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Hoshi Kyouken
Hoshi Kyouken
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Academy Help [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Academy Help [P]

Wed Oct 03, 2018 12:30 am
Nastume seemed ready and Hoshi was thrilled at the fact "Then it's time for us to go and select a mission right!" This'll be good when all the missions so far ,except for saving the cat, have been low emergency with little risk. A real mission would be a decent affair to go on. Yet once they reached the mission boards there was a mixture of just really dull missions and out of time missions such as "clean up the garbage" and "clean the halls" and 2clean my bike"? Why so much cleaning! But the same one which caught Ryuka's eye caught Hoshi's "Hey Ryu-" Before he could say anything Ryuka forced them to "run" into the direction of the guard outpost mission but at a decently slower pace than sprinting so Natsume and Hoshi could keep up thankfully. "This could be a pretty frightening mission Natsume but just don't worry. It'll be fine."

With that said they arrived at the outpost with the spiky haired guard simply nodding and leaving without much said as a word. "Well I guess for now we just kick back and chill right?" Ryuka was the one to begin the conversation much like always with him and started it with a simple explanation of how Hoshi and Natsume knew each other. "Well you see it was..." The man in a black Kimono appeared. "Hold on one second Natsume" With that said Hoshi simply jumped out of the guardpost shouting "Dude just go. I've been asked a question and want to get on with it." Hoshi would love a good fight but he just wants to answer Ryuka's question. "You think a cocky little guy like yourself would be able to deal with me that easily? Your out of your game ge-." Hoshi cut him off using the evening elephant taijutsu at point blank range which has Easily enough power to blow that guy away knocking him out instantly [120 power 100 speed]. 

With that said and done Hoshi jumped back into the outpost "We met when Natsume was trying to learn all the jutsu required for a genin right? That was a pretty fun day. Zyxis also met Natsume then. It was a great day overall right Natsume?" Hoshi barely cared about the attacker who was unconscious lying with a broken spine on a tree.  "By the by Ryuka what kinda weapon are you saving up money before. I've heard you tell me that's why you need money but I want to know that end goal." A tall girl with a ginger bun of hair showed up at the borders. She didn't seem friendly at all with her staring at the guard post, She definitely knew some low level academy jutsu but shouldn't be too much of a threat in terms of anything else. "Natsume your time to shine now. Don't worry me and Ryuka should be able to cover you if anything goes wrong." Hoshi readied himself instantly. Whilst looking at Ryuka. "She'll be fine." 

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Academy Help [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Academy Help [P]

Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:35 am
Natsume ran after Ryūka and Hoshi as they dashed off towards wherever their next mission would take place, barely keeping up with them even as they went slower than they normally would for her. Somehow, the two of them were even able to talk as they ran. Ryūka, explaining the mission and how they'd be occupied the whole day, while Hoshi reassured her that things would be alright. How could things be alright if she was barely getting enough air trying to keep up with them? When they finally arrived at the guard outpost, she bent over and panted, letting the two boys handle whatever procedure was necessary for taking over the outpost shift. Thankfully there was a table. As the other man left without a word, Natsume went to follow Ryūka's lead and take a seat. She needed it.

"Ah." She scratched her cheek and let Hoshi start explaining their meeting for them, but he was quickly cut off by the arrival of a stranger. She frowned as the task was quickly delegated to Hoshi. Still, as the eldest of the trio and the impromptu team leader, she would respect his decisions. She sat down and answered his first question. "The ninja life is going... alright? It hasn't been very long since I've graduated. I've still a lot to—," She kept her eyes on the confrontation and stiffened as the stranger went to draw his katana. She hadn't had reason to worry, though, as Hoshi quickly and efficiently handled the situation with a series of powerful punches, blowing the man back. "—learn." Even as Hoshi came back to the table with a hop, Natsume kept her gaze focused on the unconscious man. Shouldn't they do a medical checkup? Make sure he wouldn't die? They weren't supposed to just... kill everybody that came, right? Oh god, what if that man was dead? What if he was somebody important? Natsume's mind started running through all the worst-case scenarios that could result from this hasty action.

She shook her head as Hoshi called her name. "Mmm? Ah, a great day?" She hadn't really heard what he'd said, but nodded regardless. "Yes. Right. A great day." She smiled blankly at them, then went back to staring at the still body. "Shouldn't we... check on him? Perhaps?"

Before she could try to convince them to show some morality, another person arrived. Natsume stiffened, hoping Hoshi wouldn't be sent to... dispatch... the ginger girl. Instead, Natsume was delegated to the task of 'shining'. Or handling the situation. Was that any better than watching Hoshi brutally destroy a man? She wasn't quite sure.

She cleared her throat and excused herself from their table, shifting to stand at the guard post. "Excuse me, miss?" she called out to the tall girl. "I must ask that you report your business here and show your ID."

Natsume shifted as unfriendly eyes turned to focus on her. The ginger girl sneered. "I must ask," the girl started, mocking Natsume, "that you get me a real ninja. Not some kid."

She rolled back her shoulders and narrowed her gaze at the ginger. She would not fall prey to the bait. "I repeat, report your business and show your identification, stranger. Refusal to comply means I will be forced to deal with you. You don't want me to deal with you." She cocked her head to one side and signalled behind her back to the boys, hoping they'd understand that her next words weren't for the girl, but for them. "Trust me."

The ginger put up her hands in surrender and smiled, though her expression was less than friendly. "Alright then, kid. Calm down." The girl approached slowly, hands still up in the air. Once she was within reach, the hand came down swiftly and wrapped around Natsume's throat. "Ha! You brat, you really think it'd be that easy?" The hand around Natsume's throat squeezed and the other pulled out a kunai, holding it to Natsume's gut. "You two, don't move, or she dies." As Natsume started to lift her hands up, the ginger girl laughed. "Oh. You're going to try to fight me off? Cute."

One hand wrapped around the ginger girl's wrist, as if to hold her in place. The other lifted to the sky, palm up. A bolt of lightning shot from the sky, driving through Natsume's palm and then into the ginger girl's body [Raiton: Hiraishin]. Even after she'd been let go, Natsume kept her other hand firmly wrapped around the ginger girl's wrist, forcing her to experience the full power of the bolt through their contact. While the other girl went through the literal aftershocks of her jutsu, Natsume twisted behind her and kicked at her knees, forcing the girl down to the ground while still holding their wrist, forcefully twisting their arm behind their back. She leaned down and plucked the kunai out of the girl's hand, using the motion to also lean in and pin them down, effectively ending the fight.

Beneath her, the ginger convulsed once, twice, and then started trying to fight Natsume off. Natsume smiled sharply, recalling a certain line. "You're going to try to fight me off?" The kunai tip met the flesh of their neck, reminding them with its cool bite that their fate lay within her hands. "Cute." Digging her knee into their back, Natsume looked slightly over her shoulder at the boys. "Help me tie her up. We'll have to send for somebody to bring her and the other one in."

She paused and then, with a slight frown, added a polite "Please."

Natsume's confidence in handling the situation was well-earned, certainly, but she'd forgotten that others could arrive at any moment too. With her attention split between handling the ginger beneath her and the boys, she didn't notice the man in the shadows, leaping forward to attack.

[ Raiton: Hiraishin | 30 Power, 30 Speed

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Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
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Academy Help [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Academy Help [P]

Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:40 am
Ryūka looked at Hoshi with horror. "Did he just...?". Yes, yes he just. He just attacked the man out of nowhere without even asking for papers or anything. Ryūka ran out of the gates to locate the man the inexperienced Genin sent flying into the Black Forest.

"Mr. Mr. Are you alright?". He helped the man get up. The man got up growling, "What the hell-". "Sir, I am very sorry. Are you okay? Here, stand still.". Ryūka pushed against the man's wound. "I'm very sorry sir." he repeated, "Can I see your papers, so that my friend can, as an apology, guide you to the hospital?". The man nodded, and took some papers out of his kimono, "I live here for god's sake." he mumbled. Ryūka checked the papers. They were official. This man Hoshi randomly tried to kill was a citizen of Kumogakure. "I am extremely sorry, sir. I have no idea what he was thinking. He must have been intimidated by you. Please apologize to him and please consider not filing a lawsuit against him.  He is a good ninja. He means well. He still knows little.".

He helped the man up, and headed back into the gates. "Hoshi, come here. Guide this CITIZEN of KUMOGAKURE to the hospital. Make sure he's treated well, and then guide him to his home. And first, apologize.". He then puled Hoshi towards him and whispered into his ear, "Don't pull that shit again.".

He sent Hoshi away to the hospital with the man if he agreed. Ryūka couldn't believe the mistake Hoshi just made. If the situation was just slightly different, only slightly... He would have been a criminal. Ryūka would have needed to arrest him. And if he escaped, Hoshi would have become a Missing Ninja. Ryūka wasn't sure if the tragically named, inexperienced Genin was aware of the significance of his mistake. He definitely needed to talk to him about this afterwards. Hoshi, despite how much he had grown stronger physically, hadn't learned enough about what it meant to be a ninja after all. It was disappointing, needless to say.

Moments later, he'd be disappointed again. 

"I must ask that you get me a real ninja. Not some kid."

Oh no she didn't. Ryūka wasn't going to let a random person call his friend out like that. He approached the two, Natsume and the creepy one, even before they kept talking. As she reached for Natsume's throat, Ryūka was already in arm's reach to her. When she reached to grab a kunai, Ryūka grabbed that arm. "Let her go." he calmly said. But apparently he didn't need to do anything, as even though Ryūka was ready to handle the situation, Natsume had acted before him. Ryūka watched her do her thing, allowing her to showcase her abilities without him stepping in beyond holding the arm holding the kunai. As he saw the sparks of lightning, he let go, so he wouldn't be shocked himself. Natsume beat the creeper. Easily. "Nice." he said. "Yeah, I'll carry her to the prison. You may join me if you wish, to write the report. Let's go then.".

When the day ended, they would have turned the attacker in, and returned the resident Kumo citizen to his home. The rest of the day would have been uneventful at the gates. 

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Hoshi Kyouken
Hoshi Kyouken
Ryo : 8500

Academy Help [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Academy Help [P]

Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:45 am
Hoshi looked like he was in glee before Ryuka went to the man he used his strongest technique on... Turned out he wasn't a threat at all with the proper papers and such to enter the village. This was a crappy situation as he definitely felt the mans bones break at the punches he sent at him. Nothing was going to go well as Hoshi not only needed to apologise for the man but also guide him to a hospital with a sign above his head pretty much stating screw up. Yet this was overshadowed by Ryuka's threat "Don't pull that shit again." Ryuka seemingly transformed in that moment to aggression rather than peace. But this kind of behaviour was one Hoshi was far too familiar with as his actions usually went too far as seeing the broken man made him remember HANDS COVERED IN BLOOD all the troubles that came to him too easily SMELL OF DEAD OVERPOWERING THE SENSES this was never a good sign and must under all circumstances be kept THE SLOWING HEARTBEAT OF THE VICTIM hidden.

Hoshi's breathing had increased to the point it would seem to anyone that he was having a PLEASURE panic attack during the moment. Calm down Hoshi must SHARE THE PAIN OF BLOODSHED IN UPMOST ECSTASY clam down to stop himself from losing shape of mind as he begins to remember why he always held back in fights. Breath in. Breath out. The thoughts and memories disappeared as he calmed down back to reality to a man trying too attack Natsume out of surprise. This made Hoshi calmly push natsume out the way to grab the attack with his open palm and calmly responded "Hello there sir. Could you be so kind as to show any kind of identification so we may be able to allow you entry into the village." The attacker did a leap backwards to respond to Hoshi.

"Heh you think your s smart hey ninja? Well then take a load of this you Kumo scum!" The adversary who now looks like a small VICTIM child had approached Hoshi in aggression whilst wielding a TOY knife and yet Hoshi must not lose his chill until the moment the voices stopped. "Sir are you sure you want to attack. I must use violent force to prevent you from proceeding so please leave at this moment thank you very much." Hoshi's speaking had changed completely. He must have full control of his mind if he was to IMPRISON arrest this child who seems around the age of 8... Calm forget him. As the boy FLAILED PATHETICALLY attacked Hoshi, Hoshi managed to intercept the attack and knocked him out using a light jab to his SOFT head. After the kid lost consciousness the voice seemed to whimper away. After a year of absence it returns only for a brief while. Gladly it was gone now Hoshi had no need to control his normal self unlike him.

"Sir I am extremely sorry about ya know. Hitting you into the wall. How about this I'll pay for the medication bill and throw in half my earnings from this mission as well? For my pretty dang bad inadequacy I'll try and make it up to ya man." Even though right now Hoshi should've been in a panic to please the old man he was calm as ever before with the voices ceasing Hoshi's rationality in the situation had returned as the man was alright and not too seriously injured. A medical ninja should be able to solve all his problems and yet what that meant still was on the back of Hoshi's mind. What HE was doing back out the depths was beyond him.

"Only if you pay me the full 1000 ryo of the half kid AND my medical bills. Then I wont be so mad at you since money is everything. Though if you end up becoming a Missing Ninja then Of course you're going to die as I'll help fund the people chasing you down." The man was seriously threatening him and yet Hoshi was only concerned about his own mind not about Natsume's victory which completely alluded Hoshi during the bastards awakening. But also Ryuka's threat was on his mind. Would Ryuka be after Hoshi's head? COME THEN TAKE IT IF YOU CAN he must trust Ryuka as just giving helpful advice in the way he can. That's the voice Hoshi must trust above all else. And not that voice which made it's last hurrah before sinking deep into the mind yet again.

[Claiming 4000/4000 Daytime Tiger (1842 from This thread and 2158 from current thread) Taijutsu style block B 2584/3000 (2247 from This and This thread. with 337 from current thread). +8 AP *mission 1/2* 2000 ryo *not 3000 for rp reasons*.

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Academy Help [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Academy Help [P]

Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:46 am
Even after successfully taking down a hostile in a real situation, it was hard to really accept the situation. Perhaps it was Hoshi's odd tone as he spoke, or how her eyes kept darting between Hoshi and Ryūka, wondering over the tension that seemed to bristle in the undertones. She shook her head. "Thank you for stepping in, Ryūka." Even if she could've handled it by herself—and a part of her was definitely disappointed he hadn't trusted her to handle it herself—it was comforting to know somebody had her back.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful, if not a bit tense. Natsume passed the time playing with some spare paper, folding them with chakra into various origami shapes. Thankfully, there weren't any important papers lying around for her to accidentally fold.

When she finally went home, the events of the day were tucked safely into the back of her mind, where they would stay hidden for as long as necessary to keep the peace. She called out as she slipped through the front door. "I'm home! Safe and sound." She leaned against the wall and pulled at her boots. She looked up as her father came around the corner and swept her into a hug. "PA! Shoe, still on! Need to take shoe off!" She put up a play struggle against his affection (and managed to kick off the stubborn shoe) but ultimately "gave up" and snuggled into the hug. "Awww. Were you worried, ya big dork?"

Her father wacked her atop the head. "Of course I was worred, my little pumpkin!" He pushed back her hair and planted a gentle kiss to her forehead. "Are you okay? How was it? Did you catch any cats?" He grinned as he pushed her back to inspect her. Before she could answer, his eyes zoomed in on the slight bruising around her neck.

"Actually, we had guard duuuuuu—" she trailed off as her father shook her wildly.

"Who was it? Who did it? Who am I hunting down?" He paused mid-shake. "Guard duty? Already? But more importantly, something interesting actually happened during guard duty? Impossible."

She smiled and stretched out a bit. "How about I tell you all about it during dinner." She blinked up at him sweetly. "You will cook dinner for me, right?" She was frankly too tired to cook, and knew he would be easily guilted into cooking if it meant that she would actually eat instead of forgetting as usual.

He groaned playfully and started towards the kitchen. "You're lucky I love you, kiddo."

She beamed. "Love you too, pa!"


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Academy Help [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Academy Help [P]

Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:48 am
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