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The Thunder Rolls Empty The Thunder Rolls

Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:04 am
Rain pattered against the side of Zyxis' bedside window. He sat there, watching the droplets roll down the glass pane. The roof was the only thing preventing him from getting soaked; the pitter-patter sounded throughout the entire house. Zyxis continued to stare out the window. The boy never had time to think. It was always training, running, moving. It was weird for him to stare out the window, and not do anything else. It wasn't as if he didn't like it, but he was aware of the fact that the more he stalled, the stronger Hoshi got. The boy would be able to beat him, and then he would never be able to let it down. He wouldn't let that happen.

What else was there to train for Zyxis? Well, he knew there was a lot to do, but right now his chakra would only be able to handle a certain amount of high-ranked jutsu. He needed to make it to Chuunin and probably grow up a bit so that he would be able to learn more jutsu. So right now, he needed to think more about variety than anything else. He had the Chidori, so when he studied the Shadow Clone jutsu that could work well with that. He supposed he should learn another booster so that he could use Soul Expulsion and the clone could use something else.

Zyxis continued to ponder. The only thing he was able to learn right now was Ninjutsu attack. He was in the process of learning how to use Wind, so he knew that he would want at least one A-Rank jutsu based off his Wind Element. Right now, though, he felt as if he needed a weapon. It wasn't something that he had, the kunai he used wouldn't be useful forever. He planned to use weaponry and specialize in them when he reached Jounin, but that was still a long time away from now. He wasn't even Chuunin yet; he had no right to think about becoming as strong as Royalty.

He would have to take his unique talents and his concentrated battle prowess and mix it all in to make a weapon. As he thought this, thunder crashed down right outside of his house, smoking straight through a tree. He grinned, "I need to make a weapon out of Lightning." His smile faded quickly, though. How would one go about weaponizing a lightning bolt? Would he even be able to consolidate his chakra so thick that he would be able to hold lightning by himself? He knew that his chakra wouldn't hurt him, but the mere thought of it made him seem like he wanted to be some  God of Thunder or something. Although, the benefits of a weapon like that would be astonishing.

Imagine the sharpness of a lightning bolt. He would be able to throw it; it would have to be a Ninjutsu. It would be able to burn through people and their things as well. He would be able to dual-wield them, and he didn't even have to stop at two. He could keep supplying himself with lightning bolts. And you could only imagine how fast it would be for someone to swing actual thunder at you. Other weapons against his would be worried, as metal was a natural conductive material. If he was brandishing his lightning bolt against, let's say Ryuka's sword, then there would be no way that the lightning wouldn't go straight into the blade and electrocute his friend.

Of course, he wouldn't make it fatal against friends and allies, that would be counter-intuitive to the village to fight against each other. Like really, that's such a bad idea. It was even worse if there was water around, probably expanding the range of the jutsu he wanted to learn. If someone's body weren't formidable against the justu, then they would end up being paralyzed from the strike. Even then, he would be able to throw them and make them explode. The only problem would be the energy used with it. He most definitely needed more power, chakra, and stamina for the jutsu that he wanted to learn.

Zyxis wasn't just pulling this out of the top of his head, either. He felt as if he had read this somewhere in the library. It must've been when he was younger and had just graduated from the Academy. He used to study way more back then than he did now. When he was an Academy Student, he didn't have to worry about hardcore training or anything like that. He liked to read the jutsu and wonder what it would be like to be an actual ninja and wield jutsu such as the one he was just thinking about. It all seemed like a faraway dream back then, like something he would never be able to accomplish.

He smiled to himself. Now he was snapping and creating thunder, holding onto lightning, feeling electricity. It was nothing like he had ever felt before. The thrill of battle, the love of friends, the hope for more. Being a shinobi was probably the best thing he could've ever decided to do. He knew his parents weren't excited about it, but they couldn't understand how ninja felt. It was like going on a rollercoaster. You're not going to face death, but it seems that way when you're being thrown everywhere in the sky. That's what they dealt with every day. The fear and thrill that a jutsu might go wrong, an accident in training, another shinobi coming for your life.

It was a constant thrill and an on-going battle. Zyxis loved his life, and if he had to go back and do it again, he would do the same thing. Living his day as a ninja, throwing lightning bolts, being ripped and feeling great. Who wouldn't want that? With that thought, he jumped out of his bed and quickly got out of his pajamas and dressed. He was heading toward the library.

WC: 1,035

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Ryo : 600

The Thunder Rolls Empty Re: The Thunder Rolls

Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:23 pm
Zyxis wondered if he came here every day. He wouldn't be surprised. As soon as he walked in, he got greeted. He started to remember faces and names. There was Fred Lloyd, Donna Schaeffer, Jenna Shirk, all these people that had become his acquaintances. He waved towards them and talked a bit about the books that they were reading. He recommended some more, gave out a few high fives and hugs, and headed back further into the library. When he walked in here, he felt like a celebrity. It was sort of weird, but there was no need to complain about being liked.

The boy looked through his favorite scrolls. The old tattered, dusty, and thrown around scrolls located in the pitch black parts of the library. He activated Soul Expulsion; the yellow light illuminated the deepest, darkest parts of the room. Lightning danced off his skin as if to say hello to the papers. His hands brushed against the paper, trying to blow off all the dust. He grinned, he knew that it was somewhere in here and he didn't mind playing cat and mouse.

He felt as if there were thousands of scrolls in here. He threw some to the side, repaired a few, and even read others that weren't even relevant. The library was like his second home, and he never wanted to leave from it. If he wasn't a ninja, he could see himself being a librarian or a scholar. He wondered what life would be like with the inability to manipulate chakra. Citizens lived their own lives free from harm thanks to the Shinobi Forces. But what if there was a wild animal or a robber of some sorts. He knew there wasn't, as they had better common sense to do something terrible in a town full of people who could snap and their heads would explode.

But what if there was some way to be able to let everyone use chakra. It would make them smarter, faster, stronger, more advanced as a human being. There wasn't anything wrong with chakra. Only the way that people had used it. It might seem weird, but what was the point of having war and fighting over things when they had a shared gift as beautiful as this. Sure, it was fun to test your limits. And war preceded human existence. But there was no need for that. There was no need at all.

Everyone could be beautiful, perform well, and be great people with chakra. There was no need for war; it didn't help. War just continued to destroy and hurt people's lives, without any resolve. Alliances were made. Banding together helped. Zyxis wanted people to put their hate aside and see all the gorgeous, unique things the world had to offer. Do you know how many times he sat on the roof of his house and watched the sun go up so that it could go down and replace the sun, resulting with an even prettier sky?

How many stars littered the sky? One day, he wishes he could go up there and see them up close. He wondered what it would be like to dance across the moon. Zyxis wasn't afraid that he wouldn't ever make it there. He knew for sure when he was way stronger, stronger than anyone else; he would fly up there and see new things. Traveling the galaxy seemed like a fun thing to do. But alas, some things couldn't be done. It was only a dream from him to explore space. Maybe he would be able to create a jutsu for space exploration. Or perhaps he could put himself under a Genjutsu and see what he imagined up close.

There were many ways to do the impossible. Anyway, Zyxis' thought pattern was getting off track. He had already found the scroll and began to read through it. Just like he had remembered, everything he had said about the justu was right. The sharpness, the stamina involved, the exploding of the lightning bolt. He was excited, way more excited than he probably should've been.

He put the scroll in his backpack as he headed towards the front of the library. He waved towards the front of the library and pulled it back from out of his bag. He handled it with great care as he didn't want to ruin it. The librarian man was delicate with it as he grabbed it and checked it out.

"So, you're a ninja, huh?" He asked. Zyxis nodded, "Only on Fridays." The man laughed, "That's great. So you're a Genin, are you? Do you think you're able to learn this jutsu? I once used to be a ninja, but when I made it to Jounin, I decided I should retire. I served my country enough."

Zyxis examined the man. He had stubble all over his chin, and the hair on top of his head started to take a gray color. He had to be somewhere around his late 50s, but he was most definitely built and would look younger if not for his hair. He had blue eyes that seemed to carry wisdom with them. How did such a strong man end up behind the desk in a library?

The white-haired man nodded, "Sir, I'm not stopping until I reach the top. If I am to become strong enough to go toe-to-toe with a Kage one day, then I'm going to have to get my ass in gear. Understand what I mean?"

He grinned, and stamped his library card, handing back the scroll. "I know what you're talking about."

Zyxis would nod to him and head towards home. If he were to put all of his thoughts and activities in learning this jutsu tomorrow, he would need to be at a hundred percent. He couldn't half-ass this, or else he would end up in more pain than he was when he learned the Chidori.

He would learn this jutsu and learn it without any trouble, or else he wouldn't be able to call himself a true shinobi.

[WC: 1,040 / TWC: 2,075]
Ryo : 600

The Thunder Rolls Empty Re: The Thunder Rolls

Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:38 am
Zyxis miraculously got it, and not just because someone was bored and tired, but because of hard work.

TWC: 2,075
Lightning Release: Arcing Lightning (2076 from Here, +25% off WC coupon, + 924 from this thread = (3,000/3,000))
- 1,000 to Soul Explulsion (A-Rank) (1,000/1,000)
- 151 to Wind Element (850/2,000)
- 10 Stats

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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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The Thunder Rolls Empty Re: The Thunder Rolls

Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:01 pm
Same as last comment.
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The Thunder Rolls Empty Re: The Thunder Rolls

Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:19 pm
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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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The Thunder Rolls Empty Re: The Thunder Rolls

Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:21 pm
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