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Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:23 am
It seemed his mission was done, he'd come here to investigate a wandering stranger wearing a konoha crest and he'd found him. The man had seemed cooperative enough, and now he was on his way back home. Good. He was actually relieved that he hadn't had to fight. Truth be told, the concept of leaving the village was scarier than it ever had been with the recent news from Amai. Before when he'd left, he'd only had himself to worry about. Now he'd be leaving behind a family if he ever fell in combat, it was a much heavier weight to bare.

Assuming Asuma left the jounin of the hidden cloud walk through the newly formed thick mud, created as a direct consequence of the pouring rain, all the way back to dust, the horse covered in matted brown hair that he had left tied to a tree when he'd heard the clink of the jounin's lighter. And as expected, his trusty steed would be waiting for him. He'd smile as he looked at it, it was strange how quickly he'd bonded with it. Only a few days ago he had stolen it from his own village, of course at the time he'd had every intention of returning it. But now?

Well, he wasn't quite sure he could.

Air would escape his nostrils as he silently laughed. No, this horse was his now and their was no doubt about it. Climbing onto the mare's back he'd put himself into riding position, something he'd picked up on surprisingly fast. Ready to move he'd pat the neck of the horse before kicking gently at it's sides "Come on dust, we're heading home" he'd inform it, despite it's inability to understand komon's words. But it understood the kick as Komon's suggestion to move, and would in turn oblige. thus the two would make headway towards the fork in the road that he and Komori had agreed to meet at when they'd both finished their respective tasks.

As the two road through the spruce forest, nothing but the sound of hooves crashing through mud and pouring rain filled the air leaving Komon with plenty of time to think. After all, a horse was hardly a conversational partner. Unfortunately for him, the vast majority of his thoughts fell on the safety of his brother. Komori had proven himself a capable shinobi over the year's and left little reason for Komon to worry on most departures, but the circumstances of Komori's deployment had been more concerning in nature than his own. He was investigating missing shinobi of Kumogakure. And shinobi of kumogakure didn't just up and walk away.

The thought of it made him uneasy, but his faith in his brother would remain a constant factor in his life for years to come, the twins would return home just as they had promised to their peers. And when they did, Kumogakure would be better for it. A few hours passed before the man and his horse finally cleared the cluster of dark evergreen trees branches faded and gave way to the towering peaks of kumogakure. As the name of village suggested, it's mountains pierced the clouds and it was always a beautiful site to return too.


The horses ears would perk at the sight of it, its interest peaking at the idea of trotting in familiar fields. It seemed the concept of home was comforting to more than just the human race. I'm almost back Amai His thoughts would fall on the dark haired medical shinobi he'd left in kumogakure. She was currently being watched over by Saya, a student of Senshi Kobayashi, so the Hyuuga had no real worry of the woman being in any harm. Saya was both a gifted medic, and a shinobi. But still, he missed Amai's company nonetheless, and the sooner this journey was over the better.

As he continued to walk, the mountains drew closer and the rain grew weaker and the sun grew stronger. It was a few more minutes before the rain had all but faded, and nothing but the beaming rays of light pouring from the sun filled the air. He could tell by the features of the land around him that he was growing closer to he and Komori's rendevouz point, the split dirt road that had sent them in separate directions. By the looks of it, he was about a mile's distance from it at his current pace.

I wonder if he beat me there

Curiousity would flicker within him, and the veins around his eyes would bulge in a state that gave way to his clan's signature kekkei genkei, the world shifted to black and blue and he was able to see for miles. But the destination was looking for was filled only with darkness, not the raging ocean of blue that was his brothers chakra system. A frown would form under the veins of his white eyes as he realized that he was the first to arrive, and it seemed that with a quick glance from left to right, that his brother was nowhere in site.

He'd probably be here a while. Well, at least I've got the horse to keep me company He'd think as his eyes returned to their normal state. With one hand still on the reigns of the horse he'd use his free one to grip the pommle of the massive broadsword his brother had loaned to him before drawing it, and feeling its weight. It hadn't been much use to him because thankfully asuma had granted him no reason to draw a blade. But as he got the general feel of the sword he couldn't help but feel that it would have served him well. Shifting the weight from side to side to get a feel he'd think to himself.

Make it back brother, So that I can return this to your capable hands

And then his horse would come to a halt, at the last location on the planet he'd ever seen his brother at. And he'd pray to nobody but himself, that it would be the next location he'd see him at as well.


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