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Duncan Crawford
Duncan Crawford
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A Torn Mind and Body Empty A Torn Mind and Body

Sat Feb 03, 2018 7:07 am
It was a night much like many before it. The rain drops pattering away at the windows and roof. Max had finally found what he had sought. If this worked it would be the first step in learning how to bring his brother back. He was alone in his house… well, as alone as the boy ever truly is.
Max would look over the notes. This… was this the right formula? Were these the right hand seals? This was all rather new to the boy. He had never used such a complex technique before, and it was almost overwhelming. If his research had been correct though, this is what he would need to do. To be quite honest, Max wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Would the creating life from himself hurt? And if it was clone, just how similar would the thing be to young Max? Akuoy was practically identical to Mortarion, so would that mean that Max’s clone would look like him? That would be… strange to say the least.
The ghostly visage of Napa would manifest before the boy, the specter saying nothing. He didn’t need to say anything, as Max simply knew what it was he was asking for. “I did promise you a better vessel, didn’t I? Perhaps you can inhabit the body I am about to create with this technique. I really don’t know how this is going to work, but here goes.”
Max honestly wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but sure enough he would go through each of the many hand seals needed to recreate the jutsu used by Lord Mortarion.
Dog-horse-ram-boar-snake- seal of confrontation
Upon finishing the last seal and focusing his chakra, Max would fall to the ground in agony. His form would shift and twist, the boy’s body writhing in pain as it expanded in various places. Lumps of excess tissue would form all over his body, the voice of Napa ringing in his head loud and clear.
“It looks as though you have only partially succeeded, boy. Where is this body you promised me?” The voice had been booming, never before this loud in his head. Their interactions in the past now seemed like quiet whispers compared to this.
Still on the ground, the pain in his body would cease for a moment, allowing the boy a second to breathe. He really shouldn’t have decided to do this himself, as there was nobody present if things turned for the worse. Just as those words entered his mind pain wracked his body yet again, knocking him back to the floor.
“I could die… right here… and now… and nobody… would even know…” The pain was growing worse, his body not adjusting to it like he had expected. Had he failed? Was this where he met his doom?
Instead of dividing and Napa having been born from him in a new body, tumors would grow on the boy in various locations and seemingly move as if they had a mind of their own. This… this wasn’t what he expected at all…
“It looks like your body wasn’t strong enough to grow and divide like that of Lord Mortarion, but you didn’t fail completely. No, I FEEL more alive than ever before.” Napa would laugh, a cackling noise in the mind of young Max. “Now we need to work on finding out how to finish what these had started. Perhaps if you continue to research the matter we will find a way. I cannot wait to be free, able to stretch my own legs without the support of another!”
Max would try to communicate back to Napa in his head, unsure of this newfound ability. It didn’t feel the same as it had before when he spoke to Napa. No, this was indeed different.
“Napa? Napa can you hear me?” The boy would think, attempting to communicate telepathically. This was all very disorienting, though that might be the aftermath of the pain that had finally dulled.

“Yes, it looks as though you are learning rather quickly. Now on to the next step.  We still have so much work to do, Max.” 

Jutsu Used:
Spirit Schism used -50 AP (1007 AP remaining)


WC: 690

345 WC for Max
All going to Body Replication Jutsu (making it 2253/2250 [Stat Discount])

345 WC for Napa
All going to Genjutsu Release (making it 345/500)
-Also going to be creating a stat page for Napa
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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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A Torn Mind and Body Empty Re: A Torn Mind and Body

Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:07 am
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