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Him and His Sword [Solo] Empty Him and His Sword [Solo]

Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:02 am
“Everybody just calm down.”. Ryūka stood tall in a room full of children. They were running in every possible direction, pushing and pulling each other, and shouting. The ones running into the walls were just bouncing off it, and then running back towards the opposite wall. Ryūka was visibly overwhelmed. He was trying to look everywhere at once, but he couldn’t notice any singular thing going on. All he saw was a sea of children, running around in waves. Then finally, the only door in the room opened. It was his saviour, the actual teacher of the classroom. “Thank you, Ryūka.” she said with a soft voice, then turned to the class full of children and shouted, “Say goodbye to Ryūka kids!”. The kids all answered in unison, “Goodbye, Ryūka!”. Ryūka smiled. Then he rushed out of the room as fast as he could, making up his mind at that very moment to never return here, and to never become a teacher at the academy.

Usually this would have been the time he would dedicate to finding a silent corner to write things down his notebook. Today, however, he actually had a place to be. He was going to visit a blacksmith to get the katana he was getting crafted. So as soon as he was out of the building, he started running. “Oh, boy. Now this is going to be fun. I like Ninjutsu and everything, but fighting with a katana is what I was made for. I was devastated when I broke that last one. God. That was a really bad accident. Hope that won’t come back to bite me in the ass any time soon.... Not until I get my katana first at least.”. Ryūka neared the part of the town where the blacksmith that took his order had his shop.

When he turned the street however, he saw a few people wearing black kimonos. “Huh. An awfully long line today, for a blacksmith.” he thought, slowing down as he approached the shop. The shop had no front door or front wall. It was just a room with 3 walls instead of four. There was a furnace in the back, an anvil at the front, and all kinds of weapons on the aforementioned 3 walls. It was a simple shop, a practical one, as the blacksmith himself called it. It made sense to Ryūka. His memory loss had resulted in a similar mindset for him, there was only the information that he needed in his head, and not much more. “Just give us the one!” one of the men in the kimono shouted, “We don’t have long!”. The blacksmith scoffed, “You’ll have to wait, I’m afraid, this one’s for - Oh look he’s here already.”. The blacksmith grabbed the katana and handed it over to Ryūka. Ryūka bowed gently, and grabbed the katana he had paid for beforehand. He thanked the blacksmith and said to the men in kimono, “Have a nice day.”. As he left, he heard one of the kimono people, speaking behind his back “This is not over, kid. Watch your back.”. Ryūka did not, and left the street. It was a problem for another day.

[EXIT, WC: 532, Claiming a Katana]
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Him and His Sword [Solo] Empty Re: Him and His Sword [Solo]

Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:30 am
approved my guy
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