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Thorfinn takes a hiatus  - Page 2 Empty Re: Thorfinn takes a hiatus

Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:20 pm
Kenshin would watch in mild annoyance as the two of them seemed to ignore his order, Sanae outright undermining him by denying the boys exit before the silver haired Jounin was able to verify the validity of his orders. Did she not realize that if the boy was caught trying to sneak out of the village using a set of fake orders he would be in some serious trouble? Ugh, he wasn't getting paid enough to deal with this kind of shit. 

If he believed in any form of deity he may have been tempted to thank them for not sticking him with this duty each and every day... as there was no way he going to thank Kyousuke for such a thing. A potential deity was something he could deal with thanking, that mountain of muscle on the other hand would have to do somehting big to get a thanks from Kenshin. He would watch in slight amusement as the young Kaguya rejected the boys cake by literally slapping it at him, and then to add insult to injury, smearing the remains of said cake across the young cripples torso. 

He would listen to the boy give a half hearted goodbye as he began to walk back into the village, and he would be half tempted to stop hiss attempted exit and force him to hand over the 'orders' that he had been given. No doubt they would have been false, and this fool had simply been trying to leave the village in a way that made it hard for people to stop. Ugh, it was seriously tempting... but in the end it simply wasn't worth it... no, HE simply wasn't worth it. 

"Good job with the cake." Kenshin would say with a small smirk upon his scarred face, before turning and heading back to his seat. 



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Thorfinn takes a hiatus  - Page 2 Empty Re: Thorfinn takes a hiatus

Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:09 am
Sure Sanae had kind of ignored Kenshin? Well he could have asked to see the paper it was there for the most part. But she deemed it healthier for the other Genin to be humiliated by her once again than to be dragged to office by the older Jounin. So although it had been a quite nasty move this time he could even be thanking her for it. As he had left she turned towards Kenshin bowing slightly when he would make a remark about the cake. It almost sounded like praise. A little bit surprised she would look at him and then smile shortly. "Thank you", then she would see him turn away and sit back on his seat. Shortly she shook her head returning into the office where she placed the List where it was supposed to be. Sasato walked up to her: "Hey Sanae, my wife prepared something for you, she said she liked it as a child", with those words he handed her a Cristmas Cracker. "Thank you", she looked at it smiling, "Tell your wife she is amazing, wanna crack it open with me?" He nodded and each of them took a side and started to pull on it. It gave a small cracking sound then a little poof and some Christmas Ninja Wire appeared. "This is nice, I will enjoy this." The Genin stated happily putting it aside for the moment and going back to work.

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Thorfinn takes a hiatus  - Page 2 Empty Re: Thorfinn takes a hiatus

Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:09 am
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