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I.Am.Shinoskay. Empty I.Am.Shinoskay.

Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:27 am
All around shinoskay, there lay broken ruins, shattered objects, fallen bodies in varying states of death, and foes as far as the eye can see, fire raging just beyond that. Even though there was fire and people all around, he felt cold and damp, dirty, he felt a cold burn deep down to his very bones. Screams could be heard from every direction, somewhere a man was fighting, and dying, to protect his trapped family... screaming for them to run, but you could hear in his voice that he knew there was no hope. The mother tried to shield her daughter because though she could imagine what was about to happen to them she felt deep inside that whatever she thought up wouldnt be a tenth of what was really about to happen. Somewhere a building full of people roared with fire and screams of mercy...

His hands were burned, his eyes red with blood and smoke induced irritation, he had to run... he wanted to run... he couldnt see where to go. He knew he had escaped already but yet here he was now, laughter, sneers, the clatter of steel all taunted him... they were closing in on him... what could he do... where could he go... it was all closing in on him and he was just a small child. He tried to move to form hand seals, to call forth his chakra and sink into the earth, to make a clone, to throw forth his chakra threads in a desperate effort to defend himself but something was missing from all of his actions. He couldnt actually will the chakra into shape, the seals were imperfect, there was nothing for him... nothing but him and the creeping, encroaching, terror that surrounded him.

In a last ditch effort he just took off, frantic, tears of blood pouring from his eyes as his eyes held wide and frantic... searching for anywhere, anything, anyway to live. He came into contact with the line, the sneering grew louder, blades clamored as they came down onto him... he could feel the sharp steel slide across his shoulders, arms, his face, pieces cleaved from his chest as he pressed to make it past them... sharp spokes from there armor dug into his torso and caught whatever places of his skin that happened to be in there way. He pressed still, his own screams and roars of terror matching there own... There, just past the throng of threats... there was someone tied to a wall... they were on fire... he could see there torment... he knew them... he didnt know who, how, or why he knew them but he knew deep down inside of himself that he knew them. The sight of them was too much, his fear broke into anguish, the throng of blades bearing down on the boy surrounded him for another swing and as blood mixed with the blades to remove all sight of him...

Shinoskay's eyes slowly opened, crust cracked from between his eye lids from dried tears as even more tears fell still. His hair was wet from them, and sweat. His face felt cold and clammy, he had stirred in his sleep and so the ground around him was flattened out and smoothed from his weight. His first reaction was to reach down to his chest and clasp the cloth tightly as if to squeeze something deeper inside. It was as if the dream tore away at something inside him all over again, tore it right out of his chest and now there was a gaping hole bleeding and hurting...

Finally, after a few moments, the pain began to burn... it began to twist... 'I am not a boy anymore, I am not helpless anymore.... I am not weak anymore... I am not a boy anymore, I am not helpless anymore, I am not weak anymore.' with a hefty huff, He drew his body upward to a sitting position where he would press the clenched fist tighter into his chest "I am not a boy anymore, I am not helpless anymore."

Visions now came to him of a snake, coiling itself slowly, tauntingly, teasingly around a tree... he could see it as if he was watching and as if he was in the tree... helplessly hanging from the tree as the snake slowly, lazily, made its way up to its next meal "I am not a boy anymore, I am not weak anymore, I am not helpless anymore!" he spoke more with a tone of frustration and aggression, rage, rather then shout. More still, he pressed his hand harder into his pained chest, whether the pain was still emotional or now more because of how much pressure he was applying would be hard to discern at this point.

Slowly, the pain finally began to subside and as it did he would bring himself to his feet. Gathering his wits about him, he took to looking around him to see he was still at the training grounds... a few kunai and shuriken lodged into a training ground target dummy. Off to the right was a few training scrolls he had borrowed from the library, as well as a few bandages, pain pulsed into and through his chest as he tried to consider why he was even here. What was the point in been a ninja, to train so hard, he practically lived in the training grounds right now but what was the point of it all. Would he really find his place in this burning world of chaos? Did he really need to be a ninja to find his place? Why did he even care when no one else did.

The pulse of pain slowly changed into a burning frustration, from a small ember it grew more and more hot... he could feel the heat spreading through his chest. A lump rose in his throat, like a bobble rising from some steam induced pressure until he felt a growl escape his mouth. His right arm, once more, clenched tighter and his arm tensed, as he felt his anger begin to flood through himself. The fire from his dream devoured him from the inside out, slowly, he took one step after another towards the test dummy with all of his ninja tool implements so to retrieve them. First he would load his kunai, one would go into the slip in his sleeve while the rest were safely loaded into his weapon pouch, then he would take the Shuriken out and so to stow them in his weapon pouch.

When he got to the last one, he took ahold of it as it remained lodged into the target but he didnt immediately draw it free. He just held onto it... his body felt hot and his head was beginning to boil from this growing heat. His teeth clenched, his jaw tightened, and so too did his grip on the weapon. His mind wondered on toward the chuunin's exam, he had heard that in the past the chuunin exams involved facing off against ones fellow genin to prove ones self more capable then the others. Who would he have to fight, would it be Allegro? Would it be Kenjiro?

Rather then pull the sharp implement out, he drew it to the side in an attempt to tear further into the target while drawing the weapon out... to his greater frustration this only managed to bite a little deeper into the dense wood while the many sharpened edges slid over and bit into his own hand.... Rather then stop, he kept pushing... blood drew now and slowly trickled out... With his free hand, his left hand, he quickly punched hard into the wood beneath the ninja tool... chakra surged into his hand and the force of the impact pushed the dummy back and away from his tightly clenched hand and while it cut his hand a little more it also became freed.

His striking hand throbbed, he was able to generate a decent amount of force and speed but he lacked the endurance to withstand his own strength... Thankfully, slowly, both the cut and the throb in his hand slowly subsided... instead, like his heart, there only remained a burning sensation to further fuel the growing heat in his body. It felt, to him, like some kind of growing intensity or aura radiating out from his heart to rise off and from his body like steam in a sauna.

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I.Am.Shinoskay. Empty Re: I.Am.Shinoskay.

Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:38 am
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