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Uchiha Afterall Empty Uchiha Afterall

Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:01 pm
The day started off strange with a simple question. Zyxis didn't mean anything by it, it was just his curiosity showing. He hadn't ever really thought about it before, but where were his grandparents? His father and mother were both young, so why didn't he have grandparents? So after he woke up, took a shower, and got ready for breakfast, he decided to consult his parents. They were both smiling eating the cinnamon whip cream pancakes that they had made. Then he asked, "Mom, Dad, where are your parents?"

The sound of silverware scraping against the plates stopped. Their smiles both disappeared and were filled with looks of sadness. The white-haired Genin raised an eyebrow, "Was is something that I said?" They turned to him and smiled, waving their hands, "It's nothing, honey. Eat your food before it gets cold." At that moment, Zyxis knew something was up. During his run, he continued to think about it. He tried not to worry about it too much, but it felt as if it was going to keep nagging at him for the rest of the day.

He made it home and took a quick shower, switching into a black t-shirt and some joggers. He walked in on his parents reading books in their bedroom, "Hey. Mom and Dad. When will I be able to meet your parents?" Once again the mood in the room seemed to drop. Zyxis began to tire of the silence, "Would you just answer my question, please? What's the big deal about my grandparents?"

They gave each other a knowing look - which served to irritate Zyxis more - and looked back at him. His mother began to talk. "Honey, our parents died before you were even born." Zyxis' face remained bland, "How long?" They shook their heads sadly, his father continuing for her, "When we got married." Zyxis sighed and went to go back to his bed, "I apologize for asking."

His mother shook her hand, "Wait, don't go, honey! We can tell you the story about how it all happened. I think you deserve the right to know more about our family's history and the Uchiha Clan." Zyxis raised an eyebrow and slowly turned back around. The Uchiha Clan? The Clan established in Kohona, far away from Kumogakure? "You're telling me my relatives were part of the Uchiha clan." They nodded solemnly.

His mother waved her hand, inviting Zyxis to their bed. The boy jumped up like a rabbit and snuggled in between his father and mother. He wasn't really one for cuddling, but his mother pulled him closer, and he rested his head on her bosom as she began to talk.

"It gets confusing so listen quickly. Back when the villages were being both created, two different factions of the Uchiha clan moved from Konoha to here. One of the main branch and the other of the lower branch. They moved here because they were banished from the rest of the Uchiha, as they had taken on spouses that were only citizens, not invested in protecting the 'sacred bloodline' as much as the other Uchihas. Without having anywhere to go, the first place they decided to head to was Kumogakure. Konoha wouldn't dare send shinobi to Kumogakure, as control of the village had more restrictions on it then it does now with our new Kage, whoever he is."

Zyxis didn't know when, but the words started to turn into images, and he began to see the story being told. He could see one man with coal black hair and coal black eyes. The other was a woman with even darker hair and eyes, darker than the darkest nights. They both had lovers with them.  

The female citizen, the lover of the main-branch male Uchiha, had the purest white hair, he had ever seen, but plain brown eyes. 

While the other had brown hair and red eyes, the lover of the lower-branch female Uchiha.

His mother continued, "Only by luck did the two couples meet each other here. Kumogakure was glad to accept two powerful bloodlines that would boost the power of the village. At first, the two were fine, but peace didn't last long.

A battlefield was shown, the two Uchiha destroying each other's homes. The male citizen with brown hair was killed one day by a supposed missing-ninja causing the Uchiha to revolt. The lady claimed that the main branch had killed him to preserve the Sharingan bloodline. He denied it vehemently, but the two still fought in each other's home. The pure-white haired female was murdered during the fight, causing the male Uchiha to unlock a secret power with his Sharingan, killing the low-branch in cold-blood. With the momentum amount of stress involved in accidentally killing his wife, he committed suicide, not wanting to live with the guilt.

The Uchiha line in Kumogakure should have ended there, but both couples had children that had somehow survived the battle, being put into orphanages. Those two children were my parents. They grew up knowing each other their whole life, not knowing their families' origin until Kumogakure got their hands on them. They had told them about what had happened between the Uchiha, and what had happened to their parents. They had also revealed some secrets as well. They had killed the male citizen, wanting to see what would happen when the Uchiha feel major emotional and mental pain. They weren't able to see the new found powers, but they remembered the never-ending heat of the flames. They hoped that when telling my parents this when they were young adults, would have them unlock their Sharingan. Tears were shed, but eye colors stayed the same. It only made sense as they were only half-Uchiha. The two ran away together after they had found out and eventually had fallen in love. Then I was born, but Kumogakure didn't know I was their child.  They were soon murdered as they had no use for them anymore. They grew up to forty years old but left behind documents so we wouldn't forget what Kumogakure has done."

She looked down, upset. Zyxis hugged his mother tight, hoping that she was okay. He had no idea about his family's history, and if he hadn't asked he felt as if his parents would never have told him. She wiped away the tears and kissed her father, "It's okay now. Kumogakure has changed. They are less blood-thirsty and more welcoming, we just hope the new Kage follows these ideals as well."

His father smiled and waved his hand, gaining Zyxis' attention. "That's where I come in. The backstory of me isn't that big of a deal. Basically, I was adopted, but one of my parents was an Uchiha as well. So I'm Half-Uchiha as well. It's only by luck did I meet your mom and find out about her backstory. Since your mother's parents were both half Uchiha, they passed down both traits which made her half Uchiha. When you were born, you seemed to have more Uchiha blood than just normal blood. So that would make you half-Uchiha as well, maybe even more. It was kind of a luck of a draw thing."

His mother and father both nodded. Zyxis blushed and scratched his cheek, "Mom, do you think I would be able to unlock the Sharingan?" Her eyes widened at the question. She began to think about it, putting her hands on her chin, "Well, you might be able to. You have the brightest red eyes I have seen, resembling the Sharingan if not just like it. You carry more dominant alleles than we do. There may be a chance. You'd just have to see."

Zyxis nodded, "Is that why you didn't want me to become a ninja as well? Because Kumogakure used to be so corrupt and didn't care about your family? Our family?" They both nodded which didn't surprise Zyxis, he felt as if it was only fair. His father spoke up, "Although, this time, we have a lot of faith in the village and its leadership. We hope that your generation is different."

The boy nodded, "I'll make it better, for all of us mom and dad. RIght now, I need to go thin though. Absorb all the data, you know? I'll be back." He jumped out of the bed and threw on a jacket. It had gotten dark real quick. He took a deep breath and began to run. Every time his foot hit the ground and he went faster, it felt as if the world changed. He belonged to a clan. He could become a better ninja. He could help Kumogakure-

He came to a screeching halt. Why would he want to help Kumogakure now? They had ruined his family's life, they had destroyed his grandparents and great-grandparents futures. They made his father and mother hate ninja, and live a bad life in secrecy as it was. He clenched his fists tight and began to run faster, and faster, not slowing down a bit. By the time he knew it he was sprinting at full speed, Soul Expulsion had activated and every chance he got he used Body Flicker to fly.

For the first time in his life, he felt like screaming and hitting things. Crying and hugging somebody. Just letting all of his emotions be known.  But he didn't. He kept running, letting his killing intent palpate and mix with his calm and concentration. eE didn't head towards the training grounds on purpose, but he soon found himself standing there, nails digging into his palms.

His fists flashed forward, hitting into the wooden exterior of the puppet. The sun was starting to set, leaving a beautiful mix of orange and pink in the sky. Today, surprisingly, Kumogakure wasn't that cloudy. In the training grounds stood one boy, projecting his killing intent strongly. The only sounds that could be heard were flesh hitting against wood, and the grunts accompanied by them.

The day passed by fast. Zyxis mother stood at the door, worried. Her son was usually back by the time the sun set and it actually had gotten dark. He wasn't home yet. She went to open the door to go search for him, but as her hand grasped the handle it twisted weakly and opened silently. She took a step back, afraid that it might be stranger. But there her son stood, with an emotionless face.

He opened his mouth trying to speak, but nothing came out. He looked around, confusing his mother before he held out his fists. She gasped in shock. They were practically destroyed, wooden splinters stuck out of his hand from every angle. It was hard to tell, as they were drenched in blood. Blood went down his hands all the way to his elbows. If you looked closely, you could see they were all bruised up, swollen, and cut.

He shook. He wasn't sure if it was because of the cold, or if it was because of the physical, mental, and emotional pain. Maybe it was because he started to make his mother cry. He didn't know when he fell forward into her arms, but he stared into the darkness of her shirt as she took him to the sink and began to wash his hands.

The two went upstairs. His father was out at work. She wrapped his arms in cloths and laid him down on the bed. She stroked his hair, telling him everything was okay. Zyxis refused to cry. 

He wouldn't cry. Ninja don't cry.

But what was the point of being a ninja in the first place? He looked up at his mother and saw her tear stricken fast. He burrowed his head into her chest, and hugged her tightly. "I'm so sorry mom. I know how you feel now." That only served to make her cry even more. The two fell asleep without any effort that night. Zyxis didn't shed a tear as a new chapter of his life began.

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Uchiha Afterall Empty Re: Uchiha Afterall

Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:28 pm
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