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A Meeting of Friends (P, IO)

Renji Hyuga
Shichiro Hashimoto
Saya Kirihara
Duncan Crawford
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Shichiro Hashimoto
Shichiro Hashimoto
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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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A Meeting of Friends (P, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Meeting of Friends (P, IO)

Sun Feb 04, 2018 3:03 am

It was all that Komon could think, in response to what he had just heard

No No No No

It was playing on a loop, over and over again as his hands clenched against his own arms, the pressure from the grip turning his pink arms white. Taken aback he’d stumble backwards as he remembered his first encounter with the bearded guardian of kumogakure. It was winter, Komon’s favorite time of year, and Senshi had two kunai sticking out of his arm.

Most people would have been slightly put off by that. But not Senshi, senshi was completely unphased as if they weren’t even there. That undeniable strength that oozed off of him was a trait Komon had always admired, he had just brushed the kunai off and bandaged it, continuing on as if nothing had happened, and extending his bloodied hand to introduce himself.

It was hard to find a balance between strength and compassion, most people in positions of strength, didn’t get there by being good people. But Senshi was different, he lived for the village and its people. There was nothing he wouldn’t have done for it and there wasn’t a doubt in Komons mind about it.


His thoughts would escape his head, a feeling of disbelief surrounding it. Senshi could not be dead. Not the senshi Komon knew, that senshi was invincible. But Max wouldn’t lie about something like this, he wasn’t deranged enough, and now the gloomy nature of the apartment all made sense.

His heart hurt, more than it did on the day he had lost his father.

More than the day he had lost his mother.

After all… He just lost a brother.

But he couldn’t let the shock of the moment ragdoll him, now more than ever he had to honor senshi’s memory.

“You have earned the right to lead your fellows, your friends, your brothers and sisters in arms. You will be responsible for ensuring that they live and should you fail to do so, then to ensure that their deaths were not wasted”

Those were the words Senshi had spoken on the last night Komon had seen him. Those were the words the hyuuga would remember him by. He’d failed to protect his brother… and was unworthy of the title bestowed upon him on that night.

How did it happen max” He’d manage to sputter with rage in his voice. He wanted to know who was responsible… Who he had to kill. Senshi’s death would not be wasted, if someone had struck him down Komon would help Max find them, and end them. His mind had been made.

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Renji Hyuga
Renji Hyuga
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A Meeting of Friends (P, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Meeting of Friends (P, IO)

Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:38 pm
As he sits there with his head still in shambles from the night before, Renji’s mind would begin to wander on him. He could not pin point it, but something just was not right, why was everyone so down, and why did Max send out that urgent message? The more time that passed, the more Renji would not be sure if he wanted to hear the news that Max had for them.  Taking a sip from the glass Renji would try to calm his mind as he clenched at the glass tightly in his hand.

Sakana would arrive shortly behind Renji, judging by the look on his face, Renji assumed that he did not know much about why everyone was summoned to Max’s house either.  Renji would simply nod his head towards Sakana as he walks into the living room.

Next and finally, a new face would walk through the door. Renji had never seen this person before but he did seem rather strong. Seeing his flak jacket, Renji knew that he was a high level shinobi of Kumo; probably one of the twins friends, seeing as they all three were jounin.. But what is he doing here, Renji would wonder to himself.  Not wanting to be rude, Renji would throw a greeting head nod toward the veteran shinobi, before taking yet another sip from the glass of water. Renji would then start to tap his foot nervously on the floor as he waited for Max to speak.

It seemed as if everyone was finally there, or at least everyone that Renji knew. . Max, would not keep the group in the dark for to much longer,as not to long after the new guy got there would Max start to speak.

As Max was speaking Renji would notice something in the way in which he was talking about Senshi in the past tense, as if he was longer with us, as if he was not about to body flicker into the room.  “was?” Renji would half mumble under his breath the first time he hears Max use the word as Max was looking towards the new shinobi. But, It was not until Max turned to Saya and Renji that he began to put two and two together. Renji’s mouth would drop to the floor, no audible words coming from it, just a bit of gibberish, still half in denial over what it seemed like Max was trying to say to them...

“Senshi..has left the world of the living” hearing these words would send Renji’s mind for a spin his thoughts would begin to race on him. His mind would instantly flash to the first time he had met Senshi; Renji had been so  nervous that day when he saw the jounin for the first time, proctoring his exam.  . His mind would then flash to the day that team Senshi first assembled in the training grounds.; it was the best day of Renji’s life. His mind would then shift to all of the many missions and training sessions left for them that they had planed, and now would not be able to go on. There team would forever be one man down..
All of this would be racing through the young genin’s mind, as the realization that his senior shinobi, mentor, and friend had passed away. Renji would lose the tight grip that he had on the glass in his hand, the glass shattering on the floor into tiny pieces and sending water flying across the floor. “” would be all Renji could muster up from his now heavy lunges and heart. Renji would try to stand to his feet, but his legs would not respond to his requests. Instead they’d lay there like two tree trunks as he felt himself sinking deeper and deeper into his seat, as tears begin to steam down the young Hyuuga’s  now rosey red cheeks.  

Renji would continue to sit there with a thousand yard stare on his face as he tries to process what Max had just said. Hearing the Rage in Komons voice as he asked Max how it was done, would temporarily snap Renji out of his funk as he would now be eyeing Max waiting to hear his response to Komons question.

Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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A Meeting of Friends (P, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Meeting of Friends (P, IO)

Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:44 pm
Looking around the unorganized room Sakana saw familiar faces in every direction. There was Komon, and Komori, and Saya, and Renji, and that Reizo kid he barely knew and Max of course. The last gathering of this group of people took place at the Hoshi event hall, so many things happened that night. Lots of drinking, some people got promoted, some people had to flee the country in a panic, the perfect end to a story arc. But as Max started speaking the mood of the room grew even darker. This was not a happy occasion, instead they all watched as the small boy started to cry; explaining that Senshi had passed away. The Meijin felt a wave of shock pass over him. He had figured that he was just out on a mission or something of the sorts, but the true outcome was much grimmer.
The first encounter that Sakana and Senshi had was rather short and precarious. The Meijin had been wondering in the woods when he met randomly met, Komon, Komori, and Hitori. For a brief second Sakana had wondered what happened to Hitori, but anyway, they all decided to practice infusing their chakra into a kunai and trying to get it to fly straight through a tree. Senshi had happened to wander in there some time in between, he showed them all up. There wasn’t even a contest who was the best. There were many more times like that, but none more would ever occur.
The best time the two shared together was ironically in Hoshi. Previously they had been hostile towards each other. Their different approaches to training had caused a major divide between them, Senshi threated him on more than one occasion. But that day in Hoshi they picked up a mission to help out with guard duty. Together they stopped a bomb threat and came out of the experience with a newfound respect for each other.
His face dropped as he tried to process the news. Komori started to cry, Saya uttered his name, Renji spoke in a voice of disbelief, and Komon in a spike of rage, but Sakana would stay silent. He didn’t know how to face the feelings that filled him. He had never known anyone who had died before. He didn’t start to cry like Komori, or get angry like Komon, instead he just felt empty. Death was just a natural end to life but by the circumstances he could tell this wasn’t natural. He would await for Max to try and offer some explanation to this sudden tragedy.
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Reizo Shōyu
Reizo Shōyu
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A Meeting of Friends (P, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Meeting of Friends (P, IO)

Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:20 am
OOC Notice wrote:I'm going to ask that nobody follow Reizo IC or try to stop him.

If you must follow him for whatever reason, do not interfere. At most, tail him unbeknownst to him. Ideally, just wait at the door of Max's house for when he gets back.

Otherwise continue doing what you planned to do. Thank you.

Looking around the room, the blonde Jounin took note of where everyone in the room was, as well as what they were doing and how they were acting. It was tense and quiet as Max began to speak.

It was about Senshi.

The instant his teammate's name was mentioned, Reizo's heart plunged. His worst suspicions being confirmed hit him like a ton of bricks falling on his chest. The world began to spin. There was no way Senshi was killed; that was impossible. That couldn't have happened. The possibility was immediately struck down by the Jinchuriki. He knew that Senshi was far too stable and dedicated to kill himself, at least on his own. That left two distinct possibilities: either Senshi had been victim to an illness while Reizo was still in Hoshi, or Senshi had allowed himself to die. Those were the only two outcomes Reizo could justify in his head; Senshi was borderline fanatical in his love of country and leader. Considering it further, there was one other possibility, and that was that Senshi was a martyr for a cause- the cause of protecting the village and his friends- from some ominous force. There were so many questions, but Reizo didn't even want to hear the answers. The grim reality was too devastating.

His ears rang, and he barely clued in to the events around him. He heard the shattering glass, the soft whimpering of his friends, and Komon's lone question, but he was not listening. He didn't care any more. It was a nightmare born in reality.

An effusion of regrets, guilt, and concerns polluted his mind and shook his soul. Countless doubts raced through his mind all at once, flooding his brain. Why... why am I even a shinobi? How could I be in Hoshi, blissfully ignorant, while this happened? I could've been there- I SHOULD'VE been there! If I were really Senshi's friend and brother as I claimed countless times-- I should've been shouldering the same burdens, managing the same responsibilities, sharing the same pain... enduring the same sacrifices. How could I let this happen; just what kind of friend am I?

Briefly, the grief-stricken boy glanced up at the blonde child, who had collapsed in a sulking heap on the floor. Inner turmoil gripped the Jounin in an iron vice. ---And what about Max? If I couldn't even protect Senshi, a man who needed no protection; how am I supposed to protect him? Tears welled up in the teen's eyes. Anger, regret, and guilt ravaged his chest and dominated his mind. Was there nothing he could've done? What was the point of learning medical jutsu if I couldn't even help the one person who needed it most- if I can't heal the parts that ache the most?

His body couldn't handle it any longer. He didn't know what to do or what to say. All he could think about was all of those moments with Senshi that he would never experience again.

The first time he met Senshi and Max, he had just graduated the Academy. How simple things had been back then. Reizo discovered Max was a puppeteer and had played along with Napa as though he were his own person. Senshi was clumsy then; he couldn't run without tripping from his oversized parka.“Did you not just see that? That fall was gold. I’m not going to see anything even close to that funny for the rest of the day!” Napa laughed. That was Reizo's earliest memory of the team, and Senshi hadn't even graduated the Academy yet. The live execution that followed had stained the blonde's mind for years; that day was not one that could've been forgotten. He had trained with Senshi a fair amount in the days that followed, learning lightning jutsu, weaponry, and taijutsu alongside him. Senshi outpaced Reizo, though, learning dozens of new techniques and gaining strength far quicker.

The Jinchuriki recalled the missions he had tackled with his team. One of his fondest memories alongside his comrade was when the two had tackled the challenge of fighting the Raikage Mortarion in a straight up fight to gain approval to participate in the Chuunin Exams. He had felt so inferior to Senshi, who seemed to be able to fight on nearly even ground with the Raikage at the time, despite being the one who was meant to be the Taijutsu specialist. It was just one of many fights that had motivated Reizo to strive even harder alongside his rival.

He of course couldn't forget the time where Team Red had encountered the notorious S-rank Missing Nin, Maku Jemuzu. It was strange how such events played out, as years later the space-time lord would be leading them to victory over Suna and replacing Mortarion as the Raikage. It was easy to recall the torment the group had suffered at his hands, and the desperation they shared simply trying to survive the monstrous onslaught. That was the first time Reizo had nearly lost everyone, and it's why he vowed to strive to Olympic heights to become stronger, and become a medical nin. The gruesome fate of Max and Senshi wrenched Reizo's stomach, even so many years after it had happened. The sights and smells were fresh in his mind; the emotions even more real now than they were back then. He had thought he had lost them, and he swore he would never let it happen again.

He failed.

Reizo almost didn't make it to Chuunin. He had Senshi to thank for his perseverance after he had failed the final interview with Mortarion. A lesson had to be taught before he could advance the ranks; a lesson only Senshi could teach. On his final mission as a Genin, Reizo led Senshi to take on a group of bandits, whom they defeated effortlessly. It was part of Reizo's final exam to kill using only the weapons Mortarion had provided him. The blonde had nearly forgot that lesson, even though he carried it with him every day. Trembling, almost violently now, Reizo reached into his left jacket pocket where he always carried the special kunai he had used that day, and felt with his other hand the etched silver tanto strapped to his back. The shaking was getting to be too much, the emotions were running too high. He deliberated leaving, but how could he reconcile leaving Max yet again? He knew he shouldn't leave- and he didn't want to- but he couldn't control his emotions any more. His blood was boiling and his chakra began to rise. He could feel himself physically changing as the bijuu tried to take advantage of the vulnerabilities. It was all too much to handle at once. Looking down at the kunai, now in his hand, was his watershed moment. The dam holding back his emotions broke; he knew he'd have to seek self-control before things got out of hand.

His emotions reaching a fever pitch, he smashed his fist into the doorframe, shaking the foundation of the house but causing little damage. Violently slamming the door, Reizo hurled the kunai at the ground and stormed out, the weapon clamoring and skipping into the shadows. He needed to regain control, but he didn't know how. The reality was too damning and frightening- too harsh to simply settle down. The blonde, unable to hold back his tears, blindly rushed down the street, desperate to run anywhere. He ran and cried until he was short of breath from all of his crying, slowing to a halt in an empty park.

A Meeting of Friends (P, IO) - Page 2 Reizoc11

After wiping his face with his sleeve, he silently wept with no more tears to give. The Jounin observed his hands, one of which was badly bruised and somewhat mangled from where it had connected with the door frame. There was insurmountable guilt tied to these hands. These hands had failed to protect those that he loved most.

What an inexcusable failure of a shinobi and a medical nin he was. The uncontrollable sobbing and anguish exhausted him to the point he couldn't stand, finally collapsing to the ground in tears. An older man who had been napping on a bench beside him placed his hand on the Jounin's shoulder. Reizo hadn't even noticed him. It was a man totally forgotten and invisible to the society around him.

"Hey, hey! Take it easy!... Are you alright, kid? What's wrong?" the graybeard asked, taking a seat on a blanket next to the boy. Not knowing where else to go or what to do, Reizo allowed himself to be consoled, his red chakra beginning to permeate the air around him. He was a sobbing mess and couldn't restrain himself; his words were incoherent and unable to describe his situation. The old man took a deep breath, understanding that no progress on his questions would be made, and turned toward the devastated teen. Whether he was ignorant of the malice and imminent danger the chakra posed or he simply didn't care couldn't be discerned by anyone. He offered a smoke to Reizo, which the boy reluctantly accepted, surprising himself. He felt the need to calm down was greater than his fears, recognizing that he was a threat to every thing around him. The man lit Reizo's cig and then his own, taking a long drag. The boy descended into a coughing fit on his first inhale, but progressively found it easier to keep the hot smoke from irritating his throat and lungs. Wiping his face and eyes again with his sleeve, the boy began to simmer down, the bijuu's chakra quelled. To the blonde's misfortune, he was feeling much better after the cigarette. "I'm not going to ask what upset you, I'm only going to give you a bit of advice that I wish I had when I was in your spot. Life will only get harder; seek comfort with your friends. It's okay to be vulnerable, and it's okay to be frustrated, but don't tackle this alone. It will only cause you more harm." From then on the two sat in silence until the cigs burned out. Reizo contemplated the man's sage advice; he knew he shouldn't have left Max's house, but he thought he needed to be alone. That line of thinking was wrong. Deep down he knew it was wrong. After calming down and regaining his senses, the Jounin thanked the man and left him a large share of ryo for his troubles.

Reizo got up and aimlessly wandered the village for a bit, absorbing the fresh air, before turning back toward Max's house to reconvene with his friends. As he approached the house, the Jinchuriki would bury his hands in his pockets and put his head down, not eager to deal with the consequential guilt of facing his friends after he had selfishly abandoned them. The graybeard was right though; he couldn't afford to let his guilt consume him. He had to overcome this obstacle with his friends, especially Max. After three deep breaths, Reizo composed himself and reopened the door.

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Duncan Crawford
Duncan Crawford
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A Meeting of Friends (P, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Meeting of Friends (P, IO)

Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:56 pm
Max would use the back of his sleeve to wipe away the tears on his face. No matter how much he wiped them, they still continued to come pouring out like some sort of endless stream unearthed from within. Max would try his hardest to calm himself, sucking in a large breath of air in an attempt to calm the sobbing.
Everyone seemed to be taking the news pretty hard, and to be honest Max couldn’t blame them. He had known and let the news process and his heart would still ache every day. His extensive research into medicine and the medical arts have provided some insights on how to bring Senshi back, but simply put such a feat was likely far beyond his capabilities and comprehension for now… perhaps forever.
“I know that this *Sniff* is difficult news. I’ve been struggling with it and trying to find the words… the words…” Max would sniffle, his tears not going away but now pouring out at a more manageable pace. He would try again to best calm himself, as he still had to answer any questions they had… at least as best he could.
Saya looked to be taking the news pretty hard. Her breathing seemed to slow, almost coming to a complete stop. Max was concerned for his teammate, keeping an eye on her for any other signs of health concerns. Sometimes news like this could cause the body to release an immense amount of stress hormones, which could cause all sorts of health concerns if left unchecked. It was ironic, because Max had likely been overly stressed out and yet could not prevent it in himself.
The Hyuuga’s seemed to be rather upset, a fierce look of determination in their eyes. Komon would ask about what had happened, and Max really wishes he had an answer. If he had a target for all of this rage and misery… someone else to feel this pain and anguish… perhaps then he wouldn’t feel as bad. Perhaps then he could avenge Senshi. Perhaps then the aching would stop….
Reizo would storm out of the house, the unease within him easily felt by all in the room. He struck the doorframe, the house taking quite the punishment because of the rage that built up in those closest to Senshi. He was their friend, their comrade. They had been through so much together, including surviving what seemed like an impossible situation where they were left disfigured, burned and bleeding against Maku. They had a bond that grew beyond mere friendship. Max considered using the telepathy seal to talk to him, but he decided against it. Max knew that when he heard the news he wanted to be alone too. It was… almost easier that way. You didn’t have to try and be strong for others. You didn’t have to hide your feelings – good or bad – behind a wall of false courage. You didn’t have to find the words to explain your feelings, to try and talk about it. Sometimes there was comfort in the cold embrace of loneliness…
“I’ll tell… *sniff* you what I can… what I know.” Max would take in a deep breath and steady his quivering voice. After taking a moment to calm himself, he would try to explain.
“Senshi was sent on a top secret mission for the village. We all know that no matter what the village asked of him, Senshi would fulfil his duties as a shinobi and not question his orders… even when he probably should have…” Max would think back to the time Senshi had told him about Mortarion’s order to kill all villagers if an enemy had breached the walls and they were losing.
“That is what makes this part so hard to accept. Senshi was an ideal shinobi, one that we could all look up to as the standard to live by, but… Senshi knew that the mission he was sent on was not one that he would return from. He knew that he was not going to survive, but he still accepted the mission to defend the village. To protect his homeland… to protect us. I don’t know what it was he had been protecting us from, though I spoke to our village leadership regarding the matter and the information is classified. I’m working on a deal I made with Maku to glean more information in this regard.” If asked about what that deal was Max would answer truthfully, but he would not bring it up if not asked.

Max would pull the letter out from his pocket, and let his friends read it. It was Senshi’s last words and they deserved to see them. Reizo would be getting back soon, likely in time to read the letter. Max would acknowledge Reizo’s reentry with a single look, a look that showed that he understood or at least thought that he had. Of course Max hadn’t had to fight with the will of another inside him… at least not such a dangerous one.
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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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A Meeting of Friends (P, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Meeting of Friends (P, IO)

Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:32 am
Silence. People spoke, but he heard nothing. People acted, but he saw nothing. He neither saw nor heard of their denial, of their sorrow, of their remorse.

It was easy for shinobi to think of themselves as immortal. In a world of chakra, elemental mastery, unbelievable power at their fingertips, it was hard to imagine that they could truly die. From the eyes of commoners, they might as well be gods. But they weren’t. Komori had lost his mother, she died in front of him after losing her eyes, her killer vanishing. He had lost his father without having the chance to say goodbye, only a promise of his return. Always with that silent hope that he would see him again one day, waiting for him to come back from a mission where he didn’t return. Now there was another loved one he had lost, one he didn’t expect. A universal truth is that everyone dies eventually, but does anyone ever expect it to happen? One day you’re here, living, breathing, smiling, but the very next you’re dead, cold, and faceless.

There was no point in Komori making a move. He left his tears to stain his face, he left his long hair hide his eyes from his friends. He couldn’t bear to look at any of them. Not now. If he saw their pain, it would distract him from his own. He’d forget about his problems and embrace theirs. He would stuff the pain into the back corner of his being and live, pretending it wasn’t there, cracking jokes and smiling while he felt empty. But… but that was his job. That was his burden to bear, it was what he was good for. Helping others, supporting everyone who wasn’t himself. If Kumogakure didn’t have as many medical shinobi as they did, he probably would’ve headed the task, like he was with fuinjutsu. The corner of his mouth curved for a split second before falling once more. With Senshi gone, he was the dominant sealer in Kumo. Those around him would have to rely on him as much as they had on Senshi, even if it was only in this one task. Senshi was the bastard sword of Kumogakure. It was time for Komori to become its shield.

He turned from the others for a moment, grabbing the circular flask on the back of his belt. He took a whiff from its strong smelling contents before downing the burning liquid. He swirled the container around, feeling the drink swishing rhymically. It was soothing in a way. Liquid courage. With that, he turned back to the group as Max filled them in on the details. Alcohol wasn’t the best for a Hozuki, it dehydrates you, but he didn’t care. He just felt like he needed it. He looked over to Saya, who was the closest in proximity to him, and reached his arm around her. If she let him, he’d pull her close and let her use him as a crutch. If she needed to. If not, then he’d just place a reassuring hand on her shoulder, leaning back against the wall. His interest was piqued as he looked at the letter that Max had provided.

He opened his mouth to speak, “I’ll do it.” If nobody else offered, Komori would take the letter and read it aloud, holding it firmly in his right hand as he addressed the room. He began reading, his breath smelling of alcohol to anyone that was too close.

"To Max, My brother.

I'm sorry you're finding out this way, but I didn't have much of a choice. This is a suicide mission, one I will not come back from. It doesn't matter the weapons or armor I have with me, my death is the only way to accomplish my final mission. I need you to know that I do this for Kumogakure, for her people, for my comrades like Komon, Komori, Sakana, Saya, Renji, and Reizo. And I do this for you, my brother. I love you Max,” his voice caught, his hand shaking for a moment before he continued, “you've shown me all that Kumogakure aspires to be and you made me want to do things simply because they were fun, not because I was required to or it was a mission.

I've never had a friend as dear as you have been, a friend who made me not want to take on the dangerous missions that our home requires. I considered for a very long time whether I should do this, but in the end Max, I must. Protecting Kumo ensures that you have a chance to live and bring her to the peak of her abilities. As such I leave you all of my earthly items, including detailed

Papers on how to perform all of my personal techniques. My weapons, armor, items, and money are yours to keep or disperse as you wish. Also there is paperwork for our house. I bought it outright, Max, you will always have a home.

Finally, my body will be at Kumo by the time you arrive back there from this village. I only request one thing from you, please remember the promise you made to me so long ago. Allow me to protect you and Kumo.

Your Brother, Senshi"

Komori struggled with the last line, his hand trembling by the time he had finished reading. He would place the letter back down on the table he had picked it up from before clenching his fist. He didn’t want to ruin the note. The last memory they’d ever have of the departed. It needed to be preserved, as this was the last thing meant for them to hear. He looked wistfully around the room, wishing that Senshi was able to join their assembly. Wishing this was under better circumstances. You bastard, Komori thought to himself. You just had to go off and die bravely, didn’t you Senshi. If you didn’t take everyone else to hell with you, I’m gonna be pissed. I suppose I’ll have to wait and see when I get there. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, reaching back for his flask and taking another swig. He had to say something. “To our absent friend.” He looked up to the sky. “I hope you got to see heaven before the devil knew you were dead.” With that, he took a shot. If anybody else wanted one, he’d offer it to them regardless of who they were.
Saya Kirihara
Saya Kirihara
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A Meeting of Friends (P, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Meeting of Friends (P, IO)

Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:12 am
Her vision blurred. Not from the tears spurred on by emotion. No. It was still the absence of air in her lungs. Something that she was having trouble grasping at. The heel of her palm dug itself against her temple whilst her other hand gripped at the table’s edge. Her lightheadedness was slowly choking her and now there was also a dull ache at the back of her head. It thrummed as she blinked and forced herself to inhale what she could. Then it lessened like a tidal wave drifting into nothingness. Yes, the burning pain was still there but Saya was gratefully taking in the oxygen. Mayhaps, if the girl had the time to think on it, it was all in her head. Senshi’s passing being too great of a shock that her mind could not comprehend it. It was possible but Saya had no care to solve something as insignificant as that.

Her gaze shifted onto her teammate, Renji, whose shattered glass pulled her from her reverie. There were tears in his eyes. In fact almost everyone in the room did. Max, understandably, couldn’t seem to stop the stream of them from falling. The twins too. Komori was less obvious with his dark bangs sweeping over to cover his visage, but it was the faint splotches on the floor that told her that he was affected deeply. It was also Komon’s rage filled tone that grounded her to the meeting; his question sending a sudden chill through her. Revenge. Only Sakana remained quiet and despondent to the news. No tears. No anger. But they were all different people, and they all reacted differently. Even her. She too had yet to shed her woes and Saya was determined not to, simply because she did not believe it. Did not want to.

It was Reizo who left her in a state of conflict. His anguish was clear as day. His tears weren’t rivers like his teammate, Max, but they pooled and dripped to the floor like similarly to Komori’s. This vulnerable moment reminded her that the jounin had people he was close to, had emotions that drove him, and was still human. Not the monster that had emerged from his core and effectively backhanded her into a field of weapons. Saya shivered at the memory. That is until the vicious chakra that she had dubbed “The Cat” seemed to be enveloping the blonde. It was that scene all over again, but no one really seemed to be perturbed by the sudden increase of chakra pressure. Though she figured it only really affected genin like her and Renji, or maybe she was simply that sensitive to his particular chakra. After all, he had taught her the Mind’s Eye of the Kagura.

Saya could feel herself pushing her body away from his form but it was all for naught as her back was already against the desk and wall. Her body tensed and her eyes darted for an exit. But fortunately, Reizo had simply shook the house’s walls with a single jab and slammed the door behind him. He was gone, running fast to a seemingly random direction. She let out a shaky sigh of relief as she passively tracked his movement. Gods, he scared her. It wasn’t always that way, but once he had become Kumo’s asset Saya could always feel herself wavering between being comfortable or apprehensive of the jounin.

Silence settled and reigned for a short period. The Hozuki beside her wordlessly offered her comfort, which she did not have the energy to fight. Saya allowed herself to be pulled in against him, curling her body to his almost like a puppy seeking shelter from the dangers of the real world. Idly, she wondered if Senshi would have done something similar if she had been feeling particularly gloomy over something. Would her teacher give her his sympathies and cheer her up by buying her food and ice cream? Pull her close like her mother did when she had been a child? It was certainly possible, Saya thought. The merchant couple had always left Reiya to him when they were busy, and Senshi was undoubtedly gentle with the baby girl.


Her eyes fluttered to a close as Max explained the circumstances behind Senshi’s passing. No. That’s not true. Those were the thoughts that echoed throughout the young boy’s words. Saya continued to deny it despite the extra information sinking into her. Because if she were to accept such a thing, something in her would begin to question her choice at becoming a shinobi of Kumogakure. That was not an internal self-reflection the kunoichi wanted to deal with, not when it would go against everything that Senshi valued - the protection of his friends and loved ones, the citizens, and Kumogakure herself.

She had always admired her sensei’s gruff and militaristic persona; his undying loyalty to their village and his love for her. Saya had wanted herself to match his obedience and love for the country, but now… She couldn’t help but feel bitter about it. He had been too ingrained with his duties that he would willingly leave them - Max, Reizo, the twins? All of them? Then came the dark thoughts as Komori began to read the letter Senshi left behind for his brother. It plunged her deeper into despair and negativity with the smell of strong alcohol tickling at her nose. If he loved Max, he shouldn’t have left. If he… If he loved Kumogakure, he shouldn’t have died! It was all useless blaming, she knew. Shinobi always viewed it an honor to die in the battlefield, to have done something that would leave their village unscathed from danger. Despite her misgivings about Senshi’s choice, Saya knew that she would have done the exact same thing.

If it was needed, if it was required of her then Saya would have done it in a heartbeat. Faster than that if possible. But she hated being left behind, hated to be the one always waiting. Saya did not want to look towards the gates in longing anymore, hoping to see her mother or that man striding into the village. Her teeth dug into her bottom lip at the thought that Senshi was now added to her list.

She refused to be left alone again.

Ironically, Saya pulled away from Komori as he gave a toast in Senshi’s memory. To everyone it might have seemed as if she was merely giving him room so that others may join in, but in reality she wanted to take the damned flask and throw it on the floor. She wanted to take the letter and rip it into a thousand pieces. Those actions she would commit if only to keep herself in the illusion. ”This... This isn't right.” Saya whispered to herself. He has to be alive. Somewhere. He has to be.

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A Meeting of Friends (P, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Meeting of Friends (P, IO)

Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:34 pm
It was all too much for anyone to handle, and that was becoming increasingly evident with every second. Max struggled to get the words out, as he began to explain what he knew, which was in all actuality very little. Senshi had gone on a suicide mission, a classified suicide mission. And left his friends with none of the information.

Then he spoke of a deal with maku, but left it purposefully vague. Komori and Saya seemed to ignore it, still processing the fact of what had happened. But Komon had grown used to death over the years, Youka had made it a close friend. The sadness in his heart had been pushed back, it was a useless emotion for another time. Sadness was a sluggish emotion, it distracted and left a man in self pity. It had no use to a shinobi, right now he'd hone his anger, the emotion was much more motivating, and gave a man a goal.

"What deal Max" All that mattered to Komon right now was filling in the missing pieces to the puzzle, and if Max didn't know... Then the letter wouldn't be much help in such a scenario.

But he'd listen anyways, as his brother began to read it. The familiar words of Senshi Kobayashi filling the room. "I need you to know that I do this for Kumogakure, for her people, for my comrades like Komon" His teeth would clench as he heard his name. You should have told me, you should have brought me, or komori, or reizo. Komon would think. Together we could have gotten you out of there alive

All of them had faced tailed beasts and lived. What in the hell could have killed his friend. Something so horrifying that he couldn't ask them for help? That he had to face it alone? None of this made any sense.

He'd grab the flask from his brothers hand and take a swig, letting the familiar burn of the liquid bring mild comfort. before handing it back, and awaiting on max's answer.

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A Meeting of Friends (P, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Meeting of Friends (P, IO)

Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:48 pm
As the feeling was finally starting to come back into his legs and the rest of his body, Renji would begin to get up from his chair in order to clean the water that he had spilled earlier. But before he was all the way out of his seat he would watch as Reizo would Run from the house,  his emotions seeming to have overcome him. Wanting to make a move for the door the young hyuuga would second guess chasing after him. “I guess he’ll be ok?” Renji would hope as he decides not to bother Reizo.

The day was shaping up to be a long one, and it had only just begun. Renj’s short bit of rage would subside as he listens to Max explain the little that he knew about the circumstances surrounding Senshi’s dead. Hearing that he passed while out performing a mission for the village and not at the hands of some lowly enemy was a relief though a small one.

Max would mention a letter that Senshi had wrote; a sort of last will and testament. The genin wanted to read it, he wanted to know what his friends last words were, but he just could not bring himself to read his mentors last writings himself. He would be relieved when Komori volunteers to read the letter aloud for everyone.  Though hearing it would still be hard. “why didn’t you take us with you, we could have helped” Renji would mumble under his breath as Komori reads through the letter.

Wanting to speak Renji would raise his head up, but he would not be able to gather the words. Instead be would look around the room at the faces of those present. As he looked around the room he could see that everyone else seemed to be taking  the news just as hard as he was. There was not much talking going on, but he’d assume that everyone else was trying their best to reminisce about all of the good times that they had with their friend and fellow shinobi, just as he was. But for Renji that was not a lot, he did not have a ton of memories of his mentor and friend. Instead he was stricken with regret. Regrets of all the time that he did not get to spend with Senshi. He had planed to spend all of this time with the jounin and now he would never get the chance to. “I should have went to that celebration “ the genin would mumble under his breath. The thought of never seeing his friend again would cause a cold winter shiver to creep up his back.

Looking around the room again  at the mourning faces of all his friends around him, Renji would vow to cherish the time that he has with them. The lose of his friend would be an eye opening experience for the young Hyuuga, the shinobi world was not a kind one, and even a ninja as powerful as Senshi could not beat it alone. Renji now would see more than ever, that in order to survive in the ninja world he was going to need the help of the people in this room, and the rest of the village. He knew that he was going to have to get strong as well so that he can do his part in keeping everyone safe.

Trying to gather his words, Renji would take the flask and takes a deep swig from it; making a ugly face from the unexpected sting of the drink as it does down. “you know,  I know, I did not know Senshi as long as everyone else here. I only just met him last year at my Genin exam. And..and, from that day forward, he had welcomed me with open arms, both to his team and as a fellow village member;  even introducing me to a wealth of friends such as you all. In the short few months of knowing him, I feel like he has helped me to not only become a better shinobi, but a better man. Seeing his determination and will power, his never give up attitude, his selflessness. These are all things that I will take with me through out the rest of my life. And I’m sure it is the same for you all too. I know we lost a legend, but you know, legends never die, they just short of just live on through those they touch. And Senshi has touched everyone in this rooms heart as well as  those around the village. Senshi loved this village and as we now see he was even willing to give his life for it... I’m going to take on my sensei’s ninja way nindo, and make it my goal to protect this village and it’s people and make sure that it forever stays in the image that Senshi would want it to be, or I will die trying.” A flare and intensity in the young hyuuga’s eyes and tone as he finishes his statement before quickly being overcome with tears.

He’d want to say so much more but emotions and tears would over take him. He’d take another swig from the flask, this time the alcohol burned a bit less as it went down. But it still burned none the less, and renji would again make an ugly face, using one hand to cover his mouth as he fights back the urge to throw up, and the other to hold out the flask for whoever took it next.  

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A Meeting of Friends (P, IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Meeting of Friends (P, IO)

Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:44 pm
The Meijin watched as Reizo marched out of the room, everyone has their own way of dealing with grief Sakana thought to himself. The Mejin didn’t know what to do. Crying or freaking out would just seem fake to himself, plus in the few interactions he had with Senshi he wouldn’t want them to sit around and grieve. He would want them to go out and destroy whatever threat was still out there to the land of kumogakure. At least that was how he thought the jounin would’ve acted. Death rips a void into the ones close to the deceased. Some try to fill it with sadness or anger, but Sakana decided to leave it empty. Eventually it would probably eat away at him but for now he needed to be focused on their next move.  
Max would go on to talk about how the details of the threat were classified, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue to get around, but he would let Max try to figure it out himself first. Eventually Reizo would return and everyone around would make some more remarks. The Mejin felt helpless, he didn’t know what to do. He could try and console his friends but it didn’t seem like it would really help much in a time like this. So he did whatever he did when he didn’t know what to do, plan for the future. There were seven of them in this room. One team of three and a team of four. They would have to be extremely careful though, if these villains were enough to defeat Senshi, they would certainly be someone who they couldn’t underestimate. He raised his head and almost started to speak before stopping himself, because while he was in a rush to get everything done, for his friends it was their time to grieve.
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