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A Genin's First A-Rank Empty A Genin's First A-Rank

Sat Sep 22, 2018 7:29 pm
Zyxis woke up without a start. He stared at the white ceiling above him, hoping to find answers from it. He didn't know what he wanted to do today. For the past month or two, he seemed to be continuously training. He did it all day, every day. To the point where he moved like a robot, waking up, throwing on clothes, and going out. He sighed, draping his hand over his face. He stared into the darkness of the back of his hand. He remembered the last time he trained, to the point where it had gotten horrible.

The light had assaulted his vision as he attempted to open his eyes. The blinding rays from the sun caused his attempts to fail multiple times before he was able to open them. He hissed and turned to the side, trying to avoid looking directly at the source of pain to his retinas. He moved to get up but grunted as he fell and hit his head on what felt like cement. He had definitely overdone his training.

Zyxis was barely able to move his body an inch off the ground. The pain served to alert him of the rest of his nervous system, to see how that was going. The first thing he noticed was he was exhausted. His arms and legs hurt worse than ever before. It felt as if he had gotten trampled by a thousand elephants. He tried to groan, but couldn’t even manage that with his dry throat and chap lips.

He blinked multiple times, trying to clear away the gunk surrounding his eyes. Ignoring the pain, he began to push himself up. He eventually was able to lean back against the tree trunk, the pain from the uncomfortable bark pushing against his spine was easy to ignore since his whole body was numb.

He was at the training grounds. The last thing he remembered was destroying dummies, training jutsu, and letting out some anger. It seemed as if he had passed out here. Not once or twice, but multiple times. His body hurt from all the exertion.

He coughed, his throat flaring in pain. Sweat was dripping down his face like a waterfall. Not only was his face covered in sweat, but his whole body was caked in dirt and grass, the wetness easily keeping it attached to his skin. He could feel every last particle of sand on his body. From the grains scattered throughout his hair, his fingernails filled to the brim, and in between his toes.

What he needed currently was water to drink, water to clean him off, probably food, to sleep in a comfortable bed, and other things that he couldn't even begin to think of.  He reminded himself to focus on one thing at a time. Before this training session, he was running. Running harder than he had his whole entire life. That thought surprised him as many more came rushing into his brain. He ran long distances and sprints, but never anything like that.

He tried to clear his throat and nose, but instantly coughed and sneezed up dry snot,  more grime, and dry blood. The only word he could think of was disgusting. Zyxis had never been this dirty before. He groaned as he pushed himself off of his feet, and stumbled home. The sound of water splattering against marble brought Zyxis to attention. He wasn't even sure of when he made it home and how long it took. It seemed to have gotten darker again, the sun didn't burn him anymore. He had thrown off his sweat-drenched, dirt-covered uniform and literally fell into the shower.

He ignored everything else as he gently scrubbed himself off, discovering every bruise and laceration on his body. He chuckled to himself as he pulled out splinters from his hands and legs. He had really overworked himself the past few days. He had begun to become happier, but it seemed he still had some dormant anger welling deep inside of him. He stared at the blank wall.

The blank wall began to turn dark. The memory molded into the present. Zyxis still lay in his bed thinking about that time. He lifted his hand off his face and continued to stare at the ceiling. That experience was only about a week ago, but he could still feel every single pain that had been inflicted on his body at that time. Zyxis' anger began to disappear and be replaced with sadness. He didn't want to move, he wasn't motivated to do anything but lay in bed. Not even going to visit his friends or train could cure him of the mini-episode of sadness he was currently in. Zyxis wondered what it would have been like to meet his grandparents. Would they have changed his views and caused him to stray from the path of the ninja? Would he have been trained instead to bring vengeance to their own parents? He didn't know, and he would only be able to speculate cause they were deceased. They were never coming back no matter what. It didn't matter if he questioned it or not, there would never be the chance to understand or know.

Zyxis sighed, rubbing his face and pinching the bridge of his nose. Reality told him he had to accept it. So he would, he couldn't just live his life full of sadness. He had things that he had to do, and he couldn't expect them to be done while laying in bed. But he wouldn't be inspired to wake up and go train regularly. He knew he had to do something different, something out of the norm. It would reignite his coals and create new flames of passion. He rolled out of his bed and let his body hit the floor. He hummed to himself as he thought. What was something that he hadn't done yet that he really wanted to do? Suddenly it hit him like a Dynamic Entry.

"I need to learn my first A-Rank technique," He muttered. He pushed himself off the ground and decided to dress in something other than his boxers. He threw on his regular clothes and wrapped his bag strap around his shoulder. He knew that he needed his trusty old backpack today. He was gonna head to the library and find an A-Rank technique. He knew that if he wanted to learn something advanced, he would also probably need to study up on theories that would assist him in picking up said move.

He headed out, his goal of the day decided.

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A Genin's First A-Rank Empty Re: A Genin's First A-Rank

Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:02 pm
It didn't take him long to make it to the library. He had arrived, but once again, he didn't see Hana. He thought about what had been happening the last couple weeks. Things seemed different between them. She was usually a tease, but for some, it felt as if she was needier each time they met. In all honesty, she had been behaving way weirder now; it had been a while since he had ever seen her as if she had gone into hiding. He would have to pay her a visit sometime, but right now, he needed to focus on jutsu.

Hoshi and Ryūka were both stronger than him. He hated to admit it, but he had to face the truth. He was sick of always being left behind, everyone he had met had been stronger than him. It made him angry and upset, something had to change. He went deep into the archives, further than he ever had before. There were some dusty scrolls that he read, but none of them seemed to intrigue him or fit into his fighting style. Finally, he had found something he had wanted. It was a more well-known jutsu, dubbed the Chidori. Basically, any experienced lightning Ninjutsu specialist knew this jutsu. It was like an advanced form of chakra control turned into a justu, and used to make other jutsu like Raikiri and swords and spears.

When he began to read it, it seemed to call his name. What the user had to do was channel a large portion of electrified chakra throughout their arms, mainly into their hands. The goal was to charge towards their opponent and strike or pierce them. It's a lethal jutsu, not to be used on allies. It wasn't to be used frequently either unless you had high amounts of chakra. He felt as if this would be the perfect jutsu for him to learn. It was a lot like Body Flicker as well, one could only move in a single line. From one point to another. It was a risky jutsu, but it was good to learn so that he could learn other stronger jutsu.

He put it in his backpack and headed towards the place where he would check it out. He handed the man his library card, and as he scanned it, asked him a question. "Sir, do you know where Hana Irene has been? I haven't seen her here lately." Nor had he seen her at her other shifts in town, he mentally added. The man looked up towards him with boredom and disdain. He must really hate his job. That served to confuse Zyxis, who wouldn't enjoy the quiet, the smell of old paper, and fresh faces every day all day? If the ninja career didn't work out, he'd most definitely be a librarian.

He shook his head, "Hana and I aren't the best of friends, but since she's gone I've had to take her shifts," Ah, that's why "Something about family problems or some stupid shit like that. She's probably off being an idiotic ninja or something."

Well, that was rude. He smiled a fake smile.

"Thank you. I'm gonna go be an "idiotic ninja" and go learn this sure-fire kill jutsu. Good thing there aren't any "idiotic librarians" in the training fields, right? Don't want to accidentally murder said, caretaker of books. Have a good day, thanks once again."

Zyxis stepped out of the building, ignoring his horrified face. Ah, it was really nice being a ninja sometimes. He ran off, heading towards the Training Grounds. He started to think as he traveled. Hopefully, Hana was okay. Hana was a powerful kunoichi, so he didn't really have to worry about her, but it was instinctive. He made it to the training ground and instantly discarded his shirt and bag. Zyxis took a breath and exhaled, his chakra rolling off of him like waves in the ocean. He grits his teeth at the force that is exerted from releasing each pore from its chakra. As it goes, he grasps it and pulls it back in, but straight into his arm. Lightning seemed to roar in his ears as he turned all of his chakra into his element. His arm begun to convulse violently as uncontrolled arcs of electricity danced out of his skin and tendons, searing the grass around him.

He completely underestimated how strong this attack would be. The weather around them began to change from breezy to rough winds, the clouds fusing together to make bigger ones. The white fluff of the clouds turned into dark lint as thunder seemed to boom out around him. He wanted to stop, but each second that he manipulated this jutsu, the more he seemed to understand it. He couldn't stop now. 

It was the wrong choice to make. Lightning echoed in the distance. A sense of impending doom settled in his stomach. He went to stop it, but he was already too far into the jutsu to make it stop without hurting himself badly and searing his arm like a steak from a lightning strike hitting him. The world around him seemed to scream as the weather turned worse and every few seconds tendrils of energy thundered, and his arm cried out in pain for him to stop what he was doing right now. Tears welled up in his eyes but were pushed away by the ferocious winds.

He messed up, and he was aware of that. The last sound of thunder and lightning he heard occurred from above him. He looked up for a split-second before hell rained upon him, and he was struck by the clouds with a smack that hurt worse than anything ever before. The lightning seemed to cackle as he swore his arm was literally burnt and turned black. His eyes rolled up in the back of his head, unable to stabilize the pain and his body automatically turns off by itself.

"Good night," He muttered as the weather cleared and he collapsed into a ball of himself and the weather around him and the training grounds vanished.

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A Genin's First A-Rank Empty Re: A Genin's First A-Rank

Sun Oct 07, 2018 12:02 pm
Zyxis woke up with a start. The once bright day was replaced with pitch black. He pushed himself up, groaning. That- that most definitely wasn't the Chidori. If he could remember correctly, he felt as if that was the first step to Raikiri. He literally had just skipped a step and almost died for it. He grinned at the thought of it. Ninjutsu was so destructive, how are humans able to control is so well? He would try this again tomorrow, but right now, he had to go home.

As he went to leave, he heard a growl from the surrounding woods of the training grounds. In a split second, Zyxis had pulled out his kunai and aimed it towards the direction of the feral sound. He wasn't sure what it was, but he knew that he had to be prepared for it.

Something came running out at him, faster than he thought possible. Out of instinct, he moved. Where he was standing before, jagged spikes of earth replaced matter. Standing there was a huge wolf, about two meters high. That was without it standing on its hind legs. It was light gray with patches of dark mixed in there. It wasn't cute at all, its teeth were like serrated blades, and his eyes carried much scorn.

If Zyxis had to guess, this animal had to be classified as an A-Rank threat for it to uplift the earth with one strike. He wasn't stupid enough to fight it. Like the embodiment of lightning, Zyxis disappeared in a flash. He had never run faster in his life. The only thing was this; the wolf was way quicker. In a matter of seconds, Zyxis was about ten meters away from him, and then his body was in the air.

The wind whistled in his ear. He activated Flicker Movement and turned himself up-right, just in time to see the animal- no, the monster with, seemingly, a grin on its face. Zyxis ran through hand seals and shut electricity at it. It stood there and took it, it looked like it hadn't hurt at all. Soul Expulsion took place, and he activated Body Flicker, moving faster than he ever had before.

It still wasn't enough. Zyxis went flying head-first through three trees before he had even realized he had been hit. Massive pain and strain were placed on his body, but on the fourth tree he used Flicker Movement once again and spun around it. As soon as his feet hit the ground, he continued to run.

A huge roar sounded out through the Training Grounds. The only thing he could feel was killing intent. His limbs numbed, his eyes dilatated, his head spun. He felt as if he would pass out. But he continued to move, he didn't stop. Zyxis didn't want to die, he had so much to live for.

He had to help his family, he had to grow up and become someone extraordinary, and get married and have children. If he died here, all of his dreams would be forfeit. All of his hard work would be for naught. He wouldn't die here, he refused to.

Lightning arced around him as he moved. The wolf's claws flew straight by his face as he dodged it. His fist flew out and struck him with all of his might in his snout. The wolf stumbled back a few steps and went to roar. As soon as it opened his mouth, he ran through hand seals and let him eat thunder. It didn't seem to mind, but he could tell he hurt it a little bit.

He jumped up and spun sideways to avoid a lunge at him. Bent backward to avoid a gogue or a bite. Twisted, spun, turned, flipped, anything to dodge it. It worked for a while, but his new-found determination wasn't enough.

He coughed up blood as he went flying through the air once again and hit the ground with a hard thud. He looked up towards the wolf as it walked towards him. Its grin was unbearable. It looked down on him as if he was just an ant, nothing significant. It infuriated Zyxis more than he would like to admit.

But what was he supposed to do? Glare back and hope that he would give him mercy. No, he wouldn't cry for help. He would save himself and walk out of this training grounds alive. He began to run through hand seals. The wolf just watched him, he didn't expect him to be able to hurt him.

He thought wrong. Its eyes widened at the sound of a thousand birds. He grinned up at it. Checkmate. He jumped off the ground, using his feet as a lift. As gravity kicked in, he brought his arm all the way back as if he was about to punch it.

It roared, but he wouldn't let it deter him. His Chidori dug straight into its shoulder, and it roared out in pain as it backhanded him with his other paw and sent him rolling through the grass. It clicked its teeth. It was saying that it would allow him to live, that he had potential. Zyxis spit at it. He didn't need its mercy. It turned a blind eye and began to walk away, slightly limping with its wound.

Zyxis pushed himself up and dragged his feet all the way home. He couldn't feel anything, but he swore that blood was coming out of one of his ears and wood chips sliced through his clothes into his back. As soon as he got home and went upstairs, he turned on the shower and let himself fall into it. After he was clean, he went back to his room and collapsed onto the bed. 

He was more tired than he had ever been before. As he felt his soft blanket and comfortable pillows he instantly fell asleep, no fight put up at all. He had fallen asleep with a smile on his face.

He was about to learn Chidori.

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A Genin's First A-Rank Empty Re: A Genin's First A-Rank

Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:53 pm
Zyxis woke up the next morning and rolled out of his bed. He was physically and mentally exhausted. But he knew if he put off learning this A-Rank, then he would be regretting that more than pulling a muscle or getting a headache. So with a groan, he carried himself downstairs and to the kitchen.

After eating a breakfast consisting of french toast sticks, pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, bagel, and cereal, he heads out. What could he say? He was a hungry, growing boy. The first thing he did was return the scroll back to the library. He memorized all the hand seals. Ox, Rabbit, and Monkey, or Monkey, Dragon, Rat, Bird, Ox, Snake, Dog, Tiger, and Monkey. He always chose the shorter one when he performed it.

He headed towards the training ground and began to stretch. He didn't actually want to pull a muscle or get a headache, he was already hurting really bad as it is. So the first thing that he needed to remember before he tried this was don't summon freaking Thor, the God of Lightning. Raikiri was an S-Rank if he remembered correctly, and he barely was able to learn an A-Rank without passing out.

Hopefully, when he learned Chidori, other electricity manipulation would come quickly to him. It wasn't the peak of energy, chakra, and electricity control, but it was up there. Zyxis knew that if he was to do this, he needed to stop just doing it and think about it from a logical standpoint. He had to curb his enthusiasm. 

He would go back to the beginning of when he became a shinobi. With Ryuka. What did the hand seals mean, there was always a story behind them. There once was an Ox who was friends with a Rabbit and a Monkey. Although the three were so different from each other, they still managed to be friends.

They traveled around together all the time. The Rabbit and Monkey would ride the Ox as they went on many ventures unitedly. If it was sunny, rainy, foggy, cloudy, no matter what day, the three would always be together. One day, the Rabbit is attacked by a bigger animal, a tiger. The Ox fights with the other animal to protect his friend, both Rabbit and Monkey cheering him on.

The Ox wins but at a price. His life. He grows weak and frail but doesn't tell his friends as he wanted his last moments to be just like they had always been. The three traveled together for a month before the Ox collapsed. The Rabbit and Monkey tried to save him, but there was nothing they could do. His time on Earth was over.

Without the Ox, the Monkey and Rabbit were defenseless against other creatures. It seemed to rain and thunder every day since the Ox had died. Every strike of lightning and every boom of thunder served to remind them how strong the Ox was before he died and how it was so instantaneous how everything had happened, like a bolt of electricity.

The two continued to travel in the dreary days. They were then cornered by another tiger, this time, there was no Ox to prevent this from happening. Although, the difference in confidence was there. Rabbit and Monkey wouldn't die without a fight. The two attacked, both ending up winning in the end. But once again, it was immediate and unforeseen just like lightning. Monkey had died, and Rabbit was left all alone to mourn his childhood friends.

He knew that he was next in the chain of death as he was the weakest and the smallest. He continued to adventure, as he knew that both of them would've wanted him too. He became aquatinted with lightning, every day since their deaths it stormed. One day, the Rabbit stopped and looked up towards the skies.

He asked, "Why did you take away my friends? What have we done wrong? All we wanted to do is have fun and adventure till old age and peacefully go. Have we sinned?"

"No, but we have seen you and watched you go. You three were an impossible existence, the piercing realization of the fact that different types of things could come together. You were destined to die, but you have not sinned. You have been blessed." The skies roared

The rabbit understood only a bit, "Thank you for the chance of a lifetime of getting to know them. If you don't mind, I'm ready to go to."

The lightning seemed to flicker in interest, "Tell me, little one, what's your name?"

"Chidori," The rabbit said.

Lightning, thunder, and electricity roared in delight, "Shall your name be known as the wise and powerful, piercing, the key to the embodiment of lightning. Shall you, Chidori, the monkey, Raikiri, and the Ox, Kirin, be known for eternity as lightning."

Zyxis looked down towards his palm, electricity crackling in it. He smiled.

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A Genin's First A-Rank Empty Re: A Genin's First A-Rank

Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:10 pm
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