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Duncan Crawford
Duncan Crawford
Ryo : 500

The Breaking Point Empty The Breaking Point

Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:26 am

Max rushed home, recalling the letter from Senshi. He had hoped that Senshi was wrong, and that he would find the large man polishing his new armor that he had received for completing such a daring mission. Max help on to that hope as best he could, otherwise....

The house quickly came into view, and the boy never seemed to run so fast in his life. Max opened up the door and walked through the seals Senshi put up, hoping to see him standing in the living area with a stern look on his face. 

"Senshi! I'm home! Are you here?" Max would say aloud, hoping that someone had been home to hear his cries. Nobody said anything back. "That mission stuff was some sort of test, right? You are way to important to have been sent on a suicide mission," the boy says aloud, more to himself than anyone else. He sat down on the chair wondering what the truth of all of this was. This seemed like the kind of twisted test Mortarion would put his shinobi through. Maybe this was to see how the boy would react. Maybe Senshi was waiting somewhere for him to find. That must be it. 

A sudden knocking on the door startles the boy from his thoughts. Senshi? Max would quickly head over to the door and open it, a smile on his face as he expected Senshi. Instead what he got was a delivery.

"I was told to give this to a Mr. Yamaguchi upon his return to Kumo," and with that said he hands over a scroll, "please sign here."

Max jots down his name quickly and unravels the scroll on the doorstep as the man leaves. Inside was a simple seal. Max immediately shook his head, dropping the scroll. He knew what this was, and he would not allow himself to believe it. It was.... no, he had to see it to be certain. If his brother had been gone, it would be healthier for him to accept it and try to move beyond the grief. 

Unsealing the scroll, the prepared body of Senshi would rest there, lying on the floor in their living space. Tears would start to roll down the chuunin's face, snot now rolling down his lip. Despite all his hope, despite all his desire for it not to be so... here was the proof. That angry voice inside immediately started screaming, his head pounding as reality drove its knee into his gut. 

Max resealed the body, preparing it for what he had promised. Senshi would live on to protect Kumo, if only as an extension of Max. He made a promise all that time ago, and despite it he had hoped never to have to deliver on it. Senshi's last wish. 

"Do not worry, brother. Kumo will be safe in our hands..."

Max would then begin gathering the things needed in order to honor his brothers sacrifice. There will be a ceremony to do so, as Max would not have it any other way. 

WC: 509

Actually receiving Senshi's body (as per request in this thread)
509 Words towards Dread Knight.
Ryo : 33973

The Breaking Point Empty Re: The Breaking Point

Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:35 am
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