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Seiteki Repairs, Now with home delivery Empty Seiteki Repairs, Now with home delivery

Wed May 09, 2018 5:40 am
The storefront was by no means lavish.  The building was two stories and off white, with the roof and the short and mostly horizontal awning jutting off the front of the first floor the same middling shade of blue.  There were some spots on the awning where a small area of the blue paint has scraped off, and the dull grey metal showed though, but on the whole it was fairly well upkept.  From the street you were faced with large three pane window, revealing a table full of gizmos and gadgets, while to the right was a sturdy wooden door.

A long, thin banner was attached to the edge of the awning every few feet by a knot of rope, almost a foot tall and stretching the entire with.  The red font proudly proclaimed this was, indeed, the location of "Seiteki Repairs".   Well, the front half of the bottom floor was.  In this far corner of the business district there were several shops that were service based, and only needed a limited storefront.  Thus, most of the floorplans had a store in front, but the rest was living space.

Such was the case for the family of Hayate Seiteki.  The 15 year old ninja was currently laying on his back atop of the metal awning, his sandaled feet tapping with the same even beat his head swaying too, no doubt to some strong bass line the headphones he had on were pumping into his ears.  The long black combat pants and sleeveless white hoodie were a bit dirty from the awning, but since he had to stay close to the house, it was the best place to absorb the meager heat the sun was providing today. His mask and hoodie were both down, exposing his face and shaggy, sandy blonde hair.

His father knew exactly where to find him.  The man exited the front of the shop and, without bothering to check anywhere else first, stretched to full height, barely reaching high enough to knock on the underside of the metal awning twice.  His confidence was rewarded when the faint music stopped, and he heard the scuffling sounds of Hayate sitting up then sliding off the roof.  He landed, legs bent, on the ground in front of the shop, facing the street.  The athletic teenager formed the tiger seal and bowed his head for a moment of concentration.  As he raised his head, the dust and dirt pushed out from his clothes with a small puff, drifting to the floor.  He turned to face his father, who had raised an eyebrow.

"Thats a new one for you, isn't it?" he asked, refering to the jutsu.  "Your mom will no doubt be pleased you're still making progress.  And white's not an easy color to keep clean, you know."  His father chuckled.  The man stood for a moment, just smiling and looking at his son, a medium brown package under his arm.

Hayate was still several inches shorter than his father, so was looking slightly up at the man.  He didn't say a word, but copied the same smirk and raised an eyebrow of his own, then looked down at the package his father was still carrying.

With a start, Hayate's father seemed to remember what he came out here for.  "Oh right!"  He was a smart man, but could get distracted from what he was doing very easily.  He held out the package to his son, which also had a folded slip of paper on top, and a pen nestled in that.  "A video camera.  You be gentle with it," He commanded earnestly, wagging a finger at Hayate.  "that ones seen better days, it took a lot to get it working again.  And dont unseal your mothers seal until they've paid and signed for it. The address and cost are on the paper.  Off you go!"

Hayate opened and read the paper, then re-folded the sheet and put it and the pen in one of his leg pouches, taking a little longer than necessary to do so while his father went back inside.  That way, when Hayate jumped back up to the anwning, his father was none the wiser.  He didn't mind his son's acrobatics on his own property, but thought it might be a little disrespectful to others having a stranger run across your roof.  But it was so much faster, Hayate thought.  It just makes sense.  Concentrating his chakra in his extremities, he then climbed to the roof.  

The taller buildings blocking his sight, He could only see a little ways in the direction of the town center or over to the docks.  But that wasn't where he was headed.  He turned to the outskirts of town, with the two story building eventually giving way to smaller one story houses, and then spreading out into nothingness.  He popped his headphones back on, and pulled up his half mask to cover his mouth and nose.  His fingers reached the cassette player strapped to his belt, passing over the engraving his father had put on the device when they bought it new.  He had always put up with ones his father bought used and repaired, but this was top of the line, a present bought for his academy enrollment.  Hayate smiled and clicked play, and there was a short whir as the device sped up.  Then the blare of a trumpet signaled the start of a song and he was off, dashing across the rooftops.

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Seiteki Repairs, Now with home delivery Empty Re: Seiteki Repairs, Now with home delivery

Thu May 10, 2018 2:50 am
After from a successful delivery, Hayate halted his rooftop return journey a few buildings down from his home.  The money, along with the signed paper and pen, was safely in his leg pouch, and it was a good thing he secured is so.  The wind was picking up, especially this high up, with nothing to block it.  The eddies of the breeze playfully tugged on his hair and clothes, then slackened only to resume again.  He stood still for a moment, enjoying the view and the freedom.  Then he stepped off the edge, letting his hands fall upwards above him, landing in the alley between the two building below.  Safe from the wind pulling it off again, he pulled his hood back up, and continuing the same motion pulled his halfmask down.  He was going to be in public again, and not as Hayate, Ninja of the mist, but as that Seiteki boy.

Walking out from the alley into the street, he passed bay the casual foot traffic of early afternoon.  He glanced a the front of his building.  His father wasn't even outside, so the ruse of finishing the journey at ground level did nothing, but it was better than getting scolded again.  He wasn't a kid anymore.  Geez

However, when Hayate was only a few feet away from the blue door, it opened, a small bell ringing to indicate an entrance/exit.  His father emerged, carrying that big toolbox of his in addition to a backpack.  "Ah you're back.  Your moms watching the shop while i make a housecall.  Washing machines, the big tempermental things"  The man sighed.  "It might take me a while.  Why dont you grab something to eat and then take over for her in a bit."  His weariness at the task at hand melted a bit when talking about his wife.  With that he was off.

Hayate entered the front room near a few tables, scattered with gadgets of all types and little tags indicating prices.  Only half the room was visible, the other half separate off by large folding screen dividers, white except for the brown trees bearing red flowers that were printed upon them.  The only space to travel between the two halves was behind a large desk his mother currently sat at, looking up at him.

She smiled at her son, her curly black shoulder length hair offset by the red frame of the glasses.  "Hey honey, how was your delivery?" She began to unlock the cashbox.  "I hope you didn't have any trouble with the locking seal."  She paused, looking upward in thought, one finger on her cheek.  "though probably not, you've been doing so well.  Your dad even told me you learned the chakra cleanse!"  

Hayate walked over to the desk, putting the money and the slip of paper on the table as his mom finished talking and unlocking the money box.

Typically mom, overly proud of every little thing, he thought.  It was annoying sometimes, but he guessed it was alright.  And he DID used to have quite some trouble learning the jutsu, though his year off really helped with that.

leaning back against the closest table, he pushed himself up onto it with his arms, sitting on the edge with his legs dangling off the side, facing his mom.

"It wasn't bad at all." he replied truthfully, with a shrug.  "Its a lot easier than some of those combat ones."

"Oh really?" his mom said slyly, a twinkle in her eye.  She finished putting the cash away and reached under the table.  "I just fini... dear get off the table, theres a chair RIGHT here.... I just finished something just a little tougher.  If you can un-seal it, I'll make that barbeque flavored yakitori you like for dinner."

She handed him a scroll as he got off the table and walked over to her.  It looked normal enough, but by concentrating on the symbols and holding it, it... felt ... a bit different.  

He turned it over a few times in his hands, looking at it from all angles.  ".... yeah, sure, why not, i'll give it a go"  He said, sitting down in the chair next to her, and beginning to concentrate.  Besides, meat for dinner ...

His mom looked pleased as she ruffled his sandy blonde hair for a moment.  "Good, thats the spirit!".  She smiled as she turned to pick up a magazine, ready to tend the shop for a bit longer.

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Seiteki Repairs, Now with home delivery Empty Re: Seiteki Repairs, Now with home delivery

Fri May 11, 2018 2:10 am
The few customers that came in during the next two hours didn't even register to Hayate.  Some browsed, others dropped off small gadgets that were exchanged for a paper receipt from his mother, but he couldn't tell you what a single one looked like.

Without an innate sense for it, Hayate took his time slowly feeling out the seal with the chakra in his fingertips as many long lessons had taught him to do.  It was certainly harder than the simple ones they sealed the store's deliveries with, but he had felt even more difficult ones as well.   It was ... different?  The feeling was subtle, but something was a bit off.  It was as if someone had created an exact replica of your bedroom, and even though everything was the same... you could tell it wasn't.  He took a few stabs at unsealing it, but it was like a blind man stumbling through a labyrinth, getting a little farther each time.  

By the time his father got home he could tell he was still far from unsealing the scroll.  His parents chatted for a few minutes before his father went to wash up, and his mother approached.  She peered over the rim of her glasses at him.  "So... I'm going to start dinner soon....."

Hayate leaned back in his chair and exhaled loudly.  "Yeah, yeah, I didn't get it yet.  I'm starting to get the hang of it.  Its different though, it's weird."   His tone took a hint of interest in it.  ".... What did you do to it?"

She smiled.  "Well, you did notice, so thats good.  Thats not one of mine, thats one of the ones a young lady I'm teaching did."  She always liked to call her female students young ladies, no matter if they were 10 or barely younger than her.  "And she did a rather good job, too.  Though if you managed to unseal something that level before dinner, I'd HAVE to fail her".  She smiled and teased.

Hayate sat forward in his chair "What!  Thats not fair!".  She had made him spend all that time practicing fuuinjutsu when he could be on the roof or practicing his combat moves - he did have an exam coming up - or anything else.  

The woman shrugged in mock hopelessness, making her shoulder length curly hair bounce with mirth.  "I couldn't help it, I didn't have the ingredients i needed for barbeque yakitori, and i couldn't leave with your father out." 

What a cruel trick.  Hayate must have hidden the thought poorly, because his mother replied "Aww, dont worry, honey.  I'll make it for you tomorrow anyway."

Half satisfied, Hayate went to turn the open sign to closed as his mother retreated into the household part of the building to start making dinner.

463 words, 2122 total


100wc for a basic scroll

that leaves 2022 for stats/jutsu
10 Stats
4 e rank jutsu at 500/per
    Fuuinjutsu Lock
    Fuuinjutsu Breaking
    Mark Seal
    Inside to outside block

I believe i can learn fuuin breaking, it's not just for fuuin mains right?  the wording was slightly unclear.  If i can't i'll put that 500 to getting the e rank rope escape jutsu
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Seiteki Repairs, Now with home delivery Empty Re: Seiteki Repairs, Now with home delivery

Fri May 11, 2018 2:26 am
You can learn fuin breaking E-Rank with 500 words. But if you dont have the fuin speciality learned. You can only go up to C rank. And thats for any other spec you dont have learned. Hope that helps.

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