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The Meeting (Closed) Empty The Meeting (Closed)

Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:51 pm
Looked like the Hiyu would actually be leading a team of his own, something he never expected in a million years would occur. Firstly, he was an Anbu and usually Anbu's didnt lead teams, that was more a task for Chunin or Jounin. Secondly, Nobunaga was by all means an introvert. He rarely if ever surrounded himself with people, mostly keeping to himself and if he happened to be in the presence of another person he rarely spoke. However Kyson still saw it fit to make him the leader of a Genin squad. Perhaps this was part of the training he had intended to put the Hiyu through, perhaps he wanted him to pass on his skills and knowledge onto the younger generation, or perhaps he wanted his body guard to simply learn how to interact with others at a normal level and what better way to do that than baby sit a bunch of kids?

So here the Hiyu found himself, sitting under the roofed patio of a tea shop. The sky as per usual was filled with dense, moisture heavy grey cloud swiftly moving overhead. The faint scent of rain was in the air but it was not raining just yet. There was a gentle, cool breeze coursing through the village, just enough for the average person to want to bring a long sleeve shirt. But Nobunaga was no average person. He sported nothing more than a tight black shirt, loose black joggings and flip flops. It was rare that he found an opportunity where he was not required to wear his thick armor and carry his large great sword therefore any chance he got to wear something comfortable he took advantage of. Plus, the cool breeze brushing against his scar riddled arms was soothing, reminded him he was alive. 

Sitting up strait with nearly perfect posture, the Hiyu sat on a red cushioned couch, with a table at the center and several other red cushioned couches and chairs surrounding the table, more than enough space to seat his expected students. At the center of the congregation of seats was a low rectangular table. On the table was a trey hosting a kettle of steaming green tea and more cups than were needed. Waiting patiently and sternly, knowing his students would arrive any moment now for the notice he sent out to them indicated that they had to meet at this tea shop at this time, the Hiyu crossed his powerful arms across his burly chest and sat in silence.
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The Meeting (Closed) Empty Re: The Meeting (Closed)

Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:51 pm
It would seem Nobunaga was in store for another type of meeting, one he was not expecting. The Storm Operative had been sitting there for quite some time, not because his expected guests were late but because he was early. Having so generously poured himself a cup of tea while he was waiting, he gently held the tiny glass in his burly right hand, taking small sips of the steaming liquid and inhaling his sweet aromas. As he tipped the cup of tea down and away from his mouth, Nobunaga's eyes descended upon a couple of new arrivals into the restaurant. A group had just arrived, two of them elderly and three younger shinobi wearing flack jackets, clearly acting as escorts to the two older individuals standings before them. As the Hiyu eyed them from across the balcony he sat out on, one of the elderly members of the group was conversing with the shop keeper all the while taking several glances towards the Hiyu. It was apparent that they had come for him. Reaching out towards the low standing table before him, Nobunaga would gently place the cup of tea on a coaster before leaning back against the comfortable back support of the red cushioned couch. The 5 person team began maneuvering their way around the array of chairs and tables, making their way towards the Hiyu who sternly eyed them as they approached. Crossing his scar riddled arms across his massive chest, the two elderly stopped inches from the table while their guards took up stationary positions behind them.

"May we take a seat Nobunaga-san?" Asked one of the new comers. She was an elderly woman probably approaching her late 80's, soft and gentle spoken but her stern gaze showed she was here for business and nothing more. The other was an elder man, a permanent smile plastered on his face with round spectacles perched on the edge of his nose. Nobunaga instantly did not trust him. He never trusted someone who always smiled when there was no reason to be doing so. The Hiyu would offer a simple nod in response, allowing her request. "Thank you." She said as two guards stepped forward and each pulled a chair out for their masters. It seemed they were more caretakers than they were guards. Catering to the every need of these elderly people was not something Nobunaga would ever wish to fall upon him. Clearly these two were village elders of some sort, probably held seats on some high diplomatic council the Hiyu couldn't care less about. But for some reason they had taken time out of their day to meet him here.

"I have a meeting with my team in a few minutes. Make this quick." Brashly stated the Hiyu. He did not want this gathering to be here when his team of Genin arrived. He did not want to start of his mentorship with unwanted attention directed towards him. "Im affraid that wont be happened young lag." Stated the old lady. "May I?" She asked, gesturing her wrinkled hand towards the pot of tea resting on the table before them. Althought annoyed by the news that had just been broken to him, the Hiyu was nothing if not a gentlemen. Proper manners and etiquette was a staple aspect of what defined him and he was not about to refuse and elderly woman some tea. Leaning forward, the Hiyu would grab the handle of the searing pot of tea and pour the steaming liquid into a fresh cup. Sliding it across the table, she would thank him before continuing with what she had to say. " Why thank you sir." With calm and steady hands she rose the cup to her mouth, gingerly sipping on its contents. Releasing a sigh of content before gently placing her hands just over her lap, she would go on "We have sent escorts out to intercept your students. They are being reassigned to another sensei. I am afraid you wont be a sensei today, or in the near future."

At first, when Kyson told Nobunaga that he was going to be leading a team of Genin, the Hiyu was against it. He was not a people person and he felt his talents were better put to use protecting the Hozuki leader. However he knew and understood why his master asked of this. He wanted the Hiyu to find a purpose within the village and to help train the next generation of Storm Operatives since Kyson headed the task force. Begrudgingly the Hiyu accepted the offer and as time went on he was actually starting to look forward to becoming a sensei. Being able to pass on his skills, mentality and ideology on to the next generation of shinobi was a goal he started taking to heart for he could help shape the shinobi of Kumo to rise above the filth of this village and become respectable shinobi, the change the status of this village from one of decay and rot to glory and righteousness, much like Suna once was. Therefore the news broken to him was a stab to the heart. Finally, something he had looked forward to was of course taken away from him, just like everything else in his life had been. Why did he expect anything different? Also, he was confused. Kyson was the acting Kage of the village. For these people to overrule his decision, they must hold a lot of diplomatic power within the villager, something Nobunaga did not want to get entwined in.

"Why is that?" Grunted the Storm Operative in response. "Put simply, you are too dangerous." The Hiyu's usual stone cold gaze would momentarily shift as his eyes squinted, eyeing the old lady before him. He knew exactly what they were talking about. Nobunaga was now a Jin, he possessed one of the 9 great Bijuu within him and he was currently unable to control it. Also, he was a former Suna nin, a forced convert to this village when the Kumo forces took over and destroyed his home. They had no reason to trust him with their young Genin, fresh minds easily moldable, clearly minds they did not want Nobunaga molding to his desired fashion. Nobunaga could have attempted to refute their decision but he knew that it made sense and again, he did not want to get embroiled in some diplomatic mess. Also, he knew they were right. They had no reason to trust him and he could not expect them to do so. Saying nothing is response, the old women would go on to outline what Nobunaga had already figured out. "Your recent... how should I say, acquisition? Yes, your recent acquisition makes you a threat to those around you, we cannot subjugate the young ones of this village to any unnecessary and potential threats. I hope you can understand our situtation and decision. We do not mean to slight you in any way, but you are a new comer with new found powers that are currently out of your control. We are simply taking the best, most precautionary methods we possess."

Taking another sip from her tiny team cup, she would do so very slowly and methodically while the Hiyu simply eyed her in complete silence. He did not understand why they were still here given that they had already dropped their news upon his lap. She would gently place the tea back down over he lap while remaining seated, clearly indicating she was not done her interruption. "We do have a task for you however, a new responsibility." Amused by this, the Hiyu would finally break silence. "You have come with a task for someone you do not trust." Why would they expect him to faithfully perform this so called task when everyone here was fully aware of the fact that he was untrustworthy, they clearly just said so. "This is your chance to instill some trust in us young lad." The old lady clapped back. "Are you interested?" The fact that they were bringing this proposal to Nobunaga meant that Kyson probably already knew about it, however whether he accepted or denied it or even had the authority to do so was unknown. "We shall see." The Hiyu responded, not giving a definitive response for he wanted to know what it was first.

Removing one hand from the half empty cup of tea, the old lady would raise her left arm, placing his fingers parallel to the ground with her palm facing the ceiling. As she did so, the guard standing directly behind her would take a step forward, sliding a folder out from underneath hi flack jacket and gently placing it into the outstretched palm of her hand. As he took up his original position, stoically standing behind her, she would gently place the received folder onto the table before sliding it across the flat surface, just to the right of the try that contained the tea. Nobunaga swiftly glanced down while remaining seated strait with arms crossed. Showing no attempt to reach for the information before him, his eyes would fall back upon the elderly woman seated before him, waiting for an explanation. Being able to read the intentions of the giant before he, she would go on to explain her intentions. "Since Maku took over the reigns as Raikage, he has cleaned up much of the mess within the village. Much of the filth is gone and crime is slowly be taken care of, and this has only continued under the rule of the interim kage. Finally, we have taken a large bite out of organized crime within the village. However, as a consequence, the higher ups in the underbelly of the crime world are trying to keep their dying organizations afloat."

Leaning forward, she would reach over the table and open the folder for Nobunaga, who continued to sit unmoving, only listening and running the words of the elder women through his head. The first document contained within the now opened folder was a profile of someone with their name, description, known associates, known locations, everything the village had on this unknown person. "This man runs one of the biggest crime syndicates in the village. His has taken a big hit and recently our scouts have sent word that he made his way back into the village. Today our informants found him." Leaning back in her seat and leaving her cup of tea on the table, she would continue "He goes by the code name 'Kira' and we speculate that he has come back to repair his operations. Quite simply, we need to you take him out. Cut the head off the sneak and the entire operations will follow. We need to put an end to their operations and we need to do it now. We know his current location and we have scouts positioned to keep and eye on his movements. We need you to gear up and go take him out. He is in a slum part of the village, surrounded by crime therefore the means and methods are up to you. This needs to happen now Nobunaga-san, can we place our faith within you?"

Remaining silent, the Hiyu would glance down at the folder once more, scanning over the information that was present on the forum, describing this Kira man. Nobunaga was getting the feeling that this was more of an order than a request. However their intentions were good and cleaning up the village was something Nobunaga was behind and they probably knew that, which was why the approached him for this mission and not some other Kumo nin they already knew. They knew protecting the innocent against those willing to do wrong was something Nobunaga held dear to his heart. Locking gazes back with the old lady, Nobunaga would simply grunt in acceptance, letting the elder know he had accepted their request. A pleasant smile spread across her face. "I knew we could place our faith in your young man. The folder contains the rest of the information you need. You dont not need to seek us out on the outcomes of the mission, however we will find out. Thank you Nobunaga-san." Simultaneously the two elder and Nobunaga would raise to their feet. Bowing, Nobunaga would say nothing as the guards shifted to their side and took their positions behind the two elders as they exited the restaurant. Once they were finally one and left Nobunaga to his lonesomely self, he would lean forward and perch his elbows against his knees, leaning over the table to rummage through the contents of the folder. He knew this needed to be completed immediately, but if he was throwing himself into the fray, he would need to know what hell he was going into.

After about 30 minutes of reading and looking over the files given to him and running scenarios and different situations through his brain, trying to simulate different outcomes and possible endings, Nobunaga would gather up all the documents and slide them back into the folder. Closing it shut and slipping it under his right armpit, he would clench it tightly to the side of his chest before raising to his feet. Dropping more money than he had actually spend, the brute would make his way towards the front entrance and out of the restaurant. At a brisk pace since time was of the essence, the Hiyu would maneuver his way through the city streets, heading right for his quarters where all of his gear was located. According to the documents, this Kira individual was currently located at a bar which his syndicate used as the head base of operations for their organisation. Apparently he was a Jounin level missing nin with some pretty powerful lackeys at his disposal. Assuming Kira posed the greatest threat, Nobunaga would not worry about his subordinates, the goal was to take out Kira as fast as possible, any means necessary. The methods were not what was important here, getting in and out and completing the task at hand as soon as possible was the priority here.

In no time at all, the ANBU operative found himself in his local abode. Slipping the documents away within the confinements of his desk, the Hiyu would make his way into his room where his armor was neatly bundled in a corner right in front of his massive great sword which elegantly rested in the crevasse the two joining walls made. Before proceeding to put the armor on, Nobunaga would tightly bandage wrap his entire body, slip a sleeveless black shirt on and then don his armor over that. The dark purple black breast plate and legs protectors would glisten in the light of the lone lantern that dimly light up his room as he grabbed the handle of his trade mark sword and rotated it around his body, seamlessly clipping it onto the hook located on his back as he had come so accustomed to doing. Last but not least, he would slip on his large, now grey, weather worn cloak which concealed his body and armor from the neck all the way down to the top of his boots. The massive man was now ready to take on the challenge that lay on the road ahead. Stepping out of the barrack, the Hiyu would bolt to the rooftops, dashing left and right as he pounced across the village, rapidly heading towards the slums of the village.

Nobunaga would gracefully land on the top most porch of a high standing building that overlooked most of the village. Landing right in front of the door, the brute of a man would raise his right hand before knocking twice on it with the knuckles of his index and middle finger. Concealing his hand back under the confinements of his cloak, the Hiyu would wait for a response. He made no attempt to hide his chakra signature, showing that he was clearly not a threat. Knocking on the door to announce his arrival had also made that very clear to the individuals whom he knew were posted inside for this building was listed as one of the outlook posts watching over Kira's hideout. The door finally jolted open, revealing an older man with a face and grizzled beard worn down from experience. Across the empty, darkened room was a younger shinobi who was gazing out a shade covered window, leaving only a small portion of the window visible for him to glance out of. "You're a big mother fucker arent you." Stated the man who greeted him at the door, quickly waving him in. Stepping into the tiny room, the older individual would take a couple of looks at the surrounding buildings to see if anyone was there before closing the door. Nobunaga would head in and walk right up to the next window beside the first one the younger of the two was gazing out of. The building they were in had a clear, direct line of sight at the bar Nobunaga was going to be infiltrating. "Is he there?" Asked Nobunaga. "We believe so. We saw him go in several days ago and there's no sight of him having left yet." From this distance, they were just outside of chakra sensing distance from the bar therefore they were unable to detect whether Kira's chakra was still present within the building, which was quite large for a bar now that Nobunaga thought about it. If Kira had not left in days, that could mean that there were back offices and living quarters, or he simply slipped past the Kumo guards without them noticing. But he doubted the former was the case. He knew where all the eyes on the building were and they were practically everywhere. Every inch and corner of the building was being watched, no way someone made it out of there without being noticed.

Turning away from the window and moving back towards the door where the older individual still stood, Nobunaga would state "Notify the other's that I am going in." The old man grunted and said "Dunno what those folks told you but we're not allowed to back you up. We're only here as watch dogs." Pausing at the door with his hand on the handle, Nobunaga's stern gaze would fall upon the man, his head shifting to only slightly glance at him. "I wont be needing it." With that, he was swing open the door, not allowing the man another response before shutting it behind him.

Descending down to ground level, Nobunaga would traverse the close knit buildings and back alleys of the neighboring streets before making into the clearing and heading strait for the front door. There was a back door but it was being guarded. There were two individuals smoking, drinking and shooting the shit, pretending to be casual civilians or workers taking their stuff outside and just hanging around. But it was clear they were guards and Nobunaga's was not going to start a commotion before he could more accurately locate Kira's exact location. So the front door it was. Maybe if he was lucky, someone with Kira's description would be sitting right out in one of the bar booths, easily positioned and located for Nobunaga to take him out. But these things never worked that way.

Stepping through the doors, the cloaked figure would walk right into the bar, closing the door behind him and killing all source of natural light. Now standing tall and unmoving within the gloomy, dimly light bar, the Hiyu instantly noticed all the eyes that set themselves on him. It was not everyone in the bar, some kept to themselves and other continued doing whatever it was they were doing. But there were a few who's crooked gaze fell upon the massive man now standing at the entrance, and it was the gaze of the bartender that remained on him for the longest amount of time. He could not make out the Hiyu. He was not one of the usual clients, but he did not totally look out of place either. His massive, old, weather worn cloak and scarred face practically made fit right in. And the weapon handle poking over his right shoulder was not out of place either for this was a bar that housed criminals, and many open displayed their arms. Warily the bartender's gaze remained fixed on Nobunaga as the Storm Operative took a few steps forward, his eyes glancing over the entire body, scanning every individual in it, every chair, table and mug positioned in it. He would memorize the entire lay out of the building before taking even two steps forward, his Anbu training kicking right into high gear. Kira was not here, and the only other door located in this shit whole was behind the counter of the bar. This was just an affront, a distraction and probably business to launder Kira's criminal doings. The real base of operations was clearly behind that door behind the bar.

The Hiyu would walk right up to the bar and take up a seat positioned exactly in the middle of the counter, almost as if it were waiting for his arrival. A couple of attendees at the bar had their sights fall upon the massive blade now poking out the bottom Nobunaga's cloak and quickly moved away from him, not trusting a man who could even carry and comfortably walk around with such a massive slab of metal on his back. The bar tending aligned himself perfectly with the seated Hiyu, placing both hands on his side of the counter and leaning forward, locking gazes with the stern, unwavering gaze of Nobunaga. He was clearly not afraid. He dealt with criminals every day and knew that he had to protection of Kira therefore the presence of a large new comer was not something that struck him with fear. "What can I get yah, stranger?" Simply put, Nobunaga would say "Kira." Several eyes fell upon him as their hushed speaking now became dead silent. Not everyone heard him but those that did were no longer talking and were looking right at him. The bar tender grunted and said "Never heard of that drink." Playing the fool, obviously. "Where is he?" Nobunaga asked, his stoic gaze piercing through the eyes of the bartender, never wavering. "Do I look like a secretary bud? I dont know where your boyfriend is." Nobunaga figured if this was a criminal bar owned by Kira, this was where criminals would come to do business with him. But perhaps this location was not known to be Kira's main base of operations. "Damn it." He cursed to himself. He wished they had put that in their file briefing. "You've got two options. Bring me to Kira sir." Cackling as he stepped backwards, he would shout "Yeah, order something or piss off."

The bartender started moving down the bar to tend to his other customers and two dismiss the situation, not to draw any more attention to himself but before he even completed his first step, Nobunaga already sprang into action. The storm operative swiftly stood up from his stool, kicking it backwards in the process. Reaching over the counter with just his right hand, the Hiyu grabbed the man at the center of his chest, grabbing hold of his buttoned up shirt. With just his right hand he would violently pull the man over the counter. Sweeping his right foot backwards to now be standing with his left side facing the bar, Nobunaga would pull his arm along his chest and thrust it out to his right side, pulling the bartender along the way. Throwing him across the bar, the bar tender would crash into one of his own tables, settings bits and pieces of wood flying across the room as the poor man yelled out in anguish. The Hiyu had no sympathy for this man. He was a criminal. For all the man was concerned, he was lucky to still be alive.

No longer hiding his chakra for the commotion would surely be heard and draw the attention of those in the back room, Nobunaga would activate his senses and reach out with his mind to feel all of the chakra present in the back room while simultaneously pouncing over the bar, using his left hand on the wood as leverage. Landing on the other side of the bar, Nobunaga's foot would firmly plant itself on the ground while his right foot remained elevated, delivering a side kick right into the metal door. His armored foot would push a dent into it before knocking it right off of its hinges and sending it flying into the next room. Sliding across the floor a couple of feet ahead of him, Nobunaga would burst into the room, his right hand on his sword ready to act. The room was fairly small with several doors to the sides and one at the back. A the center was a table, within a group of men sitting around discussing whatever it was criminals discussed when saving a failing syndicate was concerned. One man at the table was clearly Kira and the second Nobunaga's eyes caught sight of him he moved into action. As they were turning to face the intruder, Nobunaga's legs bents, his muscles twitched, his sword unhooked, all getting ready to go in for the kill.

But there was one chakra signature Nobunaga did not detect, one that was purposefully being hidden for he was a guard, a guard that happened to be stationed right to Nobunaga's left, beside the door that once stood where it did before being kicked down. The Hiyu's glance shifted to his left in surprise, noticing the man was once he felt the pressure of his massive hand on the left shoulder pad of his armor. With strength rivaling that of his own, Nobunaga would be hurled across the room right towards the back door. The armored projectile that was the Hiyu would slam right into the door, bursting out the other side and crashing into the not too far brick wall of the neighboring building. Hitting the wall with his back and crash landing on the floor on his left side, Nobunaga would grunt in pain the two guards positioned there were startled out of their conversation but the sudden arrival of the Hiyu. Swiftly looking upwards, he would catch a glimpse of Kira and his men pushing over the table and opening a trap door that had been hidden underneath it. "Get him!" Kira shouted to the man that launched Nobunaga out the door before being the last one to jump into the trap door, clearly attempting to make his escape. There was no way the other Kumo shinobi who were watching the building would be able to see Kira making his escape. They had no eyes underground, and since all they could do was watch, they were not allowed to come onto the scene and follow the target. That meant it was all up to Nobunaga.

The two guards to his left quickly got up on their feet and brandished tiny blades that were hidden underneath their clothing. But it was not them that Nobunaga was focused on. It was the other guard, the one within who had thrown him out and who was not making his way towards the doorless entry. Slowly raising to his feet, now in a slightly crouched position at half his height, before the man who threw him outside made it there, the two other guards pounced into action. They were fast, probably as skilled as a Chuunin, however Nobunaga was ready and acted accordingly. The first one who reached him swung the blade he held horizontally. A killed swing, one aimed to slice the Hiyu neck. Ducking right under it, Nobunaga would slightly lean to his right, putting his strength in his left foot as he rotated his hips to the right and delivered and left hook right into the side of the mans abdomen. With all his strength, Nobunaga's punch would tear through the mans muscles and almost puncture a hole in his body. That blow alone was enough to take him out of the fight but the Hiyu finished with a raising uppercut with his other hand, smashing the guard under his chin, chattering hit teeth, knocking him out and sending him flying backwards into a pile of trash bags. The neck man, with a slightly longer blade swung it from a lower position upwards, one that would slice right through the bottom of the Hiyu's chin, into his mouth, up his nasal cavity and through his brain. But, before the blade reached even blade level, Nobunaga bent his right knee, raising his leg up to his waist and thrusted it at a 45 degree angle towards the ground. The sole of his foot would slam right into the mans hand, shattering his fingers and knocking the weapon out of his grasp for his could no longer clench his fingers. The kick would cause the man to stumble forward, his forward momentum still carrying him towards Nobunaga. Taking a step forward and raising his left knee, Nobunaga would smash it right into the center of the guards face, shattering his nose with his plated knee and knocking him out entirely.

His limp body would rag doll to the ground when Nobunaga felt the air part ways from the direction of the bar. Swiftly, he would turn his body sideways and lean backwards, positioning his body to avoid the incoming object. From within the bar a projectile came soaring from within aimed strait at the Hiyu. Having successfully avoided it, it smashed into the brick wall behind him, tightly lodging itself in its side. The long wooden handle of whatever weapon was thrown at him was now sticking out of the wall as its master came barreling out the door strait towards the Hiyu. Swiftly, with his back already facing away from the wall after having dodged the projectile, Nobunaga would pounce backwards, avoiding the mans bull rush. But it was not just a bull rush meant to smash Nobunaga for despite having missed, the man was now standing at the location of his projectile protruding from the wall. With two massive hands he grabbed onto the wooden stuck and in one swift powerful motion pulled it out, spun around and swung for the Hiyu. With junks of brick and cement shooting every, Nobunaga reacted as swiftly as he possibly could, Grabbing a hold of his massive great sword, he swung it over his right shoulder, cutting through his cloak and bringing the flat of the blade before his body. Placing the palm of his left hand against the back flat part of the sword, he would block the mans swing. Despite that, the force was strong enough to knock him backwards, sliding a couple of feet but still standing up right.

Moving his blade out of the way and rotating it so that the point was down near his right foot and the sharp side of the blade was now facing both him and his enemy, Nobunaga grabbed the bandaged wrapped handle with two hands, ready to act and now being able to get a better look at his enemy. He wore no shirt, revealing his chizzled and tattooed frame, taller and bigger than Nobunaga, which explained how he was able to throw him out of the room, sword and armor included. In his hands, he held a weapon smaller but no less destructive than Nobunaga's. It was a long, sturdy, thick piece of wood with a massive chunk of metal attached to the end of it, making a crude yet effect hammer not many people would effectively be able to wield. Glancing towards the inside of the bar for a split second, the Hiyu would grunt, thinking to himself in the process "Damn it." Kira was making his escape while he had to deal with this. Although only mere seconds had passed since Kira jumped into the tunnel, he was a criminal of Jounin skill which meant he was probably quite fast. Those few seconds that already passed were desperate seconds, ones Nobunaga needed to make up for.

The brute of a man that was his enemy caught Nobunaga's glance to the side and used that opportunity to spring into action. With the hammer raised above his head he pounced towards, aiming to crush Nobunaga's skull in and flatten it like a pancake. The Hiyu could have easily maneuvered around the cumbersome movements of his enemy, ran down the tunnel and avoided this confrontation and although he was faster than his target, that only meant he would be chasing after the Hiyu which meant he would have to deal with him at one point or another. So why not now? Tightening his grip on the handle of his lowered sword, the Hiyu would send a flow of chakra through his weapon, coating the slab of metal that was his blade in a stream of chakra. Shifting the position of his blade so that the butt was momentarily facing his charging opponent, he would slide his left foot sideways and viciously swing his blade upwards from right to left. The two weapon would clash and an epic blow of sheer strength. Nobunaga may have potentially been outmatched when it came to a strength contest, but his weapon was far superior to the hammer being wielded by his opponent. The two metals would clash with one another and the massive great sword would cleave right through the brick of metal attached to the head of the hammer. The sharpness of his sword, no thanks to the added chakra was too great for the blunt force of the hammer and slice clean through it. The now shortened hammer would harmlessly thud off of Nobunaga's chest while while his sword continued on his upwards path, 2 feet of its tip slice right through the mans face, Nobunaga's leg continuing to slide forward as he bent and descended his right knee to the ground to gain some leverage in his swing. He could be feel and hear his blade cut clean through the mans flesh and bone, sending a splattering stream of blood shooting into the sky. Before the man's corpse had time to fall lifeless on its back, the Hiyu already dashed into the building and jumped down into the hidden passage way. All that mattered now was catching his target.

Simultaneously reaching out with his chakra sensing skill as he landed down into the hidden passage way, the Hiyu would catch the signature's of those who were ahead of him. Because only mere moments had passed, they were not too far ahead, still within a reasonable distance. The tunnel was about 10 feet high but only several feet wide, just enough space for one person to fit. That meant that the individuals running ahead of him were single file with Kira at the head since Nobunaga had noticed he jumped in first. Maneuvering his sword to point directly ahead of him, the tip point strait down the tunnel, Nobunaga would grab the handle of his sword with both hands and raise it to chest level. With arms fully outstretched, his six foot something sword perfectly parallel to the ground, Nobunaga would pull it in towards himself, tucking the handle under his right arm before before thrusting it forward with all of his might and taking a step forward. As his arms reached half of their full extension, in the blink of an eye, the Hiyu would completely vanish from site. His entire body and everything in his possession would transmute into a single, thing bolt of lighting. With a single flash of light emanating through the tunnel, he would dash down the tunnel. In mere moments, before they even realized what just happened at the other end of the tunnel, the Hiyu had reformed, now standing several feet behind the last positioned person. The momentum of his step forward and thrust would continue as if never interrupted, moving at full speed with the entirety of Nobunaga's strength behind it. The tip of his great sword would pierce right through the back of the person before him, slicing clean through his spine, bursting out the other side of his chest and doing the exact same to the person who was running ahead of the first victim. The 6ft blade would impale both of them, slicing right through the spine and instantly ending their life.

Their screams of anguish would alert Kira who was ahead of the pack and was just out of reach from the tip of Nobunaga's blade. He would come to a sliding halt and turn around to see his two allies hanging lifeless on the very same blade that was used to strike down the Rokubi. "What the fuck is that?" He shouted, now turning to fully face his assailant. Considering how fast he closed the gap between them, Kira knew he'd have to momentarily stand his ground if he was going to make it out of this one alive. In one swift, jerk motion, the Hiyu would pull his sword backwards, sliding it out of the two bodies and letting them fall to the ground. Now, the the final show down was about to happen, underground in this tight tunnel. The two of them stood apart, about ten feet of space separating them. No words were spoken for they both knew what was about to go down.

With the formation of zero hand seals being made, Nobunaga began to sense a massive build up of chakra from within Kira's chest cavity. He knew instantly that something big was coming and the speed at which the chakra was formulating would not give the Hiyu enough time to strike down his target before the jutsu was released. Instinctively, Nobunaga's armor would begin to spread, as if it had a mind of its own, it would grow and stretch out across his body, slither across his flesh and fully covering his body to protect him against the incoming attack. Without a moments notice, the chakra was expelled forth from Kira's mouth, taking the form of a raging fire the spread freely, climbing up the walls of the tunnel and rushing across the ground, the flames taking up the entirety of the tunnel. Fully cloaked in his armor, the Hiyu swiftly would place his sword vertically with the flat of the blade facing the raging fire which soon consumed Nobunaga. The flames would smash right into him and continue its forward path of vicious destruction. The rushing torrent of fire would head all the way down the tunnel, following its path till it got to the hidden opening and exploded outwards, causing the bar to erupt into a fiery mess, the whole things exploding into smithereens.

Being entire engulfed by the flames, Kira would be unable to see what Nobunaga was doing. Although he could sense him, the Hiyu was not moving, as if he were being scorched alive by the powerful flames of the criminal before him. However, since the flames slammed into his sword first, he was able to absorb half of the chakra in the flames that actually came near him, reducing both their strength and intensity. Keeping his sword up before him acting as a shield, Nobunaga would pounce forward, bursting forth through the flames like a gallant hero, smashing the flat of his blade into Kira and he collided right into him. Causing the jutsu to cease, with embers still licking both his sword and armor, Nobunaga would cease this moment to bring this farce to an end. Having smashed into Kira Nobunaga created a lit but of space between the two, knocking him backwards and causing him to lose his foot. Using this newly created space, Nobunaga would swiftly twist the handle of his sword so that the bladed part of the weapon was now facing Kira. With his hands above the blade, Nobunaga would pull the handle in towards him and downwards, causing the tip of the blade to arch upwards towards the ceiling. With this single vicious movement, the blade would catch the off guard criminal as he was stumbling backwards. The blade would cut clean through Kira, separating his body in two as if this were some Mortal Kombat finisher. The tip of Nobunaga's blade would plunge itself into the ceiling, embedding itself into the rick as he watched through the slits in his skull shaped helmet, the corpse of Kira slide into two pieces and topple to the ground.

Like the stone cold killer he had just shown himself to be, the Hiyu would forcibly pull his sword out of the ceiling and rotate the blade over his right shoulder, clipping it back to the hook located on the back of his breast plate. Not knowing where the other end of the tunnel ended, the Hiyu would slowly turn around to face the stretch of tunnel he had just come from. Still engulfed in flames, like the demon he appeared to be, he would step right into them, protected by his full body of armor as he headed back towards the entrance. By the time he got to the secret entrance, it was covered by broken wood, brick, cement and all other kinds of debris from the place having blown up. But with the help of his superior strength and the protection of his armor, Nobunaga would push him way through, pushing through the rubbish in his way and poking through like a reanimated zombie. Suiton user's had already made their way to the seen, quenching the flames that were slowly beginning to lick their way up neighboring villages. When they saw the demon cloak Nobunaga appear, they all thought it was the enemy and got ready to attack, but the old man was once the scene as well and he noticed the great sword hooked to his back. He was able to get the others to halt their attack just as Nobunaga's armor began to retreat back to its original state. "What the fuck happened? Did you manage to get him?" Begining to step his way through the uneven footing of all the materials still on fire, Nobunaga would respond, never looking at the grizzled vet "Aye, you can find his corpse at the bottom of that tunnel."

Leaving the congregation of shinobi and flaming heap of shit that was the bar, he would begin to make his way down the street, heading back towards the barracks and his quarters. On his way there, once he left the slums and the more dangerous parts of the village, he would encounter a few familiar faces. The two villager elders and their posey of bodyguards stood before the ash and dirt covered storm operative, blocking his way down the street. Stopping several feet in front of them, his stern gaze would fall on the elder lady at the center of the back, saying not a word as they gazed at each other for a few moments. "You have done a village a great service my friend." Not knowing exactly how they knew he had been successful in his mission, the Hiyu would remain silent, wanting to know why once more they had interrupted him. "You have helped the village take a huge step forward and cleansing itself from the filth that is the criminal underworld which plagues us. What you have done here will not be forgotten." "Hmmm" Grunted the Hiyu as he stepped forward, forcing his way through the group and continuing down the road. He was still vexed that they had taken his Genin team away.

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