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Mr. Mailman [Solo] Empty Mr. Mailman [Solo]

Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:12 am

"Mr. Mailman, bring me a dream. Make it the purest that I've ever seen...". Ryūka kept pacing the streets of Kumogakure with a bag on his back, singing silently. A few looked over at the Genin once in a while, but it largely went unnoticed. It wasn't a bother for him, it was what he preferred anyway. To be able to act the way his heart told him to act, without worrying about what the people around him thought about it. Ryūka was enjoying this mission marginally more than he had expected. It sounded really simple, and really boring at first. Having to deliver mail. If it was any fun at all, the mailman wouldn't have let the Shinobi take over the job after all, right? Well, now Ryūka wasn't sure why the mailman would have let him do this. He really had no idea. If this was his job, he would deny any help, even if it was suggested to him for free. He smiled, appreciating his job more than he had done any other day. This was his work. He got paid for this. He made a living out of it. Things he would have done for free simply for the joy of it. He kept singing, walking down the road. When he was in a slightly less crowded area, he sat down, putting the bag in front of him, to check where he had to deliver the next letter.

"Let's see here... Where was Shisui Hyuuga's letter? Ok... Sending to, 25th and 6th. Okay, I think I know where that is.". He got up from the ground again, and headed in the direction he thought was correct. On the way, he saw the bookshop that he bought the books on the ink techniques from. Ryūka smiled. He realized that he still needed to learn a Jutsu that he could utilize his ability with. He wondered if Natsume was already working on it. Ryūka certainly didn't want to fall behind his friends, which recently he felt like he was doing. Hoshi seemed to be improving at an alarming rate. Not alarming for Hoshi, obviously but both to Ryūka, and presumably also to Zyxis. Ryūka didn't want Hoshi to get ahead of the two that badly. Ryūka looked at the letter in his hand. He realised that as enjoyable as this mission was, it wasn't helping him improve. He needed to train more, he needed to become a sharpened and reinforced weapon for his village, not a simple kunai to be thrown in the beginning of the battle; fodder to be filled into a canon with otheres and fired, pawns to the real army. No. Ryūka wanted to lead that army, be on the side of the Kage, his ANBU, and the Jounin. The ranks themselves, he did not care for. But he wanted to become competent enough to hold his own against one of that rank.

He realized he had been standing in front of the shop without doing anything for a few minutes, which was far too long to waste in the middle of a job like this. There were people waiting for their mail, and some if not most of these letters in the bag given to Ryūka by the mailman could have been important to the people expecting them, and the people who had sent them. Ryūka dashed out. He repeated the adress in his head, to remind himself, as it was hard to keep track of it when he was moving at his full speed through the village. 25th and 6th. 25th and 6th. 25th and 6th. 25th and 6th. After a few more minutes, he landed in the intersection. He looked around, trying to figure out which one of these houses belonged to the man the letter he was carrying was adressed to. There were 4 houses, one in each corner, leading into 4 different streets. He looked at them for a few minutes, but in the end there was no reason to pick one of these houses over the other. Not wanting to waste even more time, Ryūka just headed towards one of these houses, picking it at random, and knocked at the door.

He knocked again. And again. And again. There was no answer. "God damn it door." he thought, "Stop wasting my time with your... existence...". He headed for the next house. He knocked, and once again had to do so multiple times. But at least, this time someone actually opened the door for him. It was an old lady, with small glasses."Hello my child." the old lady said. Ryūka sighed. The woman clearly wasn't Shisui, as it was a masculine name, as far as Ryūka knew. "Hi. Does Shisui Hyuuga live here, by any chance?". The old woman waited a few seconds before answering. That short time was long enough to drive Ryūka mad. The old lady answered, "My name is Kamato, and I have a child named Yamato, who has a child named Shisui.". Ryūka raised his eyebrows. Even though that was a needlessly long way to put it, it meant that it was Shisui Hyuuga's house after all. "But his last name isn't Hyuuga, it's Namikaze; even though he isn't part of the Namikaze clan, that's what our last name is.". Ryūka sighed, "Okay, thanks". He almost left, until he was stopped by the old lady once again talking, "I do know a Shisui Hyuuga.". Ryūka turned back to face her, with hope in his eyes. "Oh yeah? Where does he live? I have a letter for him.". The old woman took a few seconds before finally deciding to talk again, "Nearby.". Ryūka sighed. "Thanks Mrs. Kamato.". He left, to get to the next house.

Knock. Knock. Knock. A man with white eyes opened the door. "Yes?". Ryūka smiled, "Hi. Are you Shisui Hyuuga by any chance?". The man smiled back. He nodded, and pointed at the letter Ryūka was holding. "Is this mine?". Ryūka nodded, gave him the letter, and went on to deliver all other letters he had on him.

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