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Let's be Firefighters! [IO, NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: Let's be Firefighters! [IO, NK]

Tue Dec 26, 2017 10:54 pm
The heat was intense still. The building was lit with orange embers and great fires which was the cause of all that heat. Tsume still went in. The building was basically almost out. The whole place could collapse any moment with the flames weakening the support pillars. Tsume had to make it quick. He went to every floor and every room, listening for coughs or screams, something that would signify that people were still there. Luckily, none such came from any room he visited. He did one last sweep on the way down but still nothing. Then suddenly, a girl's cough came, Tsume quickly investigated the sound. It was a girl, red-haired, on the ground. She was unconscious. Tsume gently but quickly swooped her up and took her along with him to outside, where she could be safe with the others. She had a bit of a coughing fit once exiting the building with fresh air filling her lungs instead of smoke-infused ones. But she wasn't able to do much else with her being unconscious and all. 

Apon request, Hakucho transformed into Tsume's clone and held the hose to spray out the rest of the flames. Luckily, nothing collapsed but people would still need to be careful going into the building as that could change. Tsume arrived at Miyamoto, Thor and the victim's location. He overheard Thor cry for guidance. Tsume would place his hand on Thor's shoulder. "We just need to take them to the hospital," Tsume picked up an unconscious and lead two hurt one with him to the trip the hospital. Tsume knew that Thor wanted to more like he did, but they were both limited in their abilities to help. Something that some have to learn the hard way.  Hakucho got done with the hose and grabbed some people to take the hospital, following Tsume. 

Once they dropped the hurt off at the hospital, the nurses were all ready to take them in after hearing of the tragedy. They thanked the shinobi for his work in saving the people in that building, Tsume just nodded. "Nothing really, just my job." If Thor and Miya took people to the hospital like he said they should, then Tsume and Hakucho could rest up at home from this tragic fire, everything else would be taken care of. Tsume had an urge to want to do more, but couldn't. The man wasn't a god after all. 

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Let's be Firefighters! [IO, NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: Let's be Firefighters! [IO, NK]

Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:27 am
Thor was the first back as he looked at those that were wounded or in stable condition, asking what he could do as Miyamoto just pointed to the ones with minor injuries. No directions just yet as he was in the middle of healing the wound of a mother that seemed to be pregnant, thankfully it seemed to only be a bone break. As he finished up he looked up to see Satoru, as well as Tsume with an unconscious girl in tow. Without as much as an offer for help, Satoru seemed to have other things to do and was gone.

"Gods be damned...give her to me Tsume..." He said as Tsume would tell Thor about getting the severely injured to the nearest hospital. Miyamoto was working quickly to make sure that he got the young girl back to being conscious as she coughed heavily, smoke expelling from her as she took large breaths. "Tsume read my mind. Take as many as you can carry safely to the hospital, let them know that they are from a building fire and they will take care of the rest..." He then turned to the public as well as those with minor injuries. "Please lend us your strength so that we can make sure all of you are seen and treated. No one person should have to suffer from this, thank you in advance." He would say as people picked those up that were wounded, and those that were only minorly inconvenienced picked up the ones in a severe state as they helped transport to the hospital.

Still annoyed with the fact that one of the team members left without helping he sighed, but made sure to quickly move down the street. Looking back he would notice shinobi with water chakra taking care of the remainder of the flames and building. "Firefighters are a bit late aren't they," He said with an annoyed grin as his temple throbbed. He was winded, but otherwise still within his on the capability to lead and help.

As they arrived at the hospital he explained in detail the accounts of his team members, and when asked about Satoru, he told them that he was probably helping somewhere else. After taking a few breaths to get back some stamina he turned to Tsume, Thor, and Hakucho and gave them a thumbs up.
"You were all brilliant, good job, I will make sure that you are all compensated for your efforts here tonight. You are all some of the bravest shinobi I have worked with since leaving the hospital. Keep it up and you will all reach promotions in no time at all." His words were meant to be encouraging as he gave them a weak smile and left the hospital.

That night he walked off into the night quietly as he actually walked all the way to his mother's house, his real home. He was able to get into his room easily and pass out on the bed exhausted.


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