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Thief in the village (P) Empty Thief in the village (P)

Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:16 am
Rain fell heavy and fast from the sky, the mountains swelling with water were it could, in other areas it rolled down to the vallley floors. Ryuuzaki had foregone his nightly training, so he could rest properly ready for his first mission as an official Kumogakure shinobi. Ryuuzaki wore his normal clothing, black shinobi sandals, with bandage wraps all around his feet and as far up his legs as could be seen until they met his long shorts.ryuuzaki wore a plain black t-shirt that topped with a vest sporting the village sign. Ryuuzaki also had hands wraps that spiralled around his hands and all the way up his arms until they disappeared into his sleeves. Ryuuzaki was due in the village first thing in the morning, he buffed his headband one last time, making sure it was as presentable as possible, then for the first time he tied it to his forehead.

Ryuuzaki made his way down the mountains to the village centre, entering through the gates for the first time with his headband on, he felt an unusual amount of pride, being a ninja was only to advance his martial prowess before, but now he felt a sense of belonging, he felt respected as he walked past villagers. Ryuuzaki made his way to the meeting spot, not knowing what to expect. Ryuuzaki entered a shrine that hung upon one of the spires that made up the village, he was meeting a chuunin to be given his assignment. 

After a few minutes, the chuunin arrived with a scroll "Ryuuzaki, it's good to see you with that headband on" he opened, which was met with a smile from Ryu "We have not assigned teams for the new genin yet, but there is a task which you have been selected for" The chuunin tossed the scroll to Ryu, which he caught in one hand "There's been a slew of thieveries lately, and we need someone to identify the thief, potentially take him in if possible" Ryuuzaki opened the scroll and looked over the details "You'll be on your own here Ryu, but if it should get out of hand don't be afraid to ask for help." Ryuuzaki nodded to the chuunin, and with that, the chuunin put his hands together and vanished in a bolt of lightning.

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Thief in the village (P) Empty Re: Thief in the village (P)

Sat Dec 22, 2018 8:30 am
Reading through the scroll of details Ryu picked out that all the places hit by the thief were independent owned stored that only ever had one or two employees and no live in occupants, always hit overnight. Ryuuzaki started his way through the village heading towards the row of shops that were hit. Thinking over and over trying to work out a pattern to the thieves targets. Ryuuzaki decided that the next target could be one of three shops, he would stake out as best as he could for the next few nights. Ryuuzaki arrived at the location fo the next few shops, two of them close together with the other one several hundred metres away, he would stake out where he could cover the most shops at once.

Ryuuzaki closed his eyes and concentrated, pushing chakra from his core through his system to his feet, when he had built up the correct amount he started to walk up the side of the building, The technique he had recently learned but not yet mastered so he had to take it slow. A few seconds later Ryuuzaki made his way up to a tall building that had a good viewpoint over the two shops he had picked out as targets.  Ryuuzaki had a few hours until dark, he made himself comfortable on the floor and stared up at the sky, and allowed sleep to come. 

Ryuuzaki awoke as dark set in, he moved back to a hidden position looking down on the street, the shop owners were starting to pack up and leave for the night, the only places staying open were ones that served food, and probably wouldn't close till well into the night.

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