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Cole Uchiha
Cole Uchiha
Stat Page : Kain Wraith

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Clan Specialty : Medical
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 16000

Finding out about a new power (P,IO, Cole and Vale Empty Finding out about a new power (P,IO, Cole and Vale

Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:20 pm
It was midday and the clouds was high in the sky moving at a brisk pace. There was a breeze flowing through the air and the humidity was fairly low making it a beautiful day with rays of sunshine falling through the clouds. Their was wildlife running around for once as there was not a lot of people training today, as the explosions and loud noises scared most of them away. Cole sat on a log by the lake in the training grounds he had a nice tree offering him shade as he sat their. Pondering on what this mark on his chest was really for. Hikari had told him that it would reset his chakra and give it a nature element. He had heard the old scorpions talk about nature energy but he figured it was an animal thing that was beyond his reach. Cole had his jacket laid beside him and his shirt unbuttoned revealing his natural six pack and toned body. At the point on his chest were his collar bones stopped he now had a black mark of three lines running away from each other or to each other based on how you looked at it and saw the world. Cole himself saw them as they was running to each other but that was him. He had experimented with it already and found out that if he used his chakra to much or put to much chakra into an attack the mark would spread and try to take over his body. He knew that it hurt and took a lot of will and more chakra to push it away.

He was trying to find a way to control this mark he was already better than most since he had survived the placing of the mark on his body. He also knew three people that had similar marks on their bodies as well in Valen, Kenshin, and Satoru with the later being one of his friends. However he had gotten badly injured in their last mission and would be no help to him right now. Plus he didn’t know enough about the jutsu or the marks to tell if they all had the same mark or if they had different marks, as Hikari gave him several to choose from. Kenshin cole had met once and it was a meeting that he would never forget as well, since he still had nightmares of that meeting some nights, and he was the lead medic of the village he was way too busy to help some low ranking ninja understand some mark that was placed on his chest. He would probably just send him home with some antibiotics and tell him he would be fine. That left Valen who was the deputy kage which meant that he had to deal with all the stuff the kage himself didn’t want to, so that would mean that he was probably up to his eyeballs in paperwork. Cole feared that if he went to Valens office to ask for help that Valen would give him a mission to read through and stamp all of these papers while he ran away from it. That was not something that cole wanted to deal with either.

This left him with little choice of options leaving only Hikari that could help him. However she was as hard to find as the other sock that the dryer keeps eating on him. Cole swears to himself that he spends half of his paychecks on socks. Cole would continue to sit their on the log thinking while touching the mark on his chest with his index finger.

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