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Tatsuo Nomura
Tatsuo Nomura
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Practicing Some Seals [Solo] Empty Practicing Some Seals [Solo]

Thu Jan 17, 2019 6:13 pm
”Tatsuo! How many times have I told you not to leave your ninja things lying around?”

”Oh, sorry!” Tatsuo exclaimed as he ran over to pick up the papers. He had been working earlier on some basic fuinjutsu. Nothing particularly complicated, but it was something that he could practice on his own and without wearing himself out physically.

His mom shook her head as he cleaned up, although he noticed a slight smile trying to break out across her face. ”What are these things anyway?”

He grinned in response, holding up one of the pieces of paper with a symbol marked on it. ”It’s a type of sealing jutsu,” he explained. ”It’s basically a way to lock things for security. I’ve been trying to work on it while I have free time.”

”Locking things? Are you trying to keep us out of your room?” she joked. Tatsuo just rolled his eyes. ”Well, keep up the practice. The more you know, the safer you’ll be.”

He nodded. She did have a point, and he’d taken a long enough break anyways. Time to get back to it. He walked over to his room and dropped the papers on his bed, studying them in detail. He had finally gotten the correct symbols down for the seal, now he simply needed to practice creating them and infusing them with his chakra rather than simply drawing them out on paper.

He took a deep breath as he looked at his door, which he had closed to give himself more privacy. That was as good an object to practice on as any when it came to a locking seal. He closed his eyes to help himself focus on the chakra inside of him. He knew when push came to shove, he wouldn’t be able to simply sit around and close his eyes to focus on his chakra, but for a fairly new jutsu in the comfort of his own home, there wasn’t any harm in it.

He could feel the energy swirling and mixing within him and he knew that he simply needed to guide it out for it to do what he wanted. He focused it toward his right index finger and slowly opened his eyes. A feeling of relief washed over him as he was greeted with the sight of his finger glowing with a blue light. He glanced over at his drawings to double check that he had the correct image in mind before reaching out to touch the door.

His eyes widened in surprise as it left a glowing mark behind where he touched. Shaking it off, he began to draw the seal on the door. It wasn’t a particularly complicated formula, so he was able to copy it down fairly easily. Once he had finished enclosing it in a circle, the glow faded from the mark and he allowed the chakra to leave his finger. He reached out for the door handle with a small sense of trepidation and sighed with relief when it refused to budge. It had worked! Sure, the handle itself still moved, but the door itself refused to open.

Unfortunately for Tatsuo, which he hadn’t thought of until after he had placed the locking seal on the door, he still hadn’t practiced the jutsu that would actually break the seal. His parents would kill him if he smashed down the door in order to get through, but he had to get out somehow. He sighed as he realized he was going to be stuck here until he figured it out.

He could sense the chakra in the seal on the door, which he supposed made sense since it was his own chakra. It wasn’t a particularly strong seal, so it shouldn’t be TOO difficult for him to break through it. His mind wandered back to his classes in the academy, trying to remember what he had been taught about breaking fuinjutsu seals. That had been seen as more important than creating seals in their basic training, but it had still only been a single class on it so that they would understand the basic concepts. Not exactly ideal for putting it into practice, but it was a dumb mistake for him to place the seal without a method of removing it anyways, so he couldn’t really go blaming that on the academy instructors.

”I guess there’s only one way to learn,” he said to himself as he gathered his chakra yet again. If he recalled correctly, it was supposed to be a similar use of chakra as what he had just used to place the seal. Instead of using it to trace out the seal, however, it would be used to disrupt the chakra the composed it. Rather than the finesse it took to sketch out the seal the first time, it was more a use of power to break it.

Both his index and middle finger on his right hand began to glow with the same energy as before. The seal on his door began to glow again in response. He placed his fingers on the seal and slashed through the circle that surrounded it as well as the formula itself. Unfortunately, it looked like he had placed a bit too much chakra into his fingers and when the seal broke it left a noticeable crack on his side of the door.

His eyes widened in surprise and a slight bit of fear as he quickly extinguished his chakra and poked his head out of his now open door to see if his mom had heard anything. It didn’t seem like it, so he breathed out a sigh of relief. The crack was a problem, but hopefully she wouldn’t notice that for a while and his dad was always busy working down at the docks so he probably would never notice. Still, at least now he knew how much chakra he needed to put to break one of his own seals: less than what he just did.
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