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Are We There Yet v2 Empty Are We There Yet v2

Sun May 06, 2018 3:46 pm
--Enter from here--

Komori was never one to sit, stand, walk, run, or even fight in silence. He always talked, his mind was always running and he itched for communication. Solitude was optional and he did his damndest to avoid it. “It’s been a while since we traveled, huh?” He and Komon were headed down a worn dirt road at the outskirts of Lightning Country, plains on all sides, besides a forest far to their right, some 100m away or so, on their way to Bear Country. The two countries were neighbors, which helped in their travels, as they would not have to walk around the world. “Not since that… experience in Hoshigakure.” Komori looked up at the sky as he said this. Never again, he thought to himself. He would wait for anything that Komon would say in response, keeping at the same pace until. “We shouldn’t be too far, should we?” he said as the two unknowingly crossed into bear country.

--Exit to Bear Country Borders--

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Shichiro Hashimoto
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Are We There Yet v2 Empty Re: Are We There Yet v2

Sun May 06, 2018 3:54 pm
"It's been several month's" Komon would say only half listening to the conversation, and scanning the area with his byakugan. "Your hatred of that place never made sense to me... It was no kumogakure, but I enjoyed my stay" Although, it hurt that his last memory of Senshi Kobayashi was in a foreign land. He knew how much the man had loved kumogakure, and could't imagine what it would be like for the solider to die away from it.
"We shouldn't be more than an hour or two out"
--exit to bear country borders--
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