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A Thief's Deja Vu [Private] Empty A Thief's Deja Vu [Private]

Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:51 pm
After being picked up by the Employer's rather overly large henchmen, he is lead into a familiar office. He shakes his head in frustration, thinking how many times must he go through this. It was as if his life was no longer his own. It was as if, he was back in juvenile corrections. The facilitator always watching over him, his every move. Was it worth it, Setsuna thought? Indeed, as of now, the only way for Setsuna to make money was to deal in the Black Market. But with the Employer, threatening him with exposure, and quite possibly death in some back alley, what was he to do? He simply had no choice, and with that realization, Setsuna finally entered the office of the Employer.

As he entered, he sees the employer behind the desk, he takes note of his formal gowns, the red vest being the most notable piece of his attire. His greasy black hair matched his leather black gloves exclusively. The blades which he seemingly played with, seemed like a pro at work in Setsuna's eyes. The two daggers alerted Setsuna, forcing him to inquire what the true reason as to which he was brought here for. However, before he could speak, the Employer beats him to it. "Sit...", Setsuna takes a moment, eyeing the blades which were tossed, while also keeping in mind that the guards were still behind him, more closer than ever. Setsuna's heart began to race, not knowing what was going on, at all. "Oh these? No no no, these are not meant for you. I mean, I only just got them cleaned", he continued with a more stern tone of voice, after placing the pair of blades right on top of the large table. "It wouldn't make sense, for me to dirty these up. Right?". Setsuna, shoulder's loss their tension, as he took his seat."Right, what am I here for?"

"What am I here for he says...", he laughs for a moment, looking towards his guards, and back towards Setsuna. "Remember that Caravan I told you to destroy."

Setsuna Remembers the Mission

"Yes, I do", he retorted. "Well, Obviously you don't, because obviously I remember telling you to burn the caravan, steal his ryo, break his valuables, and break his arm too. My men come back to me, telling me the guy is walking along the northern borders fine, without a cast", the employer leans forwards with now both elbows on the tables, his fingers interlocked. "Now, I don't think you're understanding what your current situation is, Thief. You stole from me, I caught you, there for, you owe me."

"...", Setsuna glances off to the side. A simple fuck up, led to this, again. For a brief moment, he simply didn't care anymore. The employer's mannerisms, his grand standing, it all reminded him of his time in the volcano village. The oppression, the orders, he hated it all.

"You. Owe. M- you know?! I'd kill you right now, just to save me a headache. However, I have another errand for you, one that I can't ris-"

"If you're going to kill me, than just do it", he tone was stern, quite the opposite of his resolve a few moment ago. He was done, fed up with fate's joke. Fate had turned back time it seemed.

The Employer leans back in his seat, eyeing Setsuna, taking notice of his defeat. However, he couldn't dispose of him, not quite yet. He needed him, his plans had only just begun. "Mhmmm, so that's it? My banter too much for you to handle? Hahahaaa, there is no room out here in the real world for soft skin.... Relax. No, I'm not going to kill you. I intend for you to pay me back, lest you provoke me of course. Do you know how much you stole from my vendors? 7500 worth of wares, some of which are ryo."

Setsuna takes note of the ryo amount.

The Employer, reaches into his desk, and pulls out a fresh sack of ryo and places it on the table. "Yep, that much. If you were smart, you would have used that money to buy some precious metals, the value on those just seem to go up. But no, you're just a no name thief." Setsuna glances towards the large stack of ryo. He never seen that much money all at once, it was just sitting their. But what was the point, even if he could snatch it and escape, a bounty on him would ban him not only from the Black Market, but effectively make him wanted from both the nations and the Black Market. Not wise at all, he tilts his head back down.

"That is the main reason why I haven't killed you; it's cause you are a thief. You get in and out, you don't stick around to gloat, less chance of exposure. Well, except this once. I need you to tie up my loose ends, right those who have wrong me in the past."

"The-", Setsuna stops himself from talking any more, and for a good reason too. He lifts up his head, now facing the man behind the desk. He was going to ask him why he didn't do it himself, but due to the situation, he wasn't in the position to ask any, if not no questions at all. "Then, I have no choice. I'll get the money back."

The Employer knew Setsuna all to well, enough to know that what he meant by that, was that he was going to steal from other vendors. "I figured you'd say something like that, that's why I wont tell you which vendors I own, nor the ones that belong to some of the other pretty powerful people. Therefore, you will have to steal the money else ware, maybe try your luck out on the road, or village. Who knows how long you might last."

'Fuck...', Setsuna said mentally.

"Hahhaa, you have to get better at this. You basically told me I'm going to steal from you again. You'll learn eventually, this Black Market is full of life learning lessons. Like never steal from someone you can't outrun. I'm a very known person here, I have set ups all around this place."

"Just give me the task so I can pay you back", he said with an attitude. He had enough of the Employer, yet he knew he had to put up with him for now. Paying off this debt was now his top priority, otherwise, he might find himself six feet under.

The Employer takes note of Setsuna's attitude.

"You know, I was going to explain to you  in detail about your next task, but after this little chat, seeing how ungrateful you are.  You can just get the fuck out.", he said, while digging through his desk. He pulls out a flyer, one that Setsuna had seen before. He tosses towards Setsuna after he folds it neatly, which Setsuna takes.

Setsuna Remembers seeing the Flyer

It was the same flyer he saw in the alley, right before The Employer's thugs pick him up. "Now you can go figure out how to secure 20 pounds of gold, and transfer it back to my warehouse. You have five days, make them count. Hmpt", the guards then guide Setsuna out of the office, and on to the street. "Go Go, yes?", one of the guards said. Once again, Setsuna prepares for a mission.

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