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Rosa Akari
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Solo Training...Or is it... (Kotetsu, Rosa, P, NK) - Page 3 Empty Re: Solo Training...Or is it... (Kotetsu, Rosa, P, NK)

Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:11 am
After the words left her rosy pink lips, the young boy before her silently pulled out what appeared to be neatly wrapped presents from his bag, openly all three of them quickly. Her oceanic eyes watched, a slight hint of curiosity lacing them, as she wondered where the presents randomly came from and why he had suddenly decided to open them. Maybe he had just realized they were there, and couldn’t help but ponder what they might be, wanting to satiate his own curiosity sooner rather than later. Two smaller presents revealed themselves from the first cracker opened, which was a rather odd way in her opinion to hide more gifts, a strange ticket fluttered out of the second cracker, and the final cracker held a sugar plump, the latter two gifts Kotetsu placed inside his bag yet the two smaller crackers he held onto, obviously going to open them as well. She wondered what such small gifts could contain, although she wouldn’t be all that surprised if a giant snake popped out of them. Shinobi were quite skilled in the art of sealing anything, making it a rather simple task to seal large objects into smaller ones for transportation.

As she had predicted, one of the crackers held a much larger gift inside: a decorative, red and white flak jacket, while the other held a small pair of jingle bells. Kot seemed rather satisfied with his strange gifts, storing the two newest ones away similar to what he did with the first ones, before smiling cheerfully at her. Nothing seemed to phase him, always polite and kind no matter what, at least that was the impression he was giving the young Akari as he started to explain the Genjutsu Release technique. He recited similar background information regarding the technique as the book she had been reading early mentioned, stating that, while performing the tiger hand sign, the caster can imagine their chakra disruptively coursing through their chakra network, causing them to have the ability of breaking free from a Genjutsu. So long as her chakra was stronger than the Genjutsu casted on her. However, it seemed he was also not a user of Genjutsu, being unable to perform one of her so she could fully test out the technique. It couldn’t be helped that he didn’t know any Genjutsu, so Rosa had to use what she had in order to try and master the technique, following his advice about perfecting it until she could perform it without the required hand sign. Kotetsu was sensible as well, it seemed, thinking ahead in battle about the possibility of one becoming fully immobilized, and therefore, unable to weave the tiger seal to break free.

She nodded her head as he finished, acknowledging silently yet again that she heard him and agreed with their plan for tackling this jutsu. Her slender hands made the tiger hand sign, as instructed, and she focused on feeling her chakra, the shifts it made within her. Rosa tried to will it to flow the opposite direction, hoping that would be enough to disrupt her chakra network, yet moments passed and nothing happened, she felt no sudden change, and wasn’t sure if she had actually performed it correctly. Her ears perked as a hawk squawked three times above them, relaying a message that Kotetsu was needed by the Hogokage right away. Once he saw and heard the bird above, he quickly gathered his belongings and prepared to make his exit, leaving her with a few parting words before he went on his way.

“Thank you for what you have taught me thus far, Kotetsu.” She was just barely able to properly thank him before his retreating back blurred out of view, his legs taking long strides as he sped towards his destination, which could have been anywhere; the Hogokage’s Chambers, his room to change his gear first, or the village gates. A few moments after he ran off, Rosa turned her attention back to the jutsu at hand. Despite not entirely knowing if she could tell when it was mastered, she wanted to dedicate a bit more time to the technique, getting a feel for it and hoping to even try it without the hand sign if she grew accustomed to performing it.

Her hands formed the tiger sign again as she tried to will the chakra inside her, molding it against itself in an inner struggle to disturb her network. She could vaguely feel her chakra shift, every so slightly, which gave her enough validation that she had successfully performed Genjutsu Release. Only time could tell for sure though, when she would have to put it to the test in combat. It would be more critical than ever for her to master the jutsu before that time, however, so she is not at the mercy of her enemies. Thus, with the resolve to not be overtaken, she let her hands fall limp at her sides, preparing to attempt the jutsu without hand signs.

Having given her body enough time to calm down her chakra network, she focused her eyes ahead, selecting an abandoned practice dummy to stare at while she controlled her chakra from inside. Her chakra gave no response to her efforts, remaining still as far as she could tell, even though her actions to perform the technique had been the same, minus the tiger hand seal. It took Rosa a couple more tries, having to focus intently for her chakra network to be disrupted without the aid of a hand sign, but she eventually was able to perform Genjutsu Release without the tiger hand sign, or at least she believed she would be able, given the fact that she could not test out her abilities on a real Genjutsu just yet.

With her training of the jutsu finished, and the sun high overhead, she collected her own belongings, planning on taking a break from her training to recharge her body with nourishment. She couldn’t expect to train for a couple more hours on an empty stomach, least she warrant the risk of collapsing due to exhaustion and having to be hospitalized. The thought of being incompaciated for even just a few days sent an imaginary shiver down her spine. Rosa couldn’t afford to lose a day of training if she wanted to make her clan proud, thus more than one day out of commission would surely be the ‘death’ of her, or at least her aspirations of continuing the ways of the Loyalist Akari.

(WC: 1,090)
(TWC: 4,335)
(Claiming 21 stats, 750/750 for Mastered Genjutsu Release as the regular learning of it is ½ due to being taught, 3000/3000 for Lightning Javelin, and the remaining 585 towards finishing off Art of the Akari for 2000/2000 because the 1,455 WC came from this thread)

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