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Filler Episode Empty Filler Episode

Fri Aug 24, 2018 12:57 pm
Ikigai sat alone in his bed.

And as the sun set in the kumogakure sky, the sound of clashing steel would slowly fade to nothingness in Hakai's academy, and with the absence of that overwhelming sound one could hear the less apparent sounds, that were often drowned out by the more obnoxious ones. Crickets in the forestry that surrounded the academy, wind howling through the air and crashing against the base of the building. Boru's mountainous snoring from three room's down.

Even at night, when the people had retired, there was still so much going on inside of this academy. The blue skinned boy would fall backwards onto his mattress, his blue and white hair crashing against the pillow case, but he was not tired. Every time he closed his eye's he'd find himself fixating on those sounds, and his mind would race it was driving him crazy. He knew he needed sleep, but he was fixated on the world around him.

So he decided he'd quell the curiousity.

Arching upwards he'd find himself standing beside his bed, looking at the katana that rested in a mounted sheath on the wall above his bed's headboard. He never left home without it and tonight would be no different, his arm would reach and pull it off of the pegs it rested on clipping it onto his belt. And he'd walk alone through the halls of an empty academy, towards the outdoors.

When he finally made it outside he'd stand on the back patio of the academy, his boots resting on the cement that stood before an almost endless pasture, and he'd look towards the sky, which was a canvas painted blue purple and black. The moon hung over the treetops with its white surface contrasting the tall ever green trees that ran along the side of the academy. And beside it countless stars twinkled in the moonlight.

He'd walk off the patio and into the grass, wandering throughout the pasture and basking in the moonlight. It was strange he thought, night and day. Mankind had chosen to live in one and ignore the other. But as he stood here he couldn't quite figure out why day had won that decision, and once more he'd sit on a bed.

Not on a mattress but on a patch of grass. And he'd close his eye's as he listened to the melody of crickets that was now, not so far away or in another world but surrounded him, and lulled him to sleep.

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Filler Episode Empty Re: Filler Episode

Fri Aug 24, 2018 12:58 pm
Sure, approved
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