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Saya Kirihara
Saya Kirihara
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When Their Definition of Fun Differs [ SAKANA ] - Page 3 Empty Re: When Their Definition of Fun Differs [ SAKANA ]

Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:54 pm

That’s what she had been looking for. What she had been expecting from her friend.

Though they had their differences, Saya had been under the impression that the Meijin knew her enough that she didn’t like being “handed” stuff. If she was going to fail, then she was going to fail. The girl was not afraid of doing so. It was what made her better, after all. Of course, Saya preferred to succeed more than fail, but stagnation was her worst enemy. She’d rather fall and get up than to remain at the top with nothing to push herself forward.

Sakana’s movements were quick, demonstrating his senior experience as a chunin. The fluidity he exhibited was akin to the small waves produced by the seas. That was more like it. Such things garnered more respect from the girl than what he had done earlier in spite his consideration towards her and their friendship.

Saya barely gave a discernible nod of approval before letting her body dip and roll along the snow laden ground to avoid his retaliation. Taking a page from his book her hand swept across the surface, collecting a.handful of cold ice particles.

It took her very few seconds to compact her snow into a relatively acceptable ball of ammo. Saya had watched Sakana’s wind up and upper body torque, and endeavoured to replicate it. Her arm pulled back, took a brief moment to aim, then threw her snowball at the Meijin. It was aimed towards his lower body, just below his sternum.

”A snow angel?” There was a snort and laughter in her tone. ”That’s boring.” Saya kept her eyes on him as she popped back up from the ground and skirted behind a nearby tree.

”Besides, we’re just getting started. With this while snowball thing.”

In the relative safety of the thick tree, Saya crouched once more to make another snowball. Perhaps she should try to make more if time and the pace of their game permitted?

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Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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When Their Definition of Fun Differs [ SAKANA ] - Page 3 Empty Re: When Their Definition of Fun Differs [ SAKANA ]

Wed Jun 20, 2018 5:37 pm
She smiled. Finally, after relentless failures throughout the whole she finally looked like she was enjoying herself. It just dawned on Sakana that for a friendship to work, both people had to do things to try and appease the other. He needed to stop trying to force her to like things that he liked, and to start doing things that she wanted to do. This snowball fight was probably the best compromise for the two, Saya got to show off her competitive nature, while Sakana could stay relaxed without the boring tediousness of training.  
The game began once Sakana dodged that first attack by the Kirihara girl, he almost lost his footing and fell when he first dodge. He was very out of practice, waiting months to be sent on a mission just for it to be cancelled would do that to a person. Saya herself seemed to be as on top of her game as ever, as she flawlessly rolled atop the snow, the snowball missing her by inches. It was funny to think how fast Saya was at this point, the last time they two were together he could run laps around her, now she was outclassing him due to her endurance gained from training. Sakana was ready for the next snowball she threw, projectiles were much easier to sidestep when he was on his feet. Before he could try and fire off another, she started to taunt him further while taking refuge behind a tree. “Don’t knock it till you try it, it’s actually pretty fun. But yeah, you’re right. We still have to see who gives up first.” His tone was friendly, you could probably tell he was giving a playful smile without even looking at him.
With the current way things were going the two would keep up the same repetitive nature of throwing a single snowball back and forth, eventually it would drive them insane. If the little girl protected herself behind something he needed to as well.  Building a small snow wall only took a few seconds, it wasn’t anything magnificent but the blockage stood three feet tall, just enough to cover his head. From there he would start to make a decent amount of ammunition for the battle to come, Saya likely was doing the same.
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Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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When Their Definition of Fun Differs [ SAKANA ] - Page 3 Empty Re: When Their Definition of Fun Differs [ SAKANA ]

Mon Jul 01, 2019 12:08 am
Time flies by as your having fun, and the two were having fun. Throwing snowballs back and forth at each other, neither willing to submit to the other. Sakana threw snowballs countless snowballs over his little fort trying to hit her in a way that wouldn’t hurt, while also dodging every single one she tossed at him. Fun was only fun until someone got hurt. He knew that Saya wasn’t used to doing these sorts of things. Neither was the boy to be fair but he liked to pretend like he had more experience. After what had seemed like hours Sakana imagined his arms falling off if he threw another snowball, the truth was that he had been tired for a while up until that point but he didn’t want to end the time with his friend because of it. 

“Alright you win, I can’t do it anymore. I physically cannot throw another snowball. I think I’ll be content if I never throw another snowball in my life. I also don’t think I can do anymore snow festive activities if that’s good with you. After all, we have the whole winter left to have fun.” His sentence started off with an exhausted tone but ended with a grin. As he started to move he felt the soreness already setting in his arms while trying to catch his breath. He didn’t really get cold so he couldn’t try to convince himself the the cold air was affecting his stamina, he's just really getting out of shape after finishing his chunin exams. He trudged himself out of the snow, and made his way towards the patch of purple hair he could see in the distance. He couldn’t tell if she didn’t know the game was over and was waiting to strike or if she was just as tired as he was and couldn’t move. 

Once the chuunin got near her, she seemed as tired as he was, but she would never fully let her face show it. “I’m going to get going now, I don’t even know if I’m going to make it home.” He laughed. “But this was great. Though I think I need to get back to training, because man am I out of shape. To be continued?” He asked like it wasn’t even a question. 

After they finished saying their goodbyes Sakana would start walking back towards his house. He thought about all the things that he wanted to show Saya about being a kid while the world was still boring enough for them to not have to care about the real important things in life. 

But alas, things never went as planned. 

[Closing the thread as it's been a bit]

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