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Welcome Back, Hoshi Hero! (open, Masashi) Empty Welcome Back, Hoshi Hero! (open, Masashi)

Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:07 am
Stiff wood creaked as the Genin known as Kaibo reached the bottom and removed his weight from it.  It felt a bit weird to be dressed nicely in the restaurant, with a button up shirt and product in his hair, but he figured this was probably the type of thing you looked a little nice for, right? Anyway, he wiped his brow and stepped back to survey his work.

The main seating area of the Galaxy Cafe, an eatery known as a ninja haven, was.... well, not quite transformed.  But Kaibo had done his best.  Two long strings of lights, in various vibrant colors, were hung up on either wall, giving a festive feel to the restaurant.  A large banner hung from the overhead beams, welcoming back Masashi.   A scattering of about 15 balloons with hoshi stars on them were tied to various chairs and table legs.  And the various separate tables had been rearranged to form one longer one, straight down the center.  It wasn't much, but he hoped the earnest effort

The large man himself wasn't really excited about the prospect of fighting on an international stage, for others or himself.  But you had to respect someone who had a goal and put in a lot of effort.  And from what he had heard, Masashi had put in quite a lot of effort, both to get to where he was, and at the exam itself.  Apparently he had already made the top 4, though news of exactly where he would end up hadn't made it back yet, as far as Kaibo knew.  But even that was a big accomplishment, solidifying Hoshi as a major player in the world stage.  Kaibo was sure much of it would be recounted later, when the regular guests and guests of honor would arrive.  They had, of course, notified the Kage's office and gotten approval, and had let the other ninja know, and even sent a letter to Masashi's family as a courtesy, though he was sure they'd have they're own event, no doubt.

But as for Kaibo, there were only a few hours left, he had more work to do.  He made his way back to the kitchen.
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