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Reminiscence [P] Empty Reminiscence [P]

Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:47 pm

The pale Uchiha paced within his own home, in thought. Neither his mother nor his clansmen in blood were present. His mother, Takia, had set off to do her shopping at the marketplace, most likely to collect more tea plants. The pair had gone through more tea in a week than a person should be allowed to have in a year. Despite this, Yurei’s satisfaction with the beverage was the same. Still, he missed the alluring scent of honey permeating within the brown liquid. In place of it was mint, a rather odd transition from what his mother usually made, but a serviceable change in spite of it depriving the alabaster chuunin of memories long since passed.

He missed those times. Akio, his father, Damon, his mother. They hadn’t lasted long enough. The world took it away from him. The people of the world did. But he was not without hope. The Uchiha shuffled his feet to the kitchen area of his home, opening the cabinets where the tea was kept. It was almost out, but there was enough for one more pot.

The Uchiha retrieved the bag of ground tea leaves and quickly began to work, placing the bags into a pot of boiling water. He brewed the bitter leaves, waiting in silence as their aromas met with his alabaster nose. The hiss of the boiling water began to rise in a horrifying crescendo of music, but it was a steady thing, soft at first.

Yurei sat at the kitchen table, sitting on his knees and practicing his breathing. His fire jutsu against Sanae had been remarkably potent, and it was good to keep that airway clear. He briefly filled his mind with the logistics of combat, pursing his lips in thought. The chuunin lifted his silvery eyes from the table, staring directly across from it. Several years had passed since he looked up from this spot to see his father, his mother, eating a bountiful feast and gorging themselves with laughter and joy blending in the air alongside the smells of fish, vegetables, and fried rice. The background noise of the kitchen silenced, and, for a moment, Yurei could only hear the rumbling boom of his father’s joyous laughter, his mother’s quiet snickers and snorts, and his own obnoxious cackling.

This laughter was soon replaced with the clacking of tiles against a makeshift board, the angry huffs of loss, and the accomplished chortles of victory. That board now lay in a room sheltered in darkness and marred by dust.

Laughter soon shifted, melding into stories and tales of his mother, of fictitious adventures. Tales of legendary heroes rescuing fair maidens and winning the day. Heroic tales that inspired a pale child, unbeknownst to the world before him. Yurei could still smell the adrenaline, the excitement, and he could hear the vigor in his mother’s voice, the anticipation as she voiced the many characters. He heard his father’s roars and bellowing cortles, mimicking those of the characters in the tales and stories. He smelled the harshness of his father’s burning tobacco,  felt the burning in his nose.

And then he heard the screams. Smelled the fear. Witnessed the darkness.

Yurei stood, rushing over to the screeching pot of tea. It rattled with vapor, its hissing filling the room and echoing within Yurei’s ears. He heard the screaming of his mother, the collapse of his father, the whimpering.

The Uchiha removed the pot of tea, quelling the screams. He poured it into a cup with a spoon of honey and stirred. The gold swirled into the brown liquid and slowly disappeared. Yurei rose the cup to his face, blowing it and taking a sip.

It burned.

And it tasted nothing like his mother’s.

Nothing like home.

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Reminiscence [P] Empty Re: Reminiscence [P]

Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:22 pm
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