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Training ( NK) Empty Training ( NK)

Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:41 am
Tamaki strolled leisurely through the gardens after his mission, it always brought him great peace to listen to the waters streaming past.
The place helped Tamaki forget his woes and his melancholy.
He dressed in long pants, a jacket and undershirt.
His hair was ashen white and messily adorned his head, the wind turning it every other way to his fringe's original location.
Tamaki leaned against a well and dipped his hands into the cold water to parch his thirst.
Had he missed Hao and Valek today?
They were no where to be seen and it was dusk, how unusual.
He took an apple out of his pocket and began to nibble on it with such strong convictions that thoughts eluded him momentarily.

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Training ( NK) Empty Re: Training ( NK)

Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:02 am
E-Rank Mission:

D-Rak Mission:

C-Rank Mission:


Wasn't it such a wonderful day to take some time relaxing in the far gardens of this beautiful land? Indeed she had heard and read much about this place but had never really been to it so this was kind of a first time for her as she was strolling around. The wind blowing through her hair the young girl was really looking like a girl for a change. The hair of the young lady was worn open and ready for the wind to make a mess with as it was rushing through it every now and then. The usual get up was changed for an indeed quite feminine looking dress made of blue cloth that was almost long enough to reach the ground if she would not be wearing those sandals with heels that her mother once got her and that were otherwise rotting away in a closet somewhere. But today was a day to show exactly this side of her, that usually was covered up with a lot of pretend tough behaviour and so she almost danced along the way a skip in her step and a tune humming from her lips. Hidden beneath this getup she wore a pair of black shorts and a tank top suiting this, because one could never know when to encounter the need to throw away girly and most impractical clothes for something better or well at least more useful. So she pranced around a little a skip in her step as she encountered someone she knew from a mission she had just recently done. Tamaki seemed in thought not having seen her yet so she hurried over to stand behind him and then covering his eyes if he would let her have the fun of it while she cheerfully asked: "Guess who it is", a chuckle followed this little but harmless assault on his eyesight because she was pretty sure he knew it perfectly fine.

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Training ( NK) Empty Re: Training ( NK)

Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:15 pm
Do You Wanna Build A Chuunin - Part 1

Soft fingers laced over Tamaki's eyes and the smell of fresh breath weaved around Tamaki's hair.
A familiar voice spoke a benign question as Tamaki lifted his own hands, feeling at once the strong bones of the knuckles he had expected he spoke with gratification, "Sanae, how are you?"
Even as he spoke he gently loosened the soil below his feet so as to make turning easier, coming face to face with Sanae at such close range was an oddly startling experience.
She was nice to look at and he forgot himself for a moment before re calibrating his positioning, he took two steps backwards, hoping that Sanae would break her grip.

"Lovely day, isn't it?"
Even then in the distance there was trouble lurking further in the water gardens.
There was a shout echoing off the walls from some distant location, and this only sounded like indistinct clamor to Tamaki as his attention was fixated on Sanae in front of him.
There were two groups of people angrily brandishing their arms wildly in the air and the shouting grew more distinct as moments seemed to pass.
Though it seemed that Tamaki would go unbeknownst to this event there came the sound of pattering footsteps.
A group of academy students had come running down the path way, one waving his hand to Sanae and Tamaki and saying, "Come quick! There's going to be a fight!"
How quirk some that their time should be spoiled, yet their school yard antics had a certain convincing quality to them.
"Sanae, want to check it out?"

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Training ( NK) Empty Re: Training ( NK)

Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:49 pm
Sanae would smile brightly as he would say her name and loosen her hands. She would slowly let them sink onto his shoulders as he was turning around very closely to herself. Now she was looking at him almost nose to nose and blinked curiously at him. Then with a light blush on her cheeks taking a step back from him grinning a little embarrassed at him: "That was close", she cleared a throat and knocked onto her chest. Then she looked around as she also could hear the racket going on around this usually peaceful area was disrupted from the angry chatter of the usual suspects. Sanae herself had encountered the friendly demeanour of the people who were pretty fearful of their god who cursed shinobi as a kind of witchcraft or evil sorcery. This was why she had learned the bone armour, so that she could endure hits and kicks that she would sometimes get when she forgot to take her headband off, or wore it just because she was proud of being a Genin of Hoshi. "Yes I suppose we should, it is never good if people break into a riot, not only they but innocent bystanders could get harmed. As Shinobi of Hoshi it is our duty to protect our people... every one of them", she said to Tamaki confirming his question about whether she wanted to go or not.

As the two Shinobi were coming closer it was clearly to see that they did not see anything because there was a huge crowd of people. Some of them just screaming at each other, some of them just looking curiously on her tiptoes. In the middle of it there were two main people disputing or more or less having a conversation filled with insults and rage filled faces. They were screaming each other into fury. Sanae was stopping to watch this: "This is bad."

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Training ( NK) Empty Re: Training ( NK)

Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:13 pm
Having a moments brilliance ushered away by a riot scene was enough to give Tamaki bright ideas on how to resolve this issue.
After having spent an afternoon tailing a royal guard and learning his routines and job description, Tamaki felt confident that he could impersonate a guard down to the mannerisms.
Before coming too close to the crowd he preformed hand signs and transformed into an brightly armored guard of Haven City.
Known for their tenacity towards citizens, Tamaki supposed that the sight of even one may curb their enthusiasm, and ultimately resolve the conflict without it coming to blows.
"Cheerio pip pip, what's going on here?"
Tamaki's tone demanded attention and the colours of the insignias emblazoned on his coat screamed authority.
He turned to Sanae and winked before moving on the crowd.
If the threat of one guard coming down on the crowd wasn't enough, the holy wrath of a squad of guards would curtail their aggression, potentially.
"Do I have to call down the whole squadron? What is the meaning of this?"
Some clones transformed as guards entered the fray and stood beside Tamaki bolstering his presence and the threat of reprimand to the utmost.
"We'd rather do this without anyone getting hurt, do you understand? Not anyone is to lay a hand on another or they'll spend the night in lockdown and front the high court."
Tamaki only briefly understood the meaning of any of these terms but they sounded like they carried the weight of the queen's approval.
Not knowing if it were a crime to impersonate an officer of the law, Tamaki resigned to keep this short and if they ploy didn't work they would have to fall back on something else to resolve the difference between the two groups.

If the captain of the guard scenario had not worked, Tamaki was not out of ideas just yet.
There was the possibility of crowd control with water trumpet jutsu to unite the two groups in defiance of the third new group.
If they had a common enemy they may set aside their differences... but for now, Tamaki was resolute in his guard method.

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Training ( NK) Empty Re: Training ( NK)

Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:40 pm
As Tamaki was starting his Jutsu Sanae was not quite sure if he was doing the right thing. Impersonating a guard because they were a sign of peace for everyone but that meant also that if the fraud was seen through this would cause a much bigger riot. A Genin impersonating a guard that could be seen as a big fraud like a slap into someone face or every trying to fool someone being an authority figure and demanding respect that was not usually given to them. She could think of so much ways in what they could feel wronged or fooled by this but if the illusion held up. While the crowd made way for the transformed Tamaki Sanae was circling the crowd listening into what they were saying about what was going on. Something about a big affront cause by a young Genin proudly wearing his head band in public to a ceremony held in the park. Something about a child getting its blessing from the god for being born and it the shinobi was somehow related and in the end the father and the priest had gotten into an argument.
On the other side of the People there was a saying about a shinobi veteran's son who was only just sitting there doing nothing but someone had suspected him of badmouthing religion. Falsely he was accused of kind of disturbing the ceremony with the ignorance of a disrespectful teenager, but the boy was said to be well behaved and so the parents stooped to defend their son because he did not do something wrong. Both parties being equally enraged about the thing that had happened and Sanae was shaking her head in disbelieve. What was to do about it? She could see the boy on the sidelines, he was about ten years old, his face could not hide that he had been crying a lot, his mother was hugging him gently and there was indeed a headband, but it did not really seem like it was fit for him, it was old and worn out. Slowly she was walking towards both of them while Tamaki handled the Situation.

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Training ( NK) Empty Re: Training ( NK)

Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:35 pm
Sensing that if his transformation faltered that he would be in just as much trouble as the other genin, if the first appearance of three guards hadn't been enough to disperse the crowd Tamaki was out of ideas.
He ducked behind the group of shinobi and transformed back into his regular attire and rejoined Sanae.
Unsure of what to do he consulted with her, "This seems dangerous, what should we do?"
The crowds were still vying for attention from the two clones that were present, each one making their case.
Water brimmed to the surface of his mouth as he streamed a short spout of water at Sanae to get her attention.
"Should we try a diplomatic solution or should we dowse them all with water?"
Tamaki's ash white hair was tucked behind his ears so he could see and all he saw was ample opportunity for little success.
The crowd had dissolved into two factions and both was caustically reacting with one another if there was a solution to balance this equation, he was not seeing it but a base line had to be set and the clones offered a basic solution to a corrosively acidic situation.
The result had been unpalatable salt water which both crowds had entertained the notion of swimming, neither side wanted to upset the queen's guard as they were notorious for being heavy handed on both sides; ninja and civilian alike, the gold cloaks took center stage between the two crowds.
A stone was cast, a violent uprising between priests and ninja.
These pious, zealous men were ill suited for combat but were rioting due to standards not being met.
The guards reasoned, "He is but a young lad; not one of your order, how is he to know what is and what is not proper?
I'll remind you that the shinobi have been endorsed as guardians of the state, have you not the self preservation to remain calm man?"
Tamaki had now caught up to Sanae who was making her way towards the instigator of this incident, a young child.
Hardly the need for both sides to come to fists and blood shed over.
He began to note the wind changing and the two sides were coming to a stand point,  would they listen to the guards, or, would Tamaki and Sanae require further action?
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Training ( NK) Empty Re: Training ( NK)

Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:40 pm
She had just come up close to the mother and the boy as she was reached by Tamaki. "Mhmm the situation is difficult. The son's father is said to be a veteran", she then pointed to the head band. "I guess he had it with him, I mean the head band. It is not bad to have that, but those religious people who think of Shinobis being like demons because of our power could have seen it as disrespect where he did not think anything of it but maybe how cool he thought his father was", she looked over at the crowd leaning in a little to whisper to him: "It would not be wise to attack them because this is what they fear. This is what they hate about us and what they fear. That we with powers beyond believe pick on them the normal everyday people and just have our way with them. We need to make them speak openly about what happened and why. So maybe they would understand how silly it sounds when they say it out loud", she shrugged and tilted her head from side to side and looked at the young boy. He would be sure to say he was sorry when he was asked to. He seemed like a nice small boy and now he was shaking like a leaf and crying. She turned over and opened her bag: "I can and will take it", she took out her head protector and wrapped it around her head. He had seen it before and maybe he remembered that she usually wore it around her waist.
Head up high and making herself as big as she could and took a deep breath in as she was making her way through the crowd of shinobi supporting folks towards the middle were the Guards had cleared a way through. "Pardon me for intruding, but I would like to know what has happened here and maybe help to solve the dispute?", she awaited open fire but instead a priest with a highly read head was stepping forward. "This insolent little brat dared to put on this disrespectful attire to a holy ceremony you arrogant shinobi are always ignoring our rituals out of spite and because you think because of your Chakra stuff you are something better than normal people, but you are incorrect and therefore you need to learn to go by the rules!" , he was almost spitting into her face and she was standing still with a calm and straight face. "I am deeply sorry for what you experienced but as you can see, the lad is barely come of age", she turned her head towards the boy in question. "He was not doing it out of spite, but maybe out of appreciation of a personal hero, his father, wouldn't you idolize your own father?", she spoke calmly and as uninvested into the matter as possible to not make it seem as if she wanted to take anyone's side.

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Training ( NK) Empty Re: Training ( NK)

Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:33 am
The controversy had begun over something as arbitrary as a headband being displayed, the priests would have to have become so insensitive to have become up in arms over it.
There seemed to be a lack communication between the two groups as the guards ushered in what could only be accounted for as a small moments lapse of peace.
It seemed like this had happened a couple of times before, how had they resolved their differences last time?
A squabble usually had a few different outcomes, they struck blood and killed each other, or, they would see reason and objectify themselves or rather prostrate themselves in the light of the holy spirit they served.
Tamaki viewed the priests as the instigators of the event and the main antagonists in this fight, Tamaki performed the tiger hand mudra and began to spread a low mist at the shinobi groups feet.
If they couldn't see each other they may not fight, and the religious folk would probably be in terror fits.
He looked over to Sanae to see if this was an appropriate course of action before continuing any further.
Tamaki was at the back of the crowd, so, he had some time before the mist would pose any risk of being discovered.

The guards began to speak, one after the other. "Don't you have better things to do then continuing your blasphemous behaviour? I don't think religion endorses violence within these walls, especially to citizens as young as eight"
The gambit was playing through, non violence as a prerogative, seeking a peaceful resolution between the two factions who were pacifying at the presence of the authority.
"What punishment is sought?"
A question towards the fanatic group of priests more than any one else, they thirsted for blood and these leeches were slowly dimming under the regard of actually suggesting any punishment.
They bemusedly suggested, "Fine him ryo, or, take him to prison?!"

Tamaki laughed, baffled by the surprising notion that a religious entity would suggest hitting them where it hurt; in the pocket.
Trapped between the potential for the shinobi wiping out a cult of the queens or the fanatics drowning in the blood of fellow shinobi, it seemed an unlikely suggestion that the shinobi simply leave the gardens because they were practicing witch craft.
Tamaki combed his hands through his hair, scratching with frustration during the impossible seeming situation.
Would he be the catalyst?
He was assessing the situation by looking through the crow, the best and brightest numbered amongst the shinobi present.
Amidst the priests was what appeared to be a high priest, perhaps they could get both these prominent groups to pick a champion from each and they could settle this dispute by combat?
An idea that ill favored the priests as most of them were grumpy old men, balding over the prospect of a scrap with the newer age.
Perhaps the church was becoming less of a necessity and the ninja threatened the livelihood of such a prominent house, but, they sought reprisal in the most unfortunate of circumstances.

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Training ( NK) Empty Re: Training ( NK)

Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:26 am
Sanae was quietly listening as the guards were stepping in and the suggestions coming from around what to do with the situation. There were even calls for punishment. Or areas be closed off for shinobis all the way. She looked left and right the people starting to heat up again. It kind of tickled in her neck because she was in the middle of it and could kind of understand every ones fear but still, making fuzz over this? Slowly she put her fingers in her mouth and let a whistle out that was shutting everyone up. "Look at yourselves. When you adults see children fighting in a sandbox you pull them apart and tell them they should stop fighting, because it is not right and now you are here fighting over what? What you believe in? Tell me one line in your holy scripts where your god sais shinobi headgear cannot be worn to your ceremonies", then she turned around, "And you! I know it is hard not to voice your opinions whenever you feel the need to let them be heard, but breaking into a frenzy, rioting in a peaceful part, the bigger person just lets it be and tries to protect the innocent from danger", she then turned sideways looking towards the little boy and his mother. "You take a situation that was perfectly harmless und could have been resolved with a, please take down the head band from either side of the conversation and now this young fellow will think becoming a shinobi is a bad thing because the ones defending being a shinobi are always the ones to call into rash and sometimes even violent actions, but he will also think believe and gods are cruel and unfair because they allow you to make judgment over him without even thinking?" Then she pointed to her headband: "When I fight, I fight for all of you I do not differ between people that pray and people that don't. When a threat comes knocking at our gats I will gladly be the first one to charge it, so it won't get any further. When I take supplies to your church I hide my band and I hide my clan insignia to not offend you, but you got to meet me halve way here?", she had gotten a little off track here but somehow at least as long as she was talking like it meant something important nobody else was screaming at each other but then there was a moment of awkward silence.

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