsu and sneaking in not to disturb the other kids. Once he was in the orphanage he would put away his gear and headed to sleep because tomorrow he would help out at the academy.      

(mission helping out the academy)
    It seemed to him that as soon as he closed his eyes to sleep he was immediately  opening them to the sunlight. He must have been so tired from everything he did yesterday that he slept so deeply he did not have a dream or a the nightmare. Slowly rising out of bed Sugimoto would head to the kitchen to get some breakfast, Mother Abigail would not be present in the kitchen. That was strange but Sugimoto did not have the time to ponder it for long because if he waited around much longer he was going to be late for his mission. Putting on his gear he would head to the ninja academy at full speed.  

    He managed to make it before the the class started. Walking into the academy he avoided the rude guy from his own genin exam and headed into a classroom he was assigned for his mission. Once he was in his classroom, Sugimoto noticed the students he was going to teach have yet to make it to class so he took the time to set it up. The classroom was large room that had a sizable open area  that took up the whole right side, while desks set into the left side like beachers where making a small hill like incline, this seemed like a nice training and teaching area. After a few minutes of wanting alone with his feet kicked up on one of the desks, the academy students found their way to the classroom. They seemed to be an unruly lot, Sugimoto used roll call to learn something about each kid, There was a lanky brunette boy who looked mysgivious and smiled too much, his name a Alpharious. The second kid was a short and fat , he seemed to be cracking jokes none stop, his name was Dorn. The final kid was tomboyish girl who seemed was quiet and shy, her name Eleyna. The small class size made Sugimoto believe that these lessons were remedial, he never taught anyone before so he hoped that he would not just make it worse for them.  

    So what was he going to teach them, he thought the best course of action would be to help them strengthen their knowledge and skill on basics. He would tell them to gather up on the open space in the classroom, he would line them up and then stand one and a half meters away for them. Trying to mimic the relaxed yet “I expect you to do as I say and do it now” tone he could still remember so well, he would say “All right, How many of you know Clone Jutsu?” only Alpharious would raise his hand. Sugimoto would continue to his next question “Ok, how about Transformation Jutsu?” only Elena raised her hand. It looked like he would probably have to demonstrate all of them but it never hurt to be sure so he would ask “and same for Substitution Jutsu? Dorn would raise his hand. With an internal sigh, Sugimoto would prepare to give them all a demonstration.   

First he would show off substitution jutsu, “OK, I am going to show you the first thing you want to make sure you have right and those are the hand seals. So make sure you memormories and practice them.” Sugimoto got into position and started “This is for Substitution jutsu it goes Tiger then Boar into OX followed by Dog and finishes with Snake. This is the proper hand seals for this jutsu.” He would show off the point by demonstrating what it could do by substituting himself with the classroom trash can. Dorn started cracking up and said “haha sensai is trash” laughing a lot harder than he should of been. Sugimoto would use body flicker to seeming appear behind Dorn and due to his over the top laughing he did not seem to notice him for a few moments. But Elena and Alpharius noticed. Sugimoto would strike the top of Dorn's head with solid karate chop while saying “laughing like a fool when you lose sight of your opponent could mean your death on battlefield.” Slowly walking back into position he would say “the next jutsu we will be working on is clone jutsu, the hand seals for this one are Ram then Snake finish with Tiger.” the clone would appear next to him looking exactly like him. “This is what a proper clone should look like.” he would let the clone dissipate before he showed off the final jutsu. “This will be the final one I will show you today. This is the proper hand seals for Transformation Jutsu. You start with Dog then into Boar and finish with Ram.” He would transform into a Dorn and he would start mimicking he laugh, he knew it was petty but he was kinda bored and wanted to liven the lessen up. After the demonstration he would help them each individually on aspects of each skill they were lacking. Dorn had most trouble with visualizing the clone. Alpharius had most trouble with holding and maintaining transformation. And Elena had the most trouble with remembering the location of the things she wanted to substitute with. But yet with a little work and some explaining they seemed to get it and by the end of the day each one was able to do all three jutsu’s much better than before, not perfect but better. After their lesson he would say goodbye to his students and head to the information desk to pick up his rewards for missions well done.    

WC 7022

3,000 ryo 
7 ap   4ap e-rank 3ap d-rank
Wooden mask made by Riyo  

Yamato blood line Rune etching on 5 items each cost 1000 Yamato Rune Etching link
etching Rune of Movement Sealing into 
1X flank jacket 
1X Katana
1X Mask made by Riyo
2X Kunai
for a total wc cost of 5000 

Generic Sealing Technique (500/500) 
Five-Seal Barrier (1500/2000) 
Funinjutsu-Breaking rank C (22/739) link link

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