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Training and thinking (closed) Empty Training and thinking (closed)

Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:43 pm
The sun had slowly been rising above the compound that the male of this story had been staying at in the north, most of the bums, ninja hiding from someone or just shady people idly asleep or preparing for a long day of training , trading or commencing of their daily tasks and jobs. The sound of cicadas slowly filled the air around the wayward compound home like an early alarm clock, the small sound of their clicking and singing made the area seem more peaceful than one might have thought but the early morning feeling was something this male never wanted to miss. In the low breeze of the wind the tattered remains of a flag or some sort of banner waved, showing off the symbol of whomever had owned this place in the distant past. It was on the outskirts of the borders and near the black market, which made it perfect for shady activity. Past the buildings that the male and many others lodged in from time to time sat courses of sorts, but in the center of this compound laid the room of the protagonist of his own little story, Mu-jin. From his own ransacked balcony that out looked out the entire compound he slowly stared at the rising sun and his eyes slowly began to close and open as he looked at the many people starting to move about. Why he was up this early was an easy yet interesting reason which only led to the answer of him wanting to do the best thing in the early morning- train. The black pair of eyes continued to look forward upon his compound with a brightened expression just like the sun shining down on them before he slowly backed away into the darkened recesses of his room. Being only the temporary remains of the light, he would clap his hands together which would create a loud echo throughout the room until four torches that sat in each corner of the room lit up,” Time to get started,” as the final torch lit up the room a single lantern would illuminate the room from the top of the ceiling causing the treasures and full detail of the room to be seen.

The half-dressed male made haste to get dressed so that the training area would be ripe and ready before the sun had fully revealed itself to the world, grabbing his shirt and jacket he would throw the two of them on like it was second nature before making sure everything was in order. From head to toe he was ready for this day to begin which he even went as far as to grab the heirloom left to him, the collar that had a series of numbers on it, and sliding it on and running at the balcony in a free fall. The room being only three stories up would be a minor jump for him as he had done this on the daily basis to start his training routine. Within seconds his feet had touched the ground causing a loud crash to echo through the compound courtyard which of course had woken up quite a few of the members currently asleep. The commotion caused a few of them to open the windows of the room to see the male standing in a small crater he had created himself before waving him off as he took off towards the small section of the area that the other rogues had designated as a “training area.” Jin from the moment he made it to the area began to stretch out his body, starting with the arms and the still resting muscles in there, moving his left and right arms in complete circles before bending down and touching his toes to fully stretch out not only his back, but also his legs as well. With the full cycle of stretching complete, his hood would slowly envelope the top of his head, hiding his hair and face from the world as he slowly squatted and took off into the area.

From the moment he began to run his path was already set, making a sharp turn left he would jump into the air and rebound off of the tall tree , his right foot springing him forward as he touched the ground and rolled before springing upwards and continuing his run. The path in front of him would take him to the obstacle course portion of the forest that was compete with swinging longs, bamboo poles (for balance of course) and at the end of the course was a waterfall where one could relax under the water. The smile brimming on the face of Jin only continued as he ran past the starting point of the course and the fun would begin. From the moment he stepped forward the sensors placed in charge of the course made the whole area come to life, logs that were at least ten meters wide begun to swing back and forth in forwards and reverse motions causing the rhythm of each to be different. The challenge was on and the challenge today was to beat his own score of a minute and fifty seconds. The course proved to best him only this once as he crossed the finish line at a time of two minutes and five seconds, which was told to him by the a small sensor at the end of the course. The small window of time made him grumble a bit, mostly because of the new addition of the shifting bamboo pit which was designed to test one’s balance, was also included with a new log feature. With the conclusion of the run being over, the last thing to do was to meditate over the current happenings of the past itself and to strengthen his body more with the help of the currents of the waterfall.

Slowly he removed the shirt and jacket that covered the portions of his chest, revealing not only the eight trigrams he had on his back, but also the markings from the lab sitting on the left of his forearm. The mark of the eight trigrams had been the successful marking of the class of experiments done to him, one after another they drew something that meant power and stability, but he was far from it. Slowly he jumped from rock to rock before landing in the middle or rather the back of the waterfall where he slowly made his way through the pressing waves and sat down. The bitter cold sting of the water crashed down on his back and he would immediately sit up straight as he exhaled slowly and begun to meditate. Within the silence he would begin to enter a state of meditation as he left the world behind and only focused on the matters in front of him. Minutes passed as his body remained still, the water no longer holding its cold embrace as it drenched his body and continued to fall not only around him, but swallowing him as well. What would come from the meditation was yet to be seen as he continued to sit unless fate itself had other plans for him.

As he sat there his mind went to days of the past, a wandering minstrel of a time where he practiced day and night with the other children in the experiment compound to become "immortal". Such a fickle word it was as the world around him slowly began to disappear. The sun rose upon the compound as a younger Jin sat outside looking at the gates in a waterfall they had just installed so that the subjects could swim. The water soon became a new catalyst for the thoughts and plans of his mind which at first came only as the tests themselves became harder, but now changed into subtle solutions to expand its happiness so that he could remain happy and live. His surroundings being quiet and calm he could hear the calls of nature among the crashing waves from the birds of the sky to the calling of the small insects among the grass. The completion of his meditation had finally come during its later peaks, but what had also formed was the congregation of some of his fellow brothers and sisters in the project. Although his eyes had been closed and relinquished the sights of the world in order to meditate, he could still here the idle shuffling of those around him or more specifically the arrival of the first person. Slowly his black hues would open and turn to the left as his eyes laid upon his elder "sister's" wet and smooth skin with only a smile and a brief chuckle," Shouldn't you be in the compound doing tests today? They called for you earlier you know and you're here...naked...," the golden eyes continued to lay upon her before he slowly arose from the waterfall and jumped back to where his torn clothing had been.

With the sun fully in the sky and some company to actually keep him from going into another state of boredom, he turned back to the waterfall where one of his closest friends and something akin to a sibling had still been resting,"Either your reasoning for being out here is simple or not it is still good to see you among the were the first person to talk to me after all," a single eye continued to rest upon the woman as he rested on the balls of his feet, the small gesture creating a stiff yet straight posture from him. She didn't talk for whatever reason since that day, either the tests had broken her in some way or something had silenced her.

Either way he didn't exactly pry, but she spoke with her facial expressions and that was all he needed. She had only smiled and wrote something in the water that stayed "Passed them. Now i just want to relax and watch you all fight," she had a knack for chakra based abilities so she coped with writing. He didn't know quite what she had meant but, he slowly turned to see two other forms appearing near the river not to fall from the waterfall. His back idly turned to see a male and another female, the male being known as "Mountain" for how sturdy he was and the female? Simply known as "water" for some reason he never asked. The male hated the name Mountain, but as all of them hated their nicknames it was still something.

The once blank expression became a smile as he turned his full body and looked to the two of them," Well if it isn't the Mountain and Water in one place at the same time...get over here so we can formally speak...or are you going to avoid me again?," he knew how his brother was when he referred to him as the "mountain" of the group, but his love for his brother was one no one could really understood. If the two were to walk over to him the left arm of Jin would wrap around Mayuri before chuckling," So did you come all the way here to spar with your brother again or is there something else you need from me? And it is also nice you see you outside are your tests going?," looking to the young clansmen he would slowly release his brother and tussle him around for a bit before moving backwards. The small display of brotherly affection would cause an interesting idea to appear inside of his mind. Looking over to the two women and his brother he would walk over to grab his jacket and put it on," How about we have a two on and Mayuri versus the you and Ko," pointing to the elder girl he would motion for her to join the three of them in the center area in front of the waterfall.

It had been quite a while since he had actually trained with the people of his group and he knew that through this their bonds would strengthen and become better as time went on, and probably lead to them all pushing through the test to get to the final experiment. The bonus to this spar between them would be whoever lost had to actually do the others chores for the week...little did he know that their week wasn't going to pass. The four argued for a moment before taking their places and the memory going dark from there.

The male simply woke up from the trance and looked down at his hands and moved them slowly. The wet fingers slowly moved onto the side of his body where he could feel the ink in his body, the markings of the trigram had made him...this. His foster family had died...and he continued to live. Great how things worked right?

He slowly removed himself from the water's edge and onto the dry ground as he slowly his right foot would slid forward as his knees slowly began to bend, his right foot being the lead while his left being behind it. His hands however both opened palmed and faced towards his opponents before his right leg slowly began to sway, his own  form of fighting known as the "Heaven's Fist". His body moved as it did during those times, his mind and eyes simulating that last spar between the four of them. He spoke to himself as if they were in front of him and allowed the air the first first move," Now come at me with everything you have and do not fret about the outcome," the words were said to no one as he began to ready himself.

Jin slowly exhaled as he slowly slid his right foot backwards while still keeping the same general stance, only switching his right to his left as a form of defense, but to them it would seem as if he was going on the attack. His plan of defense was simple and swift depending on the actions of the two, however he also had something else up his sleeve in the event that they tried to work together. One of the hidden talents of this style was the ability to fight multiple enemies at once, however from the looks of how it was going to go he might need to switch his plans depending on who comes first, but he knew how this fight went and his body moved in sync as the memory played in his mind.

The scene began to play out as he moved along with it. With Ko pushing forward and his brother still behind him, Jin was in quite a predicament without his partner who had decided to watch them all fight. Given that he would keep his back towards Mayuri, he would wait for the opportune moment and only listen to his footsteps as he continue to run forward. A deep breath would be taken into his lungs as he outstretched his arms and counted the distance between the two of them.

" One...Two...Three"

His voice ran as he continued to move with quickness around the area.

The moments he had counted until his brother had finally been upon him were finally here, his counter started now. When Mayuri went in for the first attack, Jin's body would twist to the right, causing a half circular motion and his eyes to meet him brothers. With this swift moment he would quickly stomp and force his full body into Mayuri or more specifically his shoulder and side into his brother. With the first attack dodged, he would see the right coming and trigger his attack, a swift turn would cause the air to shift as his right hand lowered and his left hand raised. a perfect defensive stance as he took in a deep breath and continued- the memory would strengthen his resolve.

The attack did not end there as through the small impact that would send his brother back unless avoided at a close range, Jin would dash forward and hit Mayuri twice, one in the right side of his ribs lightly but with a little force, and again in the stomach with the same amount of force. These two moves would cause Mayuri to keel over onto his left side providing the hits landed directly onto their mark. With swift movements, he would jump backwards and onto one of the rocks within the realm of the waterfall and smile," I commend the two of you on your skills so far, but you two still have a ways to go before you reach your full potential. Train hard everyday and when you want to again...we can spar anytime," at the thought of that he had smiled and bowed to them both to show respect to them. What was funny about the memory was that Jin had always had an aptitude for the taijutsu arts and not much else. Even weapons as long as they were coupled with taijutsu were a breeze to him.

The memory slowly faded from the real world as he stood there breathing heavily, tears mixing with sweat and water as their last days were simply but that- memories that he would always remember. The immortal Jin grabbed his things and began to head back to the compound, his eyes turning back to the makeshift waterfall before shaking his head," Silly memories...nothing is going to bring you all back, but....this curse will allow me to find those who disturbed our happy life," on the ground just under him had been marks from his movements, a small symbol that they had came up with the day before their test...and the last days of their lives. Jin had many regrets but one of them was being blessed with this...affliction as he called it.

Death never came from him....something that he wanted just so that he could join his family...well a part of him at least. The other half wanted this power. Had plans to use it to their advantage and do something with it. Funny how a conscience could have a fine line between wants and perpetual needs. Not that he cared because at the moment the only other thing on his mind was simple- a nap.

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Training and thinking (closed) Empty Re: Training and thinking (closed)

Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:46 pm
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