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Messenger of Misfortune  Empty Messenger of Misfortune

Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:34 pm
A reply to this post.

Okami was on his rounds around the village. He had been the only one doing it for awhile because of the absents of most of the shinboi attending the chunin exams. The front of the village was calm and tranquil. Villagers felt safe behind the walls of Kumokagure.

The genin was leaning his back against the village gates, looking out onto the forest of rot. That is when Okami spotted a man approaching. As the man got closer to the gate, Okami would notice that he wasn't in the best shape. He seemed exhausted and beat up. He collapse only a meters from the entrance. The young lycan was quick to rush to his side and lift him up to carry the meek man into the village and to the hosiptal. Okami confirmed that the man was of Kumo with a glance of his head band on his head.

Once the doctors and nurses have him his treatment, Okami was informed that he only had minor injuries but was exhausted and dehydrated. The Lycan asked if he could be informed of the man's awakening. Since Okami was the one who found him, he'd be the one to investigate. The doctor agreed, knowing well that something was up.

The next day, Okami was informed of the man's consciousness via letter from the hospital. He left in a hurry. Before entering the hospital room, the doctor had a couple words. "That man has been asking for the kage since he woke up, I'd be ready to write this down and relay it to the kage once he returns." Okami nodded at the respectful doctor. Upon arrival, the blonde haired boy would find that was laying in the bed with some bandages and a glass of water next to his hospital bed. Okami would sit on the end of the bed to confront the man. "Hello, my name is Okami Lupines. I'm here to get a report from you and give it to the Raikage." The man took a deep breath, looking at Okami up and down. "Alright, squirt." He'd respond in a deep voice. Okami would let the insult slide as he took out a note pad and a pencil that he grabbed from the doctor to write down the information.

"I'm a Kumokagure Shinobi and I was posted in the Rain country outpost." Okami began writing as the man recalled his horrid memories. "And we were attacked by a man with long silver hair. This skin was so pale, almost like a demons. He used these creatures that were made of black threads. He first attacked us from the air with fire attacks. "  It seemed like he was thinking really hard, even holding back some emotion. "He didn't hold back. When I went to check the other outposts, I found nothing. I was the only survivor of all four outposts..." He deep voice softened. Okami would ask some questions, "How many men were in those outposts." "Nearly 100..." 100?!? One man can do that? Okami thought, This man must be a huge threat. The man took his glass of water and drank, he seemed to be getting choked up. "Any other techniques he used? You said he could fly with the creatures and that one of them shot fire." The jonin nodded. "After he shot fire, he formed a water vortex, destroying a lot more of the outpost. There was also some kind of chain he used that he controlled with his mind, sharp enough to stab through jonin flak jackets." Okami wrote down all the information. "One other thing, he had a message. I've basically have it ingrained in my head." The man cleared his throat. “You village dwellers truly believe yourselves to be safe behind your walls. Believe yourselves to be stronger than those that dwell within the shadows of the world. That may have been true once, but no longer. While you stagnate we grow more powerful. Because we have no other choice. We must be strong or we will die. and now the same rule will apply to you. Kumogakure shall be the first to face this test. and should the people hidden behind your walls be found as wanting as you they shall suffer the same fate.” As he spoke, Okami would write it down, word for word. Seeing the words being formed on the paper made a shiver go up his spine. "Any sign of him being from another village? A head band perhaps? " Okami asked with a shake in his voice.  The man shook his head. "Never in my life time have I see that much destruction by one man against an army like ours."

Okami would stand up after the interview was over and he had almost 10 pages full of information. "Thank you, I'll make sure to give this to the Raikage right away." The man would look down at his hands. "Hey kid, have you ever been in a serious battle?" Okami would shake his head, he was only a newbie genin. "Then you better prepare. There is going to be some major casualties if this man enters our village." Okami would leave the room on a grim note.

I've never been in a serious battle. What if I die? Or worse, Sugi, Max or Mom dies? There was a lot to ponder on. What if this man comes by while the kage is out? Okami would take a deep breath to relax his thoughts. Then it'll be up to me to defend the village and the one's in it. Okami would recall the talk he had with Max. Max told him that you shouldn't give up your life for village loyalty, but Okami countered with his own insightful thinking. He wouldn't be defending the walls or the buildings that make up the village, he'd be defending the people inside the village. The people he loved.
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Messenger of Misfortune  Empty Re: Messenger of Misfortune

Mon Jan 28, 2019 12:15 am

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