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Tenshi Duro
Tenshi Duro
Stat Page : Tenshi
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Village : Kirigakure
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Gate Duty Calls Empty Gate Duty Calls

Sat Jan 19, 2019 4:42 pm
Mission Spec:

The lone guard hut stood just to the side of the main entrance to Hoshigakure.  Plain, but well built and cared for enough that it wouldn't embarrass the village even if foreign dignitaries had to stop there.  For in fact, everything that came in and out of this main thoroughfare had to stop there.

Protecting a ninja village, even one that mostly didn't consider itself a 'ninja village', required more than stealthy night raids and sword clashes under moonlight.   Truth was, more security was provided by the simply daily logbooks and paperwork than any fancy chakra detection system.  That didn't make it ENJOYABLE, though.

As this was public work, he wore an official hoshigakure zip up jacket, without the warmer hoodie he loved to wear in cold weather.  Even in the desert, the winter was a cold affair - all the desert really meant was less water, not any warmer or colder than other climates.  He even added a pair of gloves to his normal ensemble, and had the headband clearly on his head, instead of strapped to his arm or dangling out of his rear pocket.  Had to keep up appearances, or those just looking for any excuse, like that damn inspector Tojiro, would spread their malcontentedness even further.

But that didn't mean Kaibo had to enjoy the duty.  A father and his two young boys approached, bulging sacks over their backs, and signed the ledger.  They explained they were delivering the winter harvest, garlic and onions, each hoisting smelly object from their pack.  Kaibo nodded and stamped a pass, handing it to the father and waving them in, also putting his stamp next to their line in the book. He sat back down, rubbing his hands together for warmth and waiting for the next passerby.

No sooner had he sat back down then he heard a "Tsk Tsk Tsk"  from over his shoulder.  He bolted back to his feet.  A chuunin was calmly eyeing him up, a smug expression on his face.  "When I saw your name on the roster, I knew I'd have to double check to see if it was being done correctly.  And lo and behold, it isn't".

"Awww come on." protested Kaibo. "I got their names and their goods, what more do you want?  Its cold and everyone just wants to get inside."  After that he added (weakly, under his breath): "Including me...."

"Ha!  You didn't even check the bags!  What if they had explosives, or enemy ninja hiding in those sacks?  What if they were full of illegal weapons or drugs?  You think any bad guy is gonna stroll up wearing black, looking nervous with a loudly ticking sack?  Wake up!" The chuunin started to look visibly annoyed.  His brow furrowed as his hand raised to the bridge of his nose, rubbing away the stress.

"Seriously, I know YOU may not particularly care for this stuff, but its important."
The chuunin took on a less accusatory and more serious tone.  "It sets a standard.  There's practically no easier job we can put you on, so ... just get this one right, OK?"

WC 517
Tenshi Duro
Tenshi Duro
Stat Page : Tenshi
Remove Fuuinjutsu Default
Earth Default
Clan Specialty : N/A
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 0

Gate Duty Calls Empty Re: Gate Duty Calls

Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:48 am
Kaibo nodded his head sullenly.  If he did HAVE to do this kind of stuff, he had to admit they had been pretty decent to him. He usually only got the easier gate and collection duties he favored, and if he was being honest with himself, he never put 100% into them, but never really got any official reprimands.

He supposed he could take it a bit more seriously.  The day would drag on with a lot of just waiting around, anyways, as there weren't too many eager to visit or leave the village this time of year.  Might as well spend the time doing the job better.

"Yeah.... I getcha"  Kaibo admitted, broad shoulder slumping a bit.

"Good, then I'll be watching."
 And with the the chuunin just disappeared into wisps of quickly dissipating smoke.  Hayate couldn't follow where he went, but he knew he'd be checked on again at some point.  He sad back down to wait.

The next passerby was some twenty minutes later.  A genin, out to check the perimeter.  He didn't even approach the gate, waiting for kaibo to just wave him through, and seemed a mix of puzzled and annoyed when Kaibo waved him over instead.

"C'mon man, its chilly out there, I'd like to get this done quick.  Whats the holdup?"  He asked impatiently.

Kaibo bit his lip on echoing the sentiments and instead stuck to the procedure.  "You know the deal, man.  I need to see the signed scroll and do a quick chakra check."  Kaibo pointed to the signout register he normally would have signed for the ninja anyway as he began to conecentrate on the aura, making sure it was a real hoshi ninja and there were no tricks at play.

"Since when do YOU actually check this stuff?"  The genin said, more to himself than to Kaibo, as he rustled the scroll out of his pack and put it on the desk, then signed the sheet.

Kaibo finished his scan and looked over the document, making sure it was signed, for today, and was for what the genin said.  He stamped the signout line and handed the scroll back with a shrug.  "Policy is policy, man.  Gotta do like the head honchos say.  Sorry".

"Yeah, yeah"  The genin said, tucking the scroll back in a pouch.  "Betcha got called out, didn'tcha?  They're watching?  Need to make a better show for the normies?" He said with a conspiratorial grin, giving a glance around.

Kaibo kept his face neutral.  "ANYWAYS - you're all set.  See ya in a bit."  He gestured out away from the village.

"Sure, Sure.  Worry about yourself, whiling away in that hut.  I'll do these rounds so fast the cold wont even catch me."  The genin bragged, speeding off.

Maybe the genin was right.  Maybe he sound get out and do more.  Make the most of the situation, instead of being slightly petulant.  But... for now, this was fine.  At least Kaibo was getting a bit better at his chakra control from doing all these scans.  He glanced at his gloved hands and flexed turning them over to look at both sides for something that couldn't possibly be seen.  Soon he might not have to worry.


WC 538
TWC 1055

Mission rewards - 500 Ryo, 1 AP and 1 CD post with Village Leader (top of thread spoiler)
5 kunai from first D or E rank mission completed LINK

46 wc to finish chakra infusion (1954 to 2k)
1009 toward skill Genjutsu Gormand

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