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Niento Takami
Niento Takami
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Meeting your other half (CLosed) Empty Meeting your other half (CLosed)

Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:02 am
As the clouds passed over the inn where Raikou and his company sat, the so called leader would be sitting upon the rooftop of the ill-maintenanced building staring into the distance of the clouds contemplating on things far past him. Only being in the new world for nothing more than a few months he felt...unaccomplished in his goal of exploring and expanding his horizon, his main reason for even leaving the comfort of his nomadic family. What would his father and grandfather think of his decisions and choices up until now? Would they condemn him for leaving the family when they needed him the most? Or would they praise him for finding a way to continue the family tradition via his own means. Raikou let out a small sigh as he sat up, preparing his pipe to be packed and smoked when he heard the footsteps of someone or something behind him. Not wanting to really turn or act scared he continued with his actions, his eyes looking down at the now burning tobacco as he smiled and continued," So what brings you up here to this desolate area? Just coming to watch the clouds with me or...are you here for something else?," placing the tip of the pipe onto his lips he slowly took one, elongated hit from it to stoke its fire before letting out a long billow of smoke out of his mouth.

Whoever it had been sat down beside him, a small sound coming from them sitting as a few loose pebbles and asphalt settled and fell to the ground and a familiar voice filled his ears," Just little old me. Sis stepped out to go and see that waitress from yesterday so its just me and you for now...Why is it I can often find you out with that pipe sitting among the clouds when you are troubled Raikou?," the male voice belonged to his closest friend, Kaien. Him and Kaien had grew up as friends and brother at the same time. He simply referred to him as his kindred brother even if they did not share blood. In fact he didn't know the clan of either of them. His father (Raikou's by the way) had only know bits and pieces of his father's history along with his mother.  

So many things eluded his mind on his own heritage, but in the end he left it up to the future to decide what would he know. Finally realizing that Kaien had been talking to him, the male had finally acknowledged what he had said all the while chuckling and lowering the pipe only slightly," Well hello my friend...Its really simple. The clouds are what our ancestors and departed go to rest yes? Looking at them gives me some form of comfort and resolve all while thinking over the future and our next move. It is good to see that Yuko is finally getting out of her shell...but where does that leave you my dear friend? Why don't you go out and find someone for yourself. Surely you don't want to follow me to the ends of the earth and grow old alone?," the two shared a small chuckle before Kaien actually went silent and stared at the sky in deep thought, something admittedly Raikou had not seen from the male. He was always the more lax of the three, the lax to his aloof which was what made them such a good team.

The male sat there for a moment and pondered before shrugging and looking over to his partner," Never really thought that far to be honest. My job was to protect you and make sure whatever dreams you had to accomplish. Tying the knot, at least now? Would prevent me from doing so. Beside i consider you a elder brother of sorts so until you finally settle down I won't," it was something that actually shook the male to no end and when he turned to face Kaien, he had seen the male stand up and smile before walking off to the door. Whatever he had done to cause Raikou to think about his life, he had hit the male rather hard in the thought feels causing him to shake his head and take a puff of his pipe," Brother huh? Means i just need to accomplish what i need to so he can stop worrying about me and do something for himself," the male had...simply wondered what his escorts had thought of him truly.

The time after Kaien had left him with that bombshell allowed him to think longingly about what was to come for them, more specifically himself after they had both settled down. He knew that even when or if he managed to his 30's, he would still travel the world without knowing family or love because he had been just that...someone who wanted to travel. Smoke continued to trail from his lips as he thought deeper and deeper, falling into the depths of thoughts that he didn't think was possible. Unknown to Raikou as he thought and pondered, an unknown force began to descend upon him, his sights as far as he knew began to fade to a darkness he could not describe. Within a new world he found himself standing, amidst fallen white feathers and water, in the distance he could see what appeared to be a mountain but beside that? He knew not where he had been. The pipe he had even been smoking was not in his hands, the sight making him think he was in a form of genjutsu and he was not left in his lonesome to be slayed like the unknowing mass he was. It was in this state of near panic he heard a voice, deep and bellowing forming from the mountains in the distance.

"Calm yourself for you are not among death nor entrapment."

The voice was boisterous yet...Calm like he had lived for countless ages. Raikou none the less became hesitant of what exactly this voice meant. He was in a surrounding area he had no recollection of nor did he want to be honestly. Not knowing your surroundings was almost as worse as being in an area you had very little knowledge of. Both in this case caused him to actively become weary, looking around for the source of the voice. Moments passed before the voice rung out again, shaking the very foundation of the area he had been in," Put away your intentions and listen to what I have to say child. You are among a force familiar to you...only if you listened to your inner voice. I have been calling to you since a child, but a child cannot perceive power. It takes a man or something greater to heed the call of what is theirs truly," in the distance he could see something moving. Shade and blue moving closer until it had circled and encased him, causing Raikou to put up a hand in defense. The tornado of unknown origin continued to spiral until a visage appeared in front of him, its form filling in until he had finally seen just what it had been.

Meeting your other half (CLosed) AllRepulsiveLadybug-size_restricted

The entire visage of the entity appeared before the male, clad in some form of armor unknown to him and piercing blue eyes. From creaks and cracks in his armor, the same blue entity leaked out giving him a familiar....feeling that he couldn't place just yet. His hands went down as he continued to look onward toward the figure, his eyes locked onto his and was frozen...not in terror but something else. With each stride the armor clad figure made, the appearance of the armor continued to come more and more into light, small spikes coming out of the greaves and shoulder pads. In place of a face there had been a skull, the piercing blue penetrating from them though it was not his face...not that he could tell. Other facial features were unknown but in the figures hands had been a sword, maybe not even eight or so inches in length. Along the length of the blade set different cracks and grooves probably made my years of battle yet its edges still remained sharp. Even he could see that the blade itself could cut through him a thousand times over if the entity wanted to and yet it just stood there...hands placed on the pummel perfectly centered and poised.

The two exchanged moments of silence before the figure spoke, finally quelling the silence that had encompassed the two for so long," You must have so many question do not know exactly why you are here or where you are. You are among your minds..let's say inner world. Where I have resided. it was time you finally realized your power my child. I am known by many names. The Angel of Death, The Old Man of the Mountains. You? May call me Azrael for now. While i've resided in you for many a moon...maybe you will rise to your calling...maybe you won't. When you need me I shall answer but know this...I do not tolerate disrespect my child," as if on cue the blue flames that were currently occupying his eyes would flare and the visage of the same black and blue would form around him. It was...something that caused the male great fear but at the same time a comfort.

He had still not understood what had been going on, but a name for the mysterious visitor had surely made things....better in some sense of the word. The landscape soon would change into the mountains that were once in the distance, the male sitting just in front of the tall Azrael, as he stood there looking out into the distance. Silence trailed shortly after before he appeared before Raikou, touching his face with the covered hand," Let us remove these shackles from your eyes so that you may perceive the more with these fictitious lies," there had been an eerie burning sensation before his the entire state he had seen things had changed. As a result, while he could not see it now, he could tell something had changed within him. The blue and black wisps had made the aura of the male had become more...profound and even homely to the male as he looked around himself and had seen the same thing. A mixture of excitement and confusion had overtaken him before he had looked at Azrael and blinked," What did you do?," to which the entity only chuckled darkly and turned his back," I only removed what was clouding your vision. Now you will see the world for what it can truly be...," as if on cue the visage of the tall figure and the landscape soon disappeared leaving him back on the roof where he had been.

As he sat there he began to ponder on the words of Azrael in greater detail, from the mention of seeing the world in a new light...and the burning sensation of his eyes. Figuring that he had just been hallucinating or fell asleep he returned to his room to lay down, but not before going to use the bathroom. A moment or two in there was all he needed to return to his normal demeanor, his bladder empty and his body feeling good. It wasn't until he had stopped to look in the mirror after washing his hands could he see the faint traces of a fluorescent green almost as if his eyes had been glowing...Most important of all he could see it. The same dark and blue energy that had been swirling around the visage in his"dream"...all around him. His reaction was to freak out slightly before the glowing stopped...and so too did his sight on the energy. In the end he took a deep breath and focused...on that feeling he had when he was yet in the dream...And at that moment he called out the name of the armored man," Azrael." For a moment there had been silence before in the back of his mind he could hear.

"You have called my child?"

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Meeting your other half (CLosed) Empty Re: Meeting your other half (CLosed)

Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:06 pm
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