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Yoichi Hisato
Yoichi Hisato
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Yoichi's Genin Exam! Empty Yoichi's Genin Exam!

Fri Dec 14, 2018 7:33 pm
Yoichi had a wonderful ten hours of sleep, a big breakfast, and even got to spend some quality time with his parents. So why was he so nervous? As he wandered down the street, each step taking him further from his home and closer to his destination, he was sweating bullets. The cheerful teenager that radiated confidence was replaced with a boy faced with a task that could change his life forever.

Whether that was good or bad was completely up to his performance today. Sure, he'd been training hard and he managed to get down the Clone and Transformation Techniques down to the point where he could pull them off without any issues, but that still didn't help him shake the nagging voice at the back of his head that told him he would fail.

"Get out of my mind you stupid voice...gah!"

Thwacking himself on the skull a few times thankfully made the annoying "YOU'RE GOING TO FAAAAIL!" voice out of his mind, giving him some moments of peace, but the stares of a few civilians who'd seen him spazzing out. Talking to himself in public might not have been the best course of action for someone who was hitting himself, but Yoichi was much too nervous to bother caring what silly actions he did in public. Plus, he wasn't actually crazy! Talking to himself just helped him sort out his erratic thoughts better, that's all. Nothing wrong with that.

"I can't actually fail, right? I've been studying all night. I even dressed up appropriately just in case they tried to throw a curveball at me!"

It was true. Dressed in some green joggers and a plain shirt, he felt that was more than comfortable enough to go through whatever physical challenge they might've felt like giving him. Maybe they felt this year was the year too many academy students had the possibility of passing and this was the time to make sure they only got the elite of the elite! Silly paranoia? Perhaps. But when you were going to face the biggest obstacle you'd ever have to face in your life so far, often times you weren't thinking rationally.

"Finally, I'm here.."

The welcoming doors of the academy seemed awfully menacing today, Yoichi's dread only increasing further as he inched his way closer towards certain death.

"Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap..can't turn around now!"

Taking a deep breath, he put aside the fears that were racking his body, heading right on in the building and entering the reception area, where he was greeted by a cute, short Kunoichi who seemed pretty friendly.

"Welcome to the academy, how may I help you?"

"I'm here to take the Genin Exam!"

Her soothing presence and good looks somehow gave him the courage to speak with complete confidence, starting to look like the Yoichi most people knew.

"Oh wow, congratulations! Just go to Class 3A and I'll page a proctor to get with you shortly. Good luck!"

Yoichi nodded a thanks, heading off to the classroom with some pep in his step. Maybe he could really pass these exams after all! What was he so worried about anyways?

Unfortunately, as he made his way down the hallways the fear reared its ugly head once more as he heard the whispers of students that must've took the exam already.

"Man, that test kicked my ass! And if you fail, you have to wait a whole month before you take it again..hopefully I'll get it down the next time."

"Your telling me, man..I thought I was ready, but all of a sudden I was paralyzed in fear and WHAM! I messed up my Transformation Technique. That proctor was an asshole! My brother's proctor gave him a second chance after he failed the technique just a year ago, and he's a pretty successful Chuunin!"

Yoichi shuddered at the thought of him getting some vengeful exam instructor that was out to get kids because he hated them. But, maybe he'd get lucky too. Maybe he could get that brother's proctor.

As he twisted the knob to the classroom and stepped inside, somehow he had the feeling that the universe didn't want him to be so lucky. Nevertheless, it was far too late to turn back now. He took a seat in the front row, patiently waiting until the supervisor of the test arrived.

Putting aside all the ways this test could go wrong, he looked towards the future for a minute. If he passed this test, then that meant he and Fukuro have a chance at being in the same team! Plus, it would be pretty neat to tell the Uchiha that he managed to become a Genin. It was a bit of a competitive friendship for him, after all. Fukuro might not have felt the same way, but for Yoichi, he was a goalpost.

"Hope this dude gets here soon.."

Several other students taking the test nodded with him in agreement, clearly as nervous as he was.

WC: 833
Madrigal Kaguya
Madrigal Kaguya
Stat Page : Here
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Yoichi's Genin Exam! Empty Re: Yoichi's Genin Exam!

Sat Dec 15, 2018 12:26 pm
Mitodorida Aizawa strode through the doors of the classroom in a bit of a frenzy. He was a lanky, bookish looking chunin. His silver, tied back hair and blue eyes, visible through his glasses, made him seem wiser to some. The was his eyes took in his surroundings as he entered and the all encompassing manner in which he entered the room spoke volumes of how long the man had been a chunin. The 24 year old genjutsu user had purposefully not wanted to rank up. Being quite pleased with his current workload and responsibilities. The clipboard he carried had the list of the names of the genin hopefuls that had signed up at the front desk like that should have. You know, like the sign on the front door of the building said to do? 

He’d move to the front of the room, leaning on the desk casually as he began to speak. “Good morning class, I am Mitodorida Aizawa, I know it’s a mouthful.” He’d say, raising a hand to head off any of the comments or odd looks at his name. He was quite used to it and he had another class to proctor before his morning was done. “Now then, raise your hand if you came straight here from the front door, skipping over the front desk entirely.” He would say, to which a good number of the students would raise their hands while looking at him speculatively. “Great, that makes this much easier. Proceed to get out, if you can’t even follow the simply written instructions and sign in at the front desk then you’re clearly not ready for the responsibility of protecting people’s lives.” He would say with a shrug, nodding his head toward the door. A good number of the students would sulk and curse to themselves before standing and leaving without another word. 

Once the last student had left Mitodorida would look toward the rest of the class. “Now then, this is much more manageable. I’m going to call you up here one at a time. You’re expected to show me the clone technique, the transformation technique, and demonstrate your physical conditioning by performing 100 push ups, and sit ups. I assure you, you’ll be expected to do many more than that in the not too distant future. However for a fresh genin that’ll be enough to prove you’re at least somewhat serious.” He would explain, raising an eyebrow as if to ask ‘any questions?’ Hopefully none came, and he would move on with the list. “Let’s begin, Yoichi Hisato..” He would say, calling the name out clearly for the student to be able to hear. 

WC: 444

[Perform the requested tasks in an 800 word post if you please. I tried to give you a bit more to work on than just the clone and transformation, any excess words you do wil be able to go toward stats and jutsu but won't be able to be used toward anything you would need the genin promotion for (Basically, if you did 2000 words, you could claim 6 stats and 2 E ranks and progress toward a third. but no D ranks)]
Yoichi Hisato
Yoichi Hisato
Remove Ryo : 500

Yoichi's Genin Exam! Empty Re: Yoichi's Genin Exam!

Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:44 pm
Of course he was the one that would be called up first. It sucked to have all these eyes watching you, but it wasn't like he could just say "Hey Sensei, I don't feel like going first!" Seeing how no nonsense the man was, he'd no doubt get kicked out of the testing area immediately. It was time to suck up all of his fears and give it his all with this, no matter what the outcome was. It was what a hero would do, after all: Whether it was Spider-Ninja, Superninja, or Ninjaman, they all held unwavering convictions that Yoichi aspired to have. 

"Alright man, here goes nothing.."

Handseals were formed as a puff of smoke emerged into existence adjacent to Yoichi, dispersing in seconds. It would eventually reveal a perfect copy of himself, much to his excitement. This wouldn't be a jutsu that was useful in high level combat, but it did teach young ninja the fundamentals of chakra control; it was the pathway to higher learning, and at the very least could be used as a minor distraction. But, Yoichi knew he couldn't celebrate just yet. After all, he still had the physical portion of the exam and another jutsu to perform. At least things seemed like smooth sailing from here. 

Again, handseals were formed at deft speeds as another cloud of smoke spawned in his location. This time however, instead of using his jutsu to create a clone of himself, once the smoke dispersed the class would find themselves looking at a perfect clone of the teacher. The class watched on in amazement; perhaps he managed to give them the courage and push they needed to push themselves even further to pass these exams, unlock potential that they didn't have..

Or maybe they were just happy that they didn't have to go first. It was pretty terrible, even if you were confident in yourself.

Glancing into a reflection, he nodded in confidence as he noticed that he managed to perform the jutsu to a flawless level. This was a score for sure! The Transformation Technique, despite the simplicity in learning it, was an invaluable tool for any Shinobi. While Shinobi were mostly soldiers, the infinite applications for stealth the technique offered made sure it would be a solid part of any ninja's kit for the rest of his career. Yoichi was already thinking of a million ways he could use it to infiltrate some of the nastier crime rings in the village.

And now it was time for him to get through the physical part of the exam. One hundred pushups, one hundred sit-ups..Yoichi was surprised he didn't want him to do a 10km run either. But luckily, he remembered to drink his orange juice today! The conditions of this scenario amusingly reminded him of a certain manga.

Dropping down to the floor, he begun to pave his way towards his goal. All that training he did paid off several times over. Despite how lengthy of an ordeal this was, it didn't tire his arms out in the slightest, giving him some time to reflect on his future.

This was really the day, wasn't it? Today, he graduated from a fledgling student to an offical Shinobi, and rather than abuse his power or use it as an excuse to murder randomly like some of his less virtuous peers, it woould be his opportunity to be the beacon in the encroaching darkness and bring the village(and the world) into a new age of peace. He had something he was fighting for; that was why he couldn't fail today.

In a minute or two, Yoichi managed to blow through all of the push-ups, swiftly transitioning over to some sit-ups. They were just as easy, and with each one he completed he could feel the excitement growing in his abdomen. The moment of his destiny quickly approached, and Yoichi was willing to welcome it with open arms.

Done. Gradually getting up from the floor, he looked at the teacher with a grin. All that fear that was bottled inside of him had completely evaporated, replaced by overwhelming confidence. It was true what they said, honestly; face your fears, and they quickly start to fade away.

But before he asked the teacher if he passed, he turned towards the crowd of students, giving them a thumbs up.

"I don't know if this'll help anyone, but..if you really feel nervous, don't! This test was as easy as pie, and I know if you all take a chance and truly believe in yourself, you'll pass without a shadow of a doubt!"

Some students rolled their eyes at his corny little motivational rant, but most of them seemed relieved from the stress of the impending test, if at least a little. And now, Yoichi waited for the verdict on his test..

WC: 808
TWC: 1641
Rosalyn 'Rose' Uchiha
Rosalyn 'Rose' Uchiha
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Yoichi's Genin Exam! Empty Re: Yoichi's Genin Exam!

Sun Dec 16, 2018 12:13 am
Mitodorida watched as Yoichi performed the clone and transformations techniques to a satisfactory degree. Then proceeded to perform the physical exam as well. However before the man could tell the kid he passed he turned around and started giving some motivational speech to the rest of the students. ‘I should fail him right there..’ He would think in annoyance, he hated corny crap like that. However nothing in the rules of the exam said such things weren’t allowed so he simply shrugged and tossed the kid a new headband. “You pass, congratulations,  now then, Yumichika Ayesegawa.” He would call, waving for Yoichi to leave. 


WC: 104
TWC: 548

Claims: 548 words toward this on Valen

[You get 15 stats, a free specialty, the free jutsu found here, and you can claim up to 841 words of stats (4 more) and AS level stuff (E rank techs, WC toward skills, etc.)]
Yoichi Hisato
Yoichi Hisato
Remove Ryo : 500

Yoichi's Genin Exam! Empty Re: Yoichi's Genin Exam!

Sun Dec 16, 2018 12:18 am
Triumphantly, he raised his headband in the air, wrapping it around his head. Finally, he could call himself a Shinobi! A grin on his face, he walked out of the room, eager to tell his parents and Fukuro of the news.

WC: 44


Claims: 19 stats(15 from rank up, 4 from WC), free specialty, Free Genin Jutsu
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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Yoichi's Genin Exam! Empty Re: Yoichi's Genin Exam!

Sun Dec 16, 2018 12:46 am
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