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Madrigal Kaguya
Madrigal Kaguya
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A Letter Left Behind. Empty A Letter Left Behind.

Sun Mar 03, 2019 9:00 pm

I know you probably don’t understand what’s happened. You’re confused, probably worried, and maybe even sad over my seeming disappearance. I’m writing this letter, and leaving it in a place I know you’re sure to find it, for the expressed purpose of explaining things to you as best I can. I know you don’t agree with everything I’ve done, I know you’ll continue to do so, but it’s my hope that you at least understand it. I love you, but I can’t remain in this village based on that alone, and that’s all I have left here. So read this letter, understand what I’ve done, and why, from my own words, why I did what I did.

I killed Kotetsu Shinogami at the Kage Summit. I cut him down, and he bled out wanting nothing more than my death for that grievous betrayal. Did you know he was from Konoha? That his parents came from there and left when the Mist attacked the village? I did, I had just forgotten in all of the events that had taken place since I had proctored Kotetu’s genin exam. So when he was seen at the summit, by the Mizukage and was recognized. I had to act quickly, so I told Kotetsu to speak the truth. When he did, The Mizukage, Xyxer, stood, preparing to kill Kotetsu for having abandoned his original village. Something, that I could not allow, but not from the perspective you might expect. I couldn’t allow anyone to think that Hoshigakure, as a village, harbours shinobi that have abandoned their original major village home. That we accept them, or maybe even coerce them to join us. If I allowed Kotetsu to die at the hands of anyone else, how could anyone trust the word of the leader of that very same village? If I took Kotetsu and ran, then I’d invite all three of the others to attack us, killing countless others in the process. I did what I did because I felt it was necessary to save thousands.

When Kenshin and I returned home, he was furious. He abandoned the village, leaving it in a fury over my decision. My ANBU commander, and one of my closest friends, abandoned the village and me because of my own decision. You’ve been gone for a while now, off to Konoha for the exams with Masashi, representing our village in the first National Chunin Exams. I’d started to wonder if they had ended. I wanted to see you, needed to talk to you. I started to think maybe you’d heard about what happened at the Summit. I’d started to think maybe you left too. I’m still unsure if you did or not, we haven’t spoken after all. So at this point I’ve lost everyone I cared for. Denkiteki, Kyousuke, to a lesser degree, Kotetsu, by my own hand, Kenshin, and now potentially, even probably, you. I was given a position I never truly wanted, to lead and defend a village who never wanted us there to begin with. There’s simply nothing left for me there, or if there is it just isn’t enough to counter the pain of being there any longer. So I’ve abandoned the village. I left, and don’t intend to return. I at some level deep down, hope you’ll find me, join me in my freedom and share it with me. I’d very much like that, but I know you love Hoshigakure in a way that I simply can’t anymore. I intend to keep the ring you left for me, and I hope the one I’ve left for you here reminds you of me, if you decide to keep it anyway.

With Sorrow, and Love
Valen Akari.

The former leader of Hoshigakure would place the envelope, with the letter above upon the pillow of Hikari Namikaze, for her to find when she returned to her home here in Lux Aeterna. It really was an incredible place. A silver ring, with a blue gem would sit within a small white box on the letter. Something he’d made for her, to remind her of his love for her. He hoped she wore it, hoped she wouldn’t forget him even if he also hoped she’d be happy. He’d proceed to nod to himself after leaving both the letter and the box behind before teleporting out of the dimension, and off to the land of iron.


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