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Minato Uchiha
Minato Uchiha
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Minato's Genin Exam Empty Minato's Genin Exam

Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:17 pm
Finally, the day had come.
The day where Minato's skills would be put to the test, to see if he's got what it takes to graduate from the Academy and to become a Genin.

He didn't get much sleep the night before, but that's to be expected of course.
He arrived early at the Academy since he wanted to calm his nerves. 
And so he did, taking his seat in the hallway, wishing the other students good luck before they went in the classroom to be examined.
Seconds, minutes, they went by so slow. Minato could feel his heart beat, pounding though his chest. "Calm down Minato, you've got this", he kept saying to himself.

Just a couple more students and it would be his turn.

(WC: 126)

Requesting a proctor.
Anaphiel Hidemori
Anaphiel Hidemori
Stat Page : Stat Page
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Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Sensory
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Minato's Genin Exam Empty Re: Minato's Genin Exam

Fri Dec 14, 2018 6:26 pm
Another day, another Genin exam. Tokiatsu’s first task of the day was to proctor a graduation exam. He had collected a clipboard from the head proctor’s office before making his way to the examination wing, Bossk wrapped loosely around his neck as usual. The Watchman skimmed over the student’s information as he walked. Their name was Minato Uchiha, male, 18 years old.

It wasn’t hard to spot the boy sitting in one of the chairs in the hallway, considering the only other student there was a girl. Tokiatsu walked over to the young man with a soft smile on his face. “Minato Uchiha.” He would direct at the student in front of him. After a brief pause to allow the boy to confirm his identity, he would would continue. “I am the Watchman. I will be proctoring your Genin exam today. If you will follow me please, we can get the examination started."

Should Minato follow him, Tokiatsu would lead him into an empty examination room, taking a seat at the desk at the front of the class. Bossk would slide off of Tokiatsu onto the desk in front of him, watching the student. Tokiatsu would then look over at Minato and say “Alright, you may begin when you are ready. Good luck, and don’t fuck it up.

WC: 218

OOC: Alright Minato, your next post needs to be at least 800 words, you must include the use of the clone and transformation technique in this post.
Minato Uchiha
Minato Uchiha
Remove Ryo : 8650

Minato's Genin Exam Empty Re: Minato's Genin Exam

Fri Dec 14, 2018 7:35 pm
Left with only a female student in the hallway, Minato heard some footsteps coming closer.
"Is this really happening?", he thought to himself.

Suddenly, a light-brown haired man came up to Minato and introduced himself as the Watchman. 
With a gentle but little smile he asked to confirm that the student's name was Minato Uchiha.
Minato was a little nervous as he was now staring into the man's blue eyes.
"Yes, I'm Minato Uchiha sir", as he confirmed.

The proctor asked to follow him to the classroom so they could get things started. Minato stood up and walked behind him.
What he didn't notice before, he saw now. Around the neck of his proctor there was a snake, a cobra if Minato had guessed correct. Casually around the neck, almost as if they both had the same characteristics. A little bit surprised with this view, the three of them arrived at the classroom.

Taking his seat with his snake in front of him, the proctor told Minato he could start whenever he was ready.

Minato decided the best way to show his skills was to start with showing the two techniques he had learned at the Academy.

He figured he would begin with the Clone Technique, a technique where you produce one or more clones of yourself. But not to be confused with the Shadow Clone Technique, the latter was on a whole other level than the regular Clone Technique.

Remembering the hand seals needed to perform this technique, Minato took a deep breath, knowing he was able to do it since he had been training with his cousin Fukuro who already became a Genin before him. And now it was upto Minato.

"Ram → Snake → Tiger", flawlessly executing the hand seals, an identical version of Minato appeared next to him, making the Clone Technique successful. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them if it wasn't for the lack of shadow on the clone, but still, Minato was pleased with how the clone had turned out.
Normally, he would show a sign of respect to the person he was training with, and since this time it was his own clone, both versions decided to simultaneously bump fists, making the fake version disappear. 
Having a good feeling about how this one went, he knew what was coming up next: the Transformation Technique. Considered to be among the more difficult E-ranked techniques, since it requires perfect chakra control while maintaining form, this technique allows the ninja to take any human form they picture in their head.

Envisioning who he would be transforming into, Minato was getting ready to perform the Transformation Technique.

"With your permission, I'll continue with the Transformation Technique", Minato said.
He saw the man nodding and for a moment he thought he saw the cobra nodding as well.

"Dog → Boar → Ram", it took a while for the cloud of smoke to disappear.
Finally, someone appeared from out of the smoke. Minato thought he'd transform into his proctor, as he was the person closest to envision. And so it happened, another version of the Watchman was staring into his eyes, smiling gently at the snake in front of the desk.

Holding his technique just long enough and hopefully to the approval of his proctor, Minato canceled the technique and bowed in front of his two examinators.

Minato was hoping he could read their expressions to find out if he did well so far, but he couldn't at all. They were still looking at him as if they expected something more.

He had that feeling as well, the feeling that this wasn't enough to become a Genin.
Considering the current state of his village, they were in need of capable and strong shinobi, worthy to protect and defend the future of Konoha.

Thinking of his latest training with Mizuko to improve his stamina, Minato had an idea. It was risky but in a case like this there was no trying.
His stamina still wasn't the best, but his training should have paid off. 
Although his skills were still nowhere up there with the more capable members of his clan, Minato was always praised and hailed for his speed. 

"Bunshin no Jutsu"
Not one, but two clones this time. 
Minato decided to show off his speed during some sort of choreography with his own clones.
As stupid it might sound, he considered he could establish his speed and movements this way.

Next to each other, all three of them started to move through the room, fast enough so you would think there were more than just three of them.
Flashing from left to right, bouncing and jumping off the walls to show how agile and acrobatic he was, Minato was sure this wasn't anything special for someone as the Watchman but still, he would get an idea of how skilled Minato was at this point.

Reaching his limit, he decided to stand his ground, making his clones disappear.
Trying to hide his fatigue, Minato bowed once again in front of the proctor.

"Thank you for taking the time sensei, I hope it was to your liking."

(WC: 860, TWC: 986)
Anaphiel Hidemori
Anaphiel Hidemori
Stat Page : Stat Page
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Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Sensory
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 42750

Minato's Genin Exam Empty Re: Minato's Genin Exam

Sun Dec 16, 2018 12:52 pm
The boy wasted no time, getting right into it. The clone jutsu was the first technique he demonstrated, pulling it off flawlessly. The clone would then vanish and Minato would then move on to the transformation technique, using Tokiatsu as the subject of his transformation. Minato would then end the technique and create new clones, using them to showcase physical skill. It wasn’t necessary, but Tokiatsu could see the effort that the boy was putting in to prove his worth. On top of that, the second time around he had created two clones at the same time.

Tokiatsu would pull a Konoha Hitai-ate from inside the desk he was sitting at and placed it on the desk in front of him. “Indeed. Congratulations Minato, you’ve graduated. I’m sure you will develop into a splendid shinobi.” With that, unless the boy had anything else to say, Bossk would climb back up onto Tokiatsu and the pair would leave.


OOC: Congrats on becoming a Genin. Go to This thread and claim Genin Rank up. You will make the claim for the following in this thread when you post your [EXIT]:
-You may claim your total WC - 800 (for the exam requirement) towards stats and jutsu.
-You gain an additional 15 stats for reaching Genin
-You gain your first specialty for free
-You gain the following 2 techniques for free:
Substitution Technique
Tree Climbing/Surface Walking
-You have the following Jutsu limits (to be updated on your stats page):
Unlimited Canon D-Rank and lower.
5 of every rank of jutsu above D, excluding S-Rank.
No Custom Jutsu.
3 bloodline jutsu.

WC: 157
TWC: 375

Will post claims later
Minato Uchiha
Minato Uchiha
Remove Ryo : 8650

Minato's Genin Exam Empty Re: Minato's Genin Exam

Sun Dec 16, 2018 1:29 pm
Catching his breath, Minato suddenly heard the liberating words: "you've graduated".
Thanking his proctor a thousand times, bowing in front of him, he couldn't wait to go home and tell his parents.

"Finally a Genin"

(TWC: 1.021)
- Genin rank
- 15 additional stats
- free specialty
Substitution Technique
- Tree Climbing/Surface Walking Technique

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