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Jun Fuji
Jun Fuji
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Shangri-la Empty Shangri-la

Sun May 27, 2018 5:27 pm
This is an intro to a series of stories I plan to make. It kinda gives a history to it, but in the stories I will be showing mostly new ideas I've had. So expect new jutsu, bloodlines and bad ass story lines. Please enjoy. 
(edit- please don't post in this topic, if you want to talk about it then make a new topic)

  During the time of Hashirama and Madara, clans were in constant battle. They were being hired to defend land and attack other lands. It was truly a time of terror. This sprouted pockets of people in each clan to start hating the idea of war. The fighting was killing their friends and family. So, people from different clans decided that they needed to get away from this. Arming themselves with ships and other supplies, people from a lot of different clans. They met secretly at what would be the lightning country and headed westward, hoping to find their utopia.

The search for this land took many months of near starvation and bickering upon the ships that they arrived at uncharted area. After landing, they explored the island and found places to set up their new life. Of course the first things they did was set up graves for the ones that passed on the trip which was thankfully not a lot due to their great planning. Hundreds of people started to take out their supplies which consisted of food, weapons and tools for farming. It was a struggle getting use to the new environment, but due to most of them knowing jutsu and other forms of chakra uses, it was easily adjusted.

A couple weeks living on the new land, newly named Shangri-la meaning utopia, they finally encountered the first group of natives on the island. It came as a surprise to the newcomers that there was even natives but the leaders of the clans seemed optimistic about them. The native’s had another language and it was very hard to communicate with each other. Thankfully, a man named Kyou Goto learned the language exponentially fast. With Kyou able to communicate with the natives and having amazing leadership characteristics he became leader of the shinobi.

Relations between the two was great due to Kyou and the native’s leader, Ismene. She was also great and also learned the shinobi’s language. To boost their bond, the two leaders even got married. Shinobi taught the natives about chakra use and in return, the natives taught the shinobi how to live on their land. There were other natives on the island as well and with the bond of the two groups, they learned to create alliances. With that, the nation was united.

Of course there is always a down fall with greatness. After years of unity, the nation started to show it’s differences. Some shinobi fount with each other again, like in the war that they escaped from and some natives rejected the change. This caused another war, the war that would split the nation. Kyou tried desperately to keep the calm but that would lead to his assassination by the native group opposing the change. His wife took charge of Shangri-La and she began to negotiating with the 6 different groups that the war was centered around and gave them their own lands to rule, hoping it would stop the war. Which it did, the groups took their own lands and stayed their creating their own system. Shangri-La was no longer the utopia it was. In fear of new shinobi arriving to the island, Ismene set up a genjutsu so large it wrapped around the entire nation. It was so the ship that came near would turn around in confusion. Ismene weakened, she passed on the leadership and laid to rest with her husband.

In the present, two generations had gone by. The Nation of Painzu, The Nation of Yamayama, The Nation of Yuki, The Nation of Shinrin and The Nation of Shangri-La. They’ve all built villages, farms and leaderships. They mostly modeled over the nation they escaped from with the formation of ranks and kages, but otherwise they’ve got different morals and laws within every nation.   
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