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Madrigal Kaguya
Madrigal Kaguya
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A Stop By The Gates [Love] Empty A Stop By The Gates [Love]

Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:48 pm
A flash of sudden light, and their surroundings would change from his office within the heart of the village to the very same gates that his pink haired passenger had entered the village from a month past. He had been the deputy village leader then, second in command of a village of soldiers trained to kill from an early age. Now however, he was the one in charge. The nearby gate guards would give a mild start in surprise before realizing who it was and going back to their job. The ashen haired shinobi had no fear that they were slacking prior. For his visits to any given post was random and fairly frequent. When one never knew when one’s boss would be around then one always had to be doing their duty properly, lest punishment come down upon them. “Here we are, I do wish you well in your travels home. I will send Rei home if she recovers. Just as quickly as she can regain the strength to do so.” He would say as he retracted his hand from the shake and looked out toward the desert in the direction of the Land of Fire. He wasn’t sure where exactly Konoha was within the borders of the country, but he did know where to find the particular country in which it resided in. “Risako will be expecting you, the letter I sent was the second copy of the scroll I gave to you. Farewell, Love Sakumo.” He would say before moving over toward his gate guards after listening to anything she might say as well. 


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Princess Love
Princess Love
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A Stop By The Gates [Love] Empty Re: A Stop By The Gates [Love]

Wed Jan 30, 2019 8:17 pm
From inside the office of the Hogokage to the gates of Hoshigakure within seconds, in less than a minute they'd covered at least one mile. There was no high speed running however they were still hidden, within a bright light much more helpful than a blur or cloud of smoke. "I'm sure our medical team will begin working on a cure as well." She said in reply as the two ended their handshake. "See ya." She'd say as he walked back to his people and she sped off to be rejoined with her own.


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