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Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Genin Tournament: Xuba vs. Tsume - Page 2 Empty Re: Genin Tournament: Xuba vs. Tsume

Mon Jan 22, 2018 1:09 am
Apparently the boy flew high enough as his bird fellow caught him in what looked like some clone technique as this was done xuba took ahold of the chain and slid it down to where it was even. Here even in his boosted state he looked relaxed as if not even a thing bothered him.

The one in  the worse condition of the two was the boy tsune. While the two landed. He adressed the boy.

"You have fight in you. This is good. You show an unwaivering spirit which is defintley increadible. So show me what you can do."

Xuba stated as he twirled the weight end of the chain so it looked to the bird and boy like a blue circle right beside him. For it was not a show of strength, but heart that made xuba want to press this genin to his limits. Yet not kill him. As per the rules, but also his code.

Even a warrior outmatched shows the heart to not stop. He is trying... lets see.

Xuba thought as the fresh clone (being the bird) jumped into the air to  attempt to land an axe kick. Simotaniously the boy began to speed up towards him in a simotanious attack.  So xuba prioritized the axe kick as he began to ready up to deal with the boy too. 

Well it was slow to xuba as an axe kick was dangerous to utilize overall. This was shown as while the kick was thrown xuba still maintained the spinning of the weight. Lifting his left arm to block the kick with a simple upper block. (Block A ranked-50 DR) the impact will go purely on xubas guantlets which simply did not even take a dent.

Meanwhile doing the block  2 meters of the chain with a flick of xubas wrist would attempt to wrap and loop itself around the clones mid section and create a tight squeeze. But these would not wrap around xubas arm.(speed: 232) If the manuver landed even to lift the chains. The birdy will need strength stat of 50. 

While  spinning the  weight xuba knew in the real deal it would've been the weight to the skull and done. But this was a tournament and no killing.

 He still despite noticing the boy's damage and his attempt to keep fighting out the corner of his eye. If they were faster xuba was not certain if they would be a easy challenge. He  merely did the one thing nessary. Watching the sword appear and course with some lightning.  Letting go of the chain with his left hand  as he dropped the bird to the ground tied up in chains, and give the chain slack so it was full length  xuba would kick off with his left foot and jump back 2 meters dragging the bird with. (speed:155) 

To simply avoid the swing aimed for his legs. As he would do this xuba would with the  He would notice the coughing up of blood and glance at the boy. As following that manuver xuba will tug the chain the chain will come loose attempting to send the clone (bird) spiraling to the ground  to xubas right 5 meters away. Hopefully landing on one of its wings and Perhaps unconcious from the impact or pain.(speed:232, strength:80) As the crashing sound of the birds body hitting the surface would be heard through the arena.

"You got fight, but you might need some medical attention. From where i have been the stubborn nature gets you far, but it can also get you killed very easily. Have you considered that?"

Xuba asked as he twirled the chain in his right hand and studied the boy quietly. Perhaps he should break this blade too for the boy. The use of these fancy tricks are awlway nice, but they get dull after seeing one or two of them.


-40 seven heavens
Jun Fuji
Jun Fuji
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Genin Tournament: Xuba vs. Tsume - Page 2 Empty Re: Genin Tournament: Xuba vs. Tsume

Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:36 pm
Xuba's counters and dodges were just as impressive as Tsume thought they would be. Xuba countered Hakucho's axe kick with a single arm and took the spinning chain around Hakucho's mid section. Then, to avoid Tsume's blade he kicked off away for the attack. In that he threw Hakucho with the chain. The impact to the ground cause a crater and Hakucho to become unconscious. This also make him resort back to his original form of the beautiful white feathered falcon. He was beaten, bruised and bleeding. Tsume would have acted drastically but he knew that would only disappoint Haku after he woke up. 

 "You got fight, but you might need some medical attention. From where i have been the stubborn nature gets you far, but it can also get you killed very easily. Have you considered that?" Xuba said after seeing the man cough up blood. "What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger." Tsume said in his single response. It's something that he been telling himself all through out training for this tournament. He took the sword, which had stopped the flow lightning after Xuba had launched himself away, and launched a rupture at a swing of 131 and the wave traveling at a speed of 30. Sharpness going along with it is 147. Tsume cracked and he collapsed on to one knee and using his sword as a rest. 

Was Tsume gonna lose after training for this almost everyday. Hakucho was taken out, Tsume was on one knee with a broken rib and a cut ankle. It looked like it was almost over for the Chokyoshi's consciences. "S-sorry Haku." He said before falling on the ground unconscious. The blade would return to ring form on Tsume's finger.  

The battle would be over after that, Xuba had won. Tsume and his bird would be taken to different hospitals as they couldn't treat an animal the same as a human.

WC: 320
TWC: 1576
Xuba wins the battle
7 stats towards Tsume and Hakucho
1576 wc towards Fuuton: Suraishinguburēdo - Wind: Slicing Blades (1576/3500) for Tsume
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Remove Ryo : 3350

Genin Tournament: Xuba vs. Tsume - Page 2 Empty Re: Genin Tournament: Xuba vs. Tsume

Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:07 pm
Xuba watched as the boy still had fight left in him after that. A smile came to his face of a fierce experience and with the  twirl of  the chain in a figure eight formation  as it would create a protective wave to the untrained eye of a seemingly glowing sideways 8.  At an astounding speed of 240, and an impact force of 240.(Figure 8 formation C ranked: swing speed:+10 rt required to track the chain: +10)

The wave would be deflected to his right due to the diffrence between the impact force of the chain (240 vs the wave: 147) the wave would disperse as xuba would land and simply stand up as he ended the booster and rolled up the chain as he walked over the boy as medical ninjas  came over the boy
 He put his hand on the boys head and smiled as he pulled out his shruiken from the boys leg.

"Well with that i know as long as you have that atittude you will make the  missing ninja tremble with fear. You did well. Get stronger."

With that xuba bowed to the kage as he walked over towards where his kunai landed and retreived it brushing the dirt from his guantlet, and the dirt picked up on his cloak from moving.

" i admit he defintley did well kage snow so ill wait for my next contender."

Xuba stated as if permitted he would leave the arena after the boy and bird were escourted off and wait for round 2.


-40 seven heavens
-20 figure 8 formation

Not really claiming anything.
Akabayashi Terumi
Akabayashi Terumi
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Genin Tournament: Xuba vs. Tsume - Page 2 Empty Re: Genin Tournament: Xuba vs. Tsume

Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:23 pm
"You both did well. Xuba is the victor and will be moving on to the semi-finals. Your opponent will be decided tomorrow." The kage would then stand, sprout wings and fly off allowing the medics to do their jobs.
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