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A Thief's Sad Chapter [Private] Empty A Thief's Sad Chapter [Private]

Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:13 pm
The sound of the coin being flipped resonated within the empty warehouse, the very same warehouse where, Setsuna, had been tasked with delivering a shipment of gold which estimated around 7.5ks worth. He truly did not know how he would make the deadline, a tough spot he was in, indeed. As he leans back against the wall, sitting on the floor flipping one of his few coins, he crushes the paper in his left hand. It was the very same paper that came into his possession shortly after he was picked up by the Employer’s henchmen. Even with fate’s help, he still had too short window. The stress of it all made Setsuna bump the back of his head against the wall, consecutively, while gritting the back of his teeth.

‘I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I mean look at this shit…’

Setsuna looked down at the paper, letting the coin drop on the floor. He reads “Help wanted”, on the paper.

‘I don’t even know how many people will be on this job, which could possibly mean I have to not only deal with the owner, but also the other guards who want to get paid. This shit just doesn’t get any bet-‘

He stops his internal struggle, remembering the time when he was broke and locked up in juvie in the Volcano Village. The stories he could tell himself, the things he went through, this seemed like nothing. The only part that seemed to through him off his train of thought was the fact that he was under the heel of someone he barely knew, yet again. Under the boot of a power he didn’t recognize, being told to do something with no choice in the matter. Setsuna immediately jumps from the ground, crumbling the old paper and tossing it as far as he could.

Setsuna Remembers what the Employer said about obtaining the money.

“Fuck this shit, I need this money”, he said, placing both his interlocked hands on top of his head. “I didn’t come off that damn boat just kiss somebody else’s ass." In that moment, Setsuna’s resolve became clear, his shoulders no longer tense, he drops his hands down below at his side. It was as if a weight lifted from his shoulders, his mind simply, stress free. “I’m going to have to take what I want, out there. I don’t need to take shit from his jackbooted cronies or him”. He said, looking through the high window which overlooked the entrance to the warehouse door. Setsuna, attempted to make his way to the entrance of the warehouse, however…

Setsuna Remembers what the Employer said about how connected he was.

He stops dead in his tracks, realizing that the employer knew what he looked like, and made it all so clear that he would spare no expense in hunting Setsuna down. Deep down, Setsuna knew he couldn’t out run him for long; Setsuna wasn’t so foolish as to take a risk with a crazed maniac. If Setsuna would have worn a mask to hide his face, then maybe it could have been possible.

With a heavy sigh, Setsuna walked back to the balled up flyer and picked it up. He walks out of the warehouse, closing it behind him. As he walks away from the warehouse, he looks at the paper once more, feeling it, wishing it was money.

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