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Princess Love
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Sparring, Kari Vs Love [NK, P, ask for invite] - Page 4 Empty Re: Sparring, Kari Vs Love [NK, P, ask for invite]

Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:05 pm
Eh?! The girl was going home after a single spar? Love hadn't even taught her any jutsu nor had the girl learned how long she could use her chakra threads. Although it is possible that she already knew the latter it didn't seem that way to the Konoha shinobi. To the older red head it seemed like the girl was simply giving up. Having your chakra points blocked for the first time was extremely discouraging and depressing but Love had only blocked one. Either this child was truly that weak or she was a drama queen, surely being a ninja was something she wanted for herself. If not then why was she here training? Surely the child of an innkeeper's time would be better spent helping the family business. Especially in a village where ninja are frowned upon and often disrespected among other things.

There were too many unknown variables to this child, variables that normally are discussed and/or overcome during training, even if it takes a few sessions. The time granted for the Hyuuga's stay was limited yes, but if this girl really wished to become great she would take advantage of it. Though she did have paid help she could turn to when the kunoichi left or even before then should she avoid the leaf ninja for the remained of the visit, possibly fearing the fact that a foreign ninja would have insight on her fighting capabilities. It was while Love was thinking about these things that she felt the girl leave her supporting grasp. Love had been waiting for the hired hand's response to previously asked questions but he seemed to be frozen. By the time Love looked back at the girl she had gathered all her things and was making her way towards the exit. Of course, both Love and the male would be able to catch up to and/or stop her but Love decided against it. As stated before the Hyuuga didn't want to push the girl because doing so could inadvertently cause her to break rather than to fight back. With a sigh, the pupilless white eyes of the tan woman watched as Kari left the training grounds. Hopefully, they would meet again and the girl would ask to train instead of announcing that she'd given up the shinobi life.

Once again turning to face the Hoshi male, Love would wait to hear his response the girl leaving. Should he be an honorable man he'd stalk the small red haired girl again in an attempt to train her before claiming his money. No doubt he could claim it once he also left given that he did meet the girl and she could confirm that he showed up during her training. As for Love, she'd continue with her sightseeing unless the male purposed that the two of them now spar. Or even spend platonic time together, possibly over a meal on him.

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Sparring, Kari Vs Love [NK, P, ask for invite] - Page 4 Empty Re: Sparring, Kari Vs Love [NK, P, ask for invite]

Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:26 pm
Anaphiel Hidemori
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Sparring, Kari Vs Love [NK, P, ask for invite] - Page 4 Empty Re: Sparring, Kari Vs Love [NK, P, ask for invite]

Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:48 am
((Sorry for really late post. RL has been sucky. >.<))

Love responded to the question with a look that obviously said "Really?" which Kotetsu returned with a smirk. Love then said "As far as I know there is no such thing as the Sakumo clan. No, I don't. I'm a Hyuuga." to Kotetsu before returning her focus to Kari. 'Interesting girl...' Kotetsu thought to himself before returning his focus on Kari as well. 'A Hyuuga eh?.. I'll need to remember to stay out of close range if we ever get into a fight...'

"I only have rocks..."They all seemed to say at Love at the same time. It was a little creepy, but Kotetsu wouldn't discount the strategy if it put her opponent on edge. "This is an interesting pattern." was Love's reply. The Konoha kunoichi then started moving towards Kari at a relatively slow speed. Slow compared to what Kotetsu is used to, but because he did not know Kari's current capabilities, it could very easily be beyond what she could handle. Based on how Kari was moving in response to Love, it was clear that even at that slow of a speed, the Konoha-nin was still the faster person in this sparring match. Kari would try something with those rocks of hers in an attempt to attack Love, which appeared to not work. The older girl simply ignored them and went to club Kari with the stone bat in her hand. Kari, it seemed, had another trick that she wanted to try. She waved her left hand, lunge forward, sliding under Love, and move her right hand, causing a total of seven rocks between her two hands to move at the Konoha-nin. It was at that point that Kari's two clones vanished. 'Not a bad strategy...' Kotetsu thought to himself as he watched them spar. 'Not many people would consider charging an opponent to avoid their attack...She has guts, that's for sure...'

Kotetsu had figured Love would avoid the attack, and she did effortlessly, tucking and rolling to her left. She stood and looked at Kari for a moment before saying "That was good."Kari didn't seem to notice, either that or she ignored it. She simply continued her attack at the other girl. It was definitely becoming obvious to the Jounin that Kari was getting close to her limit. It wouldn't take much longer, especially when she created more chakra strings and hurled even more rocks at her opponent. There was now a total of 10 rocks in the air, all flying at Love. Love went on the offensive again, moving straight towards Kari, her palm hitting the young Hoshi nin in the abdomen as Kari's chakra threads connected. On the outside, it didn't look like either one of them really hurt the other. Likely because Kari didn't have enough chakra control in order to make her strings sharp enough to cause more than maybe a bruise. Love's attack however, had the potential to be devastating. Kotetsu was by no means an expert on the Hyuuga's fighting styles. He had read up a bit on the foundations of their abilities, primarily because as a close combat specialist, it would only make sense for him to know who else would be dangerous for him to square off against. It would seem that Kari noticed what Love was doing. "Wh...what was that Ai-sempai. Its like you drove your fist through my skin and into my stomach." She said to the older kunoichi as the rocks fell to the ground. Love also dropped her bat, which turned back into the original rock's shape. ”That was the palm bottom, a jutsu that allows me to block a single tenketsu at a time. Tenketsu, if you don't know are your chakra points." She would say to Kari before turning towards Kotetsu and aimed a question at him. "Did you time that, along with the few minutes of training she did alone?"

Kotetsu would stop juggling his kunai at that point and pocket them before walking closer and speaking to the pair of them. "Not bad..." He said, mainly to Kari. "You'll make an excellent kunoichi with the right training." He would then answer Love's question. "Naturally. Shorter than I had hoped, but one's ability to maintain constant chakra use can be improved so it is of no moment." It would seem though, that Kari was finished training for the day. "Thank you Ai-Sempai," she said to Love, "But I think I will go home now. I wish you the best on your mission." Kotetsu shrugged as he watched her leave. 'An interesting child, to say the least...' He thought to himself. 'I will keep an eye on her to make sure she is on the right path...' "And that ends training for today I guess..." He said aloud, not specifically to Love. His next comment was directed at her though; "I need to finish my rounds of the village. Perhaps I'll see you around." With that, a pair of wings seemed to appear between his shoulder blades, five feet long, and each wing was two and a half feet wide. Kotetsu slowly climbed into the air, turning slightly in midair to look down at Love. Almost as if he'd read her mind, he said as a parting comment; "Maybe I'll treat you to dinner before your business is concluded here." and with a smirk and a half wave/half salute he flew off.


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Sparring, Kari Vs Love [NK, P, ask for invite] - Page 4 Empty Re: Sparring, Kari Vs Love [NK, P, ask for invite]

Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:21 am
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