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Part-Time Job Empty Part-Time Job

Thu Mar 01, 2018 5:17 pm
Today starts a special period  in Allegro’s development as a ninja. It was a warm early morning the sun had just started to peak over the horizon in the distance. The sun was definitely going to be bright today. Our star, Allegro was already dressed, looking prepared for a long trip. He wore his usual garb: A robe with long droopy sleeves a black pants that reached his calves. He wore ninja scroll holster on his back to store all his literature while on the go. He also wore a sense of determination on his face. He was heading towards the village gates, smoothy passing through the flow of traffic in the village. He especially liked to take the urban route on his days off from missions, training, and the like. He was now well acquainted with many villagers, particularly the shop owners and tradesmen. He bought and sold, and even invested in markets, slowly fortifying the small business economy in Konoha. He had come to work about 10 different part time jobs outside of being a full-time Leaf ninja. These were all sorts of oddball jobs: nightclub/brothel bookeeper, festival performer, ninja shop operations, stock keeping, street entertainer, etc etc. One could say Allegro was very active in the community and was very skilled at doing what he loved and making some money from it. 

When he reached the gates of the village, which seemed to swing wide open just for him, the sun touched his dark brown skin. The look of gumption in his eyes would be enough to inspire anyone who met his gaze to live their best life. He was on a mission. Not an official one, no. But a personal mission. He was setting a course to Tanzaku Town, the economical pride and joy of the Fire Country. It was said to be the only town in all the nations to have the economic prosperity of a major village without the need of a shinobi government force. And what would the young Uzumaki have any business doing there, exactly? Well that was obvious. He was going to hone his skills a business man.

He hit the old dusty trail heading outside the village and outward into the greater beyonds of the Fire country. It was a particularly peaceful time in the village because the shinobi from the Mist Village that were once occupying Konoha had recently left. The air of animosity had finally left as if a thick mist cleared up. Allegro was deciding to use this time of peace to his leisure and would use it to become smarter. He had an ambition, you see. To be the biggest and brightest star in the world. He was not quite sure of how to do that. Pop stars were not exactly frequent in the shinobi era. However, that didn’t deter our dread locked friend. He gathered through the powers of common sense that the individuals gain fame and notoriety through several different mediums: prowess as a shinobi, like the Hokage, or the Sannin. Or there was the fame that came with having a lot of wealth and/or power. Allegro thought either of those options were fine. But he wanted to achieve his fame a different way. He wanted the world to love his music.

The trees and forest grew less and less dense the further Allegro traveled. He passed a river where the fish were so abundant, they fought with each other for some space in the river. He waited until the timing was perfect, and then used his senbon to pick two whole fish fresh from the river. They were each about the size of his arm, now nailed to the trunk of a tree, flopping their last few flops of life left. He started a camp fire and roasted the fish. By the time they had a golden brown color, he whisked the fish carcasses away from the flame’ reach and blew on them until they were cool. They were perfectly seasoned, and tender to the touch. The prickly bones were exposed and flesh torn away in an instant. Allegro’s stomach was full, and he threw dirt in the campfire to put it out and keep walking. He continued the long stretch of path through the forestry and wildlife while reading a book.

The book was interesting; it detailed the greatest Hokage to ever lead Konoha, and member of the Uzumaki Clan. He read about his mastery of the shadow clone technique, the rasengan, and his mastery of senjutsu. He even read about the Tailed Beast within the man, and how he came to be a jinchuuriki of not just one, but all 9 Tailed Beats through the use of Uzumaki Fuinjutsu. What interested him the most about the novel, however, was what an exemplary leader he was. Allegro wanted the same thing for himself. His music would speak volumes on his behalf, and would fill the hearts of anyone who heard it. He wanted to have the power to make his enemies see the light, make the sick well again, and even unite the nations. He eventually set up another camp site and read the book until he fell asleep. He woke up in the middle of afternoon and could see his destination on the horizon. He got excited and scurried down the hilly sections of the forest. 

Tanzaku town was busy and loud, and it hurt Allegro’s sensitive ears. he put on his headphones and walked down the street. There were villagers running frantically about, making trade deals and the sort. Allegro could not help but smile, he could almost smell the Ryo in their hands. There were also men in suits and high fashion clothing all around on the top balconies and inns. They were the wealthiest men and women from all across the nations to do the same thing. Gamble. Allegro knew the art of gambling all too well. That was how his late mother spent most of her earnings as a cutthroat mercenary, leaving their entire family in deep poverty. He knew gambling to be a sickness worse than alcohol addiction or a stab from a poison blade. He studied individuals as they decided what to do with their investments, their capital. Allegro had to learn how to spend the money he made from his missions wisely. He followed one especially wealthy looking big wig into a building, but was stopped by a security guard at the door. Allegro slipped into the back alley and climbed into a third story window vertically up the wall thanks to the surface walking technique. He weaseled his way through several hallways and past several security guards before he finally caught his eyes on the same rich man from before. The man sat amongst a crowd of other bidders. He had stumbled into some kind of grand arena. Betting on human death matches. 

Allegro grabbed a cloak that was hung off the back of someone’s chair and wore it to better conceal himself. His bright red dreadlocks seemed to sometimes attract attention to himself. The crowd around him started cheering frantically. Allegro looked to the center of the arena to see what all the hullabaloo was about. Whatvever event that was taking place here was just about to start. A man appeared from a cloud of smoke and grabbed hold of a classic looking microphone that dangled from the  ceiling. He spoke majestically about the famed Tanzaku Town and its flourishing environment that invites the wealthiest highest caliber of society. The entertainment for the evening would consist of a symbol of their collective narcissism. They would bet money on two members of the lower economic class who have  failed at their trades and have accrued an immense debt. How cruel. The crowd around the genin did not seem to mind, though. They were cheering and screaming, demanding for the gladiators of the Broke and Hungry Games. 

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Welcome to Round one of the Broke And Hungry Games! Today in the blue corner, we have our very first challenger, the man who dared to borrow from the mafia and did not return it in full! with the associated interest! He begged for his life like a teenage girl, but instead was granted the chance to fight for his life. How noble.”

Allegro quickly learned that even a legendary town like Tanzaku town had a dark underground scene. It was hard to be this successful financially without doing at least a few shady deals. Allegro wondered if there was an exception. Was there no business person who would not resort to slimy back alley deals and illegal business practices? Before he could get too deep into thought, the challenger came into sight. A large gate lifted in the Blue corner and a shrewd middle age man was pushed out. He was in utter shambles, he had clearly been tortured just hours before being dragged to this stadium. He wore a tattered collared shirt and ripped slacks. He dragged his bare feet to the center of the arena before tripping and falling to his knees. He was cursing the mafia to his last breathe. He was apparently not remorseful about not returning the money. Stealing from criminals was justice according to his ideology. The crowd would soon see how well that would work out for him in a moment while the gate in the red corner began to unlock. From the depths of the red corner came 3 overly muscular men with masks that looked like bulls/oxen. One held a large mace with spikes, and another held a giant war hammer. the final one had metal knuckles with sharp blades at their tips. They were the Ox Triplets, the executioners of this arena. They were rumored to be undefeatable in the ring, and that going up against them meant certain death. Allegro looked onward in disgust, reminded of the savagery that his own family practiced for thrills. Such primal entertainment was beneath him, as it was completely unartistic. 

“Annnnnnnnnd in the Red Corner, our undefeated champions, the Demonic Trinity, the Bringers of Death and Darkness. Moe, Beaux, and Joe, the orphan brothers said to be the spawn bastard children of the devil himself. The devil of the drug trade industry, Mr Taurus, that is!  That’s right, its none other than the Ox Triplets!!!!”

The crowd was getting so loud, his ears began to hurt, even with his headphones on. He tried to move closer to the ground floor and away from the nosebleed seats, which is where the more obnoxious patrons tend to sit. The fight was commenced once the challenger was allowed to select a weapon out of an assortment of tools and weapons for killing. He chose a plain sword. Allegro could respect that. The outcome would be unchanged though. Upon drawing the sword, the trio of burly men cloaked in all black made their move. They kicked the civilian around, not even using their over sized weapons yet. They were toying with him to give the audience a show. At a close listen, Allegro could hear members of the audience raising their wagers on the Ox Trio. It was without surprise that the rich found a way to get even richer off the exploitation of the less fortunate. The indentured contestant found the will to stand up once again, his sword just barely in his hand. He stopped the tremble in his grip around the hilt of the sword and cursed the trio of men, and the entire arena for that matter, before charging in for one final blow. The merciless warriors moved simultaneously in attempt to counter. The mace wielding triplet drove his weapon upward in an uppercut to set the skinny man directly into the air. His sword flew across the stadium and buried itself in the ground just a few meters from where Allegro was standing. As the man rose into the air, the triplet with the hammer was there to meet him. He slammed the poor guy into the ground with the mighty pound of his hammer, shattering the earth beneath him slightly. Lifted the hammer to reveal the man’s shattered figure. Almost every bone in his body was shattered, and yet there were still whispers of life leaving his mouth. “Fuck you guys.” He said with his dying breathes. The third and final giant with the knuckle blades grabbed him by the hair on his head and displayed him like a trophy for all to see before severing his head with the blade on his right hand. The squeamish looked away in fear, but Allegro looked on with closed fists and gritted teeth. He knew this was not right. 

There was a mix of celebration and despair among the crowd. He wondered who had been stupid enough to bid in favor of the broke borrower. Allegro thought he had seen his fill of what was going on here, and decided it was time to leave. He turned his back, but would soon be forced to turn back around to face the arena. His ears twitched after hearing who the announcer was introducing next. Everyone in the crowd was animated with excitement for the blood fight except for Allegro, who stood motionless. The blue gate slowly creeps open releasing the next victim. An small, elderly man was regurgitated from the depths of the Blue gateway with excessive force. He struggled to rise to his feet with a wooden cane, only to be roughly greeted by the loud and obnoxious MC.

“And just like that, ladies and gentlemen, we are in ROUND 2 of the Broke and Hungry Games!! Next up, is Challenger #2. John Combs, a 5 star restaurant owner who refused to pay illegal tax in exchange for mafia protection. He took matters into his own hands and killed two mafia goons in self defense. Now he’s here, sentenced to a raw and savage death at the hands of our champions, The OX BROTHERS!”

Even the announcer’s loud voice faded to silence in the leaf genin’s head. His eyes were trained solely on the old man rising to meet his untimely fate. There was a look of regret on his face, like he had something left to protect and nurture. Something or someone to return to. Allegro thought it was pretty messed up to harass, extort, and then kill of the local merchants and business owners whom had just been trying to make a living for their families. It was their contributions to the economy of Tanzaku town that helped make it such a rich market for trade. And yet all the citizens in the crown were jeering at him, egging on the giants to tear him limb from limb. For humans, this audience was not very humane at all. Joe, Moe, and Beaux started to approach the old man, brandishing their weapons for another killing. Allegro was not a politician by nature, but his boy moved on its own. He could not stand idle; there was something about that man that told him to act. By the time the genin vanished from his spot in the crowd, the Trio were lowering their weapons on the old man, raining down a swift and yet painful death, and causing a crash and explosion of earth and dust into the surrounding air.

Allegro would jump out of that cloud of smoke with the old man in his arms. Just in the nick of time. The boy came to a skidding stop and gingerly let the old man stand on his own before turning to face the giants cloaked in black. There was a murmur of confusion in the crowd, and some even boo’d at the realization that the old man had not been maimed. The MC hyped up the sudden appearance of a red haired defender who had appeared to take the place of the old man in this fight. He was literally just running with it, he had no idea who Allegro was. The boy tilted his head to the side, flexing and cracking the bone in his neck. The stadium lights glinted off of his shinobi headband, attracting the attention of some of the bigwigs in the audience. The MC had convinced the audience that old man John Combs had enough money stashed away to illegally hire a Konoha Shinobi. Allegro cauhght the gaze of the old man still shaking in his own boots behind him. He did not seem to understand why the boy had stuck his neck out for him.

“Hey Old man. You own a 5 star restaurant right? So you know a lot about business, marketing, finance, and all that jazz? Really? Well that’s music to my ears! Right then, you won’t be needing the protection from these criminals anymore. I’ll take it from here!”

A wave of pressure fell over the entire stadium as the soft spoken ninja commanded the room with his demeanor. The Ox men were enthralled in the commotion Allegro was making. The audience had started cheering Allegro on instead of showering the triplets with their applause and cheer. This drove them insane, and the three sprinted in Allegro’s direction in a blind rage. Allegro responded by sliding 10 senbon from his sleeves, 5 in each hand. He fired three at the giant with the mace. The needles stabbed through his feet, causing him to fall to his knees and his brothers pass him by. Allegro launched 5 more, striking the giant with the hammer strategically along his left and right arms. The second twin would soon find his grip on the hammer loosening as he held it over his head poised to hammer down on Allegro and the old man. The hammer fell directly down onto the giants head, knocking him down. What came next, Allegro could not stay idle for. He grabbed the elderly man with one arm and lifted the both of them into the air as a sharp blade chopped horizontally in the area they used to be in. The third and final triplet swung his knuckle blades frantically, following the duo in the air by walking vertically up the wall. It seems that even they had basic ninjutsu at their disposal. Missing ninja, perhaps. Allegro clashed blades with the giant, just barely keeping up with his overbearing strength and the old man in his left hand. Their difference in strength sent Allegro and the old man flying towards the center of the arena, dust rising up into a cloud and he can sliding to a stop with his feet, the old man still unscathed. 

The Uzumaki looked up from his perched position throw his dreads with an intense expression on his face. The three giants had risen to their feet and were coming for round two. Allegro used the unsettled dust cloud around him as a chance to hid the old man. He threw his cloak over the man, gesturing for him to keep quiet. He then sped off to meet with the trio of pursuants. He traded fists and blades, occasionally getting knocked off his feet by the power of one of their mighty blows. This went on for several moments, slowly wearing the genin down to the losing end of the fight. Allegro stood on one knee panting as the brutes came running towards him. Allegro found the will to keep moving and crammed out four hand seals. He inhaled a large breathe and then expelled a super sonic stream of sound that shook the entire underground arena. The sound completely overpowered the buzz of the crowd and the conical sound beams hit the three giants like a brick wall. The three of them held their ground and inched forward towards Allegro. He understood that he needed more power to overtake them and cranked it up a notch in power. He persisted with the jutsu until it reached his full power with it. By the time the jutsu stopped, the giants would be completely deaf, and possibly bleeding from the ears. One out of the three brothers was down for the count thanks to the sound wave technique. It was the brother with the hammer.

The other two sought to avenge their brother by surrounding Allegro and readying their gigantic weapons to strike. He weaved the signs for a substation technique before swapping places with the metal hammer the fallen giant had left behind. Allegro left two explosive tags on either side of the hammer so that they would detonate when the remaining two brothers struck the hammer thinking it was the genin. Allegro would appear standing over the hammer giant as the explosion detonated in a fiery cloud of smoke. All in the crowd were in awe, and the MC was screaming at the top of his lungs, as per usual. 

“Ahhhh?! I cannot believe it! For the very first time, our underworld champions, the Ox Triplets have been defeated! And by some kid, at that! This has…never really happened before. I’m not sure what to do”

The crowd cheered for the new champion while some had a look of anger on their faces. Those were clearly the ones who had gambled in favor of the giants. Allegro returned to the old man  hidden under the cloak now that the coast was clear for the moment. He escorted him out of the arena as fast as he could, before the mafia affiliated members in the crowd got any funny ideas. It was only after he had made a flashy escape with a smoke bomb did a group of men barrel out a ton of money, gold, and jewelry. This was Allegro’s prize winnings for besting the underworld champions. How unlucky for him to forget it there.

The genin led the old man back to his restaurant, located deep in the heart of Tanzaku town. It was a pretty swanky place; patrons came dressed in suits and evening gowns and all that jazz. He carried the old man to his back office where they both had time to calm down and get situated. The genin boiled a pot of tea and poured a cup for the man, who was now sitting on the floor with his cain laid by his side. He stroked his beard as he contemplated how he would thank the genin for all of his help. He had plenty of time to think over what the genin had asked of him back in the arena. This kid had an interest in managing a shop of his own some day. He just needed someone to show him the ropes. The old man, when he was finally ready, spoke to  his savior. Allegro, soft spoken as ever sat across from the old man tending to his injuries without saying a word.

“Hey kid. I just wanted to say thanks for helping me out back there. Those mafia bastards have been giving me trouble ever since I opened up. You see, it had always been my dream to run and operate my very on world class kitchen. One that people travel all over the world to eat my food. I wanted it to become famous. And it did, for a while. Thats when those bastards showed up. They started shaking me down and destroying restaurant property when i refused to pay their ‘protection tax’. Can you imagine? The nerve of those fools. Anyway, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sticking around for a while. maybe I can hire you as a body guard”

The boy listened to the man’s story. That cleared up a lot of the questions that was running through his mind since he was standing in the crowd watching the fight. He played with his dreads for a while, pondering the new information he had received. The old man kinda just stared on awkwardly, wondering why the boy all of a sudden did not speak. Finally Allegro shook his head no, refusing the old man’s offer. The man looked shocked at first, but soon realized that Allegro was not finished. He gestured with his hands in a way that implied that what the old man was suggesting was illegal. He had recalled what the announcers had said in the arena when the genin entered the scene. The private contracting of village shinobi was illegal and warranted death to both factions involved. That was the last thing any of them needed. Still though, Allegro thought the offer was very tempting. He would be in the mix of one of Tanzaku towns most successful restaurants and he would be able to pick up on all the management skills the old man could offer. But there has to be a loophole somewhere.

The restaurant soon opened as usual and guests started flooding in for their reservations. The old man looked out the window of his corner office to oversee his restaurant’s operations. Allegro noticed a small stage from through the window with a  microphone set up, but no one on it. Allegro rose to his feet with excitement. He had an idea. Without alerting the manager, Allegro rushed out of the office and into the busy restaurant. The manager got worried and followed him. What was the kid up to? Allegro calmly walked up to the stage where a spot light soon found him. The restaurant had a soft buzz of chatter and dim lighting. This was quite the swanky place. Allegro summoned his acoustic guitar from his scroll, bringing a cloud of smoke with it. That started to get some of the audiences attention.What came next, was a soft strum of the guitar that seemed to emit a comforting wave throughout the entire shop. He continued with a series of intricate chords and notes to create a mellow vibe. The patrons turned around in their seats to see Allegro play. It was probably the only thing besides their food good enough to keep their attention. When his piece was finally over with he received a standing ovation from the entire crowd. The old man was among them, giving a dramatic slow clap and looking him dead in the eye from the other side of the building. Those two had a mutual understanding  of how they could see to the restaurant’s continued safety.

And so, the two agreed that Allegro would be hired as a part time employee of the restaurant. His job title? Allegro was the restaurants resident musician, tasked with helping to set the mood for the restaurant and in most cases attract a larger crowd. Since his employment, Allegro had helped the restaurant do exceedingly well, largely because the owner could charge more because he now had live entertainment. The boy was recieving minimum wage, but the smile on his face every time he clocked in was proof that he did not care about the money. He made more on his ninja missions anyway. What really gave the job value to the boy was the fact that he got to play his beautiful music, and the fact that he was the shop owner’s understudy. He was slowly learning everything it took to run a shop from open to close. He would study hard and take notes each night, staying past closing time with the shop owner. The two had built a very close bond with each other, trading stories and adventures, and even going on a few of their own. They often times left the restaurant to gather food ingredients or new decorations to make the interior and exterior more appealing to the public. It turns out that there was a lot more to running a shop than Allegro initially thought. The two often times ventured to the World Library located not too far from Tanzaku town to research more business methods that would improve their revenue. The library was huge beyond imagination, and there were way too many books to read. However, he was never the type to shy away from a challenge.

The biggest challenge came one day after the restaurant closed for the evening and the very last of the patrons were just about to leave. Allegro was sweeping the restaurant floor diligently so he could get to his next business lesson. Even though it was pretty late at night, he old man had promised Allegro that they would burn the midnight oil and go to the World Library to study. They were interrupted however when a few poorly dressed goons barged into the restaurant. They explained that their boss didn’t like how successful they were becoming without paying tax to him. By their logic, it is by his grace that the restaurant is even allowed to function, and that should be incentive enough for the old man to pay. The old man clenched his fist, but then turned around to get the safe from his back office, where all the money was located. Allegro, still sweeping in the corner and observing the entire encounter could see the old man’s resolve to pay up. He did not want any harm coming to the store that he invested so much time and love into. Allegro could now relate to that feeling, now that he knows what its like to labor and sweat just so the shop could stay afloat. Allegro could feel the old man’s pain and burden. He let go of the broom, allowing it to drop to the floor. By the time the broom did touch the floor, Allegro would appear directy in between the hoodlums demanding compensation. A few brief chops and knees to the gut later, Allegro stood over the fools, silent as usual. He pointed to the door, making his demands quite clear to the men who had overstayed their welcome. They ran out the door, swearing and promising that this was not their last encounter. Allegro helped the old man to take a seat with a warm smile on his face. As promised, no harm would come to this restaurant so long as he was an employee here.

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Thu Mar 01, 2018 5:40 pm
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Part-Time Job Empty Re: Part-Time Job

Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:44 pm
Part-Time Job Kassim10

Allegro had spent months bouncing back between missions and working for the old one legged man that ran the finest restaurant in all of Tanzaku town. By day, he fulfilled his missions and training with Kinzoku sensei, Higuto kun, and Jason kun, and by night he would come dressed in clean and sharp clothing to serve as the restaurants live entertainment. He would play his guitar in the limelight and sing with the power to captivate the entire town from that little stage of his. He typically never even needed a microphone, thanks to his ninjutsu ability. His trick was using a minute version of his signature Sound Wave Technique, in which he funnels chakra into the voice box in his throat and amplifies the sound. It would give everyone the appearance that the boy who rarely even spoke at all to be hiding a loud and booming voice the entire time. Many who knew him grew to respect that about him. He was the type of man who did not speak often, but when he did, it had immense purpose and intent behind it. It was also a plus that occasionally when this rare event does occur, it was with Allegro’s angelic singing voice. 

There was however, a second part to his job here. You see, the restaurant is only usually open towards the evening part of any given day. This allowed for an ambience of romance to take the room. It was a place couples, celebrants, and VIP’s gathered to celebrate intimate moments, and it was hight class and expensive at that. Allegro had long since marveled over the marketing genius behind the concept since he started working here. However, there was a downside to being open so late at night, it was the same time frame that Tanzaku Town’s criminals and shady figures started to creep out. Because this was such a big and popular town, and yet outside of Konohagakure’s jurisdiction, there is no shinobi presence here. The result was a spike in organized and even sporadic crime rates. In this beautiful and yet burdened town, it was not breaking news to hear that a shop, casino, or company had been robbed blind by criminals. In fact, this restaurant that Allegro worked at in particular, was robbed at least once a day at an absolute minimum, That is, until all of that abruptly stopped the day the owner hired a new mysterious security guard. Thats right, from Allegro’s perch on the stage with his fancy acoustic guitar, he could scope out trouble throughout the entire restaurant. With his prowess as a ninja, taking care of the problem was no troublesome task. In fact, it had become quite routine to him, having added it to his daily training regiment.

As the clock struck midnight, a group of swanky men entered the restaurant. There were about three men who looked like the ring leaders, and a about 5 more behind them that looked more like henchmen on steroid food pills. The bosses in front were dressed in gaudy clothing and wore strange flamboyant hats, while the henchmen wore casual clothes fit for combat and large purple ropes as belts. Now obviously, this spectacle would not go unnoticed by every person in the building. However, it was especially noticed by Allegro, who made immediate eye contact without even flinching or missing a single musical note on his guitar. The entourage of men dispersed and stopped in front of tables who’s patrons happened to be very beautiful and loosely dressed women. They were working women, on dates with their clients. And yes, some men do still take women on dates, even if she happens to be an escort. The ringleaders were drawing up a ruckus, trying to shove their egotistic display of power down the throats of all who were within ear shot. “Listen here, bitch. i needs my monies right now, you heard? You been missing for about 2 weeks now. You think this here is a game, Tasha? You better ask somebody about ME!” How distasteful, Allegro thought to himself. These men were pimps. The boy stopped his music and stood to his feet, as he caught the gaze of the shop owner who was quickly approaching the men causing a disturbance. Allegro saw that the old man was concealing a kitchen knife behind his back, his intent to ward them off by any means necessary clear to him. One of the  got so riled up that he rose his hand and attempted to strike one of the patrons in the face with the backside of his hand. 

Allegro’s hair flew skywards as the look on his face smoldered with intensity. He would vanish from sight in a blur of speed as he travelled around restaurant tables, past waiters carrying large trays of food, and even the owner. He stopped his movement right behind the pimp with his hand raised and grabbed him by the wrist to prevent the assault. The pimp’s eyes would widen once he realized what happened and all three pimps would turn to face Allegro. He held the mans wrist in a twisted position as he stood between he and the old man, surprised to see how fast Allegro had responded. Allegro looked back at the old man and smiled, as if to say the situation was all under control. The old man gritted his teeth and warned Allegro. “Listen here Allegro, those aren’t any ordinary men. They are notorious criminals around these parts. They own a chain of entertainment clubs around Tanzaku town and the whole Fire Nation, but underground they have their hands in human trafficking, prostitution, and so many other kinds of shady trades. They have a lot of gang ties and diplomatic immunity, making them almost unstoppable in the streets” Allegro listened carefully, without even slightly loosening his grip on the oddly dressed man before him, The pimps were smiling, pleased with the foreboding introduction they were just given. It was as if they were expecting Allegro to tuck tail and run home after hearing that. That was far from the case. He pushed the man aside with superior strength and emitted an aura that warned them to leave the premises before he got serious. 

“I’m going to have to ask you to please leave. You have interrupted everyone’s quiet evening.”

The criminals looked at him puzzled. Then the lot broke out in laughter. There was a thick tension in the air, and some of the patrons were beginning to rush out of there before things got ugly, not without paying their bill of course. The old man did the same, realizing that even with the knife in his hand, he would only get in Allegro’s way. Plus, he had already seen what a shinobi like Allegro was capable. He chose to have faith in Allegro and cheered him on to wipe the floor with those bad men. The pimps nodded their heads in Allegro’s direction, sending a silent order to the five burly henchmen behind them to waste the Leaf genin. The five were ugly to look at, and appeared to not have much common intelligence. Three of them were bare fisted and were cracking their knuckes as the drew closer to the boy. The remaining two had a set of brass knuckles, one with a serrated blade and the other with sharp spikes on each knuckle. They gave a menacing cackle, clearly confident in their abilities since the odds were five to one. Meanwhile, young Allegro was stretching and warming up as if preparing for a training exercise. He was hoping it would not be as easy as asking them to leave. It had been some time since he had a good fist fight. 

The first opponent approached in a mad dash swinging his bare fists frantically to connect with Allegro’s boy. With swift and calculated movements, the genin dodged the sporadic movements and countered each time with an open palmed strike to the body or directly to the man’s head. He dodged a right hook and Allegro then climbed onto his opponent’s broad shoulders. He wrapped his legs around the man’s throat  and swung his body around so that the momentum would force the giant of a man to the floor, choked by the grip Allegro’s strong legs had on him. His body made a loud thud sound as it dropped to the floor and causes several of the tables to jump and a few wine glasses fell to the floor and shattered. Allegro held the grip until the large man no longer offered any resistance to the taijutsu hold. Allegro then gracefully rose to his feet and accepted his next challenge with a hand gesture. 

The next wave came with two average sized men, but only armed with their fists. Allegro kicked the body of the giant man on the floor towards the approaching men, hoping to interrupt their path. One got caught up in the throw and was pinned down under the unconscious body of his companion. The other man jumped up over the body and went on to trade blows with Allegro. First was an elbow spike to the face, and then two simple taijutsu punches, and he ended the combination with three round house kicks. Allegro blocked the first heady hit with the man’s elbow, and then used his hands to parry the next two punches. Finally, he weaved out of the way of the two of the three round house kicks, but as he went dodge the third, he could see something out of the corner of his eye. the second man was pinned under the first to attack Allegro had freed himself and had just launched a kunai knife at him.  Rather then simply dodging the last kick from the man directly in front of him, he instead grabbed hold of the flying foot and used it to swing the man’s entire body and slam it on the ground below. Immediately after, he leaned backwards dramatically as the flying kunai cut the air just inches away from his face. However, before it got too far away, Allegro grabbled hold of the kana’s handle, stopping it from stabbing an innocent patron who was still on their way out of the building when the fight broke out. Allegro did not want any casualties among the innocent, if possible. The shop owner was facilitating this goal by telling them all that the restaurant was now closed and that they would receive compensation for their inconvenience on their next visit. In one fluid movement, Allegro twirled the kunai on his index finger rapidly before raining down on the man on the floor. The knife embedded itself deep within the guys upper right thigh. His scream was enough to frighten small children and send a chill down your spine. Allegro rose to his feet only to meet a fist in his face. It connected, sending the boy skidding backwards, his feet never leaving the floor.

He cocked his head back to its original position and gave a smoldering scowl at the third man with no weapons. He was attempting to help his friend up, bloody leg and all. Allegro rubbed the dirt from his cheek, now sore from where he had been punched. The feeling invigorated him and the Uzumaki’s blood began to boil for the fun of the sport. With a booming  “~Groovy ~” The genin dashed in for a counter attack. He would not let them rest even for a moment, their punishment for interrupting his meticulously practiced performance was imminent. He planted his two feet deep into the chest of the uninjured man, shooting him backwards and leaving the guy with the kunai in his leg to stumble alone awkwardly. Allegro landed in a handstand and flipped so that he was standing upright once again. When he did so, the injured man with the kunai still lodged deep within his right thigh, possibly even touching bone, stumbled backwards in fear of what would come next from the surprisingly strong genin. Allegro took a step forward and wrapped hold of the knife in the man’s leg. He yanked it out, and blood splattered messily along one of the dinner tables. Allegro looked back at the ruined table and sucked his teeth. Damn it, that would be an extra expense on the old man thanks to these bullies. He would have to remember to ask the old man to take the expenses out of his pay. He never agreed to be compensated for this job anyhow. He was making more than enough through his missions. 

While the man with the leg injury flinches in pain at Allegro’s last action, the other assailant rose from the debris he had been kicked into and was closing in for melee. He launched a horizontal chop followed by an upper cut with the other hand. Allegro would bob and weave, attempting to outmaneuver the brute and allow him to expend his energy. His finishing move was initiated when two long blades of steel elongated from tightly wound bandages on his wrist. That was a dirty surprise, indeed. While the man with the twin wrist blades was recoiling his arms from the first two missed strikes, he would return his arms to their appropriate sides of his body, threatening to cleave Allegro cleanly in two. Allegro, with his hones reaction speed thanks to long hours of training with his speedy comrades Jason and Higuto, had more than enough time to dodge it completely. He launched himself upwards into a backwards somersault, and even though the tip of one of his blood red dreadlocks was shortened by the slice, Allegro was generally unscathed. He then twisted his body in mid air and built the momentum to give a neck breaking kick. The taijutsu kick connects beautifully and he goes tumbling into the growing pile of Allegros defeated enemies. Allegro landed gracefully on the floor and fluidly used his arm strength to flip him topside, much like an acrobatic break dancer.

At this point it was now only two grunts remaining, both with their respective unique knuckle weapons and a pile of unconscious men  to their immediate right. The pimps watched from a distance, visibly frustrated by the futility in their efforts to ruin the old man’s successful restaurant. There was brief moment of silence as the two ninja with knuckle weapons inched closer and closer to the red haired ninja. Allegro assumed his usual fighting stance with his legs spread apart and his left palm extended toward the opponent with his right fist closed next to his head. Chakra began to funnel into his hands . He would need to wrap this up and get these losers out the building without causing any further damage. As much as Allegro would love to give them a sonic blast all the way to the neighboring country, the genin knew he had to execute this in a manner that would lead to the smallest amount of damage and casualties. With that in mind, he flung himself into closed combat. Part of his training focus was becoming strong enough to stand toe to toe with some of the taijutsu specialists among his peers. In the academy, Allegro always shied away from the opportunities to demonstrate his skill in taijutsu. However, as a fuinjutsu specialist, it was something he could no longer afford to be lax in. After all, many seals he was fluent with required some kind of physical contact. Allegro had been meaning to train a skill to overcome that as well. All in due time, I suppose. 

Allegro stepped casually closer and closer towards the men who sought to maim him with fists full of serrated steel or brass spikes. Allegro parried blow after blow, knocking away each threatening blow with his hand. Allegro made sure to contact skin to skin in every interaction, and he made sure to evade in the direction that would position him in their blind spots each time. This would go on and on for a while. Block, Grab, Parry….That was a close one. Allegro was breathing slowly having just hardly broken a sweat. Meanwhile, The men before him were utterly exhausted, that they could barely lift their own arms, let alone there menacing blades of steel and brass. Allegro dispelled his chakra, looking like he just woke up or took a shower. Chakra was restoring his energy. Allegro nodded and signaled for the shop owner to get the door for him. He jumped and laded on his hands, each hand on the shoulder of one of the two remaining henchmen. Allegro let his body fall downward, feet first to touch the ground. Then, he hurled the two men towards the door. The old man had hobbled over there and busted the doors wide open just in time. They hit the dirt path out side and came to a skidding stop, their mouths now full of dirt. Allegro would then toss the other 3, whom were still very much unconscious to join the rest. The old man and his ninja security guard/entertainer stood near the door eyeballing the pimps heavily. This was going to be there last time harassing this place, otherwise it would be their asses that got whooped.

After some profanity, they left, leaving Allegro and the shop owner to clean up the mess. It looks like a disaster in there. The building was now entirely empty, except of course for our two main guys. While allegro cleaned up, the old man tended to the boy’s bruising face. The old man said, “Thanks sonny, I cannot thank you enough for your help around here. I’m giving you a raise from today going forward. No if ands or buts about it, you hear me mister? You’ve single handedly turned this restaurant around for the better in the two months you’ve been here. If there was such a thing as employee of the month, you would be it for sure! Anyway, is it not around that time for you to clock out? Its getting pretty late.” Allegro nodded to refuse the promotion and the raise. He did not want to consume another penny of the man’s money. Besides, to Allegro, this was a very valuable internship experience on how to operate and manage a shop of his own. The day where he set up his own musical shop drew closer and closer. So it was all good. There was something the boy wanted to ask the old man. He was very smart and keen when it came to knowledge on how to run business. Allegro would use everything he had taught the boy someday soon. However, he knew it would not be enough to give him the funds to be a star someday. For that, he needed to seek the tutelage of someone who was even more successful in his entrepreneurial endeavors. Luckily  for him, the elder had lived long enough to be able to know a lot about the businesses that have been in and out of Tanzaku Town.

“Geezer-san. May I ask a question? A while ago, you mentioned that there was about as much chance for someone to running a successful business in this town as your chances of winning the lottery in the notorious Tanzaku Casinos, Right? And yet you also mentioned that there was was a business that was so successful, it was like you had never seen before in all your time living here. What is the name of that company?”

The boy spoke with gravity, and the old man brooded intensely as if he had been long awaiting the day Allegro would finally ask this question. He hobbled behind the bar counter and opened a drawer or two before reaching deep inside and pulling out a scroll. He hobbled back over and spread the scroll out on the bare table where blood had once ruined the tablecloth. the scroll reviewed a map of the entire tanzaku town, complete with markings that the old man must have drawn out himself. It would seem cartography was another one of his many skills. Age brought so much knowledge and wisdom, Allegro was almost jealous. The old man finally responded when he was ready and after he had pointed at a red circle on the map. “This is the Fire Country’s World Library. It’s said to house all of the legal documents, tax documents, and licenses to buy and sell for all of the businesses and companies in the world trade. That’s your best bet for finding out more about the company i mentioned. Sakura Corp.” Allegro repeated the name of the company slowly to himself to allow it to sink into his mind while his eyes etched the location of the World Library in his head as well. The old man could already see the ambition bubbling over within the genin. He had already earned enough capital to start his own shop. But did he have the experience to keep it running? Or was there more to learn, and a man to learn from?

Allegro left soon after punching out for the evening. he thanked the old man for his ear and another day of hard earned pay. He usually took the direct route back to the Leaf village, but this time when he left, he looked to the right and saw the ever expanding Tanzaku town. He could make out the outline of the building that was the World Library from where he was standing. Allegro could not wait a day longer to learn more. He walked the buzzing streets of Tanzaku town to learn more about this Sakura Corporation. It was always interesting to observe the nightlife in this town. The nearby brothel had grown significantly more popular since the last time he passed by it. Most likely due the dealings of those pimps from earlier. However, Allegro could not fix society in a day. He kept it pushing with his headphones on his head playing music. Eventually, the boy arrived on the steps of the Library in question. The door was locked and chained, as Allegro expected from the start. However, his eyes were looking beyond the obvious sign that read “Closed”. He was looking for a crevice, opened window, cellar door….ah bingo! There was balcony around back with an open door about 5 stories up. Allegro used his chakra to scale the building under the guise of night. Once inside, he lit a candle and walked gingerly through the library aisles. After a few moments, the still undetected shinobi found the book he was searching for. It was an index of all the businesses that had come through Tanzaku Town. And with the flip of a few pages, Allegro found the documentation of Sakura Corporation. He read the documents thoroughly in between every line. It was when he finished that his eyes grew wide at a certain realization. The realized that the answers he was looking for may have been under his nose the entire time. This information would change everything, his entire approach. Originally, he was separating his ninja life and his music and business life. But somehow they always find away to intertwine again and again.

“Sakura Corporation…inherited by Ganki Sakura….a revered master ninja of the Leaf Village”

Of course, he knew what he had to do from here. Allegro lapped the entire library and returned to the same spot when he could not find a single book on Ganki Sakura himself. After all, if it was true that he was a shinobi of the Leaf village, Allegro was sure he knew of a place that certainly would have information on the man. The boy returned the files, having already memorized most of its contents, if not all. He was on his way back to the Leaf Village, with a sense of purpose. He would have to get that information, regarding the whereabouts, abilities, and record of achievements of the man known as Ganku Sakura, from the Hokage's chambers.

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