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Niento Takami
Niento Takami
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Let's meet a Person [Andalusa, Inv Only/NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: Let's meet a Person [Andalusa, Inv Only/NK]

Thu Jul 26, 2018 12:53 am
He could read the crowd of his companions as they stared at him wondering what Raikou had in mind, and it couldn't have been anything malicious. He wasn't the type of person to openly use someone even under pretense. Whatever he had been planning would indeed benefit the both of them in some aspect whether it was money, or whatever the reward had been. In silence Raikou had set pondering on what to say to the male in terms of jobs before he smiled and took into his right hand his pipe once before before beginning the process of cleaning it," Well around this area from what I have gathered , there are a few escort missions from here to a particular border where they will be escorted from there. Multiple bounty missions and if you are feeling...adventurous then plenty of elimination missions. It all depends on what you, i would ask, are comfortable with in the midst of strangers. While we do tend to hunt bandits from time to time, we do you say," stopping only for a moment to pack the pipe and smile," Use people to our advantage. If there shall be a partnership there shall be trust and communication," once done he would set alight the well blended tobacco and nod to himself.

He was by no means trying to play Andalusa or even trick him into something, but if he was going to get something done he would need help right? Maybe this male even needed money of his own so long as it wasn't the Ryo that Raikou had worked for. After a few moments of silence he would slowly exhale as the soft hints of dates and peach left his nostrils and he nodded," Of course our partnership can be until you are in a position to where you would like to move on and in that case we would go our separate ways. I don't expect you to travel with me everywhere of course," there was a small giggle from Kaien before he cleared his throat and nodded," Yeah...Him having more than two other people follow him around would probably freak him out," whatever the goofball was trying to get out would fly right over the males head before he was slapped once more by his sister. The attention was once again back on Andalusa where he would wait for a response before moving on with the conversation.

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Niento Takami
Niento Takami
Ryo : 59500

Let's meet a Person [Andalusa, Inv Only/NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: Let's meet a Person [Andalusa, Inv Only/NK]

Fri Aug 03, 2018 8:11 pm
Time had passed since the male had last spoke which made him ponder if he had any response to his question. After a moment or two later the trio stood up from the table, paying for their meal to which Raikou had looked to the other male and only smiled," Well if you ever think about my proposition do come to the local inn and ask for me. I'd like to actually go about building a friendship with you," after that he would walk out waving to the waitress who had only smiled and blushed at Yuko, the female in response only walking over and kissing her. An exciting day indeed, but for now the three would retreat to their inn room and plan out their mission.

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Let's meet a Person [Andalusa, Inv Only/NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: Let's meet a Person [Andalusa, Inv Only/NK]

Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:08 pm
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