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Jun Fuji
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Party life (solo) Empty Party life (solo)

Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:30 am
The air was calm and the sky was open. The weather wasn’t half bad but not as warm as it normally was in Kumo. Speaking of the sky, the sun was beginning to set when this took place. And when the sun starts to set, the parties goers start to rise. Lately, Hato hadn’t been going to parties because of her training for the chunin exams. Which started to diminish her social life. Most people wouldn’t find that a problem, especially in the shinobi world. But Hato was not one of those people. In order for her persona to work, she needed to be social. This way she had knowledge of everything going on in the village of Kumogakure. Luckily for the young woman, a rich friend of hers was hosting a huge party full of other wealthy people. So today, she wouldn’t slip on training gear but instead a dress. It was a purple long dress that reached Hato’s ankle, it was tight enough go show off her gift of great curves that drive some men crazy. The dress, there was a slash through the waist down part, where she could slip out of her leg. Of course, best for last. She slipped on a pair of purple laced heels, purple was her theme tonight. Also, ironically,  she breaded her hair. Hato couldn’t forget the accessories though. She slipped on a ring to up her bling look and a purple band around her wrist. Her make up was next, even with her natural beauty, she still liked to spice it up. She got purple eye shadow on with her eyeliner, making her eyes pop out. And then the purple lipstick, she made the iconic pop with her lips. With her get up all ready, she headed out for the mansion, which was holding the event within.

Hato didn’t bother to bring a purse to this party as most would be provided by her friend in high places. Upon arriving at the mansion it had already gotten dark. She was greeted by some security. Immediately recognized, they let her in. A servant of the mansion was there as well to welcome her in, a young woman, noticeably beautiful with long brown brown hair with great volume and eyes that sorta popped at you as you first see her face, even with the basic brown eye color. Speaking of beautiful, the mansion entrance was a calming white shade and the staircase to the main hall was massive. The entrance had hundreds of people in it to attend the party, all of them looking very fancy.  
“Hello Miss Sano, Mr Yamamoto has been anxious for your arrival.”
“He has?”
Just then a familiar voice to Hato called out. “God! There you are!” On the top of the staircase was Ryou Yamamoto. His arrival made her smile.
“If it hasn’t been century, Ryou.” The young woman called back as he headed down the staircase. Once at the bottom, the rich man hugged Hato.
“Oh there is much to discuss,” He said to her. “But first,” He got up a couple stairs to get all the other guests to see him. “Let’s get this party going.” Hato followed Ryou with all the other guests to the main hall.

The main hall was just as impressive as the entrance to the mansion, it was much bigger though. One side there was a buffet and the other side was a band playing Hato’s favorite kind of music. Jazz. The center of the hall was empty for all the guests but at the end of the hall were tables for the guests who couldn’t dance for long. The roar of party life didn’t take long to form as soon as the party started. People chatted about rich people stuff, people danced to the beautuiful music that was being played and people were also in line to get in the buffet, noticeably the fat rich men. Hato spotted Ryou at the bar at the end of the buffet line. He had a shot glass in his hand.
“Trying to start your own party over here?” She asked as she leaned against the counter of the bar.
“Yeah.” He laughed while downing another shot, “But I shouldn’t be dizzy before talking to you about something.”
This peaked Hato’s interest, “Go on?”
“Not here.” He said shortly before turning around and walking towards the door at the end of the hallway. That door connected to another hallway with a bunch of other door attached to it. One room stood out mostly cause there were to large guards blocking the entrance, only moving when Ryou walked in. Hato followed and sat on the large desk in his study. He was pacing.
“What’s the matter, Ryou? Sold something illegal?” Ryou did have a past of selling some shady stuff. He hasn’t gotten caught yet. I mean, where else would he get the money for all of the manion.
Ryou didn’t find her comment that funny. “Not quite…” He was kind of jittery, like the smallest thing could send him to the roof.
“Bought something illegal?” Hato guessed again. This time, no response. Hit that one on the nose.
“Alright, I might of…and now I owe a lot of money.”
Hato facepalmed. “Alright, then why am I here? Why are you telling me this?”
He sighed. “Cause I need you to kill him for me.” He continued, “This guy is very weak to womens’ manipulation. He been married five time and has 15 children.”
“So what’s in store for me?” Hato asked selfishly.
“I’ll get you out of that stupid apartment.” He bargained.
Hato signed. “Alright.” Ryou’s face lit up. “Just point him out to me.” Hato ordered Ryou. He nodded and lead them outside, back to the main hall.

There, Ryou pointed the hefty man out, not far from them. He was overweight but he still had two girls on both his sides. Ugh, What’s worse than a rich man. A rich man with gold diggers. They were both beautiful and almost identical with fake blonde hair and blue eyes. One was taller than the other though and she had a more structured face. “I’ll introduce you two.” Ryou said, leading her further toward the man. As soon as they were about 2 meters apart the man noticed her. “Woah, Ryou! Who’s the pretty lady?” Hato introduced herself. “I’m Hato Sano.” He smiled as he liked what he saw. That was only cause she allowed him to see what he wanted. “You two have fun.” Ryou slipped off into the crowd. “I’ll take him off your hand, girls.” Hato looked at the two women beside him. They gave the puppy dog eyes, wanting to stay by his side. “You two wait for me.” The rich man said. They wandered off. Hato found it odd that they seemed to walk off rather strangely went told to wait for him. Like they were soldiers that just received orders from a general. Hato and the man walked off to a table to talk longer. She just had to play along, pretending to care.

After awhile of “getting to know each other” Hato suggested that they should get a room alone together. He smiled. “Room 11 is the room Ryou gave me, meet me there the hefty man said, “I have to talk to someone first.” Hato hoped it wasn’t Ryou that he was talking to, it could mean bad news if so.

But she listened and headed to the room designated for the victim. Once in the room, Hato took out her murder weapon. Poison lipstick. She waited for him in the room, lying on the bed with her heels off. Just as Hato was beginning to wonder where he was and what was taking him so long, the door clicked. Not the click that you heard when opening a door, the click you hear when the door is being locked. This put Hato in a panic, she got up and tried opening the door normally. Nothing. She tried again. Nothing. This time she tried barging down the door. Nothing for the third time. Then suddenly, the light from hallway under the door went out. That didn’t mean that the lights from the hallway turned off, it meant that the space under the door was getting sealed off. Which only meant one thing, poison gas. Whipping out a paper bomb from her heel that she kept just in case of something were like this to happen. she placed it on the floor as the gas was starting to come in from the vents with his purple gas color. She braced herself behind a bookshelf she put up as a shield. Then she set of the blast from the bomb. The door and the wall surrounding it were blown off and she was able to escape. Of course, the bomb alerted some shinobi in the mansion. But they weren’t kumo ninja. They were missing ninja for hire. Hato noticed them when she poked her head out of the door and was met with a barrage of shuriken. She couldn’t stay in the room, she would need to leave it before the gas settled. She used the body flicker technique to flicker into the bathroom door and slipped in before any ninja could get to her.

Crap, how did this all go to shit? Hato asked herself as she hid behind the wall in the bathroom. They knew where she was and there seemed no way out of the bathroom. The young woman looked around the bathroom until she saw her only choice. Above one of the stalls was a ventilation system. Moving quickly and with no hesitation, she torn off the vent and housted herself up and put the cover back on, just to cover her tracks for the moment. She couldn’t assume they were stupid. So as soon as she saw another vent exit, she took it. They had control of the vents with poison but they couldn’t flood the whole place with poison. They had a clear target. Ryou. It made since who was behind the strings. The man that Ryou wanted her to kill so he didn’t have to pay the man a fortune. Now that dumbass dragged me into it. She had landed in a room that was similar to the one given to her. The mansion guest rooms were like a hotel’s. All of the rooms looked the same. Hato poked her head out to find an empty hallway. On the wall of one of the intersecting hallways was shuriken sticking to the wall. This meant this hallway was connected to the other she was just in. Meaning, the shinobi weren’t far behind. How did they know I was involved? She asked herself. A spy? A double cross? Maybe their target is me. There was only one way to find out.

The figure that had been following Hato soon hopped down from the vent, knowing Hato took this way. But there was no one there. The hooded figure was gazing around the room. Suddenly, an attack from above. Hato was hiding behind the vent upside down, waiting for her appearance. The figure through Hato to the ground, the Hato was able to catch her fall by landing on her feet. Now face to face with the figure she noticed something. It was the same woman that was beside the fat man. So they weren’t gold diggers, they were shinobi. Hato realized. She didn’t have much time before the woman threw a punch at Hato. Hato was able to move to the side to avoid the punch and then threw her opposing leg at the shinobi for a counter. Getting struck on the side by Hato, the blonde shinobi realized that the mystery woman was just her level, maybe even less. That was good because she hoped that it wouldn’t be a strong shinobi that she wouldn’t be able to get the best of. The enemy quickly recovered and pulled out a kunai. She went for a fatal stab. Hato was able to slightly move her torso and smack the kunai right out of her hand. With the kunai now in the air, Hato went to catch it. The mystery woman recovered from the smack but was met with a kunai right in her face. She looked scared.
“Who are you?! And why are you trying to kill me?!” The blonde interrogated. To no surprised, the enemy replied. “I’m not telling.” Making Hato angry, she pushed the other woman to the down to the ground. Once on the ground, she planted the kunai right beside her ear with a lot of force. She spilled her gut then, “I’m a hired shinobi that was told to finish you off so you wouldn’t be a future bother.”
Hato pressed her heel into the woman’s stomach. “Why were you hired in the first place?!”
“To kill Ryou Yamamoto!” She bursted again. This proved Hato’s theory.
“Where it the other one?! The other girl you were with?!”
“With the boss!” she cried in terror. Hato smiled. “Thank you, you’ve been a great help.” Hato couldn’t just let the woman live, so she mercilessly snapped her neck with the foot.

Ryou would wake up to a kunai against his throat. He seemed to be in the kitchen of his mansion. He also couldn’t move as he was tied to the chair that was normally in the kitchen. With him was the other shinobi, which was hold the kunai, and the big man himself.
“S-shit. I-I told you I-I would get the money, alright?”
The big man smiled. “Do you think I’m an idiot? Do you?!” He yelling in a booming voice. Ryou flinched and the kunai got pressed harder. “I knew you’d try to kill me tonight, why else would you invite me?” He continued. “And set that lovely girl to me. She was your assassin.” He shook his head, almost disappointed. “Couldn’t even do it yourself.” Ryou was about to speak but the woman hushed him and pressed harder again. That seemed to convince him to shut up. “Now, I’m going to kill you instead and forcefully take back the money you owe and even more.” Ryou would ask a question but the fat man seemed to reply to what he was about to ask. “How You ask? Well I found your fault containing 90% of your wealth. Classic move for a penny pincher to pull.” He smiled, thinking so full of himself. “Kill him.” He suddenly said coldly. Ryou’s eyes light up as he was now super scared for his life. Suddenly, shuriken were thrown at the fat man and the woman with the kunai. The fat man’s fat was able to protect him from any of the shuriken hitting anywhere vital, but it still hit causing him to bleed. The shinobi just blocked it with her kunai. As the fat man covered his wound, Hato body flicker beside the chair. She went to kick the shinobi behind the chair, lifting her legs above Ryou and striking the other hired woman. That sent her down into a counter behind her, smashing the back of her head against it, killing her. Now it was the fat man that had the eyes of fear as she turned to look at him with a kunai in her hand, her hair out of a bread from all the action she had just went through. “P-please, I’ll pay you double what he’s paying you.” Hato smiled, “Interesting, I would normally take up the offer, but I owe Ryou and you tried to kill me.” With that, Hato had enough and slit the man’s throat.

With all of that chaos over, Hato cut Ryou out. “Assassination successful.” She gave a smirk to Ryou. He was too busy catching his breath from the traumatic event. Hato noticed the party noises were no longer in the mansion. “Where is everyone?” She asked, looking around. Ryou was able to give a response now. “They were told to leave or else they would also get killed. So everyone fled.” Hato sighed, that meant the Kumo shinobi would come over to investigate. “I’ll take care of the Kumo shinobi that will no doubt come to see what was going on.” She explained. “But before that,” She would then smack Ryou’s face hard. “Ouch! Why did you do that?!?” He asked, surprised. “Now we are even.” Ryou signed and held his cheek, not about to ask why she needed to get even.

A random jonin showed up to the mansion, looking around to see what happened. He found Hato with Ryou and started to ask questions. Hato explained that the big man lying in the corner tried to kill them and claimed that her ninja abilities saved them. But to add dramatic effect, she pretend to be shaking as she exclaimed that she killed them all. This worked as Hato wouldn’t be asked about the other stuff, just a “good job for saving him and stopped the criminals.” Hato also covered it up as it was just a simple robbery, planting some of her jewelry on the fat man, so it would cover up the illegal activities of Ryou. So to the jonin, it would seem Hato was just in the right place at the right time for the robbery. Perfect cover for her own evil doings.

After all that, Hato was sent home. Undressing from the day, she laid in bed. He decided that tomorrow she would just sleep all day as she was exhausted from the battles and the killings. But she had to admit, it was the kick she was longing for. Ever since she signed up for the chunin exams, she had just been training, and sparring. Which was fine and dandy but sometimes she felt like she needed to do more than that. And tonight was the night that she did. As she drifted off, the sun started to rise. It was the beginning of a new day.    

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Party life (solo) Empty Re: Party life (solo)

Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:31 am
Solo threads OP. Approved.
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