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Meet and Greet [D rank] Empty Meet and Greet [D rank]

Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:40 am

Today marked one of the first days within his initial arrival into the village of Hoshi that he would be able to do a mission. There wasn't an over abundance of happiness or excitement as there would be in other people, but the aspect of actually being able to earn some resource money for the project he had been working on for his clothing was better than nothing. At the current moment it had just been about close to high afternoon when he was told traffic through the gates would be at its highest and the best time to do this mission in particular. He didn't expect this mission to be hard to be honest since all he had to do was talk to a few people and let them in or turn them away, honestly who thought this was a job for a ninja?

The thought crossed his mind that it could have been because ninja "could" detect lies and false information given from the person in question getting in, but that was far and between the truth so he refused to think someone put that amount of depth and thought into a mission such as this. Easy money was the way to go so he wasn't complaining about that least. Wearing his usual clothing of a brownish frayed and tattered cloak, ruined black pants and a t-shirt hidden under said cloak, the brown haired male made his way toward the gates with his trust partner, Yeoui, placed upon his back. It had actually been a while since he had used the staff since the incident in the training grounds so luckily he was safe from that accident altogether. Speaking of he hadn't really seen that ninja he was sparring with since then and maybe they were a little humiliated from getting their nose picked.

Either way he had strolled up to the gates and arrived just as the sun was at its highest and beaming over his uncovered head. He had half a thought to simply place it onto his head, the hood on the cloak that was, but then again it would probably make him suspicious looking since he had no headband or identification on him yet. Fickle how the HR department of the ninja world lacked such timely dedication to their jobs so maybe he would have to go and poke Kyousuke to fix that a bit. When he finally arrived he could see it- the entire long ass line of people waiting to get into the village and the guards combined with a few ninja splitting the lines to get order and some semblance of a registration place open in the meantime.

Mo-ri moved slowly to the gates and when the guards noticed him they simply nodded and walked over to him," You the one they sent to help us today? You don't look like much but that isn't my place to say," you damn right it wasn't. "At any rate there's the line you will be working through, they will send one or two people to you for you to assess and see if they are good to enter the village. Once you're done with that you can leave as you see fit," simple enough and to the point that he didn't want to club the guard for almost underestimating him.

With a smooth yet lazy nod he moved over to the line of people trying to either rush or quickly get into the village and his eyes became ...something as he looked at each one of them. Cross shaped eyes continued to search each person that came through the line either with luggage, a carriage or some form of traveling device. Some had kids and pets with them while some were just kids from the looks of it that had seemingly been out of place. Removing himself from the wall the first set of people were sent to him and he held up his right hand with his palm facing toward them signaling them to stop," What brings you to this village?," it was a short and simple answer as the female, her husband and their child all looked at him weirdly.

They all exchanged looks before the young child smiled and pointed at Mo-ri's eyes," Momma look his eyes are weird," to which the young male squatted down and ruffled the young childs hair," And you are very short.," not the best comeback but the child had been smiling since Mo-ri could tell that the child was simply interested in the males eyes as most young children would be. The mother would clear her throat as she began to explain that their family came here due to their old home being attacked by bandits. They like a few other families were able to escape and make it toward the land of stars where many knew this was a safe haven for many people.

The male for a moment looked at the father who had been watching Mo-ri interact with his child almost as if he was waiting for him to do something wrong. The two exchanged further glances before Mo-ri stood up and nodded," I see. My home was ransacked some few years ago by people as well. So if you aren't lying your stay here will be all the better to be honest. There are a few things you need to know about this village and its laws so if you step up to the next person over there they will walk you through the process to join and their laws," both parents nodded as the child simply continued to stare at the males eyes, something in him wanted to pull it out and hand it to the kid, but that would probably scare the living shit out of all three of them.

As the family moved from his sight and into the line to get registered, Mo-ri helped a few other people before going home only denying one person entry because they were a cunt and also drunk..

[Mission Complete]

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Meet and Greet [D rank] Empty Re: Meet and Greet [D rank]

Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:04 pm
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Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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Meet and Greet [D rank] Empty Re: Meet and Greet [D rank]

Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:11 pm
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