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A Message [Naoki] Empty A Message [Naoki]

Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:06 am
Xyxer sat at the desk that had been before most Hokages. It could be an awe inspiring moment for the man if he had held any of them in high esteem, yet stories of each kage that held the burden of the 'Will of Fire' seemed to always develop into strife and misery; a caricature of what a kage should be. In all truth he felt livid that he was still within this rancid village despite the mostly hospitable nature of the defeated. It unearthed too many foul memories and he was unsure on how long he could remain in such a place of civlization before the same curse that struck those before him finally caught up to the death defying soldier. A quill in his hand with a parchment of paper stretched out before him. It was finally time to jot some thoughts down for the attention of his deputy he'd left in the dark.

"Hail Naoki Gekou, Deputy Mizukage of New Kirigakure.

Apologies for the delay in any form of communication and leaving the mainland in the dark about events that have transpired, but traversing a great sea and conquering an even greater village proves to be rather time consuming. I find myself reading through the files of their shinobi and inspecting their way of life. I've only known the ways of Kirigakure and Tengakure so this is quite the treat for me to see new traditions and different perceptions, I'm sure you can understand that. 

Being the good natured man you are I'm sure that it'll bring some warmth to you to know that I offered the masses of Konohagakure a way out of the fighting. To simply surrender and be saved a war that would be costly for both sides in some form or another. They cooperated initially, their acting Hokage, Risako Akara, serving as a nice mediator between the two of our villages. Despite her efforts, another shinobi roused their fighting spirit and instigated a fight to break out. We won. We suffered some casualties but not as many as they have. In fact, I avoided the majority of the potential deaths by singling out one cripple in their ranks.. the first to be defeated during the war. Everyone in Konoha's ranks partook in his murder so that they understood the message, and Naoki, it truly got through to them.

The situation is now looking brighter and I'm able to afford the time for this letter. I look forward to our next meeting where I'll no doubt hear you scolding me about my brash actions and my brutal demeanor when trying to protect my own people in foreign lands. I suppose that's just a part of your icy charm.

We should be returning home soon alongside our dead. Prepare the burial plots and inform the families of their deceased, I've attached another small letter with the names of all who perished for this glorious event. The world moves forward and we're at the head of it.

Until next time,

Xyxer Gyojin, Mizukage."

As Xyxer finished penning the letter in a most informal way he'd have it scrolled up and attached to the leg of a bird before it was sent out into the storm. Of course, Kirigakure wasn't totally savage in terms of communication and it wouldn't drown during the travel period through the actual storm of Kirigakure. That'd be redundant.
Naoki Gekou
Naoki Gekou
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A Message [Naoki] Empty Re: A Message [Naoki]

Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:25 pm
The letter would find Naoki in a small study in the administration building, where he was somewhat halfheartedly skimming through various documents. On the desk in front of him were files on the village defenses, personnel files, known abilities of the higher ranked shinobi in the village, various jutsu stored in the archives. The idea here was to familiarize with this and form a general understanding of the village's might and defensive capabilities should they be needed, but the hour was late and mind of Uchiha was barely turning a cog at this point. Someone whose name Naoki could not recall would approach him and inform him that he received a letter from the Mizukage, then put said letter and the attached list on his desk and leave. Picking it up the Deputy Mizukage would read it through, with his eyes narrowed and a slight grimace on the face as he struggled to take in this important information and commit every line to memory.

It was addressed to Naoki directly and written by Xyxer himself. Past the apologies and explanations for long silence, the Mizukage explained that he succeeded in taking over the Hidden Leaf. It appears he and the other village tried to settle it without bloodshed, but some fighting still happened and some lives were lost. Naoki could not say he felt ease or happiness for Xyxer's restraint and effort to keep casualties minimal. If anything, Naoki was tense - this was war matters after all, and the sort of humanity that could feel happiness could not find its place here; all thoughts were cold and calculated. After reading it a handful of times the Uchiha man would put the piece of paper down and lean back in the chair for a minute. He had grown to know Xyxer somewhat and could admit that it was very much like him to make that sentiment about the ones who lost their lives in this conflict. It was probably one of the few things he found admirable about the man. Nonetheless this was major news.

Picking up a brush and an empty scroll Naoki would craft a response. He tried to be brief.

"To Xyxer Gyojin, Lord Mizukage of the Hidden Mist.

Your return is well awaited. The village has remained stable and prosperous, no major safety concerns have arisen.

Arrangements shall be made to honor the fallen and to welcome the victors.

I am eager to discuss things in person.
Your faithful Deputy,
Naoki Gekou."

With the scroll in hand and the list of those who died in the other Naoki would leave the study. First he would make sure the letter was sent. Then a lot of things needed taking care of: families of those who fell informed, funeral preparations made. Announcing that they had won the war was probably the most cheerful thing to do that day.
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