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Hoshi Kyouken
Hoshi Kyouken
Ryo : 8500

Fun with fishing [nk] (conor) Empty Fun with fishing [nk] (conor)

Mon Oct 01, 2018 3:01 pm
Hoshi was bored sitting around in his shack. It was raining. And for once he didn't feel like training. What could he of done on such a gloomy day if not try something new for once, Perhaps something that seems so out of character it may in deed become a great hobby? Sword fighting practice could be good but Ryuka is probably busy today. Yet with a start Hoshi thought "Fuck it i'm just going to fish for once and see how that goes." 

however this day started alot better than he predicted as the way to the village wasn't as bad as the rain would normally make a forest trek be ,with tree's readily available to swing against to reach the village surprisingly quickly. With the first thing on his mind being a fishing rod to which he randomly found just in a bin outside someones house. It looked to be in fine condition? Well this person probably wouldn't miss a rod anyway so a quick thievery of someone else's massive rod shouldn't be soo bad right?

With a new rod in hand Hoshi made his way into a small area sligthly outside the village to perhaps test fishing. And he waited. And waited. And waited... Fuck this was boring. Did nothing happen whilst you fish? He just hoped something would go wrong and he may have to fight something. WOULDN'T THAT BE FUN!
Komon Hyuuga
Komon Hyuuga
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Ryo : 1500

Fun with fishing [nk] (conor) Empty Re: Fun with fishing [nk] (conor)

Sat Oct 13, 2018 2:52 am
Unfortunately for Hoshi, that rod would be missed, and that house was no house at all. It was a shack. More specifically, the tool shack located on the back of Hakai's massive plot of land. For those who haven't gotten the picture yet, Hoshi had just robbed one of the villages most prized swordsmasters. And as luck would have it, Ikigai had witnessed it all as relaxed on his favorite oak trees branches, using the canopy of leaves as shade from the sun.

Nonchalantly he'd call to would be thief. "I'm going to go out on a limb here" He'd stop for half a second as he realized his pun, ashamed of himself. "and say you had every intention of returning that" obvious doubt lingered in his speech.

"...right?" He'd follow up if the boy didn't respond, all the while still resting lazily with his back to the branch. Today was his day off, no need to start a fight if it wasn't necessary.

WC: 164
Hoshi Kyouken
Hoshi Kyouken
Ryo : 8500

Fun with fishing [nk] (conor) Empty Re: Fun with fishing [nk] (conor)

Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:21 pm
Hoshi heard a weird voice and yet when he turned the 'person' which just talked to him was even stranger. A fish person? Those aren't very common, But enough of them have existed to at least not cause a downright heart attack in Hoshi. Only the panic in Hoshi currently would be the fact that apparently this guy thinks he's stealing this rod. "Ya don't understand I found this within a bin outside that house. I don't think anyone is using it if it's in a bin. But I guess if it actually belonged to someone i'll return it." There was feelings of doubt going through Hoshi's head. The fact that if it actually belongs to someone and they have an idea to use it, Why through it out in a bin in the first place.

Though even with these thoughts He returned the rod pretty much as soon as he got told it was thievery since he personally believed that if he stole, it would devalue someone else's hard work for his own selfish desires. "Anyway who are ya? A random person just talking to me. It's kinda... Fishy... If you get what I mean." The joke made even hurt Himself on the inside for [40] blunt damage in terms of cringe, Yet his health surpassed the amount to gain depression from a joke like that.

With the awkward tension in the air Hoshi bailed without knowing his name. Not seeing the face of the fish person for much longer 

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