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An Interesting Time (Lan,Tokiatsu)(Invite Only) - Page 2 Empty Re: An Interesting Time (Lan,Tokiatsu)(Invite Only)

Tue Nov 13, 2018 4:38 am
The girl in front of them raised her eyebrow slightly and tilted her head slightly at their response. "I've just seen others treat summons like pets or servants. Hard to assume someone else won't be like the previous person until you see it for yourself. So you are...Wait," She paused for a few moments, as if trying to recall something before continuing to speak. " You're from the caves that a ninja here long ago had summons for correct? I cannot remember his name exactly as there were too many things going on in that book and I was only reading it to past the time, but you've had some rather interesting people in your time haven't you?," Bossk would look at her for a few moments before responding. "There have been ssseveral ssshinobi that earned the privilege to sssummon my brethren and I from the cavesss.

Upon Tokiatsu's introduction, the girl's eyebrow would raise again, and she would chuckle. "Are you trying to pull my leg? That's a title. Not a name. If you're going to joke with me at least have a little more tact that giving me a nickname or title. Nice to meet you however Bossk? Was it?," The Watchman would smile at her. "Ah, but you did not ask me for my name, young one. I simply introduced myself and told you who I am. In actual fact, it is a name assigned to me by one of the previous Hokage. I did however notice that you've yet to answer my question, which was of course what your name is."

The boy was still working on his jutsu behind them. And it seemed that it had gotten away from him. One of the blades ended up flying towards where he was standing. It was not moving that quickly. Since it was clearly a Genin working on a technique, the Watchman wasn't overly concerned about how powerful the attack would be. As such, he opted to trust in his armour's 150 health and redirected the blade of air into the ground with a kick.

Almost immediately after the attack was diverted, the girl would point at the boy and berate him for his carelessness. "Do you even know what the hell you are doing? Why would you use a freaking jutsu like that around people? What if you had actually hit one of us huh?," Tokiatsu was not one to get heated and react harshly like the girl was, so he stepped in and tried to calm the situation down. "It's quite alright. Everybody makes mistakes once in a while. No one was hurt, and that's what is most important in this situation." Based on their conversation so far, he wouldn't expect that to satisfy the young woman's anger, but a man can dream, right?

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Gale Uchiha
Gale Uchiha
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An Interesting Time (Lan,Tokiatsu)(Invite Only) - Page 2 Empty Re: An Interesting Time (Lan,Tokiatsu)(Invite Only)

Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:09 am
Gale watched awkwardly as his wind blade slowly breezed towards the older man before he coolly kicked it out of the way, a simple technique but nonetheless impressed the hell out of Gale. A technique like that coming from Gale was clearly nothing for someone like him to deal with, it made sense to gale that the man must be at least Chuunin to handle it so effortlessly. The girl however seemed more concerned, perhaps a Genin like him?

Practice made perfect but that just went to show how weak he was right now. He rubbed the back of his head and caught his breath before apologising, since the woman had clearly become aggravated by his carelessness. “I’m so sorry about that, I was trying to improve my speed, but I guess I just lost control of it for a second there.” The same man that had diverted his wind slash then spoke up, as if to mediate and divert the situation similarly stating that the important thing was that no one got hurt. Which was indeed fortunate for Gale, he had a feeling that if anyone did get hurt he’d be in a lot of trouble. “It was fortunate that you were able to stop the attack so effortlessly, you’ve got to be at least a chuunin!” Gale spoke with excitement.

He didn’t want to disturb them too much, but he couldn’t help but want to learn from someone like him. “Hey, do you guys want to train together? As you can see I really need the help. Hope I didn’t interrupt anything.” Gale would smile sheepishly.

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