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Cole Uchiha
Cole Uchiha
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Training dance of the Camellia Empty Training dance of the Camellia

Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:05 pm
Cole awoke to the sound of his alarm clock. He had set it the night before so he could get an early start on the day for his training. It was his first day as a genin after all and he needed to get stronger. Cole rolled out of bed and shivered a bit as his bare feet touched the cold hard wood floor. He pushed it to the back of his mind as he stood up and slid his pants on. Cole walked down stairs to his mom making breakfast pancakes. One of his favorites he thought as he sat down to eat real quick.
“Hay mom” he says while rubbing some sleep from his eye. His mom turned and gave him a smile as she picked up a plate with two pancakes on it. She sat the pancakes down in front of him and walked back to the kitchen and started to clean up.
“Your late your father done came down eat and left” his mother said while putting a couple dishes in the sink to wash. Cole looked at her and then to the clock on the wall. It read 6:30 what the hell he thought to him self, as he doubted going any higher if it meant having to get up any earlier. Cole finished his breakfast while his mom finished cleaning. He walked over to the door and slid his cloak on pulling his hair up out of the cloak and letting it fall back down on top of it. He then slid his boots on tucking his pants leg into his boots. He then grabbed his pack from the floor and threw it over one shoulder. “I packed you a lunch in their” his mom would yell at him from across the room.
“thanks I'll see you later, love you mom” cole yelled back at him mom as he opened the door and walked out into the street. It was pretty busy right now with everyone going to work. Cole was careful to try not to get in anyone's way. He stayed to the left of the streets and watched out for people going into shops and things. He even opened the door for a couple people that didn't look at him like he didn't belong here. The ones that did he just smiled and waved at them. He learned a long time ago that pretending to be happy that they don't like him makes them even more mad. That made him smile for real.
It took cole about thirty minutes to make it to the training grounds outside the water gardens. He stopped and took a moment to look at it. Even thought his fellow ninja had been using this place for training it still was a beautiful place to look at. Their was bushes lining one side of the training grounds and fluffy trees lining the other side. He knew the trees had a name but he was no botanist he had no idea what they was called so he just called them fluffy trees. Not that he would let anyone hear him call them that. Their was also a nice big pond in the middle of the training grounds that a lot of people went to, to practice water style jutsu. Cole would go over to a nice shaded area by the fluffy trees and stand on the dirt patch were people had spared and trained on till the grass had wilted and died.
He sat down in the bit of grass left by the trees and opened his pack to pull out the book his father had given him on the basic jutsu he should learn first. Cole looked through the book a few times looking at each of the jutsu their was only a hand full in it but he figured that the jutsu he would learn first should be important. Cole stopped on a jutsu called Dance of the Camellia. He read through it a few times and it seamed like an interesting jutsu to learn. It would give him a weapon and would act as a foundation to build on, as it would teach him how to control his kekkei genkai with precision.
Looking over the jutsu it said to focus the calcium in his left hand into the hilt of a sword. He would need to focus his chakra into his left arm to do this and harden the bone he would need the hilt to be strong enough to take a beating. The next thing was to push the hilt out from his hand grabbing it with his right hand and helping to pull the hilt, as he pulled on the hilt he would need to start to form the blade of the sword. This is were the precision would come in he would need it to be strong enough not to break but he would need it to be shard as a razor on the sides and give it a point. That would be pretty hard having to shape it while sharping it. Before this his father had only taught him how to push bones out of his skin he never showed him anything like this, so this would be something he taught himself.
Cole closed the book and sat it down on top of his pack. He then stepped out of the shade and into the early morning sunlight taking a moment to let it sink into him. He could feel the sun pushing the vitamin d into him. Not really but he thought he could. He then lifted his left hand forming a right angle with it crossed his chest, and grabbing his wrist with his right hand. He started to focus his chakra into his left arm. Visualizing the hilt of the bone sword he was trying to make. Once he had the vision in his mind he started to use his charka to mold the hilt of the bone as he pushed it out the palm of his left hand. He went slow having to split his focus part to maintain the strength he gathered evenly through his chakra, and they other half on maintaining the vision in his mind. He knew that with practice this would become easy, but right now it was difficult.
Cole pulled on the hilt a little while trying to let it push into the palm of his hand. Once he felt the hilt in his hand he grabbed it, but did not pull it. He focused on making a blade now he wanted it to be sharp but strong as well. He kept pushing the blade with his chakra and forming new bones to take the place of what was being pushed out. He made the blade a bit thick at the hilt and narrowing down as he got to the point. He realized that once the hilt was out of the way the rest of the blade was easier to form. He slowly pulled the blade out while forming the blade with his chakra in his arm. This made it even easier since he wasn't using his chakra to push the blade as well and instead was using his physical power.
It didn't take long to finish making the blade. Once the blade was out he looked at it, and it didn't look to bad their was no holes in it and it looked pretty study. He gave it a few practice swings swirling it around him a few times. The blade felt natural in his hand, but that would only make since seeing how the blade was apart of him. He then focused again cause creating the blade was only part of the jutsu he know had to use the blade. He remembered that the book said that the Dance of the Camellia used the bone sword as part of an attack. He would need to stab at the target in what would seam random, while being in control at the same time. The style was suppose to throw the opponent onto the defensive while user kept going trying to stab them, but in reality they was really only trying to push the target to get into a weakened spot, so they could delver the finishing blow.
Cole swooped the weapon around stabbing at the air randomly while changing directions mid swing to aim at a different location. He did this for a few minutes to get the feel for the blade and weight of it. He then walked over to the training dummy and started on it with the sword. At first he just hit the dummy to see how the sword felt with the recoil of hitting something. Surprisingly it didn't hurt cole at all. He then continued with his practice stabbing at different directions around the dummy, and then changing directions to stab the dummy from a different angle. He did this till he felt confident in his ability to fight this way. He knew from the book that the sword was meant to be used this way that's why it was so light yet strong, so you could change directions on the fly and not have to worry about the weight of the sword pulling you to far.
After about fifteen minutes cole decided that it was time to eat what his mom had packed. He was starting to get hungry and this jutsu had taken a lot out of him. He would need more practice if he is to use it in combat he thought to himself he would need to get used to the drain on his chakra to make the blade and then his stamina to use it correctly. Cole sat down while finishing his thoughts and grabbed his bag. He opened it pulling out a tuber ware bowl. On the top of the bowl was a note from his mom.
Hay kiddo don't work to hard, and over do it. Remember it takes time and patience to become a truly strong ninja. Love you and enjoy the food.
Cole put the note back into his pack, and opened the container. In it was two sandwiches and a race cake. He sat the container down in front of him and leaned back against one of the fluffy trees that had been burnt by someones fire style. He grabbed one of the sandwiches and started to eat it was good just like most of the food his mom made. Just don't ask her to make pasta and everything is ok he thought to himself. He eat both sandwiches and then grabbed the rice ball. He was about to eat it when he saw someone walk by. He saw them look at the rice ball and he could tell they was hungry. Cole got up and ran over to the guy he was older then cole but he could tell that they was more then likely a genin as well. “you want the rice ball I done eat two sandwiches and you look hungry. I know training takes it out of you” cole said while looking into the guys eyes. He took the rice ball and thanked cole. Cole then walked away back to his pack. He turned to see that the guy had done eat the rice ball and had some of the rice on his shirt. Cole smiled and put the container back in his pack. He went ahead and loaded his pack up with all his stuff before he went back out to try the Dance of the Camellia jutsu again.
This time he had a better understanding of the jutsu. He made the right angle again in front of him with his left arm. He then started to focus the chakra in his arm to form the hilt this time he made the hilt faster and was pushing it out of his palm he put the tips of his fingers on the hilt. Waiting for it to slide out further so he could grab it with his right hand. Once the hilt was out of his hand he grabbed it and started to slowly pull it out helping so all he had to do with his chakra was form the blade while replacing the bones that was being used. It took him half the time this time to make and pull the bone sword out of his arm.
Once again he swung the sword around him getting a feel for it. He then walked back over to the training dummy and practiced some more striking around the dummy and then changing direction to hit the dummy in awkward spots, but every hit would be a killing blow. He would aim for the neck and spine or go for the head. A few times he went for the chest aiming for the heart and lungs. The lungs he knew wouldn't kill someone but he figured that fighting with only one lung would suck since breathing is everything in a fight.

Cole felt like he had a feel for the jutsu and decided to call it a day. He put the bone sword in his pack to show him mom that he was able to do it now and threw his pack on his back, and started to walk out of the training grounds.  

(WC-2,229 claiming Dance of the Camellia jutsu and 11 stat)

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Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Training dance of the Camellia Empty Re: Training dance of the Camellia

Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:38 pm
Please link the jutsu you're claiming, then you're all set
Cole Uchiha
Cole Uchiha
Stat Page : Kain Wraith

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Training dance of the Camellia Empty Re: Training dance of the Camellia

Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:29 pm
sorry about that fixed the link
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