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So you wanted to meet me in private then...

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Ciel "Pico" Duchamp
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So you wanted to meet me in private then... Empty So you wanted to meet me in private then...

Sat Sep 16, 2017 11:15 pm
Nan was sipping away at a coffee. He had had a busy night the last night.

And by busy, I mean he got drunk, collapsed his way up the stairs, and passed out on his (rented) bed.

He had a minor hang over, but nothing a bit of coffee and some excitement couldn't fix.
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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So you wanted to meet me in private then... Empty Re: So you wanted to meet me in private then...

Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:57 am
Hikari Namikaze was in her civilian clothes as she ran around the village. Today was supposed to be her off day, but she had heard that she had made a mistake.

Valen had to execute someone that she had let into the village who tried to steal from the little red haired demon. That by it self wasn't a problem but the man had said something that bothered the girl. "I might have given into my lesser feelings of my old home and taken a few things from you,"

That could only mean one of two things. The first was that the man was a bandit, probably from nearby, which would make sense, a noble hiring out a commoner that was big as the man was seemed to make sense. The other option was that the man was an ex shinobi, in which case did the noble know that? If he didn't know this then he was probably being targeted by a shinobi village, which means the man was in trouble.... but if the noble knew the large man was a shinobi, and didn't alert her when he entered the village.... then the noble was probably up to something.

Hikari would rush through the village, but she would find the noble, siting on the outside of a coffee shop, looking away from her. The Chestnut haired girl would stop running about 40 meters away from him, and would slowly start to approach him, not in a sneaking manner, but not chargeing in like a maniac.

Sensing out with her chakra, Hikari noted that the man didn't have a powerful chakra network, but it was much stronger then what an average civilian would have. Hikari would look at the man very carefully, was he a shinobi? Perhaps as a noble, he was given some training in order to have some basic training. Prehaps, he was a shinobi that wasn't fully trained yet.

Either way, Hikari had to keep her guard up and she approached the man.

As she came within reach of the man, she would reach out and tap the man on his shoulder. "Lord Nan?" She would ask. "I don't recall if you remember me, My name is Hikari Namikaze, I was one of the guards that let you into the village. If you don't mind, I have a few questions I need to ask you.

Of course, if the man denied, Hikari would be forced to use force in order to ask the questions she needed to ask.

WC: 424

(Sorry, exhausted as heck, so bad post)
Ciel "Pico" Duchamp
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So you wanted to meet me in private then... Empty Re: So you wanted to meet me in private then...

Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:28 pm
Nan was twirling the coffee in his cup, leaning his head against his other hand. The previous night had been fun, but he hadn't really done anything.

The pool game was cool. He lost terribly, but the other guys there were cool about it.

But... nothing else really. He hadn't even actually gotten drunk.
"TOk no, he totally had.

But like, not blackout drunk. He always enjoyed finding out what happened after he went blackout drunk.

Wait, were you thinking that he went crazy and killed everyone and trashed the place?

No! Only crazy people and "That one sister/aunt/uncle" do that. No, Nan had no such... there is not even a word for that, really.

No, Nan just enjoyed piecing the puzzle together. Sometimes he'd wake up in a bed, sometimes with someone.

Sometimes he'd wake up in someone. Or vice versa.

Those mornings always started off interesting. Though normally they fell apart pretty quickly. Chances are, the other person had also been blackout drunk. And some of them.. did not take well to that.

But anyways, that was all digression. Back to the moment.

Nan was getting bored. And having woken up not long ago, he was still kinda stiff. A simple stretch would solve this.

He reached his arms up and tilted his head to the side, a nice "pop" being audible for a few feet around. Afterwards he decided to keep his hands pointed up, but stretch out his neck more. His hands grabbed each other as he motioned around, straining his muscles a bit to jolt them awake.

He ended it off by bending over backwards over the back of the chair on which he sat. (Of course, he was not still holding his coffee at this point, having put it down before stretching). His eyes were closed at the start, but he opened them before righting his body.

What he noticed was a familiar girl behind him. This moment would be as Hikari had been about to tap his shoulders, assuming his stretching had not stopped her advance or otherwise changed her plans.

Nan grew a small smile upon his entire face, his eyes closing for a moment as he waved at Hikari before righting himself. Assuming she continued her statement roughly the same way after he had turned towards her so that they were facing one another without him being upside down, he would respond.

"Ah yes, I remember you! Ask away, I've got nothing better to do. Also, slight correction. I'm not a noble of this land or any other. I just come from rich blood." It was not totally a lie. Sure, none of the money he spent on this trip was his dads, or gained in any even somewhat legitimate manner, but his dad WAS rather well off, having been able to travel the world for years and still have a sizable amount of wealth.
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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So you wanted to meet me in private then... Empty Re: So you wanted to meet me in private then...

Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:33 pm
(Sorry, posting from phone.)

Hikari would take a seat across from Nan. Apologizing for the mistake, she was across little bit nervous and apperently got some of her facts mixed up. With that, Hikari would dive straight into her question. "So, anyways, I wanted to talk to you about your body gaurd. I do not know if you were awear of this, but he was found attempting to steal some ryo from one of our new genin, a chunin we have saw the events and engaged him in combat, and unfortunetly, that chunin was forced to take his life.

I am sorry for your loss, I dont know if you were close to him, but if you are able to, I would like to ask are few questions about him. Shortly before he died, he started talking, saying how he gave into his upbringing, and rhat was why he tried to steal the items. We just wanted to follow up on that, did you know where he came from? How long did you know him?"

Hikari would say this with a compassionate voice, and while she did care to make sure the man was ok, she also was trying to figure out of the man knew anything about the attempted robbery.
Ciel "Pico" Duchamp
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So you wanted to meet me in private then... Empty Re: So you wanted to meet me in private then...

Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:33 am
Nan would, quite visibly, let out a sigh when he found out that Masaki was dead. He had known that was a possibility, but now it was confirmed.

The girl continued, however. Going over stuff he said, did, whatever. Nan lowered his head after the sigh, hiding the expression upon his face.

His fingers were entwined with hands in front of his face, elbows upon the table, as Hikari finished.

"Thank you," he said in hushed tones.

Whether or not Hikari attempted for some form of clarification, Nan would continue as he raised his arms to the air.

"PRAISE THE LORDS!" he said, quite loudly even. Some people looked over towards the pair. Nan quickly stood up, bowed, and said "Apologies, I just received good news." Thankfully, no one was close enough to hear what Hikari had said.

Nan's goal was to begin speaking before Hikari did again, but if she inquired for explanation, his words would only be slightly different from the following so as to allow it as an answer instead of an interruption.

"You must be so confused right now," he began. "See, that man... Masaki, if that even was his name, was by and far NOT my body guard. I've never had one. I've gotten some training in fighting, enough to fend off bandits. That's what happens when your father is a wealthy globetrotter: you get taught what you need to do the same. But that's a digression. What you would care to know now is that Masaki was NOT my body guard, but rather... somewhat of a capto- wait."

Nan stood up and lifted his shirt up to his neck. He looked down towards the left side of his belly. He began shifting around, as if examining that area of his body.

"Is- is there anything... anything seal-y on my left side?" he asked Hikari. Considering that there was no such thing, she would likely answer in the negative. If such an outcome came to be.he would continue by putting his shirt back down and sitting down. He would lean back and take several deep breaths before rising to look Hikari in the eyes once again.

"That man was, for all intents and purposes, my captor, not my bodyguard. He ambushed me on the road, and was much more capable than myself. Placed a jutsu on me that, well, it looked exactly like an explosive tag. Worked like one too, he showed me another example of it. To be frank, I was scared witless.

"What I know is that he wanted into the village, and I was a good cover story. I know not what he intended of me."

Nan's eyes never left Hikari's during this.

"At the gates, when I entered, I tried to make myself seem suspicious, stuttering on my words, as if I was making it up on the spot. But I guess you just assumed I was nervous. And Masaki played it off well too, now that I think about it..

"Um, anyways. If you've got more questions to ask, go ahead. But would you care to do so over lunch? Or really more of a brunch. My treat, of course, if you haven't eaten recently."

[If you decide to read Ciel's mind this topic, please make a post where you do such, without also applying all the knowledge at once. There's a few things you'd find out that I'd rather wait on telling you, though Ciel's plans currently involve getting the fuck out sometime tomorrow, seeing as he read books already.]
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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So you wanted to meet me in private then... Empty Re: So you wanted to meet me in private then...

Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:41 am
As the girl spoke the words, Nan would suddenly lower his face hide them in his hands. Hikari would slowly lean in out of concern, were the two really that close?

As she closed in... the man muttered something.... the girl would try to hear it... but surely she heard wrong, did he.... did he just say thank you?

Continueing to lean in, the fuinjutu specialist would ask "I'm sorry, could you repe~?"

Then suddenly, Nan would explode with Joy jumping and praising his gods about the situation.... Apparently, he had... wait... been a captive by the person?

There were so many things wrong with that, or at least, Hikari started to think, but in the up and coming moments Nan was able to disprove most of what the Jounin thought was wrong with what the blonde had said.

The first thing Nan did was pull up his shirt and try to show his side of to Hikari, the Chestnut haired girl would blush and look away, trying to hide her face..... Nan was... at least in Hikari's eyes.... Kind of cute.... but she obviously didn't want to say this out loud. He would then ask about the seal, and the chestnut haired girl would quickly glance over, saying "Um.... No, not at all....." And once he said this, Nan would calm down and take a few deep breaths before siting back down and continuing the conversation.

The boy continued to explain how the massive monster of a man had placed a horrible seal on the blonde, that was basicly an explosive tag on him. The Fuinjutsu mistress of Hoshi had never actually heard of this seal.... but the girl also knew that Fuinjutsu was still being developed, and it was more then possible for someone to develop a new seal that Hikari didn't know about.

It seemed strange that such a large man was a fuinjutsu user though.... one would think he would be a taijutsu or weapon user specialist.... but thinking about what the report said, Valen had apparently taken him down without any real problems. So... the man hadn't been trained in the arts of melle combat... so thinking the man was a fuinjutsu user wasn't impossible.

However, as Hikari was about to ask about the final thing that bothered her about the situation, the boy from rich blood was already answering it

Hikari recalled that Nan had been acting weird... and the chestnut haired girl had just figured that he had been acting weird because of the heat, but apparently, that was his way of trying to get the Kunochi's attention.

The Chestnut haired girl would sigh, this all made sense, and it was obvious that she had messed up. The Jounin would respond "Um...... Yes, that would be wonderful, I don't know what your captor was trying to do here, but if we could somehow get a hint from his actions, we might be able to prevent further events like this from happening. However this appears to be my fault for not realizing your pleas sooner and bringing you in for further questioning at the gate. So for that, I need to apologize to you.  As such, you don't need to spend your coin on me. On the contrary, allow me to buy your meal, as a small compensation for the events you went through due to my shortcomings. Now.... Is there anything else specific about the man's actions that might of given some clue to why he was trying to enter the village?"

The girl would lean in, taking mental notes on everything that the victim was saying.

WC: 608

[So, first of all, I legit forgot Hikari had that ability, so I'm not going to use it against you for reminding me of it. Second, Even if I did remember, Hikari wouldn't invade someones mind without either permission, having some sort of proof to think the person was untrustworthy, or if she didn't think of the person as a human being. (Recall, during the Gates thread, Hikari actually asked a Kumo ninja for permission to enter his mind. Although, after these events, Hikari might start to screen everyone trying to enter the village]

Ciel "Pico" Duchamp
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So you wanted to meet me in private then... Empty Re: So you wanted to meet me in private then...

Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:43 pm
He saw the blush. He saw the look away. Internally, Nan was excited. Externally, Nan was completely oblivious to the female's reaction.

Nan was tempted to interrupt the girl, and very nearly did so. Thankfully he had not, as otherwise he might have missed the part where she agreed to go out with him.

Well, she probably did not take it that way. At least not yet. He would fix that.

"Nonsense!" he said. "All I did was speak a little strange. I didn't work in any, like, odd messages, or anything. It was perfectly reasonable to assume I was just nervous, or being affected by the heat!

"And you would pay only over my grave. I said I'm well off, did I not? That monster may have threatened my life, but he seemed well and pleased enough to not rob me blind. You likely have less wealth in total than I have cash on hand!"

While this was said exuberantly, it was spoken quietly, so that others nearby would not hear it. "In fact I know just the place. I came across it just a few days ago, and decided that I simply MUST stop there. If you would be so kind as to follow," he would say as he got up. He began walking away, then stopped. He turned around, reached into his pocket, and took out a few bills.

"I do not know the tipping customs here," he began as he slipped the bills under the napkin holder They were small bills, but it was the act that counted. "I've been tipping like so my entire time here, I hope that hasn't been a faux pas."

Once again he began walking away, assuming that Hikari had agreed to follow. He would occasionally turn around and smile at her, to make sure she was still following. It was a bit of a ways away, probably around a ten minute walk.

Ciel stopped for a moment. "I should probably mention, it's a little ways away, probably a few minutes walk. Is that OK?"

"That seems excessive!" he replied as he then began to walk again. "Oh my."

"I'll answer on the condition that you answer a few about yourself. That seems a fair enough trade, don't'cha think? Maybe we can trade." Nan had turned around a little to look at her, a smile always lighting up his face, but only a soft one.

He turned back foward as he began to answer. "My grandad, he was reasonbly well off for himself. Not exactly rich, certainly not like I am now, but he could afford the day to day off of his savings and a bit of work here and there. Actually, the money in my family goes back much further than my grandad, but it was never... anything really substantial, you know?

"Well anyways, my grandad was... he was smart. He couldn't do ninja things, but he was a mechanical mastermind. He built machines. And one of those machines is the thing that made the Skyscraper Village possible. You probably know of the place, though maybe not by its original name. Tengakure it was, eventually, named. So, my grandad made the machines that made the skyscrapers that made the village. He became a VERY rich man. And here I am, two generations later, subsisting almost soley off of his wealth. And my children could probably do the same, too."

"Trying to sneak in some extra questions, eh? That's fine, I'll just keep tally!" There was certainly a smile across Nan's face, though he did not turn around this time. Instead, he slowed down so that he stood alongside Hikari. "Nah, no machines of war, or recreation, or medicine. They were building machines. Like, literally, they built things. Entire buildings, practically. Though there was no way to power them, except ninja. Some clan out there was actually super good at powering them, so they just became, like, the de facto operators, and it was basically that clan that build Tengakure."

Nan would occassionaly tilt his face towards Hikari, though most of his attention was kept in the forward direction.

"Alright, so. My turn. HMM. Well, all I know about you is that you're a ninja, but I can't say I really wanna know too much about what you do. Nor do I think you should tell me. So... how about something else?" Nan thought for a moment, scratching the back of his head with one hand.

"AHA!" he exclaimed, one hand popping into the air, one finger pointing skyward. "Ok so, given the choice of anyone, ANYONE, say, a kage, a daimyo, a movie star, anyone... who would you want as a dinner guest? And don't worry, I won't be offended when the answer isn't me!"

Nan slowed down a bit and looked over to the girl. "My gosh, that's... wow. I was just going to say my grandpa, but... wow. I'm, I'm sorry, even, even if they're just missing."

He looked forwards and down for a moment. "So um, wow, how to follow that up? I guess, probably something a bit more whimsical. So... hmm. Would you want to be famous? And for what?"

"Well, I don't think I want to be famous. I like being able to travel everywhere and not worrying about people recognizing me, and running up to me and bugging me and... ya know? But if I had to choose, I'd want to be famous for making something important. Like, like my grandpa did."

Nan continued walking towards their destination. "So, is it your turn to ask a question, or did 'what about yourself?' count as yours?"

"Nah it's cool, we can make it a thing even. Alternate asking questions, and alternate answering each one!" he said, looking over towards Hikari. "So if you want to know where I've gone, well, this is my first time in a ninja village. Other than Tengakure, of course. Though I was only ever in the miles high city on trips. I didn't actually live there, surprising as it may be. But my god, that place has such amazing views. Even if I never got to the top floor of the tallest building, I still saw so much. I think I was about twenty floors below that spot. But it was a day with really low, shory clouds, and a lot of them. I could look out the windows, and see just this sea of white. And if you looked far enough out, you could see the plains stretching out beyond the clouds, all the way to the horizon. Oh you don't know how much I wanted to just go swimming in the clouds.

"Not that you can, I'd imagine. But the point still stands!

"Otherwise though, it's mainly been monastaries. There aren't exactly big.... the world is not exactly made for tourists. So I visit monastaries. Their buildings are almost always beautiful, and their locations almost always match. Wooden shrines barely hanging on to the side of a steep cliff. There was one where the entire monestary was flooded a few inches by water from a hot spring. That one was a fun trip.

"There's so many places I could talk about, but.... that'd take up all the time, ya'know? So I'll just end it there. And I guess the same question to you may not apply as well, so instead, where have you always wanted to go?"

"That's pretty commenable," Nan said in response to Hikari's statement. In response to her question, well, he got lucky.

The answer was an arm wave and a little bow. "We're here," he said, gesturing to the large, ornate building. It looked like a bath house. In fact, it was. Though the restaurant was on the left of the first floor, only a small number of baths were on the right (it was a desert after all, baths of this type were really quite expensive, and in even semi-drought conditions those rooms completely shut down), and then a large number of hotel rooms filled the remaining floors. The building itself was made of a dark wood, obviously imported from elsewhere as no trees within dozens of miles, at least no trees in a large enough quantity, had this coloring and consistency. The lobby was grand. Marble floors, a ten to twenty foot cieling, and multiple golden chandeliers hung from the roof. The walls were intricately decorated with tile overlays in patterns of gold, silver, emerald, and more, and while the tiles were simply tiles, and not made of these precious materials (unlike the chandeliers), they could easily be mistaken as such.

To clarify the height of the lobby, it was in the form of an arch. Ten feet up was a flat portion of either side, upon which you could see a fencing and on the other side, series of hotel rooms. These were the cheaper rooms, the ones that were affordable by a middle class citizen if they saved for awhile. They possessed one of a number of beds, which you could request the specific type when making a reservation, between down, several different types of sping, memory foam (or, that is what we would call it in the real world, but the hotel refered to it as a 'Magic Mattress'), and water or air beds. Of course, all of these mattresses were of the highest quality! Also in the room was a selection of fine alcohols, many of which came free of charge with the room, though some did not. There was always a desk and a television buried within the wall, to look as if it were a flat screen, despite the bulkiness of TVs within universe.

Above these walkways with rooms, and towads the middle of the lobby, was a grand arch. It reached up a further ten feet at its peak, and was over twenty feet wire, with each walkway on the sides being a little under ten feet themselves. This made the entire lobby almost forty feet wide, in addition to the twenty feet tall. It was forty feet long as well, with the front desk being at the very back. Elevators existed on either side. with a concierge at each one.

Back to the left hand side, where the restaurant was. The restaurant took up a fair bit of space itself, twenty feet from the wall it shared with the lobby, and running the entire length. The kitchen was in line with the elevators and other maintanence areas of the rest of the building, so the restaurant was very big. It had no doors leading to the outside, except for a few emergency exits. The primary doors in were from the lobby, towards the front door rather than the front desk. The walls of the restaurant were fortified so as to block nearly all sound from the often busy lobby. The lighting was dim, though not so dim as to make it difficult on the eyes to read a menu. Some areas of it where lit by pure candlelight, and in these areas it could be hard to read the menu, though you were only taken to those sections by request.

The menu was truly something else. First and foremost, everything was 'market price'. Not a single solid price existed on the menu. And there was a large amount of stuff on the menu. Kobe steaks, gigantic oysters (roughly equivalent to Coffin Bay oysters in real life), multiple types of foods involving bluefin tuna, fugu, jaman iberico, and ayam cemani, just to name a few, all exist on this fine quality menu. Of course, very little of it is local. However, the restaurant employs a group of specially trained individuals. These individuals are trained similarly to ninja, to utilize chakra. However, instead of learning the ways of battle, they learn the ways of preservation and transportation (very rarely does this mean teleportation, however right now they have one such individual in their employ which allows the vast menu of things that cannot be reasonably transported over land or sea). These men and women are truly the reason why the restaurant can offer such a variety of exquisite pieces.

Nan would first walk into the hotel, hopefully with Hikari close behind. "Welcome to the Queen's Enclave Hotel! The restauraunt is right over here," he said, gesturing to the left wall. "It is referred to as The Queen's Menagerie, though I'm rather convinced that the name is a misnomer."

He would walk into the restaurant, and up to the maître d' and request a table for two. "And before you say anything you might regret," he continued, pulling his money out of his pocket, "I have more than enough ability to pay for a meal, despite my young age."

The look of contempt upon the maître d's face instantly disappeared, and a smile grew upon it. "Certainly, sir. Would you and the fine Madame prefer a well lit seat, or candlelight?"

Nan smile and laughed lightly. "I presume she would prefer a well lit seat, but I will leave the final choice to her."

Once Hikari had picked which type of seating to occupy, Nan and her would be led to a seat. by a waiter called over by the maître d'. The waiter would welcome them, and seat them, pushing the seats in as they sat down. He would give them utensils, and place wine glasses upon the table. He asked if they would like any drinks. Nan said "A water and a rum and brandy for myself. Hikari, um, hmm. Do you like ice cream? I've heard this place has an amazing milk shake."

Assuming she answered in the positive, but did not directly order one, he would order for her. "A drowned Manhattan ice cream shake is my recommendation." He would also say that if she decided to order one herself, but he would follow up with "It is their specialty shake after all, though the choice is yours."

Once drinks were ordered, the waiter would walk away, placing two menus on the table. "Worry not about the price, as I said, I've got it!" He smiled at the girl.
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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So you wanted to meet me in private then... Empty Re: So you wanted to meet me in private then...

Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:57 pm
"Ok, that seems more than Fair." The girl would say and continue to listen to Nan as he started to talk about himself. The man would explain that his grandfather was a meichanical wizard, one of the lead designers of the Skyscraper village. Hearing this, the girl would tilt her head, listening to this part carefully, her studies at the Kozai Yuki Archies did give the girl the knowlege that this village physicaly existed, but the Jounin hadn't found any more information besides that.

"Intreasting," The girl would ask, "What did these machines of your grandfather's do? Were they war machines? Or were they used for recreation, or medical reasons?"

Of course, Nan might at this point rather then answer the question, ask Hikari a question herself. If that was the case, then Hikari would start to answer that, rather then push her own question.

The girl would be taken a bit aback by the comment of trying to sneak another quesiton in. She didn't think this was a tallying sytem! Either way though, it was probably for the best though.... She didn't want to make this feel like she was only drilling for answers.

While the Tenga native only glanced at Hikari from time to time, the Chestnut haired girl for the most part kept her eyes on him the entire time, since he was the one who knew where they were going. She would every once and a while look forward in order to make sure that she wasn't going to run into someone, but for the most part she would continue to watch Nan as they walked.

After answering the questions she had asked of the blonde, He would start to ask some of his own questions.

"Anyone..... The girl would think, prehaps....

"I.... If I had to say anyone, there... there are a few shinobi in our village, Shiro Kaguya, Nano Goka, Satomi Nara.... that just one day up and vanished, I don't know where they went.... if I could have a conversation with anyone..... I would probably choose one of them..."

The girl would pause in silence for just a molment, breaking eye cntact and looking down at the ground for this time. It would only be a few seconds, but Hikari would then look back up at Nan with a smile again, there was no need to talk about such a dark subject with a stranger.

"Oh.... sorry... I guess that went kind of dark, sorry about that, we shinobi have a little bit of a dark life, so sometimes we kind of get lost in our thoughts. But don't worry about that, I'm sure all those people are fine!

Anyways, the tally is 2 for me and one for you, I beilve you get to ask another question of me."


[color=pink] "Hmmm..... I don't know.... I have never wanted to be famous before..... but if I had to pick something... probably for charity, being kind, and saving a someone.... what about yourself?"

Hikari would look at the man kind of confused, he didn't want to be famous? It seemed strange, seeing how he had loads of money and..... well.... Hikari didn't really have a good reason behind it, she just always thought those with money had a huge desire to be famous or something. Sure, maybe that was so Nan wouldn't be jumped similar to how he had been kidnapped by the massive Brute known as Masaki.

"No, I didn't intend for that to count as my question.... sorry about that. So, you said that you liked to travel around the world, where all have you been to? I guess if you have a good bit of wealth, you can really go anywhere you would like."

So the boy hadn't been to any other ninja villages.... that was good, it probably meant that the boy wasn't a spy, since Hikari was pretty sure that Tengakure was no longer a place.

"Somewhere where I would want to go...." Hikari would think out loud.
"If I was pushed.... I would have to say probably Konoha, my mother is from there, although she passed away recently. I was hoping maybe to find out more about her one of these days. She didn't talk much about her past while she was alive."

The Misstress of Fuinjutsu would think for another minute, it was her turn, and she was really having fun with this.

"Um.... so where is this restruant you are taking me to?"

(Will give you my next post soon)
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So you wanted to meet me in private then... Empty Re: So you wanted to meet me in private then...

Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:07 pm

The Chestnut haired girl was taken back by the insane luxury of the hotel, it seemed quite strange to her, save the Kozai Yuki archives, the village didn't have a lot of nice places that the girl visited often.

"Oh... um... Hikari would think for a second, a bit distracted looking around and not fully paying attention to the converstaion. "Oh, If we could have the brighter lit one, that would be better."

With, that, the two would sit down at the table, and Nan would make a recommendation to Hikari. "Oh... Um, A milkshake sounds wonderful, I think I will take that."

As the waitress would walk away, Hikari would pick up one of the menus that was left at the table and start to look through it, and gulped for a quick second, looking at the prices.  Wow, Nan truly must of been wealthy if he was treating a shinobi at a place like this!

With that, Hikari would speak as she looked at the menu. "So.... if you have recommended this place, then there had to of been something you saw about this place, like their milkshake. What other items have you heard about on the menu?"
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So you wanted to meet me in private then... Empty Re: So you wanted to meet me in private then...

Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:39 pm
"Well I must be straight with you," Nan began. "Part of the reason I wished to come to this village was because of this very restaurant. It's known quite the ways away, well, at least within the circles of people that would care for a restaurant of this sort. Now some things here I have had before, as some of their menu items are actually things they purchase from another restaurant and bring here. So I can personally recommend the Posh Pie and the Louis XIII Pizza. However, a few of the things I've heard good word about are the Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence, which is exclusive to this restaurant, the beluga caviar, which is not, and the Fleur Burger, which is also exclusive to this restaurant. However, there is such a wide selection here, and everything is good quality, so really the only question is if it sounds good to you. I am personally going to be getting the White Truffle Pizza of the Fleur Burger. I hear they are both exquisite, and I'm not certain when I shall next be around Hoshi, given both are exclusive here. I am thinking that we get a bit of the beluga caviar as an appetizer of sorts, and choose one of the wide array of desserts they offer for afterwards."
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