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Tanjiro Nazar
Tanjiro Nazar
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Doing somthing to help the Orphanage  Empty Doing somthing to help the Orphanage

Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:16 pm
    Sugimoto Did not know where he was, to my perspective I was walking thru a forest that somehow looked familiar but I could not remember why for the life of me. I continued to walk until I stumbled upon a house. Inside I saw three people standing in the light from the front door, when I tried to focus on them I noticed that two of them where his parents while the third back was facing where I stood so I could not see them. I would walk in their direction, calling out to them but before I made it halfway to them the third person pulled out a kunai and stabbed them both, the memories flooded my mind and rage and anger filled my thoughts. I stopped walking and ran at full speed, a kuni appearing in my hand as I closed the distance. Once in striking range I plunged the Kuni Into the figure, but he would not even react and would slowly turn to face me. I then found myself face to face with myself, the murdering Sugimoto looks at me and says “You could not save them, you failed them, you were powerless to do anything for them.” Shocked and stunned by the horror, the other Sugimoto wraps his hand around my neck and the whole scene fades to black as he just repeated the same words until I lost consciousness.       

With a jolt, Sugimoto woke up with sweat drenching his shit and his sheets.  “What a nightmare” Sugimoto whispered to himself in a hushed tone. He would form the hand seals for Ram, Horse and Ox and uses Quiet footsteps Jutsu. Stepping over the kids for what felt like the billionth time he would head to side of the laundry room. Thoughts like “if there is any wood leftover he would build some bunk beds”  and “I hope there is some pork for breakfast” would cloud his mind as he subconsciously tried to avoid thinking about the nightmare. Searching for a new shirt from the clean laundry pile, Sugimoto would hear a voice call out to him “Good morning Sugimoto, did you sleep well?” Once Sugimoto’s head was out of the appropriate hole of his now clean shirt, he would turn it to see Mother Abigail walking out of the kitchen towards him. “Not as well as I would have hoped” Was his soft spoken response. Mother Abigail would take a second and eye the boy, taking note of the dirty shirt and the even dirtier bandana. “I will wash that shirt and would you please let me wash that bandana?!” This would not be the first time she asked. Suimoto unconsciously touched the bandana while he slightly shook his head. “No it is fine Mother, I will wash them both now.”  WIth that she would sit there and stare him down for a few moments before saying  “Well when you are ready, come to the kitchen and I will whip you up some breakfast.” Concern would ting her voice and with that she would turn on her heels and head back the way in which she came. He would hang up the freshly washed shirt and go to remove his bandana, He knew that no one could ever be allowed to look upon his clan’s crest until their enemies have all fallen. He must protect this secret or risk exposing the rest of his clan, he channeled his frustration that this line of thinking brought about by wringing his freshly washed bandana. With the bandana now folded properly hiding its crest and then tied into place, he would then rise to head back into the orphanage.   

Sugimoto managed to get halfway to the kitchen before smelled the meat.  “Seems my wish was granted” he would think to himself as he heading in the direction of the bacon smell. Once in the kitchen he would deactivate his Silent Footsteps Jutsu and wash his hand before sitting down at the table. See that Mother Abigail was busy cooking up the food, Sugimoto would take this time to explain to her his plans for the day. “A little later in the day I plan on going to Riyo Tamagachi’s and picking up the wood he said he could lend us.” Sugimoto would take a slight pause as a potent smell from his future breakfast would distract him for a moment before he continued. “I am not sure how much we are going to get, but I do hope it is at least enough to get the roof fixed.” Sugimoto could not see Mother Abigails face while she cooked due to her back facing him, but he felt like she was smiling. “I think you will be pleasantly pleased” was her only response before quietly and diligently cooking food for all the kids. Looking at her sideways, Sugimoto was unsure of what she meant by that. He never really knew what Mother Abigail’s thought process was, she was kinda scary in that regard ,since you could never predict her intentions. Sugimoto sat there enjoying the smells of fresh food being prepared until a knock on the orphanages side door interrupted his meditative state.

Sugimoto would look over to Mother Abigail and say “Are you expecting anyone?” in a curious tone.  Mother Abigail without even looking up from her cooking, would respond in a way that made sugimoto think she was smiling. “I believe they are here to help you.”  Sugimoto did not understand what she was talking about so he headed over to the door and opened it up. Outside stood Ken Kenta and Riyo Tamagachi, “it’s cold out here kid mind letting us in?” Ken would say with an incredulous look on his face. “Ya, this hot blooded smith is to  delicate to handle a little cold for long” Riyo said with a grin sweeping across his narrow face. Ken was sputtering out what seemed to be a retorte but would be cut off by Sugimoto raising his voice slightly and saying “What a surprise! Please come on in you just made it in time for breakfast.” Riyo would be the first one to take the offer and head in side, Ken was left continuing to sputer for a few more moments before he followed suite. Once everyone was in the orphanage  and the door shut behind them Riyo and Ken would b-line to the kitchen.

Kens first reaction upon getting in side was get himself and the food inside as close as possible.  “ My, my Abigail, what are you cooking for us?” Ken would ask as he walked up and stood right beside her, and then inhaled with his nose all the smells around the kitchen. Mother Abigail acted faster than Sugimoto could perceive, she grabbed a wooden spoon and smacked Ken on the shoulder with a solid “whack”. Ken would recoil back at the strike as mother Abigail said “You can have some food after the kids get their food. Now sit down little brother.” Ken did not seem happy as he took his seat at the kitchen table. “Little brother? Ken you are related to Mother Abigail?” “I can hardly call us family!” Ken’s face was a facade of incredulousness and fake pain. “What kind of family won’t feed their own kin.” Riyo would chime in at this point with a bemused smirk on his face, “come on Ken let's go into the other room and play some shogi,” he would emphasize this by opening the bag he had with him and pull out the board for a game of shogi. Ken looked excitedly at the shogi board then back to Abigail, “well, since I have to wait, I will be going into the living room to beat this man in shogi.” and with that he and Riyo would walk off seemingly to argue their whole way out about who was the better shogi player.

Sugimoto was confused why was Ken and Riyo here, he just met them yesterday and now they are playing shogi in the next room. Things where not adding up in his mind so he walked over to Mother Abigail and ask. “I wonder what they are doing here?” he eyes where looking into the direction of our guests but his words were a clearly aimed as a question to Mother. “They are here to help you repair the orphanage, they are just waiting for Kens assistant  to bring the martials over.”  she had a smile across her face as she said this last part, like she knew about some information that made this humerus to her. But before Sugimoto could ask any more questions Mother Abigail pushed a plate of food in front of him and cut him off with a prompt “make sure you eat it all” before she went off to gather the others kids for breakfast. Sugimoto dug into the eggs, bacon and rice, he did not realise how hungry he was since the last time he ate was yesterday's breakfast. He finished his plate before the rest of the kids filed into the kitchen and around the table. Mother Abigail placed food in front of every kid before coming around and placing a second helping in front of Sugimoto. He was not one to complain, so as he scarfed down his second serving he saw Mother Abigail taking two more serving to the guest room.  After finishing his food, Sugimoto would head over to the room that Ken and Riyo were playing shogi in. He would sit down and watch them play shogi for a second. Their moves were not high level, each one never truly gaining anything over their opponent. The game seemed less about the shogi pieces and more about them trading insults with each other, and after about a half hour their match was done with Riyo taking the victory with some excessive celebratory trash talk. 

Sugimoto would use this time to ask about their plans for fixing the orphanage. Riyo would respond first saying “Well Ken’s useless assistant is bringing over all of the martials as we speak. I believe it is a punishment for missing work again to go out drinking.”  his glee full glace that was shot at Ken told exactly what he thought about that. Ken with a defeated look would say “that boy never learns” punctuated  with a sigh. “He should be done anytime now, then we can get to some building and repairs.” Riyo would nod and  “Once he finishes bringing all the wood from my house we can start.” He would pull out a pencil and some paper that seemed to be a diagram of the orphanages structure, he would take a second to unfold and flattened the paper in the middle of their group. “Ok let us plan this out,  first we should cut and preap the the wood for the roof shingles, the floors here do need a few repairs. I made note of them as we walked through the building.” He would point to the problem areas on unfurled papers diagram, “here, here and over here.” Ken would look over the paper and point out that where some other problem areas that need repair as well. The trio discussed what other necessary repairs would be required and what prep work they need to do, Sugimoto would ask “If we have any wood left over I would like to build some bunk beds for the kids.” Riyo would seem to focus on something and put his hand up to his chin, he seemed to be calculating something in his mind. “Ya I believe we should have enough wood to make a few.” They would sit around planing out the repairs for the day for the next thirty minutes.    
Sugimoto was taking in the interesting perspectives of the two master crafters, just from listening to their opinions and gaining a little insight on their thought process taught Sugimoto a lot about how professional craftsmen go about their work. While this conversation was going on, a knock on the would make everyone pause, then a disheveled person would walk through the door. He looked to be about twenty two with pulled back long hair with the odd strand sticking out, His eyes looked bloodshot and his face sunken.  “Hey Ken, Riyo, I am done bringing the materials” said the disheveled man, he sounded tuckered out from the hard work, but after a few moments of audible breathing the disheveled man would continue in a clearly sarcastic voice, “Is there anything else you need from me?” Ken would chuckle before responding, it was like he knew what the reaction would be before he said anything. “Yes, now you will help us fix this place up.” The disheveled man would whine and stomp his foot like a kid having a temper tantrum. “But Ken, I have things to do!” Ken this time would laugh very loudly at this response and demeanor and with a very patronizing tone would say “What?! You mean go home and drink your liver to dust. No you will stay here and help us, you missed all of your shifts this week and as punishment you spending the whole day making up for it.” Ken would cut of the disheveled mens protest by addressing Riyo and Sugimoto, “it is time to get started, let us head outside.” All three of them would get up and head outside while Kens assistant would follow suite trying to gain his attention for his pleas.

        The group of four men made their way outside, there they found a lot more wood then Sugimoto ever seen. Plus the person who seemed to be Kens assistant brought over a lot of nails, screws and other tools they would need for the job at hand. “How did Mother Abigail get you guys to bring all of this?” Sugimoto would ask while his hands gestured to large pile of wood and tools. Ken and Riyo would look around as if they were checking their surroundings before responding. Ken after making sure they where safe to talk would say “My sister has…….ways of being persuasive.” the sentence was punctuated by a gulp. Sugimoto had a inkling that Mother had a side he did not truly understand but these two grown men's reaction to Mother Abigail’s persuasive techniques alluded to a darker hidden side. Everyone kinda walks around and gets what is needed to start the repairs. The group of four would split up, Ken and Sugimoto would climb up to the roof and start removing the old and rotten shingles. While Riyo and Ken’s  assistant would follow a shingle template and cut some new ones to replace the old ones. Ken would ask Sugimoto to grab the ladder so they could get up to the roof. Sugimoto headed over to the supplies to grab the ladder but as he headed over Ken’s assistance would make a snarky remark, “uppity kid, it is all your fault that I have to waste my day off.” Sugimoto slightly taken aback at the man’s remark but would refrain from responding to his insult. He knew nothing about this man’s problem and when he thought about it he did not care about it either. So he would grab the ladder and head back to Riyo, as he was walking by the Ken’s assistant  tried to say something else but Sugimoto simple ignored him and kept moving on to Ken. Once there they would climb up to the roof and get to work, finding and removing the rooting shingles took a little bit of time, but with Ken and Sugimoto working together the work seemed to be completed quickly.

    Riyo was cutting the wood to make new shingles, his years of experience made the job quick and easy. He used his saw to cut out the necessary shape while moving from one part of the wood to another making little to no wasted wood. Kens Assistant on the other hand showed himself incapable of the job that was set for him, the two ruined pieces of wood would attest to that. So Riyo made him the carrier, bringing Riyo the tools and wood he needed so that he could just keep cutting out more shingles. Riyo after finishing a majority of new shingles for the space Sugimoto and Ken a cleared of the rotting old shingles, he would go grab a drink that Mother Abigail laid out for everyone. Riyo sat down and enjoyed his drink which was a ice tea freshly made, he was enjoying it while sitting down in some shade when Ken’s assistant would walk by and pick up one of the cups for himself. Ken’s assistant after taking a big sip of his drink would look to Riyo, “yo Riyo, who is this uppity kid anyway? He comes into my place of work and for one day and Ken’s treating him like he is some hot shit. Plus now we are helping him fix this shit hole for what? nothing.” Riyo was taken aback at the mans vitralic remarks towards the kid he barely knew and slightly ashamed for the mans shity attitued. “Fumihiro, why are you acting like you are jealous of this kid, and trust me Abigail gave us little choice in regards to helping out.”  Fumihiro looks taken aback that Riyo did not take his side, Fumihiro would chug the rest of his ice tea and then placed his drink back on the table hard. “I am not jealous of that little shit!” he said this with clear anger on his face “What could Auntie Abigail do to force you she runs an orphanage.” Riyo would throw his head back and let out a hearty laugh, only if Fumihiro knew about Abigail’s past he would not be saying these stupid remarks, plus this man child has no control over his emotions so it was plain for anyone to see that he was jealous that this kid was deemed respectable while he seemed to be viewed with contempt. “You should probably stop talking about things you clearly know nothing about before it bites you in the ass.” Laughing as he headed back to his work. “Come on Fumihiro lets back at it.”  Fumihiro chased after him trying to get another word in but Riyo was having none of it and just pointed to the wood and said “come on I do not have all day.”

    Sugimoto was finishing up removing the last of the rotting roof shingles with Ken, “ I am done over here Ken, how are you fairing over there?”  Ken with sweat on his face from the hard labor but would shiver when the cold air would blow across his face. “Ya I got three left to pull up but once that is done I am ready to start the next step.” Sugimoto would respond with a nod, “ok,  I am heading down to grab something to drink.” and with that Sugimoto would jump down to the ground in a display of his shinobi skills. Once on the ground he would catch the end of the conversation of Riyo and Ken’s assistant, but it was just Ken’s assistant sputtering after Riyo. Sugimoto did not truly care about their conversation in the least bit, what he cared about was getting some of that sweet sweet ice tea. He enjoyed the drink but with the cold weather mixed with the sweat from hard labor made him colder than he anticipated.So he decided to head inside for a second and ask Mother Abigail for some hot tea. Once inside he would see that Abigail was teaching the younger kids generic school lessons but would look up once he entered the room. “Hello Sugimoto, I can see that the roof is on it way to being fixed.” she would look up at the roof that was now open to the air with this support beams being the only thing above them. “Ya it is going well, especially now that we have cleared the old shingles away we can start replacing them.”  was what Sugimoto answered. “Would I be able to put on a pot on the stove for some hot tea?” Mother Abigail would think for a moment and respond “yes that is ok, I will have one of the older kids bring it out for you.” Sugimoto would nod in thanks and head back out to continue the work.

Sugimoto once outside would see Ken now sitting down by the the drinks “Hey kid shinobi, you ready for the next step?” Ken would call out after he chugged the last of his ice tea.  “Ya I am ready, let me just grab the new shingles from Riyo.” Sugimoto called over his shoulder as he walked in the direction of where Riyo was working, Ken would get up and follow Sugimoto. Standing by Riyo’s work area Ken and Sugimoto say all of Riyo’s hard work, a few piles of freshly crafted new shingles. Ken would shot a quip Fumihiro way “wow look at all of this work done how much of it did you not do?” Fumihiro with his hackles up would start up a defence for himself but was interrupted by Riyo “Relax Ken, Fumihiro managed to help out quite a bit.” Ken would laugh it off and say “Ok I will lay of that lad, but are you ready for the next step?” Riyo nodded  and said “ya  I should have all the shingles you need done already, just take them up to the roof start to fit them in. don't forget to take some hay and layer it for insulation.” Riyo turned to Sugimoto, “now that I am done with the shingles do you want me to start working on the beds?” Sugimoto looked around and saw that Riyo donated a enough the wood to make the shingles and some, “Ya that would be nice, would you be willing to make them bunk beds? We have to many kids and not a lot of space.”  “Ya that seems like a good idea, I will get right on it.” Ken would then chime in with “ Alright now let's get back to it, I want to finish up before dinner time.” and with that the groups would split up again and get back down to hard work.

    After a few hours of hard work with the occasional hot tea break, the orphanages roof was finally finished and fully insulated. “Finally, we are done.” Ken would exclaim as he jumped off the ladder. “Ya, that was a lot of work but the orphanage will not be as freezing this winter and that is a huge plus.” “We should head inside, earlier I saw Riyo take the parts he made for the bunk beds inside. He is probably putting them together now.” Ken said as he stretched his back.  The two men would head inside to find Riyo and Fumihiro in the kids room putting together the bunk beds. They already managed to put together three beds and were working on the remaining four. Mother Abigail was showing together some ragtag cloths into a large bag shape, she would then hand that bag to the kids who sat in a circle around her. The kids filled those bags with hay to make a mattress for them to sleep on. It seemed like the whole orphanage was working together to help fix it up. Sugimoto seeing this would move over to where Riyo was working, then sit down and help him put together the other beds. Ken walks into the room and stand besides the work area. He asked Riyo “Hey Riyo, where did Fumihiro go, I have not seen him around in a while?” Riyo would look up from his work to respond, “He left after he helped me carry the bed parts inside. He would be of little help at this point, so I thought it was fine for him to leave.” Ken grubling would say “I guess that is fine but if I find him drunk at home, I am going to kill him.” Ken then sits down and helps us put together one of the other beds. With the three of them working together, the bunk beds came together in short order, and with all the beds set up and Mother Abigail and the kids finishing up the mattresses, the new sleeping arrangements have now been completed. Mother Abigail helps the kids set up the beds with sheets and pillows and when they finish the kids excitedly jump into the beds to see what they are like. The kids were all talking in happy voice saying things like “wow this is so warm!”, “I will sleep all day and night!” and other happy remarks. WIth the work done and the kids busy testing out the new beds the adults would move to the kitchen.

    With the happy voices echoing behind them, the adults would sit down around the kitchen table. Mother Abigail would be the last to sit down handing Sugimoto a warm cup of tea while placing a bottle of sake and cups in front of the adults. “Thank you all for you help today, the kids seem to be so happy that they can now sleep in their own beds.” Ken would respond “No problem sis, I was glad to help. It got me out of the house and away from the wife for a day so I can't complain.” Riyo would chim in “ya I had little no choice” but would be cut off from Ken elbowing him in the side. “We are more than happy to help out.” Sugimoto sat there sipping his tea, there were many social cues that Sugimoto did not understand but he was tired and just wanted to sleep. So he would look to Mother Abigail and ask “Can I get something to eat?” “I thought you would say that” She would get up from her chair and go to the fridge, pulling out a cold bowl of udon noodles with some sauce and place them in front of Sugimoto. “Here you go”. Sugimoto looked at the huge bowl thanked her and then grabbed his chopsticks and started digging in. It did not take long for him to finish his food with it filling his belly it did not take long the days effort caught up to him making him extremely sleepy. Sugimoto stands up and cleans his dishes, but before he turns in for the night he looks to Ken and Riyo, “thank you both for all your help today, without your donations and hard work this place would have fallen apart.” Ken looking slightly embarrassed said “It was no problem kid, I was fun to help.” Riyo looked proud and just nodded. Sugimoto would just bow and say “thanks again but I think it is time for me to turn in.” Sugimoto could hear Ken as he walked towards his new bed “hope you like sleeping on something other than the floor” His laugh followed Sugimoto till he got to his room. The kids simmered down from their previous excitement and fell into a deep sleep due to how more comfortable the beds were compared to the floor. Sugimoto would soon follow suit as he climbed up on to his bunk, Sugimoto sunk deep into the new bed. It did not take long for Sugimoto to fall into a deep sleep. His last thoughts before sleep took him was that he hoped he did not have another nightmare again.       

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Doing somthing to help the Orphanage  Empty Re: Doing somthing to help the Orphanage

Fri Mar 01, 2019 12:31 pm
Try to make sure you put the correct word count totals on the techs you're trying to learn xD Went on a merry chase figuring it all out lol but you are clear. 

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